Date =                            1st March 2015

Run Number =            1604

Venue =                        The Prince of Wales

Location=                    Green Tye

Beer =                           Doombar, Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, Bass

Hares =                        Taffy Seconds

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          15

Membership =             Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi


Today the Pack gathered to celebrate Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (St David’s Day) with our very own Taffy Seconds.  For those who don’t know, St David was born c 500 at Caerfai, Pembrokeshire & who died on the 1st March 589 at the location that is now named after him at St David’s.

St David became a renowned teacher & a preacher, founded Monastic settlements both Churches in Wales & Brittany.  He led a simple life & practiced asceticism (a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from worldly pleasures, often for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goals) teaching his followers to refrain from eating meat & drinking Beer!  [So, nothing as adventurous as Dragon Slaying, or ridding a whole country of snakes then! – Ed] On his death his last words were Gwenewch y pethau bychan mewn bywyd (Do the little things in life).

This week’s gathering Pack were all issued with either a Leek or a Daffodil (Lent Lilly) by the Hare, to re-force the St David’s day theme.  The Daffs were out along the lane leading away from the Pub, the RA wondered if there would be a ‘crime report’ about daffs & leeks being stolen from local allotments, but it would turn out they came from Aldi!

Tent Packer called the Circle together well after the Hour, then the Hare was called forward to explain about the Trail.  Words of Short Cuts were eagerly digested by the likes of Crispy Bush & TBT OBE, then there was a bit about lots of Shiggy out there, then there being two Held CHKs got a mention, the later was near to where Sloppy Taffy Second’s Car was parked up & there would be, what was thought of at the time, a Sweet Stop but the Hare was not giving anything more away on this one.  The Hare then marked a green CHK outside the front of the Prince of Wales!

My Lil’ & Mr X headed off down the lane starting beside the Pub & in so doing found Dust that would have them leading most of the Pack following on to be led up to a T just as it leads out through the wooded area beyond the large picturesque thatched house. 

It was all groans on the way having been caught out from the CHK outside of the Pub, especially from My Lil’ who uttered the words “Didn’t Sloppy learn anything from last week’s start with a CHK outside of the Pub?” as those who had been caught out headed back, at least they had the delightful houses lining the lane to look at on the way back!

My Lil’ complained about wanting a leak, the RA wondered why he didn’t get a Daff if that was the case?

The Trail was found along on in the north-easterly way out of the village, running by the ‘Junk Shop’ & on to the footpath by the five-bar gate out in to the northerly fields of Green Tye Farm.  The path turned through two opposite 90° turns to hit a long straight stretch over to the northwest, to the southwest the large glasshouse for the tomato growers could be seen.  Though most kept the eyes on where they were running to avoid slipping on the very slippery Shiggy path, the head-on wind was also another reason to keep your head down.

There was a very pungent ‘Country smell’ in the air, of course it took a long time to get up-wind of this whiff & on to a CHK by the tree-line snaking the field’s perimeter.  Here the likes of Milf, Matthew, Helen, Paxo, Sparky, Tent Packer & Pebbledash were all caught out by heading south-eastward along the tree-line.  There was more moaning a groaning as some of those came back from this Falsie, as Paxo & Helen approached the RA, there seemed to be a bit of a battle going on between these two, with their leeks being waved & even whacked on each other!

The Trail now came around from heading northward & on to a north-westerly route out along the tree-line to come down on to Danebridge lane, it was obvious that spring had sprung as snowdrops & crocuses were out in bloom in the hedgerows & on the verges.

Sludge was a little apprehensive as he approached the gravel drive down from the detached house of a large property above the lane, for he saw Milf & Sparky stopped at the edge of the road.  He needn’t have worried as it was the first of the Held CHKs, though no one stood in the lane where it was marked, as there was a risk of being run over!

When the Trail resumed both Mr X & Sludge ignore the obvious path straight over the lane & up the hillside, instead they took to the path just a little way to the west, believing it would head up the hillside to Daneswood, as they had run on a previous Sloppy Taffy Seconds’ Trail.  They only found a T, but they did lure Sparky out that way before calls of “On!” were called up along the rising field & northwest toward the large ornate chateau like house.

Mr X & Sludge finally caught up as the footpath passed by the edge of the large house’s grounds, the hazel hedge also had a green screen to shelter the occupants of the large grounds from the view of any walkers passing by.  It was along this stretch that Skip had an accident with the staff that the Hare had found on the Trail & had passed on to Skip, so much for this being a Welsh Wizard’s Staff as it snapped in two in the hands of ‘Gandolf the Thinning’!

The Trail crossed over a drive to continue down ‘Little Hill’ to come down on to the unusually named Oudle lane, here the FRBs made their way only a short distance to the north, to cross a kink in the narrow rustic lane & then on to a footpath over the river Ash to clamber up ‘the Hill’, which by its name was slightly higher & steeper than the Little Hill!  At the top of the ridge the Trail followed the north-easterly drive from another large house & stables, out toward Danebridge road.

A CHK was found on the dog-leg bend in the road, the options were limited & many of the FRBs were reluctant to drop down the steep Shiggy footpath on the wooded slope descending toward the Church of St Andrews in Much Hadham.  Meanwhile Sparky had gone off on to the lane but stopped to beckon Mr X & Paxo over toward him.  Pointing into the roadside hedgerow, Sparky asked the others if it was really a dead badger laying in there, Mr X said that it could have been the ‘missing cat’ in last week’s trash!

Mr X said it would be best to keep away from the flea-ridden old carcass & follow the others down the hillside, the going down the slope was pretty treacherous, a CHK was found at the bottom.  The likes of Milf & Helen fell for the Falsie out along by the river Ash as it flows down from the north, they were soon Back on track as the Trail passed westward on a turning route along by the Church grounds, as the Dust led along the walled in path to lead out by the cottages out on to the narrow Church lane

Helen was pretty well enamoured with the quintessential English village.  The RA explained that the little cottages of this village has allowed it to be crown Hertfordshire’s best kept village on several occasions.

The FRBs were now heading back to familiar territory & were soon cutting across the small paddock via a wooden swing gate at the kink in the lane which was run by earlier, this would lead them back down to Oudle lane again, but there wasn’t much too see on the way as one of the homes on the lane had a very smoky bonfire going & this was billowing over the enclosed meadow.

Those Keenies who were now at the Back took advantage of the Short-cut marked straight down the lane, put in by the Hare in order to miss out the loop in to the side streets & alleyways either side of the School of Much Hadham & then back. 

Mr X took advantage of the Short-Cut after he told My Lil’ about Sparky pointing out the dead badger earlier, Mr X couldn’t run for laughing at My Lil’s response, after Mr X had said “I told them to keep away from the old flea-ridden carcass!” & My Lil’ dryly came back with “Enough about Sparky, what about the badger?”

At the end of Oudle lane, by Much Hadham Ford, the second Held CHK was found, where Taffy Second’s had set up the food stop & here he poured out cups of hot Cawl Cennin (leek & potato broth) with bread to go with it.  The Pack spent some time here as they were out of the cold breeze & now in a bit of a sun-trap, a few walkers passed by to see the Hash enjoying this stop. 

A couple of cars passed through the ford before Kylie took a few snaps, though Sparky threatened to splash Kylie’s non-waterproof camera-phone, but he got a few pics of the Pack bearing their Welsh flora or veggies.  When it came to moving on, there were those who were not going to wade through the cold river Ash. 

Sludge & Skip were both caught on the afore-mentioned camera phone!  Skip’s excuse was even more pathetic as Psycho had waded through this ford & did the same at the second one that the Hash would encounter after crossing the enclosed pasture.  At the south-east end of the pasture a CHK was found on the lane.

Having found the Falsie further to the south-east & off in to Sidehill wood, it was back to the northeast on Danebridge lane, through the second ford & then up through the wooded hillside of Daneswood.  Having just crossed the small enclosed area of fallow land & just before reaching the start of the woodland, Milf caught her hand on a bramble & needed some Emergency treatment but it wasn’t from Kylie but Sparky!

Thorns removed, Milf joined the rest in clambering up the hillside & out of the woodland to a point that Sludge was almost upon ealier on in the Trail, Mr X was quick to remind Sludge about this!  The route began to turn to the east & then the southeast as it emerged out in to the open crop fields.  Another couple of opposite 90° turns out in the centre of the fields left the Pack were exposed to the brisk wind once more as they followed the Dust back over to the tree-lined track leading up beside Grudd’s Farm.  At the end of this the On Inn was found.

A short trot around by the tomato greenhouses & the FRBs were back in around an hour. 

Time for a couple of Ales in the busy Pub, where leeks were place on tables, the RA made two crossed leeks on his table & placed a miniature Welsh flag in them.  Paxo was reluctant to go in the Bar, even though it has a tiled floor, a she tried to coax TBT OBE out from the furthest end of the bar from the entrance, eventually he managed to winkle TBT OBE out of the Pub!

In the Pub, TBT OBE pulled faces at being told of the Cawl Cennin (leek & potato broth) the Pack enjoiyed, it was very nice with a bit of pepper to compliment it!  Meanwhile, Pebbledash tried to persuade those gathered around her that she is a part of the quieter branch of her family tree! [Smells like Bullshit to me, rather like that earlier on the Trail! – Ed]

The Circle was called outside, where the Hare was asked if he could read out some of the Welsh poems that were in a program from a St David’s day dinner the RA attended the night before.  Sloppy Taffy Seconds gave up at the first two words!

Sludge & Skip were out for using the bridge & avoiding the ford, even after the Hare had put down fresh chalk to stop use of the bridge!  They were joined by Psycho for her bragging about going through both fords on the Trail. 

My Lil’ was out for the quip about “the old flea-ridden carcass & enough about Sparky, what about the badger?” he was joined by Sparky for ‘the old flea-ridden carcass’ he was pointing out.

Helen & Matthew were out for a naming, with the RA excising his duty as RA, with the sacred Shiggy, the Holy Dust & All Hail the Ale to anoint Helen - Max Factor & Matthew Alpha Male (or Broken Alpha Male – depending on how their new car goes!)  Finally the Hashit & this went to Crispy Bush who took a tumble on his way around.  Unusually there was chants of ‘No Skin!” from the Circle as he adorned himself with the Hashit!


Charity News


Hiya. Completed Bath Half Marathon yesterday in the time of 2 hrs 20 mins, 44 secs. Not bad considering the lack of training and the chicken biryani and bottle of wine the night before. (Proper Hasher) Well chuffed though. Could you possibly remind people in your Run reminder email of any sponsor money they need to bring ASAP and a huge Thank You from Guide Dogs. I know you have a lot to do but at least this doesn't involve postcodes... Cheers and On On Ewok