Date =                            22nd March 2015

Run Number =             1607

Venue =                        The Angel Vaults

Location=                     Hitchin

Beer =                           Loads it was a Beerfestival!

Hares =                         Porky Pie

Runners =                    A dozen or so?

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                           Count the names in the Book!

Membership =             In a new Spoons!


Having laid the trail on Sunday morning the Hare arrived back at the Angel Vaults in good time for breakfast, only to find Hare and Mr X down the back of the pub.  He joined them and welcomed the fact Hitchin had caught up with the rest of the world by getting its own weatherspoons!  [Only Welwyn Garden is still in the dark ages! –Ed]

Mr X said he had just arrived back from the trail himself, he had been out and put chalk graffiti all over the place to prove to chief justice TBT OBE that “Mr X was ere” so he could legitimately claim this run!

Mr X left just before 11 to fetch his lift over to the Sarries game where they would take on Exeter in the LV (Anglo-Welsh) cup final.  Predicting a close match, it turns out that the Sarries won with last kick of the game.  If only The RA could reliably pick the lottery numbers with such accuracy!

Approaching 11 the Pack began to assemble outside, initially a little thin on the ground but like buses - hashers came from all directions with a minute to go… Pebbledash was seen approaching blowing kisses toward the Pack, followed closely by Paxo, Skip and Psycho. 

Whilst waiting to be called to order Porkypie noticed a sandwich board for the market theatre advertising the “Aladdin trouble”, this seasons adult panto.  Having seen it recently Porkypie was only to pleased to let everyone in the circle know that having been picked on throughout the performance, the very attractive lady in the starring role made constant mention throughout performance that he was the best looking guy in the place!  You can’t blame her really! [Oh no she didn’t! – Ed]

TentPacker called the Pack to order a little after 11 and Porkypie gave the general gist of things, everyone ears perked up when mention was made of a sweety stop, the Hare assured everyone they were new this morning, and not Sparkys fossilised examples from recent trails!

The Pack set off down Sun street toward the priory, Alfa Male and Max Factor “because she’s worth it” made out of the traps with quite a pace.  Foxy was hot on their heels as the trail bore right onto Tilehouse street. The Hare rounded up the followers. TBT OBE Skip and Psycho.

The Pack found their first check at the junction of Bucklesbury.  With his local knowledge Hare made up Tilehouse street expecting the trail to turn left on Old Charlton Road and head out the back of the Priory.  Sloppy seconds headed up Bucklebury and called “On!”.

The Hare waited for TBT OBE to catch up and told him of a short cut which was missing out a loop through town. This was to return and go up Old Charlton Road after all.  The Pack made their way Hitchin square where the trail took a left through an alley way which took them to ringroad near Hitchin Library and having passed by the large stylised ruisty sheet metal statues of two seated workers and a dog by the homes that now occupy the old Maltings area, they came back on themselves on to Tilehouse street this time heading down.

As he made his way in to the square Porky Pie found skip and Psycho who were going off piste for a short while to go to the Loo. The Hare suggested they head back down Bucklesbury and take the short cut to catch up.

Running to catch up the Hare found Pebbledash in the alley (So to speak). T hey both got a trot on and caught the Pack back on Tilehouse street.  Sparky looked a little confused as he found himself back at the T from which they had found when they ran the other way up Tilehouse street.

As the Pack made its way up Old Charlton Road they found a check.  Paxo and TentPacker headed off left around the back of the Priory.  The trail went right under the subway and crisscrossed a few streets before making its way down to the main road via Meadow way to head towards Charlton.  As he waited near the subway he saw Paxo return from the falsie and risk life and limb shortcutting across the main road.

A shortcut was laid left after the subway for the walkers to head for Charlton.  The Pack made their way up the Charlton Road and came across a check soon on.  Most hashers made mention of the “Mr X Was ERE” graffiti at the check.  Max Factor and Alfa Male came back from a falsie.  Foxy was one of the eager runners to call on making her way towards the Windmill pub.

Sperm ‘ead was having none of it, he saw the footpath headed diagonally across the recently ploughed field.  He quickly found the real trail and before long everyone was back from the Windmill direction and hot on Hares heels.  The Hare waited on the check to wave at Skip and Psycho, fresh from their wee stop were turning the corner onto Charlton Road.

The footpath ended not far from the Windmill pub, surely this was the turn for home?  Sparky turned right and followed a footpath which was in the direction of the 505 (The road between Hitchin and Luton) Being the first to arrive at the check Sparky was well up the path and had been calling “On!” for some time.

Some headed up the main road towards Preston, the Hare asked Sperm ‘ead if anyone had gone left down the road towards the Windmill.  Hare didn’t look too convinced but set off left anyhow.  He soon called on, and the Pack was off towards the Windmill.  Sloppy seconds said to the Hare that Spearm ‘eads going to be grumpy if this is a falsie!  By this time, Sparky is half way to Luton and well out of sight!  As the Pack reached the Windmill they came across a falsie….. Sparky was right afterall

Finally on the right path behind Sparky, they all soon caught up at the Held check to tuck into the jelly babies and midget gems.  It was here that most Hashers discover that next week (this week) is Foxy’s last dance with Herts.

It was easy to figure out the direction after the Pack was set off.  There were 2 choices, turn left and follow a path to Luton or turn right and make their way diagonally across a field towards Hitchin. The latter was the correct way.  The Hare had had some difficulty that morning figuring out the actual line of the path across the field, so he had laid around 4 different trails across the field.  He said the flour blobs on the field are scattered like land mines, as you would expect Hare and Paxo figured it out with ease.  The Pack was quick to follow the old guard.  Sparky on the other hand was slaloming across the field on his own and before long he was going solo towards Luton.

The path crisscrossed several fields before returning the Pack to the A505 just entering Hitchin. The FRB’s including Sloppy Seconds TentPacker, and Hare followed the road into Hitchin.  They came across a check; Hare dived down the alley which joins the A505 to the Barton road.  The rest of the Pack called “On” down the road.  It was actually a loop which was to re-join the alley at the Barton Road.

The Hare reached the Check and marked it as a shortcut, he waved back to Skip, Pebbledash, and Psycho to follow him.

From there, the Hare having now done the trail twice walked the rest of the way with Skip, Pebbledash, Psycho and Max Factor.  The route in was through highview and down Westhill to Waitrose.  From there it went back past Hitchin library into the square and back towards Sun Street.

After subs had been paid, Sloppy was heard to say he was going to get the beers for the circle, he said to TentPacker, “I’ll get 2 pints for the Down-Down” This raised eyebrows and jeers from the assembled thirsty Hashers.  Maybe taking this to heart, he soon returned from the bar with enough beer to give everyone in the pub a down down!

Porky pie was out twice! Once for the trail, and the second for being so dam gorgeous!

A rousing rendition of Hashy Birthday was called out for Spearmead who has passed a massive milestone, 50 years until his telegram from King William.  [If that’s the Reginal Name he chooses? -  Ed] A very delicious cake was supplied courtesy of Psycho of which we all had double helpings!

Foxy was out to take a Down-Down through a very tiny whole (Foxys words not mine) You see in honour to celebrate the fact he had not been MOC for some time Sloppy had purchased a fox the Foxy mask, complete with a hole for a straw! [Not A-hole! Pebbledash! – Ed]

The Hashit went to TentPacker!  After sparky had poured most of his pint over the table in the pub, the first thing TentPacker grabbed was the Hashit to mop up the spillage.  Total disrespect to such an artefact of Herts heritage!

After all this, there were still around 30 pints left to down, Having had 2 Down-Down already and 2 pints in the pub, the authors memory of the subsequent Down-Down is a little hazy to say the least…And he lost the Down-Down report stuffed in his hand by Sloppy as he was leaving…. The last thing he remembers is Pebbledash taking a Down-Down for some reason…………  and then he woke up on Monday…………………………..

Sloppy can probably fill in the blanks better than he!

Lastly……………………………. Good Luck to Foxy for the Future from all at Herts HHH