Date =                            29th March 2015

Run Number =            1608                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The White Lion

Location=                     Baldock

Beer =                           Baldock Ale; Grand Slam; Golden Lion & more!

Hares =                         Fliptop

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          16

Membership =             Letting Foxy loose on the rest of the Hash world!


            The Pack had to wait a little after the hour for the RA & the Hare Raiser to arrive, since the Train they were on didn’t pull in to Baldock Station until 10:58, so after a brisk walk around to the High Street these two joined the rest of the crew.  The Hare was amongst the likes of Mr X, My Lil’, Ewok, Sparky, Foxy & TBT OBE who were all at the Saracens Harlequins game the day before, some of whom were suffering as bit from this day out at the Rugby!

            Fliptop was a late volunteer for being Hare, with no one else being in a fit enough state, or near enough to set a Trail first thing in the morning.  Mr X & My Lil’ did chuckle on the Train coming up to the Hash as the weather was pretty foul, at one point that morning it was ‘blowing a right hoolie’ & you wouldn’t want to be caught out in that!

            The JM stood in for the absent Tent Packer, Paxo did have to ask the RA what the R*n number was, but he could be forgiven as Paxo kept things nice & brief before handing over to the Hare!   Fliptop also kept his spiel to a minimum, just one bit about senior FRBs making a decision about whether to cut part of the Trail out? 

            Without further ado the Pack were ushered away down the High street to the southeast, on the way down by the Tesco car park which at this point sits above the Pack to the right, the RA & My Lil’ recalled the time on a Herts Hash weekend - when Digger led a charge of some of the Friday night pub-crawlers down the steep paved embankment to avoid the long zig-zag ramp to get to cross the road to the Boot, all to beat the queue in the first Pub on the Crawl!

At the end of the road the Pack were led around from the roundabout & on to London road, a CHK was found by the crossing, also this was not more than a few yards away from an alleyway footpath off to the southwest.  My Lil’ & Sludge were soon over to the east side of the road & heading away north-eastward on South road, seems someone didn’t have a compass or a sense of direction when they named that one!

Meanwhile Milf, Ewok & Alfa Male were searching the alleyway, as Mr X crossed over the busy road, he heard “On!” being called from both directions, so he was stuck in a limbo as the two groups of FRBs kept heading away from him & both kept calling, this left No Eye Deer in a similar predicament over the road from the RA. 

Then Mr X spotted Psycho & Skip making their way over on the opposite side of the busy roundabout, this gave the game away that My Lil’ & Sludge were on the right course.  Along South road & the next CHK was found near to Providence way, here the RA went wrong as he crossed over the road to search the alleyway that heads north-westward to the old green space where there are the old football pitches in Baldock. 

“On!” was called by Sludge & My Lil’, Sparky was soon up with them as the Trail led by a local school & then on by the caravan park off of Penfold close, the tarmac road of Lime Kiln lane soon gave way to an uncapped track which narrowed as it climbed up the hillside at the end of the Western Hills Nature reserve.

Halfway up the hedged-in path of Lime Kiln Lane, a CHK was found, here Milf got to read the notice board that informed of the wildlife that could be seen in this area.  Also that the area was once a place where the Romans mined chalk, the remnants of the pits still remain.

Sparky, My Lil’ & Sludge had all gone through the gate in to the Reserve & then out through the tree-line along the eastern edge, they were soon cutting over to the corner of the farm fields which stretch up & over to the steep drop where the Baldock by-pass is cut in to a part of the hill side until it goes through the Western Hills tunnels.

While the rest of the Pack found their way to the Held CHK where the Lime Kiln lane path emerges in to the corner of the farm land, My Lil’s bright yellow day-glo top could be seen in the distance heading away over the footbridge high over the by-pass, this route continued down the rest of the hillside as the route becomes the Icknield way passing down by the back of ‘The Homestead’ it was a long trot in the open just as the weather turned - with the wind picking up & the rain beginning to fall.

A Solitary walker was passed by as the Trail arrived at a CHK by footpath breaking off of the south-easterly route before reaching Welbury Farm, this north-easterly path had the real Trail on it & as leads a short way up to the edge of the Clothall road.   There an arrow directed the Pack over the road & along the roadside to the next Held CHK by a footpath at the bottom of Windmill Hill on the north side of the road. 

Paxo spent a lot of the Trail extracting his revenge as he kept mentioning Sloppy Seconds’ new shoes, perhaps the Curate going on to the RA about a pair Paxo had on last year come to mind, well you couldn’t forget as this went on for months!  Other were also quick to point out the Curate’s dazzlingly clean footwear.

Things changed a bit as Sloppy Seconds’ new shoes now kept getting clipped by Foxy along the Trail, so he whinged to the RA about his ‘New Shoes’ that Carol had bought him for his birthday, he had the cheek to make out it was all Carol’s fault he was wearing them!  [Good Luck explaining that if she reads the Trash! – Ed] The RA said to Sloppy Seconds “At least Foxy wasn’t trying to flick your hat off!”

On the way up toward the Held CHK, Mr X spotted a grey cup discarded on the litter dotted along the edge of the field of brassicas & passed it by, he stopped to turn back & asked Max Factor to pick this up, after he had spotted Sparky had finally stopped at the Held CHK just ahead of them.

Max Factor picked up an old Costa Coffee cup, which wasn’t want he RA intended, Ewok looked as well , but the RA found it himself & told the two Harriettes that it was the type of thing that Sparky normally collects like a Womble.  On arriving at the CHK, Mr X presented it to Sparky, who gratefully accepted it & is probably drinking from it now as you read this at home??

The Keenies Held the CHK until Paxo & Skip arrived, then once Psycho & No Eye Deer could be seen a little way in front of the Hare on the way to the Clothall road, Fliptop indicated that the FRBs should check things out & off they all went in the same direction on the footpath at the bottom of the hill side.  The due north course would lead along the edge of the farm fields at the foot of the hills until it reached seemingly now unused Warren lane between the fields, there a CHK was found

Milf, Foxy & Sparky all led the way down the lane in a north westerly direction to where it runs back to Clothall road, near to the bridge over the by-pass, they would lead Skip, Max Factor, Alfa Male, My Lil’ & Sludge off with them.  Fortunately for Sloppy Seconds & Mr X they were far enough behind to see them all change direction when it was found to a be a Falsie.

The RA had to remove his cap as the wind was strong enough to blow it off of his head & the sight of a high up footbridge ahead would mean if he didn’t hold on to it, it could be well on its way to Royston.  Sloppy Seconds held on to his yellow cap as well, which saved the RA listening to him bleating on about losing a hat as well as his ‘New Shoes’ getting scuffed & messy!

The Trail continued northward along the rest of the farm land at the base of the hill side, ahead the sight of a faded orange windsock could be seen sticking out proudly to the east.  This windsock was very turgid as a westerly wind cut across the flat open fields to the west, the path to the north had a very slight, spindly hedgerow at the start but it did get a bit thicker as it approached the pole the Windsock was attached to, though the hedge didn’t really make an efficient wind-break. 

The Windsock post had signs warning of low-flying model aircraft, unsurprisingly there were no model aircraft up there this morning. The strength of the wind could really be felt as the footpath led up to a CHK by farm track off over the Wallington road, a CHK was found there but no one fell for heading to the northeast, everyone took to the ramp up to the bridge spanning the by-pass, on this the Trail was found as it crossed to the west side of the old common.

On the way over the footbridge, Max Factor could feel the strength of the gales & decided to avoid being by the railings & stick to the middle of the bridge, others were worried that Ewok may end up like Piglet on the end of a scarf in Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day, being taken off in to the air!  Ewok managed to keep her feet on the ground.

A CHK was found near the end of the bridge, right by the old concrete steps for a previous incarnation of the footbridge.  All of the Keenies were going to get more than a little windswept as they made their descent toward the housing estate at the end of the common land.  Ewok, Foxy & Milf all chose a slightly arcing path to search over the scrub land before joining the others on the straighter path ‘On Trail’ over toward the old Royston road in to Baldock.

The Trail would turn from this northwest direction to run along beside the east-west road, the path that is separated from the main road by a grassy embankment would be a fairly long trot along on to Sale drive & then Yeomanry drive, the RA & My Lil’ wondered why the Trail didn’t use the alleyways that link the back streets of the Clothall Common estate, they were hoping to pass by Reg Holdsworth’s old home, but were denied that pleasure of shouting out “On! On!” outside the old abode.  Though Reg may not live there any more, as Chas said “If he carries on like he is at work, he’ll soon make Assistant Manager!” when we all thought he was a store manager!

The Trail came out to fenced off open area at the west end of the estate, the Hare had laid a Falsie off to the southeast of this, it ended in a Bar CHK that had Foxy & Milf coming back to the green area surrounded with chain-link fencing.  The RA was accused of Short cutting by Foxy, as he & My Lil’ chose to go around the fenced off are in an anti-clockwise direction, the opposite to Milf & Foxy. 

Perhaps instead of accusing each other of little falsehoods, they all should have kept their eyes on the routes they were taking but like sheep they followed on behind Sloppy Seconds, Max Factor, Ewok & Alfa Male on the path from behind the school grounds that becomes an uncapped ‘private road’ of Grosvenor road.  It eventually dawned on them all that the Dust had disappeared, but not until they had almost reached the Royston road.

The RA made an executive decision that they should just turn left & head in to Baldock, crossing at the lights to head on to White Horse street, My Lil’ decided that he would play with the traffic as he dashed over just as the cars ahead turned in to his path!

With everyone safely over the lights, the Pack now ran up to the end of White Horse Street & then left on to the High street.  Having walked back up to where the cars were parked, the other FRBs met up with Sludge where the topic of choice was the fact that none of them had seen the On Inn, Sludge revealed that he had come in via the path by the Football ground & Simpson drive.  Simpson’s of Baldock was once a brewery in the town.

The Pack settled in to the Pub, with the Circle being held out on the garden patio & the Hash braved the gales once more; the Hare was rewarded for a good Trail at short notice!  Max Factor & Alfa Male were out for completing their 10th Herts Trail; My Lil’ got a Birthday Card & a pint to go with it!  Foxy was out for clipping the heels of Sloppy Seconds’ new shoe & leaving the Herts Hash for pastures new!  While Sloppy Seconds got the Hashit for bleating about those very ‘new shoes’ getting scuffed!