Date =                            19th October 2014

Run Number =            1583

Venue =                        The Half Moon

Location=                     Hitchin

Beer =                           Loads as it was the end of the Beerfestival!

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                   15

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          16

Membership =            Celebrating the Battle of Trafalgar Beerfest!


Having alighted from the train at Hitchin, & while on his walk with the Hare down to the venue, Mr X spotted a very obvious CHK situated at the end of an alleyway beside the small Tesco on the corner of the station entrance.  Prophetically Mr X said "Is that a real Check, or just a Red Herring for my benefit?"  The Hare didn't reply!

Anyhow, having made it to the Pub with 60 seconds to go before the Welcoming Circle was due to be called, the duo found they could relax a bit as Skip, Psycho & Little Hole were still going around in the 'Nutter-mobile' in search of a parking space, all because the Pub car park being closed to house the Beer Festival marquees!

Time was getting on & the circle was called before Psycho could get parked up, then with Paxo’s welcome introduction out of the way the Hare was called forward.

After the groans, hissing & booing that you expect to hear at a pantomime, Dame My Lil' announced the Trail was set mainly in flour & chalk, there would be roads to cross & it would be a long Run, but there were short cuts!  Then without further ado, the Pack were directed away up toward Hitchin hill to the southwest.

The first CHK was found by ARP & Ewok & they were first up the alleyway path climbing up between the properties upon the side of Standhill, suddenly there was a lot of moaning about hills in Hitchin & very little action when it came to searching.  ARP & Ewok were soon on to the Trail.

Another CHK was found three quarters of the way up the alleyway.  While the two Harriettes went off to search up upon the hill in a direction toward Hitchin Cemetery, the RA choose to search the fenced-in footpath heading northeastward between the two sets of back gardens of the homes at the top & bottom of the hill.  Mr X found the Trail.

The Pack would follow the hard capped path of bricks & pebbles up to where it becomes lined on one side with a few old cottages as it widens to become Storehouse Lane, though on the way the Hare had placed a blob of flour on the set up steps up to the homes to the east on top of the hill?

The RA led the way out down behind the Exchange, where a series of blobs could be seen on the set of concrete steps across the road, these were a start up the side of Windmill Hill.

The prospect of climbing the steep green space wasn’t too daunting but it sure slowed the Pace, even Sparky walked up just behind the RA as he followed the Dust on the trees at the very top of the green space that has a reservoir underneath it, a large concrete square on top being the only giver-away to what lies beneath.

Sparky caught the RA as the Trail took to a tarmac path running by the school on the hill on the south side, & above the ground to north of that the open air theatre lies in below the path.

The path came out on to Highbury road, Sparky was straight over this & onto a CHK on the short dead-end side road, he continued on to the alleyway heading eastward,  Mr X wasn’t convinced & correctly choose the other alleyway heading to the north?  No doubt believing he knew the Trail would go to the Station.

Sloppy Seconds was soon on behind the RA & caught him up as he crossed the Avenue to the continuation of the alleyway that would lead on to Benslow lane & a CHK, he was straight over the road to the last section of this long alleyway footpath, as he foolishly knew that there was a circle of doughy flour that resembled a CHK outside of Tesco’s, but there was no Dust leading along to this point.

While Sloppy Seconds was duped in to following along with Mr X without any Trail, he took time to explain to the RA about his missing shoes that Mr X emailed to Herts & London Hashes to find out their whereabouts!  It turned out that Sloppy Seconds had them all along, he only said they were missing to try & flush out who ever had tied them to the exhaust pipe of his Fanny Magnet, where he found them. 

Sloppy Seconds’ prime suspect was Skip, though the RA was not as convinced, he preferred the other option of it being Lemming who carried out the childish prank, plus he looks like the ‘Evil’ Hood in Thunderbirds puppet series!

Having realized that he had been set up by the Hare, Mr X set off down the Walsworth road, as he knew that the Trail had been marked by the Hare, when he was behind him on the walk from the station.  Sloppy tried the other options before eventually tagging along behind the RA!

Opposite the Ratcliffe Arms, Mr X spotted Psycho, Skip & Little Hole all crossing over the roundabout junction to follow the Trail down Veralum Road.  When Mr X caught up with Psycho, she said that it was a little odd wearing the Hashit these days as the stoat's conkers kept banging against her butt! [You can laugh at that one Pebbledash! - Ed]

The RA ran on & having crossed over the junction at the end of Nightingale road, he caught a glimpse of Ewok, Paxo, No Eye Deer & Fliptop all disappearing up College road off of Grove Road.

Having passed the Police station & gone out on to Ickleford road, the RA finally had clawed back the ground he had lost with the ‘Red Herring CHK’, at least his telling of being well & truly stitched up by the Hare put a smile of the faces of those around him.

Ewok & ARP set off down the alleyway that cuts off the corner to Bancroft Road, no doubt lured down there by Sludge & Sparky's calling of "On!" They came back with the rest of the FRBs.

The Trail now headed off down Dukes lane before going up to Bearton Road & running the length of it to the west, where it comes out on the Bedford Road, opposite the Angel's Reply (which now seems to be missing the 'Reply'!)

The RA now caught up with the Hare, who was cock-a-hoop at hearing the RA went off to where the fake CHK was, the Hare said he had placed it there so he could judge how the rain had effected the Trail!  [Revenge is a dish best served cold, the RA is stocking his freezer! – Ed]

While Sludge choose to go through the open gate in the safety fencing at this junction, other thought better than play with the traffic & opted for using the Pelican Crossing.  The Trail now led further westward, down the long Redhill Road, a CHK was discovered by the entrance to one of the cul-de-sacs lining the south side of the suburban street.

Here the Hare offered up a short cut, which meant missing out the loop to the south & then back to Redhill Road by way of using the alleyways & back passages linking these small side streets!  The Keenies were informed that the route they would take would be “More Scenic!” by My Lil’ which translated in to English meant a trot to a rustic footpath enclosed with a tree-line on either side as it ran through static caravan park to come out on Lucas Lane.

Fliptop, Paxo, TBT OBE & Sludge took the shorter option.  The road would end at a CHK where it joins the old Oughtonhead lane which runs up from the source of the Oughton spring, Sludge, TBT OBE & Paxo chose to search back in to Hitchin on the old lane, as Mr X was already wandering around aimlessly the adjacent field, beyond the hedgerow, all to no avail in either direction.

Mr X returned & when he emerged through the hedge, a little further down the hill & just in front of Fliptop the Trail was found heading away to the open fields to the west, the ground was hard & dry under foot.  Mr X began to pull away from the rest as he quickly passed through the next CHK down by the southern end of the wooded area of the Outghtonhead Nature reserve, he took to the track that was firmed up with scatterings of old red bricks as it began leading southward where he would find the next CHK before the two isolated Duckland’s Cottages.

A False Trail lay ahead for the RA, as he chose to head up the hilly farm land toward the lower western part of Hitchin.  By the time he had reached the T, Sparky, Sloppy Seconds & Fliptop had started off up after him!  The Trail would now continue on by the cottages on Bridleway No.4 which would lead back in to Hitchin on Grays lane, the Pack were now pretty well strung out & this was never going to change without a regroup.

It now looked as if the Pack were on the final leg of the Trail, then the Hare stated to those around him that they were only halfway around the trail!!  While Mr X & Fliptop choose to accompany the Hare on the Short Cut out on to Upper Tilehurst Street & cross over to a passageway beside the Highlander Pub, Sludge would take Sparky, Sloppy Seconds & TBT OBE on the start of the loop the Trail took.

The Hare’s earlier remarks about only being halfway around may have scared Sludge, as the Hare quite rightly said it would take them temptingly close to a short cut straight back to the Pub.  Being so close to Queens Street was just too much for Sludge to resist & so he took the direct route back, dragging TBT OBE, Sloppy Seconds & Sparky with him.

Mr X & Fliptop were tempted to go in the Highlander for a quick one, since they were going to be so far ahead of the rest of the main body of the Pack, but there were plenty of other options available back at the Beerfest.

Everyone else on the Hash managed to stick to the Trail, 2-1-2 Maureen, Bush Tucker, Psycho, Skip, Little Hole, Paxo, Ewok, ARP & No Eye Deer all stuck with it & endured the last section.  The Trail was heading away from the Half Moon, it would come out on to the Charlton Road by way of the Hawthorns.

A mercifully short trot down the narrow, pathless & verge-less lane took the Pack on to the relative safety of the footpath southward on Charlton road in to the village of the same name, new to this way-in is a large sign stating that this is the village where inventor Sir Henry Bessemer was born, father of the modern steel process named after him.

From here it was a fairly simple way back, with the RA waltzing through the last CHK by the farm track [So, no beer stop at the Windmill Pub! – Ed] this turn to the east would come through the cattle grazing area stock-gates in the tree-line & over the wide bridge spanning the river Hiz.

The last leg was now to climb up now bare, reaped & cropless Hitchin Hill, cutting over toward the main A602 before rising up the edge of the embankment on what was mercifully the final Hill of the day.  At the top of the hill the On Inn was found on the narrow pine plantation running along the top of the ridge, a left hand turn to run over the footbridge spanning the by-pass below, would lead back down the Hitchin Hill, behind the walled gardens of the Hitchin Priory to the Pub.

As the RA came back in, he was surprised to see Sparky was already getting change outside his car, Sparky claimed to have run all of the Trail, which was impossible as he never passed the RA. 

Then when Mr X entered the Bar, he found a group lurking at the table by the door, Sludge, TBT OBE, Sloppy Seconds had all been back long enough to concoct their excuses but feebly still claimed to have run the Full Trail!  Sloppy Seconds tried to bullsh*t that the On Inn was by the Church, the RA knowing fully well that there is no Church where the On Inn was located.

At least there were some Ales left from the Half Moon’s Beerfest, which had a very impressive range of Ales to add to the normal superior range inside the Bar, which was decorated with a Union Flag & a Royal Navy Ensign to celebrate Trafalgar Day, when Nelson defeated the French in 1805.

It took sometime before the whole Pack were all back, 2-1-2 Maureen & Bush Tucker being the last back, the Hare wasn’t going back to sweep up as he said he had marked the Trail clearly enough.  Bush Tucker didn’t come in the Bar & went straight home.

It must have been a long Trail for Fliptop, as he went to the Bar & as he ordered his Pint, he stated “I need a pork pie to go with that!”  Meanwhile Skip sat at the Bar & told the RA he wasn’t happy with the aspersions being cast in his direction, all about Sloppy Seconds’ Hash Shoes.  My Lil’ said that we better not mention when the Hash Book went missing for several weeks! [Ouch, you bitch! – Ed]

When it came to the Down-Downs; the Hare was rewarded for what most agreed was a good Trail, if a little long with a Beerfest still on at the Pub!  Sloppy was out for his misdirected aspersions as to who tied his Hash shoes to the exhaust-pipe of the old Mazda! 

Sludge, TBT OBE & Sparky were out for missing out about a mile & a half of the Trail!  ARP was in the circle for being a ‘returnee’!”  Though there were a few comments about the title of ‘Herts Poster Girl’ has now gone from ARP to Frankie!

Paxo was out for a sleep disorder, the RA said that he should not worry as the waffling in Herts Circles would be enough to put anyone to sleep! 

Finally the Hashit went to Ewok, for rummaging through TBT OBE’s ‘safety’ Pants while in the back of his car!  Ewok was kind of expecting this, but at least happy she had a decent bra on!  The shirt was so long on her she will probably have the stoat’s conkers banging her knees!

The Pack returned to the Bar, to enjoy more Ale (Especially the Loch Darkness) also to have a quick chat with Ruth behind the Bar, who showed an interest in the HASH.  Then the Hash went on to have several large Cheese platters & bowls of Cheesy Chips, the Chilli Cheesy Chips were most excellent as the (Very hot second round of) Chilies are grown by the Pub!

            During the feeding frenzy rounds of food, it was picked up on that the Half Moon has a Moroccan night coming up, so Psycho started the Ball rolling & after a show of hands 20 seats have been booked for Thursday 20th November, if you wish to join us, then please let us know.  If you are vegetarian, then you be glad to now the Pub have their own vegetarian chef.