Date =                            20th July 2014

Run Number =            1568

Venue =                        My Lil’s Gaff

Location=                     Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                           The Gate Summer Ale

Hares =                         My lil’

Runners =                    14

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          14

Membership =             Free Sausages with every pint!!


Return of the RA!


With the sultry weather continuing, most knew that this would be hard work getting around this Trail.  Those who had gathered before 11:00 noticed that the RA was missing, it was even more obvious as he doesn't live that far away from My Lil's gaff.  Paxo [Don’t Pasic! Don’t Panic! – Ed] took it upon himself to call up & see if there was a problem?           

There was indeed a slight problem as the RA was about to set off on his way, but that went awry after dropping the third to last screw for a project he was working, when he was called up by Skip (on Psycho's mobile) to say they would be really late getting to the venue!  It took some time before the RA did get underway after the loose screw was located

Action Man had no problem getting to the Herts Run, he was there to pick up his Eurostar tickets, while doing a weeks’ worth of his own ‘Hash tour’ in the lead up to Brussels 2014!

Mr X managed to blag a lift & as the car came up to the Chequers roundabout, he spotted Pebbledash & Spillage coming out of the small park that was once a part of the old School grounds that the rest has now been redeveloped in to a housing estate.

Mr X dropped his gear off at Chex My Lil’ & legged it down to the very west end of Howlands & down in to the subway at the center of the Chequers Roundabout.  He then emerged out on to the Chequers-field side of the main road to Hatfield.  There he spotted Hyena wandering off on the footpath through a small part of the Creswick plantation.

Little did Mr X know, but Hyena was on a Short Cut, & so was he now!  Meanwhile the rest all made their way up through the fairly new Chequers field estate, surrounded in a ring by Eddington Crescent, then they continued over the scrubby land beside the main line to Kings Cross.

The Pack would find a CHK by the train line, from which Action Man would pick up the Trail on the path running parallel to the fenced off southbound track.

Out from running beside the houses of Eddington Crescent on the east & the mainline to the west, another CHK was found on the northwest corner of one of the crop fields of Woodhall Farm.

Meanwhile the RA had discovered the CHK at the south-western end of the small section of Creswick wood, he had turned to the west & was heading up toward the rest of the Pack up by the Railway line.  As he approached the north/south path, he saw Pebbledash & Spillage appear from behind the homes.

As Action Man pursued his belief of continuing southward, it dawned on Mr X that he had already come along the Trail, but from the wrong direction!  Sure enough the south bound route as a Falsie, so Mr X turned about to head back to the CHK by Creswick wood, he also had to get Hyena to make an about turn as well!

Back to the CHK & Mr X ran on through the CHK, over the short wooden bridge spanning the Creswick stream & on to T!  Another about-face was needed as the Trail headed up to the other end of the Creswick wood, at the end of which the Keenies were just yards away from where they crossed by the Chequers roundabout! 

Action Man, Tent Packer, Ewok, Backpack, Sloppy Seconds & Hyena all embarked on the loop around the woodland to come back up running along the inside of the hedge beside the Chequers road to Hatfield.

Still within the field the Keenies would come out to the next CHK, here there were a couple of options.  These had already been searched by the few who had followed the Hare after he had made the Falsie in to a Short Cut! 

The RA started off back through the wood, & was convinced that the Trail would take to the concrete damn in the stream as it runs through the center of the wood & that the Trail would have the Pack balancing on top of this narrow crossing.  It didn’t & as he then realized it would go to the end of the north end of the wood & then back around the outside, he cut his losses & emerged on to the Trail back to the south.

With Pebbledash starting off in the correct direction over a small fallow patch of land by Chequers, but she came back as Paxo was calling "On! On!" straight down the south bound footpath toward Woodhall farm on what was a Falsie.  Pebbledash returned with Spillage to the correct Trail & led the now fragments Pack over the main Road.

Meanwhile, Action Man, Sloppy Seconds, Tent Packer & especially Hyena were still quite away back with loop.  Luckily for them Pebbledash trampled down the nettles on the edge of the fallow field, she had to ask the RA about why she was stung?  He too was pretty perplexed as everyone knows that “They don’t sting this time of year!”

Over to the east side of Chequers & the Trail led a short way along the cycle-path until reaching double arrows pointed the way in to the tree-lined hedgerow, this litter strewn scrubby thicket had Pebbledash wondering if the Pack would encounter any "Needles & other drug paraphernalia!"  It was just the average litter left by uneducated kids.

The Trail weaved its way between the trees to finally come out on to the edge more crop fields.  Not far into this area of enclosed fields another CHK was found, Pebbledash was off through one of the dividing hedgerows in a northerly direction toward Boundary lane.  She would soon find this was False to the residential road named after the fact it was once the boundary with Lord Salisbury's Estate.

Mr X on the other hand was doing fairly well, utilizing his local knowledge to pass through one enclosure field to the next.  A few noticeable things around these parts is how uneven the permissive paths are & how they are littered with dogs eggs, but on the plus side the wild grass & brambles hedges  meant that there were plenty of butterflies out, notably the Red Admirals.

The Trail's route gradually moved over to run behind the back gardens of Boundary lane as it came out on through one last hedgerow, this one lining the route of Hollybush lane.  Double arrows pointed the way up to a small green area where Hollybush & Boundary lanes meet.

Mr X & TBT OBE held this CHK until Pebbledash, Spillage, Ewok, Backpack, Paxo the Hare, Action Man, Tent Packer & Sloppy Seconds had caught up once again.

From the CHK point the RA's earlier words of wisdom would come true, he had prophetically mentioned how this part of Welwyn Garden City has lots of interconnecting alleyways, passages & footpaths that the Hare could use to have the FRBs running around in circles.

The Trail left Boundary lane on just such an alleyway, this would lead through to Golden Dell before the Trail turned northward to emerge on to Howlands. There a CHK was found.

Action Man lived up to his name, dashing across the road to search on to Ryelands, Mr X said that it was worth a look on the footpath back from those gathered on the CHK, Paxo started to look on this route out to Ascots lane but both would be brought back as the RA headed eastward toward the QE2 Hospital, on his way he stumbled on the arrow pointing over Howlands to an alley by a red pillar-box.

The Trail took to this route between the homes & the Pack soon found themselves out on to Mount way.  The Hare would like this next bit as Mr X went wrong, dragging Action Man, Tent Packer & TBT OBE with him down a Falsie.

The Trail weaved its way out via Mount way to the west, where it comes out to longest section of Hollybush lane, right opposite the parade of local shops.  Just as quickly as the Pack had arrived on this road than they were leaving it by turning back eastward on one of the many entrances to the King George the Fifth playing field

Dust could clearly be seen on the trees leading away to the northeast, too far for the RA's likings, & as he told Action Man of this, his suspicions were proved correct with a quick glance behind to see the Hare, along with Pebbledash & Spillage had disappeared from view.

It was a quick scramble over a wooden fence in a gap set within the wide green hedgerow for Mr X & Action Man to get out on to Homestead lane, where the Hare gave out a "Seems some don't understand what you have to do when you find a Bar CHK?".  The RA retorted with a "Sludge isn't here!"

By way of Two Acres, where the Dust was seen on the trees on the green area to lead on Hunters way & the Trail came back out on to Hollybush lane.  The Hare had made use of more back passages [Oo-errr Pebbledash! - Ed] now the Dust crossed over to Great Ley & on to Little Ley to make its way around to John Newsome road.

For the likes of Mr X, Action Man, Tent Packer, Sloppy Seconds & Paxo there was one last loop around the new estate on what was the grounds of a local school that backs on the rear of My Lil's gaff.

Having completed the loop, the majority of the Pack were together as they made their way down to Lawrence Hall way. There they were directed into the Park the Hash started running through, the On Inn was passed before following a tarmac path out on to the end of Howlands.

Skip, Psycho & Party Animal all arrived back after the main Pack has started on the Ale & Cider, they had a really late arrival at the venue.  Before Skip had even dipped in to the snacks he received a “Blimey, have Arsenal won something?” from the RA, since the Nutters haven’t been as regular as have been.

Psycho had fared better as she had bumped into Hyena who took them on a short cut to get them Back Inn.

My Lil’ took over the barbeque duties form his Dad, but before anything was ready Paxo chastised Sloppy Seconds [Don’t forget he’s your curate Paxo & the RA is absent in Brussels! – Ed] who was tucking in to the pre-prepared chicken legs, but the hosts said that they were there to be eaten.

While the Pack fussed over My Lil’s new hound, Lola, TBT went around collecting the Subs & got in a bit of a pickle as he failed to get the cost right, which had been agreed by most to those present, you’ll hear more of this later.  My Lil’ seemed more concerned about the fact that no one was eating the salad he had prepared, with a “Come on you salad dodgers, get in there!” he tried to encourage the pack to eat their greens!

After the first round of food, the GM Called the Circle together.  Action Man was awarded a Down-Down as a visitor by Tent Packer, then the Circle was handed over to the RA.

The Hare was rewarded his Hit for a good Trail, that caught out those with local knowledge.  Backpack & Spillage were out for both becoming ‘Teenagers’ the RA’s [Sound] advice for them was not to grow up & carry on Hashing!  Hyena was out for his “I am not Hashing on Sunday!” then “I am Hashing on Sunday!”

The Hashit went to TBT OBE who somehow didn’t get the £5 for food & subs & went around charging £6.50, then later went back around offering a £1 back!

As the afternoon went on, the Hare was heard to call out “Free Sausages! Get your free sausages!” then this turned to “Free Sausages with every pint!”  Ewok said that she had never heard My Lil’ say so much!” So, it looked like there was a glut of sausages, but fortunately Action Man was on hand to help the gannets devour all of these, with only the four remaining veggie ones left.