Date =                            11th May 2015

Run Number =            1616                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        Chez My Lil’

Location=                    Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                           GK Dark Mild

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          17

Membership =             Bringing the Joint 50th to Closure!


            There was a sudden change of plan to the originally advertised Trail, with a switch of venue to Chez My Lil’ to drink the final Barrel of Ale from the Joint 50th Birthday Weekend.  It left a few to wonder how long a Birthday can be celebrated? Which in the RA’s case is just under a month, he still had a free bottle of Wine with a birthday Meal to get through my the 16th of May in a local Pub!

Anyhow, those gathered outside in the street saw Mr X arrive on his Bike, since he doesn’t live that far away.  Mr X also sampled the Ale – as one does when you have a thirst - before the Circle was called out front of Chez My Lil’.

Psycho & Skip had disappeared in to the new kitchen at Chez My Lil’, to drop off a cake for after the Trail, so they missed the first half of the GM’s welcoming speech [Thankfully he’s not up for an Oscar at any time soon!  Can you imagine that speech? – Ed] as Tent Packer thanked Mr X & My Lil’ for the previous weekend’s frivolities!

The Hare was called forward, he explained that it was normally Herts Hash Markings, one-sided arrows & flour.  Friar Tuck was present this weekend, & his brief explanation of the Trail markings was not enough for David, who was along for his second Herts outing.

Without too much fuss, the Hare directed the Pack off away westward down toward the Chequers’ Roundabout at the end of Howlands, the first CHK was found right before the down ramp to the subway in to the hollow roundabout.  Paxo chose to cross at the Lights, while others were lured down the cycle route, both choices would end in a T.

The Trail was back a little from the CHK & off northward in to the small park area hidden behind the trees.  Mark E Mark, Sludge, Friar Tuck all led the way around the Swings & other playground furniture on a loop almost circumnavigating the fenced-off play area, No Eye Deer was also on this trot & she was surprised to see Mr. X, the Hare & TBT OBE all arrived at the gate out on to Lawrence Hall Gardens ahead of the Keenies at the start.

The Trail now took to the fairly new housing estate, which was built on the former grounds of a School.  [As Pink Floyd Sang “We don’t need no education!” – Ed] The Trail turned to the east as it ran down Chamber’s Grove, the likes of Friar Tuck, Tent Packer, Max Factor & Alfa Male all were lured in to running up to a Bar CHK at the opposite end of this backwater street. 

On the way back the RA pointed out Layton Street to the GM, he added that when this was named it caused uproar with the Welwyn Garden City Society as there were not supposed to be any streets in the town, all the roads in the second Garden City were supposed to have rustic names, like Groves, Fields, Crofts etc.

The Trail went back to a north bound cut-through from Chambers Grove, crossing over on to Sir John Newsome way & the entrance to the School that bears his name.  The Hare would make good use of the multitude of passages & cut-throughs in this part of Welwyn Garden, Mr X decided to walk this part & said that he was not going to even try to pre-empt the Hare’s cunning Trail.

The Dust was found out through on to Raymond’s Plain, but for Ewok things would suddenly come to an abrupt halt as she apparently couldn’t wait to get back to the On Inn to eat some meat, as she swallowed a fly.  No Eye Deer was on hand & found it amusing as the RA stopped to search a hedge for a Spider, to send after the Fly!  Psycho too recalled the Rhyme she was taught as a Kid later on at the final Circle.

The Trail came out by some local garages on Raymond’s Plain & led on to a traffic island in Chequers, here the traffic doesn’t hang about & it took a while for all of the Pack to get across to the start of Burrowfields Industrial estate.  Mr X wasn’t going to follow the rest up there, for local knowledge taught him that there was no route out of there.  Instead he pinned his hopes on Friar Tuck who was now heading southward along Chequers.

Friar Tuck didn’t let the RA down as he hollered out “On! On!” as the Trail advanced beyond the row of homes & out on to the area of wild grasses of Chequer’s field, this green space is encompassed with reed-filled ditches that were put in several years ago to prevent Travellers’ from pitching up there. 

Friar Tuck said that he deserved a break as he stopped at the CHK found just within the tree line separating the park-like front area & the waste ground behind, the development of which was halted as low level medical waste was found to be buried there!

 A few searched the waste ground but only found T’s, so, even though he had a break it was down to Friar Tuck to pick up the Dust as it led through the tree line, those making their way through this could look out toward the Chequers side on the left to see TBT OBE making his way over toward the Chequers’ roundabout.

On the third time of trying & the Trail would cross the waste ground, with the Pack moving westward toward the depot hidden behind the large bland grey panels, & on by the end of this to pass by the electricity substation to turn southward & run alongside the main line to Kings Cross.  It was here that Lola was let off of the lead & was soon dashing around like the proverbial Blue Arsed Fly!

Passing by the end of the new homes of Eddington Crescent to arrive at a CHK on the edge of the crop fields, Alfa Male, Friar Tuck, David the Newbie, were caught out by carrying straight on along the track beside the railway line, which appears to rise from the cutting below in the north & up to the embankment above the fields to the south.

A easterly turn on the path running along below the southern end of the estate was the correct route, there were a couple out walking their pooch who took time to stop Ewok & chat to her about the Hash, Psycho would also stop for a chat with them when she bumped in to them.

A kink in the path lay ahead then the Dust led the FRBs out to the southwest corner of part of the Creswick plantation, here the Hare was back to his trickiest as the Trail would weave its way around between the trees on a loop to the opposite south-eastern corner, crossing the steam within. 

The Hare led the back-markers on a short cut over the wooden footbridge that spans the Creswick stream, it seems that the RA managed to get to the next CHK the same way!  Mr X stated that the Pack hadn’t really travelled that far from Chez My Lil’, so the obvious route of taking the path over the smaller field to Chequers road was ruled out. 

Mark E Mark was keen to take the footpath that was lined with nettles as it cuts diagonally over toward another part of the Creswick plantation, this would end in a T!  “On!” was called from the footpath heading southward through the patchwork of farm fields separated by large established bramble hedges & tree-lines, this was along trot & around halfway the path left the rabbit burrow filled hedge to cross another stream, then it traversed the flat seeded crop-field to finally arrive at a CHK on the wide uncapped farm track for Woodhall farm.  It wasn’t a bad view in the direction of Hatfield [Not often you hear that! – Ed]

Looking back from the CHK, Paxo, No Eye Deer & the RA could see some figures in the distance, one was Skip, another was Psycho & the other was the distinctive figure of Zing-a-long-a-max, who was catching up after a late start.

No Eye Deer was a bit lost here, as the Trail took to leading away from the solitary red-brick Farm House to follow the dusty track to the east, this was also away from ‘Tramps Bridge’ in the railway embankment on which the other side is Stanborough lakes. 

The Farm track takes a slightly serpentine route heads south-easterly on its long way out to the oxbow like strip of lane for the few houses that sit back behind a hedge from the main Chequers A1000 road.  Arrows pointed the way through a gap in the hedge & over the small green to a traffic island in the busy road, Paxo led No Eye Deer astray here by taking the lane to where it emerges on to the main road, which is on a rather tight bend with more limited vision.  They both made it over safely to pick up the Trail again, then it was along the foot & cycle-path to the northeast, then more arrows made the Pack turn eastward on to Ascot’s lane.

Things were a little tight on this lane, that has actually been widened from the almost single track that it used to be, the Pack made their way along the tarmac footpath at the lane’s edge until it reached a gap in the established hedgerow, a footpath sign pointed the way though a small overgrown gap, most of the Pack had to crouch down to squeeze through between the brambles & nettles, eventually emerging out on to the bone dry permissive paths around the crop fields to the south of the homes on Boundary lane.

The Pack were now on their final leg as the Trail made its way between the field & then off to the west, where the crops gave way to feral, uncultivated plots of land as the Dust eventually led out of the last field & through a hedge on to Boundary lane, the RA explained that this is named so as it used to be the boundary of the Salisbury Estate (Hatfield House land).

On the short walk down Boundary lane, the RA spotted a very unusual sticker in a parked up Micra, it read “UK Vegan Runners” but the real give away was that it was just like Zing-a-long-a-max’s old car, it was filled up with all sorts of junk.  The Pack came in to enjoy the Ale & the unexpected food that was laid on, the weather was so good the Pack could relax in the back garden.

After the splendid food, Butcher’s sausages, the extremely good Levi Roots salsa sauce & shallots went down a treat, the Down-Downs took place:  The RA thanked all of those who turned out at the joint 50th the previous week before turning to the Hare, who was rewarded his Hit for laying a Trail that took just under an hour [See he can do it, turning 50 may have helped to tame him? – Ed]

Ewok was out for being impatient & eating some meat on the Trail, before getting back for the excellent butcher’s sausages!  Friar Tuck was out for bringing the weather over form Cyprus; Zing-a-long-a-max was out for the unique sticker in his car about UK Vegan Runners! [Mark E Mark wants to have some ‘UK Carnivore Runners’ ones made up! – Ed]

Finally the Hashit went to TBT OBE for the tale of his camping experiences the weekend before, where he couldn’t be bothered to get out of his tent to have a wee, but instead filled a plastic bottle with urine, which he managed to spill some in his tent!