Date =                            13th July 2014

Run Number =             1567

Venue =                         EHMR

Location=                     Van Hage’s Garden Centre

Beer =                            Whatever was in the barrel plus cidre

Hares =                         TBT OBE

Runners =                    13

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                           13

Membership =              Loneliness of the long distance runners!


Return of the curate!


The Curate arrived about ten to the hour to find a bedraggled camp site spread out behind the railway lines. Tales of the previous night ensued – drinking, singing, drinking, eating, drinking, train driving, drinking, train nearly crashing, drinking, guitar playing, drinking, more singing, sleeping.  All perfectly normal and a good time had by all.

In the absence of the hash Master, Joint Master Mr Bill ‘Paxo’ Warwick called the circle to order.  Run 1567.  The Hare (TBT) explained the markings which wouldn’t be seen on account of heavy rain since the trail was laid. This premise basically set the scene for what was to follow.

The pack set off across the car park to the main road into Ware. Here a circle wasn’t found but the trail was picked up by way of a footpath immediately to the right of the garden centre.  Sloppy seconds and Sparky led the pack down the path. So ‘posh’ were the houses that one had a tennis court and cricket pitch. 

Carrying on westward and not realising the pack had come across a ‘T’ and turned back, these front runners headed off through the field towards the Stansted Road.  At a junction in the footpath, Sparky went right and Sloppy seconds left. The Curate followed the footpath all the way to the A10 underpass on the Stansted Road believing he might find a ‘not washed away’ hash mark there.  But nothing was to be found.

Slowly he returned up that same footpath still not seeing the T, or Sparky who had disappeared into thin air or more likely gone back to the garden centre sooner and quicker.  On return an arrow and fresh markings were to be found heading south on Pepper Hill road.  Sloppy later discovered that TBT having sent the pack off on the falsie had decided in view of the washed out markings to run the trail as a ‘live hare’.

Sloppy was by now already tired and only back at the garden centre.

He proceeded along Pepper Hill and then out guessing the Hare turned left into Cautherley Lane and right into Hillside, finding TBT’s fresh markings at the junction with the footpath. (Not very well guessed – looking at the map I think this was a ‘long cut’).  To the left was the trail, leading down through the churchyard.  Still no one to be seen.  Across the New River.  (The New River is an artificial waterway in England, opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water taken from the River Lea and from Chadwell Springs and Amwell Springs (which had ceased to flow by the end of the 19th century)).  It was later discovered that Sparky had reached this point well before him but for some inexplicable reason NOT followed the trail and shot off down Amwell Lane towards Stanstead Abbots.

The trail continued through Little Amwell by way of the houses lining Lower Road eventually looping round to meet the New river again.  Here Sloppy eventually caught up with Ewok, Kylie, Jamie and Jaron, who by now was feeling very tired and looked upon as an excuse to shortcut TBT’s falsie at the next check  (though nobody saw a mark to tell them this was a falsie – that rain again !  This offshoot of the main pack headed up and over the hill through Post Wood and along Walnut Tree Walk, where some remains of markings were to be seen, back to Van Hages.

As to the rest of the pack, where they went to nobody knows................but the hare and them.  Look on the bright side TBT.  You can use that part of the trail again in the future as half of the pack shortcut it. That reminds me, did Sparky ever come back?


Down downs 

TBT – for a fine trail, the majority of which he had to run ‘live’....and was never caught.                                

Kylie – for hosting the weekend’s event.  Sludge – for being competitive. Apparently he had been at the gym training in the week. ‘The boys’ – for supporting the hash weekend (Jamie, Jaron and Fliptop’s x 2)and Kylie’s train mate for ; well; being a mate ! Mate’s rates.