Date =                           8th March 2015

Run Number =           1605

Venue =                       The Countryman

Location=                    Chipping

Beer =                           FlagonDry,

Hares =                         Fliptop

Runners =                   22

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          23

Membership =            At the AGPU!


When Ewok driving in to the car park of the Countryman most of the Pack had a good, if somewhat suppressed laugh at the sight in the passenger seat of a sleeping Paxo with his Herts beanie hat pulled down over his eyes, plenty of pictures were taken before he was made aware that he had arrived.

Tent Packer called the circle together upon the hour, would this be the last time he would be doing this? [Find out later! – Ed]  Would any of the Mismanagement be re-elected?  TBT OBE must have been keen to retain his On-Sexy job as he phoned the RA & offered to bring the voting forms (he forgot to produce) over to the Pub, but the RA had already done the deed of printing these out & Commodore TBT OBE was allowed to carry on to the Sailing Club event he was involved with that morning.

Fliptop stepped up to give his Hare’s speech, the final comment was that there would be a mass crossing of the road to start the Trail was heeded, so it was straight over to the CHK right opposite the Pub.  My Lil’ was again vocal about starting a Trail with a CHK for the third week on the trot. 

While the majority took to heading northward on the road up Chipping Hill, Mr X, My Lil’, Skip & Sludge all chose the westerly footpath on beside the house opposite the Countryman, the Hare was not going to give anything away as he stood by the CHK for ages.

“On!” was called from the north but this turned out to be false, so it was back to the westbound track out to the farm land behind Chipping Hall, passing a fairly new looking farm unit on the way to the more exposed open hillside up over Mill Hill.  This first leg was quite a long stretch, at the bottom of the descent on the opposite side of Mill Hill the first Held CHK was found.  On his way down to the Held CHK, the RA spooked a pheasant in the hedgerow, he was tickled to see the daft bird kept on running along inside the hawthorn hedge beside him, why didn’t it just stop &

Awaiting for the rest to arrive some of the Keenies became restless, then someone asked the RA if they could move on but he said that the Hare couldn’t be that far behind.  Someone added that they could see a bag coming down from the crest of the hill, meaning that it was the one that the Hare was carrying, but this comment was soon turned about to directed toward a Harriette coming down the hill.

The Trail resumed with Max Factor, Alpha Male, My Lil’, Skip, Tent Packer & Sludge all heading away on the narrow lane as it gently snakes its way away to the southeast & toward the A10 at its end, on the other hand Mr X chose to head westward on his own & this would pay off, for the Dust of the real Trail would be found up toward the 90° right-hand bend in the lane, there a CHK was found by the footpath heading off up the gentle slope to the South.

Mr X’s luck would now run out for a bit, for as he headed off around the two bends in the lane, an Ocado truck passed him by & this blocked out the sight of the T on the top of the grassy verge, then he missed the other T on the opposite side of the lane to Sandon as he moved over to avoid more traffic! 

As he passed by couple of homes at Brookside, a calls of “On, On!” were heard ringing out in the distance on the farm track away to the south, by the time Mr X had made it back to the CHK the late arriving Sparky & Foxy had got ahead of him.  However, as he made his way back to catch up, the RA would now discover that the SCBs of 2-1-2 Maureen & Crispy Bush were offered up the Short Cut along the lane beyond Brookside.

As the RA passed by No Eye Deer & Ewok, he noticed them looking up at a barn owl box in an old oak tree, the Pack made their way up the hill & around the contour of the corner of the top field to run beside Steward’s Ley wood.  There were plenty of game bird feeders & shelters within the woodland.

On the way it was noticeable that there were lots of fresh deer footprints in the soft mud as the Shiggy dried out on the rising route, some of those at the front of the Pack were to see a herd of Deer out in the fields, including a white one!

The Trail now headed away from the woods & over more open fields in a southwesterly direction to stop at the second Held CHK, the approaching RA was told that he had been accused of ‘Slacking’ by Foxy, though she seemed more preoccupied in knocking Sloppy Seconds’ cap off of his head. 

The Search resumed as Fliptop was seen coming down the hillside with Psycho, My Lil’ was straight off up the hillside to the south, but somewhere just before Boldero’s wood he found a T!  Sparky now discovered why Mr X persisted with searching away to the north, along the dry edge of the crop fields as they head toward Ellen Green [Who’s she? – Ed] 

With knowledge of where the Short Cutters had gone, plus the fact that he knew the lie of the land, he sailed through the next CHK by a small wooden bridge over a ditch.  The options of crossing the boards was ignored in favour of continuing down the hillside toward the North, this would pay off as well for Mr X as Dust was found leading to the next CHK over yet another small wooden bridge through to the north side of the east-west hedgerow.

The RA began to pull away from the rest as he took to running northward over to elbow in the lane to Sandon, near to Lye End farm & here another CHK was found.  Over by the farm some noise alerted the Hash to the sight of a large tent for a Scout outing. 

Mr X had now made his way around on to the lane & headed up toward Sandon, far ahead of him he could see the contrasting figures of 2-1-2 Maureen & the towering Crispy Bush disappearing up out of view in to Mill End.  Halfway up the lane & the RA found a very clear CHK by an obvious footpath sign pointing northeastward to Hyde Hall Farm, the Trail was picked up this way & Mr X tried calling out in the direction of the now out of sight Crispy Bush & 2-1-2 Maureen, all to no avail as these two would not be seen again on the Trail!

A long trot down in to the shallow valley, a CHK in the bottom was ignored by the Mr X & he set off up toward the farm, he did stop running after a CHK & this was after he spied a Hare in the adjacent field, this allowed the likes of Foxy, Ewok, Alpha Male, Max Factor, Tent Packer, Milf, Sparky, Sloppy Seconds & My Lil’ all to catch up with the RA.

The Dust was discovered leading up the stony farm track to Hyde Hall Farm, where previous experience led the RA to recalling that last time we ran this way the Trail went beyond the farm & down beside the factory units, Sparky was heard to mutter the immortal words of “You shouldn’t cover the same Trail twice!” which left a few around him stunned into silence!

Anyhow, the Dust was found running along beside the factory units, but the Dust was missed on the footpath direction post & the FRBs wandered off in to the farm-yard itself & what a beautiful place it was, with a line of cottages, a duck pond & plenty of chickens that roost in the huge, barn sized black wooden red tiled chicken coop that is set off the ground on wide, fat stilts to stop the foxes getting in underneath.

A woman came out of one cottage to direct the Hash back & then a local man in the row of houses soon put the Pack right as the footpath passed in front of the terraced home’s front gardens, then out over a paddock the east.  Out of a small enclosed area where the old corn stalks belied that it is kept for birdlife, to where a kicked out marking was found at the start of the top of the seeded fields rolling away to the northeast, Milf was impressed by the stunning vista out over the verdant rolling hills of the valley.

My Lil’ picked up the Trail & the FRBs followed on over the field with no obvious path left by the farmer until the Trail reached the water filled ditch nearly three-quarters of the way down to the bottom of the valley.

As the Keenies made their way along to the end of the field, following the Dust on its Southeasterly run along the wider water course of the river Rib in the tree-line heading away from Buckland Bottom, a couple of the FRBs looked back up the hillside to see that Foxy & Sloppy Seconds were still having cap issues. 

Even further back & Sparky was seen going wrong along the top of the ridge, it looked as if Dopey Paxo was up there with him & he too looked lost as the Trail wasn’t easy to see over the seeded field, but as much as the other Keenies down in the valley called & beckoned those up on the ridge could not see their way to cross the seeded field.

At the head of the Hash, with the other FRBs, Milf & Alpha Male began leading the way along the tree-lined section of the river Rib, Alpha Male stopped to look at the dry ford in the river but had second thoughts & continued along in Milf’s wake, however the RA knew better & he did cross the ford to come up in to the field on the opposite side of the Rib where he picked up the Trail.

The last leg of the Trail would see the Hash follow the footpath around the perimeter of the field, coming in along by the row of homes before Chipping bridge some noticed the one back garden with its blown down fence, this revealed what looked like a right mess, but the RA added “You should have seen it before they worked on it!” before he passed by the On Inn.

The Pack came in over the Rib for one last time & in to the Pub.  Where at one end the roaring log fire was creating the a very welcoming ambience, it was noticed that the main wooden lintel of the fireplace had the date of 1606 carved in to it, this would place its construction in the Restoration period, with Charles II reclaiming the British Throne.

Ewok went out in her car to look for Crispy Bush & 2-1-2 Maureen, but she could not find them as by this point they were off of the lane & were now out in the fields to the west of Chipping, they would arrive just in time for the AGPU vote to take place.  The Circle was then called & the Pack moved outside in to the back garden.

The results of the Election were announced by Tent Packer & there was little change, with Hash Flash going to Kylie, while Hash Trash was taken on by Fliptop!  All the ‘New mismanagement’ were awarded a Down-Down.  Then it was on to the day’s misdemeanors: Obviously the wayward wanderings of Crispy Bush & 2-1-2 Maureen saw the two of them out; Ewok was brought in for her completing the Bath Half Marathon for Guide Dog’s, her preparations for which were in true Hash style of a Biryani & Cider!

Sparky was out for his comments about “You shouldn’t cover the same ground twice!” plus it was his birthday the following day & when Asked what he thought about being 73 he replied with cheerful “Another year closer to death!”  Then it came to the Hashit & Foxy was in the running for accusing the RA of ‘Slacking’, this was compounded by her picking on the Curate by flicking off his yellow cap but to top it all she admitted that she has never had the Hashit!.....................Well it was her lucky day & Cinderella would got to the Ball in the Dirty Rag of the Hashit!

After the Circle the Pack moved back in to enjoy the splendid food, especially the sausage platter!