Date =                            15th February 2015

Run Number =            1602

Venue =                        The Albert

Location=                     Hitchin

Beer =                           Three Brewers Golden, Stout

Hares =                         Porky Pie                                                     

Runners =                   19

Virgins =                       3

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      2

Total =                          24

Membership =            Like the Grand Old Duke of York’s Men!


This week saw three, yes, no less than three virgin Hashers turn out for their first Herts Trail!  They were Lou, Neil & Roxy, the latter’s arrival had already been heralded in an email to the RA from Sparky, which ended with him declaring that he now had a 'Harem'.  Of course such bragging would be mentioned in the final Circle.

The GM took his time before calling the welcoming Circle together, allowing Sludge from his trot, then Fliptop & Skip to finish their walk down from the Queen Mother Open Theatre just down the road.  Psycho & Sis would be along after the Run got underway at after five past the hour, for Sis would be walking as she had both Winston & Lucy this week.

The Hare, who for the benefit of the Virgins, went through Herts Hash Trail markings outside of the Albert, & it was hoped by other regulars that Sludge would take notice of what a T & a Bar represent!

With the Virgins introduced, the Hare admitted that the first half of the Trail was (in his words) brilliant but the second half was not as good as he realized, while setting the Trail that morning, that the time was getting a bit tight for him!  So tight that be didn't have time to put on a Hash Shirt, & instead he wore clothing that had more paint on than there is on the ceilings & walls of Chez ARP et Porky Pie!

Anyhow, the Pack set off down Radcliffe road in a northerly direction, at the end of this street of terraced homes the Pack found themselves on Nightingale road.  Foxy, Grease Lightning, Tent Packer, Mr X & Roxy were among those who were lured across this road & in to Ransom's Recreation Ground, Foxy would find the T up in this park.

On the way back out through the gated entrance, the RA questioned why this Park still has iron gates, when the railings that used to be along the entrance façade have not been replaced since they were remove in World War Two?

Anyhow, the Trail was picked up to the east, leading the Hash on by the Nightingale & then on to the junction with Walsworth road.

The Trail came around to the crossing the roundabout junction & over to Hitchin Station, here the Pack found a fresh CHK by the new Tesco store, which certainly wasn't there when the RA & Hare Raiser got off of the Train & walked by this spot.  [This is the RA’s favourite place for a CHK point, according to My Lil’! – Ed]

The Trail was picked up along the fenced-in alley heading southwestward between the homes of the Benslow area of Hitchin & Walsworth road.  It was now that the Pack would get their first taste of the Hare's trickery as the FRBs found a TT stopping their progress, instead the Trail led up the steep & shorter alleyway heading southeastwards to emerge out on to the suburban back street of Benslow rise, the Pack were led off on what would prove to be another Falsie on the road that runs parallel with the southwest bound alleyway checked out earlier on.

The Trail would now run to the end of Benslow rise to turn to the left & run on to Benslow lane, as it leads up to the east, the FRBs were now uneasy but the Trail continued southeastward, as the Pack were led on beside the Pinehill Hospital a few were tempted to hang back a bit as there was a footpath off behind the hospital grounds that had been passed by, suddenly this option was gone as calls of “On!” came from further to the southeast, to where the tarmac gives way to an uncapped track that eventually becomes a tarmac footpath.

A Bar CHK stopped the likes of Foxy, Grease Lightning, Sparky, Pepé le Pew, ARP, No Eye Deer, Roxy, & Pebbledash this would bring these FRBs back to the open corner into Benslow field.  As the Pack crossed the playing fields, the likes of Sparky soon drew the attention of several pooches running loose, perhaps they thought his legs were bones to be chewed upon.

            One pooch seemed to be wanting to come along for a run with the pack & some of the FRBs tried to get the owners to call the hound back, but the people they talked to didn’t own the mutt!  Eventually the pooch left the FRBs & soon they could run on another alleyway to lead out on to the Wymondley road, the Trail soon had the Pack turning off on to Chiltern road, where more alleyways lay ahead!  These took the Hash out across another side street & then on through the second section to emerge on the edge of Highbury road.

An arrow directed the Pack straight over road running by Hitchin Girls’ School, the Trail would now lead on to the passageway up beside the school to the south & the fenced off woodland above the Queen Mother open theatre to the north.  The Pack came out to an E CHK at the top of Windmill hill, the Hare said that the E stood for E numbers as bags of Jelly Baby & Wine Gums were handed around. 

The view from the top was not the greatest the Pack have had as it was still pretty misty out there, Roxy would hear from the RA that the Pack shouldn’t trust this Hare, not as his Hash name is Porky Pie!  These words would be head again, about ten minutes later to be precise.

When it came to resuming the Trail the Hare directed the Keenies straight down Windmill hill, & at the bottom they would find the next CHK.  A short run along Queen street was soon curtailed by a T, looking back up on the hillside & it was plain to see that half of the Pack were still up near the top.  Up by the Hare, Pebbledash’s raucous laugh could be heard echoing down to those who had been caught out by his cunning.

A slow clamber back up Windmill hill would make some Hashers calves ache a little on this steep climb back toward the E Stop, there were plenty of groans as the Trail advanced across the damp grass on Windmill Hill’s southern slope to drop down to Hollow lane.  Now there would be another loop for the Pack to run, as they were led up to the top of Kershaw’s Hill.

Mr X said that he would love it if a Spurs fan lived up here as they Pack returned to Highbury Road.  Imagine that on your address.  Skip told the RA that he was surprised to see that there is a Spurs shop in Stevenage, which was strange as it is the norm that most stops up from Kings Cross are normally associated with the Gooners!  Anyhow, the Trail now began to descend after it had passed by the new builds squeezed in to what was derelict land by the Storehouse lane alley.  These erections [Whoa there Pebbledash! - Ed] weren’t there last time we ran these part, & that didn’t seem that long ago!

The Trail now came back down to the bottom of Windmill hill again, with Louise, Neil & Roxy all keeping up with the likes of Sparky, Sludge, Tent Packer, Sloppy Seconds, Grease Lightning, Foxy & Milf as the dust led over to cross Queens Street & on to car park before the paved area where the ancient market place still takes place to this day.

No Eye Deer, ARP, & Skip were happy to keep up with the Hare as he continued to mark the Trail & soon the Hash thought that the Hare must have been having a ‘giraffe’ as they came up to a line of blobs of flour passing between the smallest gap you could possibly get between two parked vehicles. 

The Hash took an alternative route around the cars to pick up the Dust as it ran down the steps to the rectangular pond like areas formed by the river Hiz.  Beyond this the Trail would pass through to the back of St Mary’s Church.  Having left the Churchyard, it then led out from the back arcades of shops to the old High street, where the Dust crossed straight over to the west & out through the passageway of the undercover arcade, the Hash were now going to go on one last long loop, this would encompasses a trot around Old Park road & to turn northward reach Butts End area of the green open space of the Recreation Ground.

Others who knew the area decided that they would take a short cut over to Bancroft, Kylie was spotted wandering along this road to pass by the old Alms Houses before picking the Trail up once again.  Not sure if this was an official Short Cut, but this aided the Pack coming in around the same time.

The last part would take the Hash from this park & around in to Bancroft Gardens, situated behind the Almshouses on the Hermitage.  This final leg would run around by the bowls club & back out to the end of Nightingale road, to avoid the Nightingale Pub (potentially losing some of the Pack) the Trail then turned off to head up to Veralum road, where the On Inn was found just before reaching the Radcliffe Arms, then back on to the Walworth road.

The Pack were soon in to the Pub, the RA noticed that Sloppy Seconds sat next to cling-film covered plates of food for the local football team, though he was more worried about Sparky diving in there!  The food was moved away from the Pack!

With the Haberdasher around this week there were several items of Herts Hash gear being purchased.  Talk inside the Pub started with the removal of the trolley from Foxy’s back garden, seems that (Absent) ‘Teebs’ had been around, broken in again & removed the said item!  Also getting an airing was the Tale of the ‘Curse of the Albert’ was recanted for the benefit of the Newies, it’s all about how a few have fallen foul of drinking with the Herts Hardcore in Hitchin & finishing off in the Albert!

Finally it was outside for the Circle.  Here the GM took his time in getting around to the point of introducing the RA, after he had toasted the Hash!

The Hare was out for setting a good Trail that took an hour to Run.  Then it was time for Sparky to be out for his ‘Harem’.  The Three Virgins of Louise, Neil & Roxy were out for their first Trail; Pebbledash for her distinctive laugh up on Windmill Hill & in the Pub [Pepé le Pew admitted that he doesn’t hear it anymore! – Ed]

Finally the Hashit, as he had mentioned earlier – Pepé le Pew said that if the Hashit went back to their home it would end up with more Girl Guiding badges sewn on to it, since it currently sports one for ‘100 years of guiding’ So, Pepé was soon stripping off ready for to adorn the Hashit, plus he didn’t wear for a consecutive week after it was awarded to him.

Later some of the Pack would join Mr X in going around to the Nightingale to catch the Saracens v Bath game, followed by the Scotland Wales Match.