Date =                           11th August 2014

Run Number =            1572

Venue =                        Ye Olde Red Lion

Location=                    Nash Mills

Beer =                           Deuchers

Hares =                         Friar Truck & Three Badge Stoker

Runners =                    22

Virgins =                        1

Visitors =                       2                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          26

Membership =             Not Badgered out of the Circle!



A few may have encountered the odd, brief downpour as they set off toward the venue, they would have one last bit of rain just before Tent Packer called the opening Circle together.  There were a noticeable few who didn't take shelter from this short downfall of precipitation, Ewok & the RA stood their ground & refrained from quivering beneath the bushes & trees in the car park.

While the Pack were taking the piss out of the RA’s taped up Hash-shoes, one thing the RA did notice in the car park was the car that Lemming arrived with Mother in, it was best described as being Powder Puff Blue!

The GM did his duties before calling the Hares forward, with Friar Tuck being the 'senior' of the Hares.  With a few more visiting Hashers of Daffy Dildo & Ivor Biggun from Cyprus, as well as Foxy Lady & Dead Animal over from Spain, plus the return of Parson’s Nose’s Son [Sorry your name eludes me as I write this! – Ed] the numbers were given a significant boost.  My Lil' took it upon himself to remind the RA of what he had said earlier on during the drive over, about not expecting many to turn out on this Trail.

Three Badge Stocker was introduce as the co-Hare for the Long Trail & then Smartarse with Cauliwobbler as those responsible for the Short Cuts.

For the visitors there was a demonstration of what Herts markings look like, after which the Pack were ushered away through the Pub’s extensive garden, through the play area at the far end to get on to the towpath on the Grand Union Canal, by this time the rain had ceased & a spectacularly large rainbow could be seen off over to the east.

On the tow path there an arrow directed the Pack away to the northwest, not too far along this route the Trail led on to the first CHK which was placed by a fairly new looking white footbridge to the new builds on the northeast side of the canal, a couple looked out from the balcony of their apartment as the Keenies ran over the bridge calling "On! On!" when Dust was found, they then watched the same mugs run back again when a T was found!

While the FRBs resumed with running along the towpath, Smartarse & Cauliwobbler took the SCBs of TBT OBE, Psycho, Skip, Ivor Biggun, Daffy Dildo, Smartarse & Friar Tuck’s Daughter & her Boyfriend all went off over the white footbridge.

The Trail moved on up to the next available crossing point over the Grand Union Canal, this bridge being a far older affair, a white washed pack-bridge where the next CHK was located.

The first couple of Falsies were found on either side of the canal as it just begins to turn northward, but it was down to Mr X & Mother to find it on the eastside heading southward behind the new homes in this area of former industrial land, this was once a place built up to do with the paper making industry.  Sadly all but SAPPI at Nash Mills is all that remains of this large industry.

The Pack were now heading back toward the SCBs, but a left turn would take them out on to Belswain lane, where a CHK was found opposite the Three Tuns Pub, which was decorated with St George Crosses.

A right-hand, south-eastward turn would find the Dust on down by the road works, Foxy Lady was up ahead if Dead Animal.  He halted her progress by bellowing out "Wait there!" to her, right at the point when she was beside the red roadwork's sign instructing drivers to do just that when the traffic light was red!  Dead Animal & a couple of others found this far more amusing than Foxy Lady did.

The pack crossed the road at the works, then back to the right & once more to left as they found a CHK by the start of Bunkers Lane.  A steady climb up beside Abbotts Hill Girls School led up to a CHK just beyond Woodhall lane, this was situated right beside the westerly gate entrance to Long Deans Park.  This is an area that Herts had run form the opposite end, down from Leverstock Green.

Lemming took to searching over the grassy valley & up to the Long Deans wood on the opposite ridge, he would be called back but failed to heed Three Badge Stocker's calls to return to the CHK!  Meanwhile My Lil', Sludge & a few others fancied the footpath up between the detached homes on the left of Bunkers Lane but all the options northeast of the CHK would prove to be false.

Eventually it dawned on someone that it could be a Check back & so it proved to be as the Pack all made their way back from the four Falsies to take to Woodhall lane, the pace certainly dropped as the Keenies climbed the steep narrow lane.  It was on the climb up to this point that Kylie caught up with the Pack.

Lemming decided that he outwit the Hares & thought that he could cut out a run back to the CHK on Bunkers lane & tried to find a way out up by the wooded area at the top of the hill, but as this lane bisects the main school grounds from the old stables, there was no way out for him! 

A CHK was discovered by a bend in the lane, the footpath leading off through the thicket woodland proved to be correct & off the FRBs went in a south-easterly direction to a Held CHK at a point by the junction of two footpaths at the edge of another drop down in to a steep valley, it was however really scenic up there.

Ewok left the Held CHK & Sludge was about to accuse her of Checking out before the Hares had sanction this, it turned out she was off for a pee! [Too much info! – Ed]

When the Pack were allowed to start searching again, Mr X, Paxo & Fliptop all found Falsies in the enclosed field to the south.  The Trail was then found on the footpath that descended on a curving route around the outside of the perimeter hedgerow, once in the bottom of the valley another CHK was found.  This was quickly dismissed for the Pack to embark on a clamber up through a wooded slope to come up to turn out toward the east, a CHK on the edge of the open field caught out Sludge & My Lil' before they realised this was heading back to ground already covered by False Trails earlier.

The Trail headed up to Hyde Farm , there another Held CHK was discovered, just beyond the large & noisy barking dog in the back garden of a property beside the farm. It was around this point that Zing-a-long-a-max caught up with the Keenies & he too followed

While Dead Animal, Mr X, Paxo & a couple of others had a ‘sticky bud’ fight, Friar Tuck announced that there would be a Short Cut, Hyena & Fliptop took this option along with Friar Tuck, once Dead Animal & Parson's Nose Jnr had come back from finding a T up there.  Dead Animal wouldn't forget that the T was altered to an arrow to allow any late comers take this route & follow on behind the Long Trail SCBs!

My Lil' now had the bit between bit teeth as he took up leading on along the field's edge of wispy grass on the way over toward the old radio transmitters in the distance, the majority followed on & this included Dead Animal & Parson’s Nose’s Son who had come back from the Falsie.

Three Badge Stocker was now looking after the back of the Pack, especially the RA, at this point as he marked the Trail off in to an adjacent field - once the majority had passed by this point.

It was a long way back for the Keenies until they got back on track on the correct path along the edge of the smaller hedged-in field, they too had to pass by the remains of a dead badger.  Mr X said it was a shame that Fliptop was on the shorter route, as he could have added this to his dead stoat from the previous week.

In the south-western corner the path disappeared through the hedgerow to lead out on to Hyde Lane, where a CHK was found.  The Trail continued on the footpath almost directly opposite, the Pack crossed another crop field & down on to Hartham lane.

Away to the left was a prominent footpath sign & this lured Mr X down this Falsie!  The ground he had gained was now lost as be returned to Hartham lane at the rear of the Pack.  Things weren't too bad though, as Mr X soon caught up as My Lil' with Lemming & Zing-a-long-a-max as they all fell for the next Falsie out over the fields to the south.

With the Keenies all together, this part of the Pack continued along Hartham Lane to pass by where the Short Cutting FRBs had emerged.  Friar Tuck was seen hanging around this point & then he joined Three Badge Stocker in herding the Pack down by the row of picturesque cottages by the farm, these were decorated on the exterior with hanging baskets that were decorated in a style like those you’d find on a canal boat.

Another Held CHK was found almost three quarters of the way down the narrow rustic lane, near to the more modern houses.  Just the car passing by spoilt the long downhill trot as the Pack had to scatter to either side of the lane, it was noticed that one of the drivers was not wearing his seatbelt. 

At this respite, Dead Animal again remarked to the RA about how he thought the changing of the T to an arrow was out of order, the RA wasn't really concerned.  Time to move on & while a few ventured further down the lane,  but a handy clue from Friar Tuck meant the Keenies were soon up the short drive & on to fenced in footpath behind the row of homes.

It was a nice long trot between the wooden shuttered fence panels, though it was a little too narrow when the Pack approached the family of civilians walking up the hill, once by them the Hash reached a turn in the path as it heads under the railway line by way of a dark & unlit tunnel.  

Most tried to avoid getting their feet wet in the puddles in the low tunnel, these were fed by a drip-dripping from the tracks above.  [Hope none of the commuters had flushed the train’s toilet overhead? – Ed]

Once out from under the mainline to Euston the Trail led on to Primrose Hill Road, the CHK there was quickly dealt with by Zing-a-long-a-max as he crossed over the pedestrian crossing, with roadwork’s by it & he found the Dust leading over the green space of Primrose Hill Park, but as he headed near toward the Grand Union Canal he seemed to lose the Dust.

Coming up behind the FRBs of the Keenies were the Hares, & these two led the rest of the Pack over to the corner of the green area to where an old white footbridge could be seen.  The final CHK of the Trail was found on the towpath beside the steps to a footbridge spanning the Grand Union Canal.

 A few ventured up these steps, even after "On!" Was called down along the towpath to the north some continued up on to the bridge, it was probably because they knew the Pub was on the west bank & though that this would be the way to the On Inn & not to look at the view as they claimed.

Indeed the "On!" called along the towpath was correct & the Dust was found.  It wasn't that far to the On Inn written on the canal side bank, but it would take about another mile before they would actually make it to the On Inn of the Pub!

The Keenies now caught up with both sets of SCBs, just beyond the feeder-lakes that could be seen through the hedgerow on the right & before teaching the railway line once again.

There were a few decorated barges to admire on the way down the canal.  All very pretty & nearly as smart as the top that TBT OBE was wearing, Paxo commented on the fact that he was originally only going to do the first CHK, but he continued along with Smartarse, Cauliwobbler, Daffy Dildo, Ivor Biggun, Psycho & Skip as the conversation was so good!

On the way Ivor Biggun was taking a few snaps, which inspired a few to make out that they were actually running [False pretences! – Ed] & he certainly more pictures than the Herts Hash Flash! 

The final bit was to pass beneath the main-line railway bridge & then to cross the wooden footbridge to the west bank of the canal, then up was just up on to the narrow road bridge on Red Lion Lane over the canal to the back of the Pub's garden.

The Pack settled in, a couple of things came to the RA's attention, namely TBT OBE mentioning the Qatar reunion weekend, where he was awarded their Hashit when he enquired "You can't be awarded the Hashit for only walking at the back?" Which saw him then awarded the Qatar Hashit!

Once the GM had toasted the Hash at the final circle, it was over to the RA.  There were Down-Downs aplenty with the visitors & even a virgin amongst this week’s Pack! 

The senior Hares were rewarded for a Trail that seemed to please everyone, except for the bit where the T was changed - if you were Dead Animal.

Lemming was not out for his Powder-Puff blue car, but for admitting that he was afraid of Ticks that Mr X had mentioned in the Brussels Full Moon Trail's 'Chalk Talk' especially as the ticks talked about turned out at the final Circle to be just marker pen (correct mark) ticks on the most of the Hares’ butt cheeks!

Dead Animal was out for catching out Foxy Lady at the lights, she joined him for being gullible enough to stop, so he had the Red Drink, she had the Amber coloured drink & the green one went to Fliptop to make up the traffic light colours, his was for the Dead Animal he missed & when ‘one Dead Animal drinks’ all dead animals drink!

All of the visitors were awarded their Hits for taking part in their first H4 Trail.

Finally the Hashit, as the RA said "If it’s good enough for Qatar Reunion Hash to award their Hashit for someone who walked quietly at the back, minding their own business until they asked a stupid question, then it was Ok for Herts to do the same!  TBT OBE got his second Hashit in as many days!