Date =                            14th December 2014

Run Number =             1591

Venue =                         Chez Paxo et Ewok

Location=                     Ware do you think!

Beer =                            Sawbridgeworth Dragon’s Blood, Golden

Hares =                          Paxo

Runners =                     19

Virgins =                        1

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         5

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                           23

Membership =            A big ‘Hippo Bidet!’ to TBT OBE & Paxo!


After an early arrival, the RA spent some time peering out of Paxo’s front windows to see who else was arriving for today’s Celebratory Trail.  He saw Sparky pull up in the middle of the street, then after he had a word with TBT OBE, Sparky then pulled over & parked up.  Out of Sparky’s car stepped Foxy & her friend Sandy, the RA remarked on this & both No Eye Deer & Pebbledash sighed that there would not be so much interest in them with another young Harriette on the scene!

Anyhow, today was a double Birthday R*n with a curry to follow, what more could you ask for?  Well, My Lil’ wished that the Pack would get under way on the Hour, but it took around 15 minutes past before Paxo came outside wearing his slippers [New Shoes! – Ed], he would perform his Joint Monkey honors & introduce the Pack to the correct Run number, then our Virgin Hasher, Sandy was asked in to the Circle so we didn’t lose her, then Paxo handed over to the other Hare, Ewok.

While Paxo retreated inside to cook the Curry, Veggie Dishes & sundries to go with it, Ewok now took up the mantel of Hare & explained that there was one part of the Trail where a ‘Hash Hush’ had to be strictly observed, since the Farmer has had the most awful time of late - with the saddest of things of having to have two horses destroyed after they broke their legs due to noisy people crossing on the footpath.  It is rumored that the Farmer in question has been known to charge his tractor at wayward walkers!

It was made sure that the news of the distressed farmer was drummed in to Sparky’s head, so Sparky left his horn behind! [Ooh err, Pebbledash! – Ed].  So, without further ado the Pack set off after My Lil’, who had already seen the outbound yellow arrows, heading away to the end of Parnel road & crossing straight over where it joins Tower road, Milf was soon up with My Lil’ as the two took to the footpath cut-through in to the dead end of Lady Gardens [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed].

Meanwhile Mr X was busy explaining the Herts Hash Markings to Sandy as the Pack made their way through by the new builds on Lady Gardens, which were not there the last time the Hash ran this way!  The Trail passed northward through corner where Fanhams Road becomes High Oaks road (or vice versa!).  Most kept to the footpath running above the lane on the embankment on the side of the road where the sides of the homes sit, others like Sludge & Sparky decided to play with the traffic!

The Trail would cross the lane to reach a CHK on the start of the drive to Round House lodge, from here Sandy would see her first CHK.  Milf & Mr X took different paths in the green area to the southeast of Round House & both would be called back from their wayward trails, as the proper route was found on the northeasterly route up the hedged-in footpath by the fenced off grounds around Round House Lodge.

The Next CHK was found on at the T Junction where this path joins the footpath running up from the playing fields of the Ware Youth Club, the likes of Sludge & My Lil’ made fast work of this as they soon found Dust leading away as the path heads slightly north of northwest, after a few yards this would turn to head due north where it comes out in to the open crop fields before Moles Farm.

The distinct outline of the large high water tower could be seen above the isolated farm building, the going was hard for most as they slowed up to a walk in the Shiggy, which seemed harder than having a slight pace & a more stable gait as Milf would discover when she dropped down a gear!

At the end of the first part of the crop fields on this Trail, the First Held CHK was found before a gate in to a horse paddock, this was the area where the Pack were asked to respect a Hash Hush, but not before TBT OBE had handed out the bags of Jelly Babies to appease the Hash for waiting of the SCBs to make it to the CHK.  

Though when they SCBs did approach the rest of the Pack, the Keenies thought that it was funny to see Sis, with Pebbledash helping 2-1-2 Maureen along the Shiggy Track, it looked like kicking out time from an Irish Pub on St Paddy’s Day as they were moving all over the place in different directions at times!  Kylie would capture this for prosperity on video.

The Pack all walked through the paddocks, even Sparky behaved as the Trail came through the Farmyard of Moles farm & then out by the last of the equine paddocks on the north side of the Farm.  It was on this farm track out beside the Horses on the left & the Hay bales on the right that the Pack encountered the best Shiggy of the Trail, Sludge thought it was the best ‘Sludge’ of the year & no one could have run through this thick, deep Shiggy!

Once the ground was dry enough to run on once more, the Trail headed out along Thunderidge Footpath No.53 as it follows the curve around the perimeter of the last field, passing beside the new A10 (by-pass) where the soil began to cling to Hash Boots, soon the Pack came out on to the  Cold Christmas lane. 

A CHK was found by the pull-in/lay-by after the bridge over the A10, this was not going to slow the FRBs down as they were soon off on the descending Thunderidge Byway, which was once the old lane out to the Church at Cold Christmas, but this has since been reduced in size to that of a wide footpath.

Another CHK was found fairly quickly & Milf, not being familiar with this area continued northward, while Sludge, My Lil’, Sparky & Mr X all took to the east bound Thunderidge By-way 24 on what was once Old Church lane.  Foxy & Sandy were soon coming up behind the FRBs, who had made their way up to the next Held CHK, Milf soon passed by them to reach the grounds of Little St Mary’s before them.  Milf would be the first of those who haven’t been here before to hear about the dark tales of this place!

All that remains these days is the Tower, as the main body of the church was demolished in 1853 when a new Parish church at Thunderidge.  The church dates back to 1086 being a part of Hugh De Desmaisnil’s estate.  It was intended for private family use only.  There are many rumors of the church being built on a North/South alignment instead of east/west, many medieval churches were built this way & it is said to be the sign of the devil, which is why it was later demolished.

It is reputedly haunted & at one point there were reports of Devil Worshiping stuff going on in these parts, it made the local papers at least!  There are also reports of a there was once a Mausoleum in the graveyard with mass burial graves lying under where the old church once stood.  Many graves are said to be those of young children who perished due to extreme cold weather during Christmas time, hence the Cold Christmas name!

Most paranormal activity reports come from in or around the church tower, sounds of growling evil presence are just a few.  A figure in black has also been spotted on several occasions around the graveyard.  In 1978 a woman walking up to the church tower found herself walking towards a marching army coming from the church door & through her. 

You used to be able to go inside the tower many years back, but it is now bricked up for safety reasons & to prevent vandalism & destruction.  H4 had a satanic Drink stop there on their 666 Run.

All this said, it hasn’t stop some from going there at night, but far more frightening was the local Framer, who in 2011 caused a bit of damage when he drove his tractor up against some cars parked up the old lane for the continual night-time goings on with local youths & others out late at night!  This added to the lane being reduced to a footpath track!

On a brighter note, the RA also explained that one of the Pets Shop Boys [The Gay one? – Ed] used to live in Fabdens, in the grounds across the river Rib which winds its way through this valley.  Once the SCBs were on their way, & another round of sweets had been handed around by TBT OBE, Ewok allowed the Pack to search once again. 

No Eye Deer was the only one to head up the steep hillside of young winter crops, on the southbound footpath back up to the Cold Christmas lane, she would pick up the Trail while Sparky, TBT OBE, Sludge, My Lil’ & Mr X started off along the lower track of Old Church lane to the east, though the RA had second thoughts when No Eye Deer called out “On one!”.

The Trail headed up the hillside on a steep & slippery path, it was hard work & breath-taking to clamber up Thunderidge Hill to the level of the lane, No Eye Deer said that she hoped that it would not turn out to be a Falsie!  Mr X said that if he was the Hare he would have made it so, as there was several more paths up from the lower Old Church lane below, one of which comes out on the route to the delightfully named Noah’s Ark!

Fortunately for all involved, the Hare was not going to be so cruel, as the Trail came out on to the bend in Cold Christmas lane.  There arrows directed the Pack off of the lane & down the short dead-end road for the single row of homes at Cowards, it was along this bit that Foxy tied to get the RA to run along with her as the Keenies took to the Inn Trail.

The Pack would now become stretched out as the long puddle strewn track as at first it left the line of homes behind & then beyond these it passed by the long thin Cowards wood on the right-hand side.   Larger puddles were avoided as the Dust led the way across the open farm lane in a southwesterly direction, it seemed to be heading back toward Moles farm, but after a large pile of smoking horse dung the Trail turned by an old piece of farm equipment to lead away to the south east.

Another long stretch lay ahead as the Trail came down in to the valley, a CHK halfway caught out Sandy, but she was rallied around by the calls of “On!” from Foxy, Milf, Sludge & Sparky.  The Trail was hard going again, as the Shiggy started to cling to Hash Boots, ‘Good for the claves’ said the RA!

Foxy may have led the way down to the corner, where the footpath crossed a brook that splits the farm land to find a CHK in the corners of four fields, she went awry here & carried straight on.  Meanwhile Sludge picked up the Trail along the edge of the hedged-lined ditch heading back toward the Ware Youth Club, for he knew that the a short way along the edge of this & there would be another footpath running straight up the field to where the Old Forge Stables sit on Fanhams lane.

The Hash were on the home stretch, well most were as Sparky dithered at the top of the hill when he reached Fanhams lane, the RA shouted out for him to look for the footpath sign across the road.  Mr X was not sure if Sparky heard his words, but Sparky saw the light & took to the footpath across from the Old Forge, this leads back in to the north end of Ware, from here it was a short way back through a couple of back streets to get in to Chez Paxo’s.

The picky things, like Bombay Mix & various chocolates were soon set upon by the locusts the Pack, many things were discussed, not least the old InterHash magazines that had a few of Herts Hash pictured within the pages!  Then it came around to the Curry & it was of MasterChef quality, with plenty enough for Kylie some to go around for thirds, with some also sampling the equally good vegetarian option!

When it came to the Down-Downs, the RA decided to get these in before the sweet!  He started things off by mentioning the Herts X-mas Charity has yet to be chosen, then he went on to talk about an article he spotted in the Herts Mercury about a mention for Herts Hash some 25 Years ago that week!

The Hares were rewarded for the Trail, which had plenty of good Shiggy & the weather couldn’t have been finer either.  Then the previous week’s Hare, Sparky was called forward to receive his reward for setting that Trail, which was very good as well!

The Birthday Boys were out for a Celebratory Drink, each receiving a card signed by the Hash, one had “Naked Lady!” on the outside & “Dirty Old Man!” on the inside, while the other had stated that Too much of something, makes you lose your Hair!” [So, these two cards were really interchangeable! – Ed]

Sandy was out for being the Virgin Hasher.  Seems that she was left with an impression of H4 & is interested in the Herts X-mas weekend!   TBT OBE then had a wishy-washy [Well it is Panto season! – Ed] Hit for falling over on the Trail, while 2-1-2 Maureen was out for her impression of Junior leaving the Pub!

The Hashit finally went to Sparky, for not wearing it the week before & also for eating another man’s meat (a civilian) who had finished his meal in the Admiral Byng, but Sparky had a problem with the Hashit as Belle was chewing on the Stoat attached to the said Shite-shirt.  The Pack were in stitches as she tugged at the stoat [Whao there Pebbledash! – Ed] that Sparky was trying to get on.  Then in a deft move, she pulled Sparkly backwards & he ended up in a heap on the floor!

The Pack retreated inside to start on the Sweets, which include a triple Birthday Cake (Pebbledash was 21 at the end of last month?)  This cake that Mary Berry Ewok made was adorned with icing sugar Union Flags for TBT OBE, camouflage for Paxo & Comedy Cocks for Pebbledash [Whey=haaayy! – Pebbledash! – Ed]