Date =                            19th April 2015

Run Number =             1611                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                         The Doctor’s Tonic

Location=                      Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                            Tring Tea Kettle Stout, Side Pocket for a Toad, Moon Gazing, followed Abbott, Lancaster Bomber

Hares =                          Mr X

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                         0

Visitors =                        0                                        

Après Hashers =          0

Newies =                        0

Hounds =                       1

Total =                           16

Membership =             Survived the RA’s 50th!!


            Those who managed to survive the RA’s 50th Birthday the night before, looked in fairly good fettle all things considered.  No Eye Deer was surprised to learn that Mr X had gone around early that morning to set the Trail! [That’s dedication for you! – Ed]  That was probably the reason he had his inflatable walking stick with him for support?

There was some moving of cars when those parked over by Sainsbury’s discovered that the small car park outside of the Pub was also free on a Sunday, this one charges to stop commuters from filling it up during the day so they charge for its use unless you are a customer of the Pub!

            Anyhow, the rumour that Rhino was going to attempt to do this Trail to get past his current 171 total [How does he know that is correct? – Ed] failed to come true, nor did that of Junior turning up for the Start of the Trail.  Anyhow, Sparky finished messing about in his car in the other car park, then once he came over Paxo stepped up to introduce the Pack to the Hash a bit of a ‘stab in the dark’ at the Run Number, not that anyone was bothered.

            Mr X stepped forward & informed the Pack that it would not be a long Trail, as there would be an Ale & party snack stop to get through what was left from the previous night, it was the normal Herts markings & that the Trail would start down Church road toward the roundabout to the east.

            Arrows directed the Pack on to the start of Longcroft lane, Max Factor & Alfa Male were soon away down this suburban street in a slightly off of due south direction.  My Lil’ decided that he would walk this part of the Trail as he had walked up this way & claimed to have already “walked half of the Trail”, which was pretty accurate to a point & he didn’t want to give the game away to the others.

            The First CHK was found by the entrance to Parkfields, it seems that most had failed to heed My Lil’s comments of walking half the Trail, for if they did, then they probably wouldn’t have fallen for Falsie around the disjointed side street of Parkfields, especially as My Lil’ doesn’t live there!

            Sludge had a bit more of an advantage over the others, for he knows where both My Lil’ & Mr X’s respective abodes are, so he continued on down Longcroft lane to the next CHK, which was located by the now dead-end of Birdcroft.  Max Factor & Alfa Male were among those who fell for the Falsie up Birdcroft toward the Parkway, No Eye Deer, Psycho, Skip & Lofty – with Henry – all managed to be just far enough behind to avoid getting caught out on this one.

            Sludge’s vein of ‘good fortune’ continued as the Trail progressed to the end of the north half of Longcroft Lane, years ago this was one long road that Birdcroft joined, but to stop the rat-runs this part of town they were dived in to three separate dead-ends.  Meanwhile, Sparky was held up by crossing over to look on the newer estates of Longcroft Gardens.

             Passing by a solitary red pillar box three quarters of the way down Longcroft, it did seem a little odd to situate it there, the Pack continued down to the southern end of Longcroft.  A CHK was found where the road turns to the right to become Rooks Hill, No Eye Deer was spotted checking it out straight over the small green by the roundabout at the west end of the ‘Twentieth Mile’ Bridge – so named as it is exactly 20 miles up the railway line from Kings Cross!  No Eye Deer was called back from heading on to Stanborough road, as Sludge was well on his way down Rooks Hill to the west, at the end of this tree-lined street he found an arrow directing the Hash over to the opposite side of the southern end of the Parkway.

            Once over the road a CHK was found, again Max Factor & Alfa Male were both caught out as they looked up Turnmore dale, perhaps they thought that the Hare was going to take them over the nearby Welwyn Rugby Club grounds?  But there was no Trail that way, Ewok was soon on to the correct Trail, even if she started off a little hesitantly, the Dust was soon picked up to the south & around on to Stanborough Green, it wouldn’t be that far until the Hash came around the sweeping bend to the next CHK.

            Sludge was still in his element as he was soon running a little further along Stanborough Green & then on to the Trail as it rose up the short hill at the start of the north-westward Marsden road.  Sludge & My Lil’ must have thought that the Trail would turn up by the local shops at the far end of Marsden road, but an arrow to take the Hash on a detour around Marsden Green surprised them, this bit was added to slow the Keenies.

            The Trail followed Marsden Green around to the west & then to the southeast to a Bar CHK, this would make sure that Sparky didn’t get too far ahead of the rest of the Pack.  The Trail would be picked up once more on Marsden Close that he had passed by earlier, at the dead end the Trail passed between the bollards on the wide non-vehicular passage out on to Springfields, there a CHK was found.

            With some searching over on Stacklands, it was again down to Sludge to pick things up again as he headed to the end of Springfields to discover a CHK behind the large dark green ‘multiplexing’ units on the junction with Handside lane. He was soon off over the road & down the street to find the Trail passing right outside Juniors Home, but there was no sign of Junior.

Sparky was found loitering on the junction with Handside lane, before he was put right by the RA as they headed down to the Beer Stop at his house.  A couple of local residents out washing their cars thought that Sparkly was a funny sight as he run by blowing his horn!  In his enthusiasm on the Trail, Sparky nearly over-ran the Beer Stop!  Sludge put him right.

            In the back garden at the Beer Stop the Pack could enjoy more Tring Ales, as well as more party food, especially the excellent home-made quiche & sausage platters.  The Pack stayed there until the weather began to get a bit colder, Sparky was still inside the house as he was slow on the uptake about the food being in the kitchen!  When the rest did set off, Psycho was left thinking that Sparky had left his horn behind, but not realising Sparky was inside picking at the food, Psycho picked up the horn & took it with her as she embarked on the second leg of the Trail.

Sparky was informed about the fact his horn had gone ahead of him, just before he too set off to find a CHK on the alleyway path at the edge of the woodland at the end of the Cul-de-sac.  The Dust was found around the first kink in the two turns on the tarmac path as it runs between the tall established privet hedges on either side, passing by a solitary cycling barrier, this would lead out on to another Cul-de-sac of Broadfield place.

            It wasn’t far to the next CHK at the entrance of this small side street, here No Eye Deer went wrong on Attimore road, instead she had to double back to join the rest on the Trail down by the large horse chestnut at the start of Elmwood.  Dust led away to the northeast, more nice suburban streets of what is a commuter belt area to reach the crossroads of Elmwood with Applecroft road, a CHK was situated on a sewer cover there.

            As Mr X walked along with Lofty & Henry, his history tour of Welwyn Garden was suddenly interrupted with a phone call!  [Technology on the Hash! – Ed] anyhow, it was Fliptop who was back at the Doctor’s Tonic & he correctly assumed that there had been an Ale & food stop, Mr X explained that the Hash would about 15 minutes away.

Seems that the Keenies dealt with the CHK on the crossroads quite quickly & were soon heading up the road & passing by the School that the Herts RA once attended.  At the next crossroads, this being with Handside lane, No Eye Deer came back to mark the CHK to indicate that the Trail would head straight over & down Barleycorft road.  The Trail stuck with this to its end where it joins the Parkway.

            The final CHK was found outside of one of the local Churches on the junction, here Skip, Psycho, Ewok & No Eye Deer were found to be loitering, until the Hare arrived to point out that the Trail was over the green grassy space of the centre of the Parkway.  Skip finally cottoned on as he spotted dust on the back of the few remaining Lombardy poplars trees that once lined either side.

Pebbledash & Ewok let the RA know that Psycho had secreted Sparky’s Horn down her bra, the RA said that he bet George would be jealous?  Pebbledash suggested that Sparky would enjoy getting his horn back & wouldn’t wash it ever again!  This subject would lead the RA to mention an on-line quiz he took about breasts, in which he only got two questions wrong to make him a ‘mammary master’!

The final stretch was to head up northward on the wide stretch of grass until it reached one of the intersecting crossover roads on the one way system that is on either side of the parkway.  The RA told the Harriettes around him that he has seen cars drive the wrong way on the one way sections, so it is always best to check even on these roads!

Paxo had to check what was running up behind him as the sound of running footsteps rapidly approached & soon passed him by, it was no less than Junior who dashed by him.  Sadly there was no Rhino & Splash as they were making the most of a lie-in!

The Trail crossed over, by the statue of ‘Dawn’ which years ago used to be adorned with the odd bra by drunks, something that hasn’t happened for a long time but always made the RA laugh when it did.  The Trail cut diagonally to cross the southbound one-way system to the paved footpath & this would lead on by the Manse & up to Church Road, on the opposite corner to Sainsburys’ where the On Inn was found.

Inside the Pub & the Pack found Fliptop was already there, he arrived after the Pack had set off but he claimed he managed to make the first CHK [That wasn’t far! – Ed] & he had chosen to sit at the long tables down a level, but the seating was rather lower than you’d like if you are older than 8, though it didn’t effect Ewok like those with longer legs!

Once Settled the Pack tried to work out who were the faces pictured on the wall of famous WGC Musicians, they included the Subways, Lol Coxhill, Mick Taylor (ex-Rolling Stones) Kim Wilde, Alisha Dixon (Mis-Teeq) & the one that puzzled the so-called experts was Keith Reid of Procol Harum!  Junior was then taken by a picture in silhouette of a drummer, who he was wondering could be his hero Cartlon Palmer!

To break up the music talk, Sparky out in a Buster Keatonesque entrance & suddenly fell down the step toward the ladies loo, his beer going over the just vacated seat, lots of tissues were used to clean it up – he would probably be getting the tissues out again later when he found out that Psycho had placed his horn down her New Sports Bra!

[Why don’t we have a new unwritten rule, like the one for new shoes, about drinking out of new Bras? –Ed, there was a good couple of pints worth in this case!] Anyhow, as Psycho informed the Pack about her new Sports Bra, this led to Mr X again mentioning the test he took on Farcebook, & with another post about ‘Bra’s for geeky girls’ - which have superhero, sci-fi themes on them – he added that the adverts on Farcebook page turned to ones for lingerie within seconds.

Sparky’s horn had been hung on a picture of another horn on the wall opposite him, it took around an hour, & a few hints, before he noticed this.  With things running late, plus the Ales already consumed & with the threat of losing seats, the Circle was put off until next week.  Junior then sprung in to action & said that as Mr X always goes on about ordering ‘Eggs & Lightbulbs’ when Junior is a little Delicate at work, Junior produce five sweetie fried eggs for the RA to eat, these were meant for the Circle.

Well the look on Mr X’s face told it all, which was more than he could as he wasn’t able to describe the awful sickly taste of these sweets, on top of that they were had a consistency like plastic/rubber.  It took over a pint for him to chew these, then wash them down to get rid of the lingering taste!  But he was determined not to be beaten & got rid of these horrible sweets!  Thankfully they were not around back in the days Mr X was a child!

Junior explained that he got these from the local corner shop to him & Mr X, which was nearly passed by on the Trail, there they still sell loose sweets from the big containers to be weighed out, Junior admitted buy them for others as a kid & pilfering a few from each packet!


Subject: Stephs wishes charity

Dear Sue,


Thank you so much for the cheque of £210.25 for Steph's Wishes Charity.


We are always so grateful and thankful when we receive donations to our daughter’s charity.


Your donation will go towards a memory day for a young person living with cancer, and hopefully take them away from the day to day life of living with cancer.


There are so many kind and supportive people in our communities and everyone that raises funds for us allows us to make a difference and we know from our experience it really does help.


Please pass on our thanks to everyone that gave so generously and hope to meet some of you in the future at one of our fund-raising events.


Kind regards

Cindy Knight