Date =                            18th May 2015

Run Number =             1617                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Hedgehog

Location=                     Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                           Doom Bar, London Pride

Hares =                         Mr. X

Runners =                    12

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =             Getting Down with the Hog!


            Thankfully Mr X didn’t get around to asking about any pares Trail food at the On Inn, as there was a low turnout this week & it didn’t seem that it would be worth the effort that would have been put in.  A pretty wet & blustery day proceeded the Trail, but with an hour & a half’s grace before things got under way this allowed the Hare to get around & set the Trail in the dry!

The Hare was found having a pint outside of the Pub, his run around leaving him with a thirst.  The arrival of Sloppy Seconds left a few talking as his hairdressers car [The Fanny-magnet] had changed colour from dark green to blue & seemed to have no bits falling off of it!  Turns out he has a new sports car, though ‘new doesn’t mean better’ as he reckons it doesn’t drive as well.

The Pack circled up outside of the Pub & Tent Packer gave a welcoming speech that echoed the speeches of Leonard Sach’s of ‘The Good Old Days’’ TV show, Mr Sachs would have been proud of the part after the ‘Hertfordshire, Hash House Harriers’ section of the spiel, a lot more H words were added to the string.

The Hare’s words were far briefer, much to the relief of the Pack!  Normal Hash Markings & that there were short cuts, then without further ado it was off around the corner of the outside of the Hog (As the locals call it), to head northward down Inlges, in a direction away from the parade of Shops at the Shoplands area of Welwyn Garden City.

At the end of the straight forward residential trot, a CHK was found at the T Junction with Kirklands, Sludge, Sloppy Seconds & Alfa Male all quickly found the Dust leading through the wide gap between two short rows of homes off of Kirklands, this would take them down the hillside of damp wild grasses to drop in to the small green valley, though care was needed as the odd landmine of a dogs’ eggs lurked in the longer grass off of the shorter worn path.

In the bottom of the vale there was a CHK, Sludge, Sloppy Seconds, Alfa Male & Max Factor all took to the desire line running up in to the tree lined bank on the north side of the green space, Mark E Mark & My Lil’, weren’t as convinced by the calls of “On!” & they searched on the area of cut grass in the bottom of the vale. 

Mark E Mark & My Lil’ ignored the Hare’s calls as the Trail was up among the trees & it would lead the Pack up by the huge old oak that dominates the woodland & was spotted by Psycho from the opposite bank of the vale.

The wayward ones of Mark E Mark & My Lil’ eventually joined the rest as they cut up through to the shaded path, which kept the Pack out of the brisk breeze, as it led up to a CHK on the path along the west edge of the ground of St John the Evangelist. 

From the edge of the Church Grounds Sludge took the wrong option of heading back toward the vale, instead the Trail headed off to the north & then followed the way around to the west where it would take to the tree-lined south-westerly footpath that runs along the edge of the Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club, where a few youngster were out in the nets having a practise.

A CHK was found at the slight elbow in the path, but no one seemed to want to check it out back toward the valley. Seems that they had wised up to that ploy, which was good as the Trail was soon picked up by Mark E Mark as crossed the Knightsfield road to the second & longest part of the ‘Monks Walk’ avenue that leads up to Sherrards Park wood.  Mark E Mark, Alfa Male & Max Factor were between the established avenue of trees, only to find a Bar CHK to pout stop to their getting away from the middle order of Skip, Psycho, Paxo, My Lil & the Hare.

The Keenies soon came back to find the Trail out in the adjacent the south-eastern green field to the avenue, this would run up along the top of the green space only to come back in through the brambles to find a CHK back on the wooded avenue of the Monks Walk.  [If this route had been named after any of Junior’s relatives it would have been known as Monk’s stagger! – Ed]

The Trail continued up to the end of the avenue, it seemed that no one had fallen for heading out toward the ‘Uplands’ part of Welwyn Garden.  It now made its way around by a fenced off area in the woodland before coming down in to the edge of Temple Wood, in the bottom of the wooded gully lay a CHK, from here Mark E Mark went astray up on the footpath to Digswell Place, meanwhile Max Factor was worried that there were a couple of FRBs who were missing out on the green space from earlier.

Others wondered where Tent Packer was, seems that he, like TBT OBE was suffering with an injury.  Tent Packer was suffering with his hamstring but both were heading around the Trail a lot further than just the first CHK point!

Sludge headed up the steep south bound stony climb & found the Trail at the top.  Just before a memorial park bench, an arrow directed the Pack off to the west on a meandering desire line that was slightly off of the beaten track to emerge out to one of the main paths that criss-cross the woodland, on the way a large fallen tree had to be straddled to get over [Ooerr Pebbledash! – Ed]

The Keenies would now run a loop by taking to a path that slowly came in toward the main path that the SCBs had not left after passing by the memorial bench.  The Keenies were led by Sludge & Mark E Mark who missed a left turn & subsequently cut out a CHK, but it was of no worry as the Trail would join the path they were running along at a point of a Tringle of paths, the main routes around this section of woodland had plenty of puddles & a layer of slip like clay on top of the harder drier woodland floor below.

As slight turn to the right as the Trail came out to a CHK on a tree stump at the cross-roads of paths, here Sludge & Max Factor went wrong which led to them being called back, as Mark E Mark found Trail on the long bridleway that was sign-posted down in to the dell & back up the opposite side to Six Ways.  This was put in as the Pack normally end up going to Six-ways when in Sherrards Wood, but this time it was only a lure down to a very long Falsie!

As Mark E Mark stopped & peered down at the Ts in almost disbelief, the likes of Skip, Psycho, My Lil’ & the Hare all stayed up on the higher ground by the CHK!  Sludge was almost caught out by following Mark E Mark, but he was rather fortunate to have gone quite far astray so didn’t have to set off too far down the hill!

The Trail was actually eastward from the CHK, going in to the darker shaded area of bushy shrubs, where it took to a sharp turn off & the Dust appeared around the slight bend to lead up to a Held CHK by the gates of a school that backs on to the Woodland.  The long Falsie, coupled with the marked Short Cuts allowed both Tent Packer & TBT OBE to catch up with the FRBs.

The Pack patently waited for Mark E Mark to catch back up, which wasn’t as long as they thought, perhaps it was the calls of “Hurry up Harry Hill!” that spurred him On? [Doubt it! – Ed]

When things resumed nearly all of the Keenies chose to search out through the grassy entrance to the more affluent Pentley Park area of Welwyn Garden, they found an arrow pointing away down the residential area but this too would end in a T! 

My Lil’ had other ideas & using his local knowledge to head northward, in the woodland behind the school & then the homes to the east.  His not coming back gave the game away to the likes of TBT OBE, Tent Packer, Skip & Psycho

The Trail would make its way up to another CHK by one more entrance to the woodland of Special Scientific Interest.  About here Mark E Mark passed by Sloppy Seconds, who was chatting to the Hare, & he asked Mr X “He’s not boring you, is he?” in reference to Sloppy Seconds talking about his occupation! [Shouldn’t talk about W*rk on the Hash! – Ed]

At this final CHK of the Trail it may have been a case of ‘Once bitten, twice shy!’ for most & only Sloppy Seconds ventured off toward the Homes, but he didn’t stray too far as “On!” was called by Max Factor & Alfa Male as they followed on in the wake of My Lil’, Mark E Mark & Sludge.

The final stretch of the Trail would have the Pack following the higher path on the south side of the green open space of the vale - that they had run up through Monk’s Walk on, there were a few old knurled roots to avoid on the eastward trot over towards Shoplands, this part of the Woodland had more bluebells out in bloom than the rest of the woods as the path dried out from the slippery thin layer of Shiggy. 

Mr X explained to Psycho, Sloppy Seconds, Skip & Paxo that the woodland is slowly getting Bluebells spreading, since a lot of clearance of non-native species has taken place.  When he was a kid, many parts of this Woodland was overgrown with loads of Rhododendrons which were finally all removed, allow the native broadleaf hornbeams & beeches to thrive once again.

A diagonal turn in the trail to head north-eastward would bring the Pack out to the Knightsfield road, near to the old Scout hut that is now some kind of exercise venue, then it was down Knightsfield to cross over & come back in to Shoplands.  The Trail was over for all in 45 minutes!  [It took longer to write this than run it! – Ed]

The Pack settled into the Pub, sitting right under the only screen in the Saloon Bar that was showing the Soccer.  The Down-Downs were postponed until the following week as the Match was rather enthralling, even for non-footie fans, as the Champions elect were soundly beaten by the Baggies!  Plus there were some silly antics that led to a deserved Red Card!