Date =                            30th November 2014

Run Number =            1589

Venue =                        The Admiral Byng

Location=                     Potters Bar

Beer =                           Deuchers IPA, Plum Pudding, Abbott, many more!

Hares =                        My Lil’

Runners =                   14

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          14

Membership =             Celebrating St Andrew’s Day!!


A few of the gathering Pack were not so happy to pay musical cars, having parked in a different area & then had to go off & retrieve their cars to park up in the car park beside the Admiral Byng.  It was all water off of the RA's back if people can't use a map link & spot a large letter P on the map!

Things started off with a wee taster, a dram of whisky or a cup of Irn-Bru, complimented with a slice or two of the finest Scottish Shortbread that the Hare said had come all the way from.......... Sainsbury’s, which was a few hundred yards down the road.

The Grand Monkey was absent this week, apparently down under, so the Joint Monkey had to call the welcoming circle to order.  After a quick toast to St Andrew, as it was the Paton Saint of Scotland's day, the Hare was the called forward to explain what the Pack could expect!

Care with roads to be crossed, Short Cuts [Hoorah! - Ed] and that there was some Shiggy out there, were all mentioned by the Hare.  Then without further ado, about ten past the hour the Pack got under way by leaving the car park entrance to come out onto Manor Road, almost opposite the side of the Pub.

A right turn, cross the road & then an oppsite left to come around to the Admiral Byng’s frontage, the start by most of the Pack was more of an amble than a Run.  Perhaps the Irn Bru was really made of girders!

Directly opposite the Pub, is a small traffic island where the Trail crossed to reach the other footpath on Darkes lane away to the north.  The RA led the way up to the T-junction with Billy Lows lane, where the Dust made its way around on to head away to the east.

Mr X ran up toward the roundabout in the road, as he did so the footpath sweeps around to the right & on this out of side curve a Bar CHK was hidden!

Sparky was none too happy to run up behind Mr X, Kerry was also following on with Sloppy Seconds & Sludge!  A trot back to find the Hare escorting 2-1-2 Maureen & other SCBs off along Mount Grace Road, the trot along the suburban street would soon stop at a point where a footpath heads off northwestward on an alleyway below the grounds of Mount Grace School to emerge on to Drakes Lane beside the Modern Church, an arrow directed the way straight over the lane & on to the start of Heath Drive that carries on away to the northwest. 

The houses became larger & most were detached on this exclusive part of Potters Bar, a CHK was found up at the junction where a roundabout sits where Manor road crosses from southwest to northeast in direction.  Sludge was away up to the northeast & those like Sparky & Sloppy Seconds who had gone wrong by carrying straight on were called back by the Hare.

Skip & Mr X had slowed up running for a bit, having been caught out earlier, their ambling chat allowed them not to be caught out at the CHK, so they turned on to Manor Road & passed by the rest to reach a footpath at the bend in the road.  Skip & Psycho eyed-up a property ‘for sale’ but it was pointed out to them that they are already moving next week!

The detached home in the corner of the road got the most looks, with its unusual architecture of curved frontage that made it stand out.  As the Keenies took to the footpath down beside this property, someone was heard to mention “This is that track that is always full of Shiggy!” A statement that could not have been truer!

The Trail descend between the properties to the left & the hedgerow for the farmland to the right, A CHK was found at the point where a footpath heads out over the paddock toward the cattle fields south of the Royal Veterinary College land to the North, Sludge had ignored the climb out over the stile & was further down the Shiggy footpath.

It was somewhere over in these fields that the album cover was shot for Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother in 1970, it was the one with the Friesian cow on the front & more on the inner cover.  [Pink Floyd are a beat combo from the 1960’s to their swan song of a final Album ‘Endless River’ out this year!  Though there are only two of them left now, one of which was not in the original line up! – Ed]

Out on to the edge of Potters Bar Golf Club the Hash emerged, with Sludge, Sloppy Seconds & Sparky leading the way over the fairways, as the Hertfordshire Way footpath runs alongside the serpentine course of brook in its fairly deep cutting through the grounds, on the way while members of the Herts Hash Hackers respected the players out swinging their golfing sticks, Sparky had other ideas & he blew his horn as he ran over toward the Mainline tracks to Kings Cross.

A kink in the Trail took the Hash behind a line of trees & then over to the west to pass below the main line train tracks by way of an access tunnel, to emerge from beneath the embankment on to the footpath running along the west edge of the Railway line.

While Sludge, Sparky & Sloppy Seconds all chose to run along the footpath to the north, Mr X had other ideas & agreed with what Sludge came out with “It’s a long way to the next path off of this one in this direction!”  So, Mr X headed out to search the roads on the Cranbourne Industrial Estate but he failed to find anything along the roadsides, except the attention of a curios truck driver, the RA then chose to head back & seeing the Hare still standing on the CHK he would search on the south bound section of the tarmac footpath back toward Potters Bar Station. 

By this time Sparky & Co had found their Trail to be false, Sparky was soon back & he was lured by calling of “On!” from Mr X heading up the rising footpath, Sparky was going to be caught out a second time as Mr X ran on to a Bar CHK.  Sparky cried out “Oh, you’re kidding me?” as the RA came to an abrupt halt, Mr X replied that he was not!

Having run back down to the CHK, Sparky & Mr X now tagged on to the tail of the Pack as they were now making their way on the west bound narrow footpath back along the brook as it weaved its way between the land of the fenced off factory units on either side until it came out on to the back part of Cranbourne Road, directly across from this was the entrance to the green space north of Furzefield wood.

If the Hash thought that they were now going to get away from the brook, they had another thing coming, for halfway along the green space an arrow was found pointing the way through a wide gap in the tree line to the north, this was along the edge of the bank of the stream & so the majority of the Hash scrambled down the bank & then over the flowing water.

The RA was lenient today [Must have been the Scotch? – Ed] for he allowed Saif, Kerry, Psycho & a couple of others to continue along in the damp grassy field.  Having managed to cross the wide waterway with only getting one foot wet, the RA began to think that perhaps he too should have taken the easier option!  But since he had the Hare’s flour after marking a Short Cut for 2-1-2 Maureen on the grassy side, he needn’t have worried as she wouldn’t go that way!

Having followed the narrow path below the high fenced off area of the recycling center, complete with unseen but defiantly heard barking guard dog, the Trail would cross back over the stream.  While getting down the bank was ok for the RA, the clamber up the opposite side wasn’t so easy with a lack of tread on his Hash shoes. 

Sloppy Seconds offered Mr X a hand up, but since he had only just finished having a pee, the RA rejected this & instead took Sloppy Seconds’ other suggestion to use the fence posts a little further downstream to haul himself up with.

The Trail now ran over the end of the grassy paddock to the corner of Furzefield wood & soon the Hash were On through the woodland, Mr X was soon slowed down after he kicked his big toe against a cut off stump hidden in the leaf-litter in the middle of the path, so, having placed a large blob of flour over it to warn anyone behind them, it was back to a walk along with Skip for the RA! 

The Trail reached the southern edge of woodland, but the trail did not go in to the King George V Park but turned off back in to the woodland to head eastward down through more leaf litter & Shiggy back toward the Industrial estate.

Psycho was found stopped at a fork in the footpath, she was not sure which way to go & hadn’t noticed where the Hare had marked the CHK with his bit of plasterboard, in fairness it was a rather small arrow pointing toward the right-hand option.  [Let’s hope she doesn’t analyze that & leaves it to Pebbledash! –Ed]

Psycho was put on the correct route to come out on to the edge of Cranbourne road.  Arrows pointed the way up the rising road & away from the works units, then the Pack were directed over to the start of Cranbourne Crescent, it was back to the house lined streets, with civilians going about their daily business like washing their cars, as the Trail ran to the end of the urban road to take to an alleyway, which led out on to the same footpath running alongside the railway line.

2-1-2 Maureen was picked up here as she was on her own short cut, some thought she was 'Doing a Sludge' as it is known on Herts Hash, after she claimed she had used her "Initiative" to get back on Trail!

On the way southward beside the railway line, [How sad is this! – Ed] Mr X could not resist the urge to annoy Junior & he stopped to get a picture of both of the EWS engines parked up at Potters Bars Station, having shipped their goods to the work force maintaining the tracks. 

The first EWS Engine pictured (66092) between the line-side bushes & shrubs, these pictures would be sent on to Junior, then the opportunity of the second engine (66025) was taken from up on the platform.

The last leg of the Trail would be to use the underpass for the station platform access, then out of the concourse to cross the bus & taxi area, finally to pass the On Inn on Darkes lane.

The RA did spot that Skip had wandered beyond the CP & arrow pointing to the cut- through to the back corner of the car park, which would have save him from walking around the long route to the Pub & back up the entrance.

The Pack settled in to an area with a couple of nice chesterfield sofas, this was allocated for a dining party at 14:00Hrs.  Kerry offered up a tub of mini chocolate logs [No Pebbledash! - Ed] while TBT OBE, Paxo & Ewok went for a full meal [Bad digs? - Ed] 

Saif questioned Mr X, about his name being spelt wrong in the Trash, this change to ‘Said’ was explained as the first time it was corrected by the word processor on the scribes mobile before it was added to the dictionary.  It seemed to be ok for the rest of the Report, after it had been transferred to another PC!

The Circle was called out in the veranda garden/smoking area in front of the Admiral Byng.  The RA had a quick inspection to see who was wearing Blue & White and/or a bit of Tartan, seems the Pack were doing ok in this respect, even if some where getting away with their Hash shoes being the only Blue & White items of clothing.

The Hare was rewarded for a good Trail, which caught enough out, had plenty of Shiggy & lasted less than an hour! [We'll have to encourage more of this from this particular Hare! - Ed]

2-1-2 Maureen was out for doing a ‘Sludge’ & using her initiative.  As it was St Andrew's Day, those with Scottish roots (distant as they were with those there) joined the RA in a Down-Down, these included Kerry, who claimed her link with North of the border was about 300 years in the past!  Skip also joined the small group, but Little Hole didn't, which the RA picked up on as he would share some of Skip's genes.  The RA made a terrible pun on tartan jeans & the Bay City Rollers [A beat-combo from yester-year! - Ed] as Little Hole followed the others into the Circle.

The Hashit went to Sparky for disturbing the men playing Scotland's finest sporting achievement of Golf.

After the main Pack had moved on, Mr X, My Lil' & Sparky remained.  Siting in an alcove like area with a couple of diners, who bad finished their meals, Sparky eyed up a large bit of steak on one plate, then asked if he could have it?  With a positive answer, Sparky picked up the meat & had a good old chew! [Go on Pebbledash, we'll give you that one! - Ed]