Date =                            21st December 2014

Run Number =            1592

Venue =                        Horse & Groom

Location=                     Hatfield

Beer =                           Adnams Sea Shells, Potholer, Rosey Nosey, Abbot

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      3

Total =                          18

Membership =             A trip around the Seasonal Mattresses & Shopping Trolies!


The Pack gathered in the car park behind the Horse & Groom before 11:00Hrs, well they nearly all did with the exception of the RA, who after waiting for a Bus that never arrived, was now running to the venue!  He was on the dead end of the old Great North Road when he called Paxo to ask for the Circle to be held up for an extra 5 minutes or so.

Sludge decided to drive around to see if he could locate Mr X, who ignored the incoming phone calls to continue running to the Venue, this left Sludge heading out to drive around & around until he was called by Mr X to say he was at the venue.  This mean that Paxo got the Circle underway fairly late by normal standards & now without Sludge.  After the intro it was down to introducing the Hare.

Short Cuts were mentioned by My Lil’ before the Hash were ushered away through to the adjacent Salisbury Square, here the Pack were soon on to the Trail where it run by the Unemployment Centre & then down to the subway beneath the Great North Road.  Once on the opposite side a CHK was found between the two ramps leading up to the street level by Hatfield Railway Station.

Milf, Sparky, Ewok, ARP, Sludge & Sloppy Seconds were soon on to the Trail as it headed up to the steps for the footbridge spanning all four lines of the railway to Kings Cross, a few civilians were coming from the opposite direction as the Pack headed westward to come down to Beaconsfield road, then straight over to a cut-through to Endymion road & a CHK was found there.

Most went wrong from here, as they spotted the footpath sign pointing down the dead end of the street & down a flight of steps to come out on to French Horn lane, by the time they came back Mr X had caught up with the Pack, after he had phoned Sludge to let him know he should get back from scouring the streets of Hatfield for the RA & he should get out on Trail.

The Dust would head westward along Old French Horn lane to a CHK where it joins French Horn lane by the entrance to the small park behind the homes lining the north side of the road.  Sloppy & ARP all tentatively began to search the park but where soon called back when “On!” was called further up French Horn lane as it enters the large roundabout. 

The Trail took the FRBs around to the right on to St Albans Road West where it would cross the road near to the footpath running northward along the east edge of St Luke’s Graveyard.  The option along this would be a Bar CHK, the result of this would be a turn back to the underpass that starts by the St John’s Ambulance Hut beside St Luke’s Church.

While the FRBs descended in to the hollow centered roundabout, Mr X & Crispy Bush took the Short Cut offered up by the Hare, with 2-1-2 Maureen, Porky Pie, TBT OBE & Paxo following on.  The SCBs would meet up with Milf who was leading the way for the FRBs of Ewok, Sandy, ARP, Sloppy Seconds & Sparky to all get on to the small green space below the block of flats of Goldings House, there a Turkey Eagle Split was found, with two arrows pointing in different directions as the Trail would take two directions to reach the same point but one slightly longer than the other.

As yet no Shopping Trollies had been spotted on the Trail!

While Milf headed out further westward toward Queensway & the old Tax Office, Crispy Bush followed Mr X as he broke away from either path & crossed the grassy area to head southward to the footbridge that arches up over Link Drive, sure enough local knowledge paid off as the Trail was found leading over the bridge & on to the tarmac footpath to an alleyway between the fenced of back of the properties of Rectory Gardens on the left & hedged-in playing fields to the right.

 ARP waved to Porky Pie as she ran off leaving him behind, Porky Pie was obviously not quiet his usual self as he was walking most of the Trail.  The RA still hadn’t found his get up & go, after his run to the venue it had got up & gone!

A couple of years ago on this Footpath the Hash found a Mountain bike thrown up on to the railings of the fence, this was fetched down & Paxo rode it around the rest of the Trail & then dropped it off to the Police later on!  Nothing so exotic was found this year, oh no & Paxo would have to Run around!!

The Pack made their way up to the turn in the path as it bends around to the west at the end of which it emerges out on to Woods Avenue, here Sparky, Milf, Ewok, Sandy & Sloppy Seconds began to get away from the rest for a short time, meanwhile Sludge finally made up the ground from his late start.  But the CHK on Woods Avenue caught out a few of the Keenies as they were lured to another underpass to the Hatfield Girls School, but this would be false

Sandy made her way back from the underpass as the middle order of the Pack came out on to Woods Avenue, along the way the dog walkers had to make sure that they avoided the broken glass from a smashed bottle of Chablis!  Which is certainly one up from the discarded beer cans of Tyskie polish lager that littered the path they had just left.

Just to make sure that the Keenies didn’t get too far ahead, the Hare put in a slight diversion of a loop down off through the Pastures & then out on to Oxlease Drive before returning back to Woods Avenue.

The Trail crossed the roundabout to take to Traveler’s lane directly across from Woods Avenue for a run further southward, Mr X was convinced that the Hash would be led on a route around by Mrs S’s place (Hyena’s mum’s) but it proved to be wrong & the Trail moved on further along Traveler’s lane.

It was along here the Pack got to see the first discarded shopping Trolley of the Trail, then in one side garden there were discarded bottles & cans galore, there were even a couple of dumped mattresses there to add to the charm!

Having passed by St Christopher’s nursing home, the Dust crossed the road via dropping down through another subway.  The Hare pointed out that up ahead Sludge & Sloppy Seconds had not wavered from the opposite side of Traveler’s lane, no amount of calling was going to work!

The Keenies who were following the Trail properly, all ran on to the spiraling ramp up to the heady heights of the bridge spanning the west bound Southway road from the large grassy roundabout.  The RA tried to coax Sloppy Seconds & Sludge to use the correct route, but instead they cut across the middle of the roundabout to leave nothing but a trail of damp footprints behind.  Perhaps they had heard about the original bridge not being high enough & that it was taken down by the first lorry to pass beneath it without any extra height?

The RA was then surprised to see Paxo coming back from over the bridge & down the spiral ramp to a set of steps that cut the revolving route in half from its full twisting length, here arrows were found to indicate the way over before the roundabout to point Sloppy Seconds & Sludge had just ambled past!  But unlike Paxo they would not follow the correct Trail out to the Bar CHK, nor would they follow it back again!

There were plenty of SCBs for the RA’s delight back in the Circle, but the mass ranks of Ewok, Sandy, Sparky, Sludge & more would be whittled down to one individual by the end.  Anyhow, now the Trail cut through Millwards & out on to the playing area beyond to the east, which runs up to the edge of the railway line.  The Hare let Lola off the lead on this bit & the Pack could see how fast the greyhound family of dogs really are as she bombed back & forth.

As the Keenies made their way due east to the edge of the Main Line, others began to edge over to the northeast after the Hare started to cut the corner off.  Sparky was very vocal as he shouted out a loud “Short Cutting Bastards!” to those tagging along behind My Lil’.  Mr X explained to Sandy that in Sparky’s words SCBs & FRBs are official Hash slang expressions for those who normally run at the back & the front of the Pack respectively!

A northbound trot now lead along the edge of the seemingly empty playing area to the southern tip of Oxleys wood, there a CHK was found & soon the FRBs were split on to two of the three paths within the woodland.  Sludge & Sloppy Seconds went wrong on the option nearest the Railway line, while Ewok, ARP & Sandy chose the other wrong option of the middle path.

It came as a surprise to Mr X to see Sloppy Seconds short cut over from the first Falsie & then head away on to the Second one, right before his eyes, then as the RA headed back he could hear a rustle through the undergrowth as Sloppy cut over yet again to reach the correct path that runs behind the gardens of the homes on Stanley drive, however Sloppy Seconds was lucky that the abandoned mattresses in this bit of woodland were still sporting their coverings, otherwise he could have been entangled in a load of springs hidden in the bushes.  The Hashit was now within Sloppy’s grasp!

Back to the Trail & the Hash came out of the woodland & on to Deerswood Avenue, at the end of this it crossed Oxlease drive for the second time before heading further north by way of the small estate around Honeysuckle gardens, beyond this the Dust led the Hash in to Howe Dell wood.  Here the Pack had to cross the flowing Stream that snakes its way through the woodland.

The RA thought that he had found a suitable place to leap over the flowing water, though he was a little worried about the lack of grip on his Hash Shoes to scale the opposite bank.  He managed to clamber up in one fair swoop, unlike TBT OBE who ended up missing his step & planted one foot in the cold water right behind the RA, who was alerted to this by TBT OBE’s yelps of displeasure at having a wet foot!

The Final leg was approaching, Kylie thought that he spotted a water vole as the Trail led to the northern end of the wood, it ran by the pond with floating debris & then out by the small play area on its way through a the small open green space.

Out on to the uncapped end of Howe Dell road, this would soon give way to a tarmac alleyway between the homes before coming out onto the proper tarmac road of St Etheldreda’s Drive, named after the local Church, which in turn is named after the Anglo-Saxon Saint Etheldreda (also known Audrey) She was an East Anglian princess, a Fenland & Northumbrian queen as well as Abbess of Ely. 

Now it was a short trot down to French Horn lane for the last time then over to pass under the railway bridge & On Inn through to trot along behind the miniature ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’ of the Church that resembles the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, then in to the back of Salisbury Square.

The Pack managed to squeeze in to one end of the Olde worlde Pub, which was handy, there they could enjoy some of the excellent Real Ales on offer, plus the roast spuds on the bar!  Crispy Bush arrived back, but there was a slight wait for Kylie & 2-1-2 Maureen to get back.  Milf made sure that Kylie had a seat reserved.

The Talk turned to the quiz night the Hash attended many years ago at the nearby Eight Bells, where the team won & squeezed in drinking their winnings of a gallon of Cider before closing time!

When it came to the Circle, the tables were kept for the Pack with a couple of Reserved Signs, then it was out the back to the patio garden.

The Hare was rewarded for setting a run that took the majority an hour & five minutes, something the pack were encouraged to praise the Hare in an attempt to get him out of his old Marathon Trail ways!  TBT OBE was out for his Stepping in the water & managing to stop short of falling completely on his face.

Paxo was out for his not getting home until 5 AM & complaining about being tired!  Sludge was out for his wasted ‘Mission’ to pick up the RA, & Mr X joined him for being the cause of the wasted search!

For the Second week running, the Stoat on the Hashit was interfered with by a Hash Hound, this time Lola before order was restored!  Finally the Hashit went to Sloppy Seconds, for not once, but twice in a few seconds & a few feet of the RA, to go with his early short cutting on Traveler’s lane [A Curate should know better! – Ed]