Date =                            4th January 2015

Run Number =             1594

Venue =                        The Mermaid

Location=                     St Albans

Beer =                          JHB Citra; Yorkshire Terrier; Nethergate Umble; Red

Hares =                         Sparky

Runners =                    23

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          24

Membership =            Hashing in the New Year!


Tradition looked to have been broken for this for this New Year’s Hash, neither the RA or GM was setting it as has always been the case in the past, who also supply a warming seasonal drink for this Trail.  There was no sign of the Hare as the Pack gathered in the Pub car park, this raised the attention of the Landlord who came out to see what was happening.  It was soon established that the Hare had not been in to inform the Pub that we were turning out there, the Landlord seemed pretty pleased when it was explained to him.  Then the Hare came cycling in on his old ‘sit up & beg’ bike, which raised a laugh from the Pack.

The Hare seemed to believe that informing the Pub was the RA’s job [the omnipotent RA does many things but that isn’t one! –Ed] This week saw the return of the Grand Monkey, his entrance to the car park had the Landlord thinking that the Russians were invading, since he was sporting an Ushanka upon his head [Who said Head? – Ed].

When it came to the Circle being called, the GM received a few loud calls of “Who are ya?” from the Pack, these turned to groans when the Hare took over!  Amazingly both were briefer than they normally are with their respective speeches & the Pack were underway just gone the Hour!

No Eye Deer would take the wrong option of heading down Hatfield road, while the rest all seemed to take the opposite northwestern option, Sloppy Seconds broke off at the first of the double mini-roundabouts to look over on St Peter’s road but he came back too soon & missed spotting the Dust down there, instead it was down to Mr X & Pepé le Pew to find it up beyond the site works on this side street.

Double arrows indicated to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, the Trail now turned northwestward as it headed up Hall Place Gardens, a CHK was found part way up this residential street & the AR would benefit from local knowledge as he picked up the Trail around by the School on Townsend Avenue, this L-shaped road would lead the pack out on to St Peters Street.

More double arrows would take the Trail across the main road through St Albans & off down the northwesterly Carlisle Avenue, the Keenies of Mr X, Sludge, Pepé le Pew, Milf, Tent Packer & My Lil’ were soon down the hillside to find a T, somehow Mr X had missed the CHK earlier on the opposite side of the road.

Back partway up the hill to find ARP, Ewok, Pebbledash, No Eye Deer, Helen & Mathew were all getting back on track on the short uncapped Bernard road. At the end of this the Trail would now take to Townsend Drive, this was a much longer uncapped residential road leading away down to the northwest, in places the large water-filled potholes needed to be avoided.  To break up the run down this lumpy bumpy route, the Hare had put in a trot through the roadside wooded area from the next CHK, not that this meant anything to Sludge as he continued on through the T that stopped Foxy, Sandy, Pepé le Pew & the other FRBs!

The Keenies made their way through the slippery Shiggy in the woodland before coming back down on to the uncapped road, when the emerged those further back with Paxo, Kylie & 2-1-2 Maureen could see that they could avoid the Shiggy, at least for the moment! 

The uncapped road surface remained filled with watery potholes & in places there were wooden sleepers set in to the way, there were also the odd bit of iron pipework set in to this stony way.

The next CHK was found on the corner by the local Convent, were unsurprisingly Milf went wrong, as did Sludge, who both had to come back as the Trail took a southwesterly route on the back streets of Batchwood View before looping around on Langley Crescent to the northeast before descending down Beckets Avenue to the main Bacthwood Drive.

The FRBs had now pulled away from the rest of the Pack as they crossed the arterial route & run up the long drive through the golf club toward Batchwood Hall, the local Night Club where Pepé le Pew once worked the Door.  At the point where a footpath crosses this northwestward tarmac drive, a Held CHK was found & the Keenies bunched up.

You may recall earlier on that the Hare had failed in the Herts Tradition of supplying a Seasonal Drink, well this was soon remedied as Pepé le Pew became the Hash Hero when he pulled out a Bottle of Port from his back pack, complete with baseless wine glasses – not that the Hash would put these down for an instance!  Though My Lil’ was a bit Jittery & refused a refill.  Like the previous day’s Full Moon he was still feeling the effects of spending New Year’s at Twonks, seems he may have contracted typhoid or cat-flu.

Quite some time was spent in the middle of the Golf Course drive, some passing ramblers were offered a Glass of Port, one of the chaps did accept this & wished the Hash a “Happy New Year!” before they set off up the southwesterly footpath over the fairways.

Paxo finally came in to sight on this misty morning, he put a bit of a spurt on when he realized that there was a drink stop up ahead of him.  Once 2-1-2 Maureen & Kylie were on their way the Keenies decided it was time to move on, leaving Pep le Pew to dish out the last of the Port.

For the likes of Sandy, Foxy, Milf, Sloppy Seconds & even Sludge

The going over the fairways was quite precarious in places as these seem to be well walked routes.  The FRBs would run northeastward to the recreation ground before running on through Batch Wood on a long loop out via the Toulmon Drive Sports ground, then the secondary school above the road of Sparowswick ride.

A run on the St Michael's Rural path footpath would lead away from the school & out to the Harpenden road, a left turn up the road would lead on a short way to Childewick Green lane another left & the FRBs would run southwestward through Childewickbury & out down the lane heading a long way down to Ladies Grove Wood, according to Sludge the Trail was a bit scarce in the woodland. [I am surprised he ventured in there & didn’t try to cut it out! – Ed]

The footpath run on along the outside of Ladies Grove Wood, then a turn in the Path would take the Pack due south to join the long drive out to the main Batchwood Drive road.  The chose to set the trail on the field side of the hedgerow down to the main arterial road.

The Walkers Trail joined this halfway down the drive.  Arrows directed the Hash over Batchwood Drive to a CHK by the green space beside Veralum Road, it didn't take Mr X & My Lil long to find the Dust led up to the triangular Victoria Recreation Park, where it remained on the north edge to pass by the fence doff kids play area before climbing a few steps up on to Folly Lane, the terrain began to rise as the Trail once more hit the residential back streets, a turn from the eastbound road had the Pack heading southward down Church Crescent for a short way before it returned to the eastward track on Worely road.  

At the end of Worely road the Trail would weave its way around to the car park access roads to the multi-stories behind St Peter's street.  A short trot along Drovers way would finish by cutting through to shopping thoroughfare of St Peter's street, then it was over the junction the Blacksmiths & the Cock sit on.  The On Inn was found just beyond the Cock [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] & it was then a short way back down Hatfield road to the Pub.

The two FRBs who cut out the loop were almost a pint ahead of the others by the time they caught up.  The Ales were spot on.  The Circle was called in the ‘Sun-trap garden’ or as it had been renamed with some chalk a

‘Snow-trap garden’.

            The Hare was rewarded for a good Trail, though he struggle with his Down-Downs & half of this went to soak the Hashit!  Sludge was out for his short cutting antics & missing out the Shiggy in the wooded area!  Milf was awarded her 10th Run Bum-bag & she was joined by Porky Pie who was awarded his 100th Run Tankard! 

Tent Packer was out for making the Landlord think that the Russians were invading!  Pepé le Pew was the hero of the day for bring the Port to keep one Herts tradition going! Finally the Hashit went to Sparky, for not letting the Landlord know, as well as breaking with Tradition & not supplying any warming Winter Cheer!