Date =                            8th June 2015

Run Number =             1620                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Robin Hood & Little John

Location=                     Rabley Heath

Beer =                            McMullen’s Country, Cask & AK

Hares =                         Sludge

Runners =                    17

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          18

Membership =            Some may be going to a Car-wash!


            Overcast clouds threatened to rain on the gathering Pack, in fact there was a very, very light precipitation in the air as the gathered Hash awaited the arrival of No Eye Deer, who was lost out on the windy lanes in this rural part of Hertfordshire.  Even Tent Packer’s Sat-Nav said that he had to drive a further mile as he pulled in to the Pub Car Park, sees that this was not the only incident as the Pub’s Postcode covers a wide area in the sticks.

No Eye Deer arrived & before she was composed, the GM called the Circle together.

            With a blustery, cold wind pushing the darker clouds over toward the Robin Hood & Little John,Tent Packer kept things to a minimum.  Paxo wondered who this week’s Newie was, turns out to be a chap from Ireland called Fliptop!  Fliptop commented on the GM’s rapid introduction to bring the Hare in to the Circle, while the RA told the worry-warts among the Pack that it wasn’t going to rain as he was there & would be doing his job!

The Hare’s ‘chalk talk’ was also brief, there was mention of short cuts, one Held CHK & disappointingly there would be no Jelly Babies there!  Finally there was a warning of a bit of road work to be done & care was needed, then it was out to the east on Rabley heath road to find Dust on the footpath leading through the kissing gate to the enclosed fields to the east.

Skip & Psycho were back from the InterScandi Hash weekend in Galway, Ireland, which led Skip to saying that the locals were so friendly that he “Never had to put his hand in his pocket once!”  Meanwhile Max Factor, Alfa Male, Tent Packer, Milf & Sloppy Seconds were all off over the long fallow grassy enclosure to the opposite corner where it passed through another gate, this one being set in the hedgerow.

In the wooded meeting point for the corners of four separate fields there were two obvious options.  One leading over to the northwest saw Paxo leading the way, with Sloppy Seconds in tow, but then Paxo stopped & stood partly in the hedgerow, had he lost the Trail or was he looking for Dust among the trees?  Nope he had stopped to scare the squirrels as he hadn’t found any Dust for a long way up this path.

In the opposite direction through the fields to the west & out to Spinney Green lane, Max Factor, Ewok, Alpha Male & Co fared even worse since there was no Trail that way, the rest of the Pack now all came up the Trail Paxo was on, Sloppy Seconds, Mr X & My Lil’ all headed up to Paxo who was still scaring the squirrels!  Just a few feet beyond Paxo was the first blob of Dust to indicate that this was the correct route.

A CHK was found in the top corner of the crop field, behind the last of the houses in Rabley Heath.  Mr X choose to take the short track by the house to the west that leads back on to Slip lane, but as he started to search up the lane toward the next footpath, he was called back by the Hare, who was walking along the lane with Psycho, & Mr X was directed back to join the others on the east bound track running north-westerly along the outside of New Wood.

The Newie, Fliptop was a bit confused by the Hash Markings & a carefully placed blob of Dust had him going through the hedgerow on an enclosed alleyway path that ended at a closed door to the rear garden of the last house to the north of Rabley Heath.  He came back to join the rest in making their way up the hard rutted track all the way up to the north-eastern tip of the wood.

Fliptop obviously is a chap who would fit in well with H4 but he did seem to have a TBT OBEesque life for he admitted that he had the opportunity to have gone to both the Aviva Premiership Rugby Final & the FA Cup Final to watch Saracens & Arsenal win their respective Cups for North London, but instead he stayed in Ireland doing lots of little DIY jobs!

Anyhow, Milf was one who decided that the tree-lined avenue of the wide track up to Park Wood seemed to be the best option, they would be wrong.  Sloppy Seconds didn’t do much searching, as he too had stopped to scare the squirrels, he was still facing the bushes as the RA alerted him to the fact that Milf & Co were on their way back, as “On!” was called back inside New Wood, where the Hare had the Pack running back through the dusky sheltered wood on a course that was almost parallel to the track outside the wood they were on earlier.

Having weaved their way through the trees, the likes of Ewok, Alfa Male, Max Factor, No Eye Deer & Tent Packer all over run the gap out of the wood & in to the field to the north but they turned back by a Bar CHK.  This worked to keep the Hash together as My Lil’, Milf, Sloppy Seconds & Mr X found the Trail out in the wheat field on the wide bone dry dusty track heading northward over toward Old Knebworth, & more importantly the Lytton Arms! [Ha! No chance of this Hare taking you over there! – Ed]

The Next CHK was found at the crossroads with another path through the wheat, this one running east to west.  On the way Mr X spotted a fox dash over the track & in to the anonymity of crop.  From the CHK, My Lil’ headed westward toward the large sentinel like Oak, while Ewok dithered in whether to go off in the opposite direction, hints from the RA would soon curtail that idea.  Meanwhile Milf & a couple of others searched further northward, but they would soon be coming back as My Lil’ & Mr X found the Dust over toward Slip lane.

To keep the Pack together, thought it looked to the RA more like the Hare getting lost while setting the Trail, the two FRBs made their way northward again along the inside of the field’s perimeter & behind a pond in the hedgerows then up to a Bar CHK.  A short trot to the south to join the rest on the way out on to Slip lane, a short way along this & a footpath sign pointed the way westward over the fields & paddocks below Slip End.

Hash Hush was observed, for horses could be seen behind the fenced off paddocks at Slip End & the Hash didn’t want to disturb the nosey nags.  The Trail made its way behind the farm’s out-buildings, then having made their way through a dip in the landscape & by a huge pile of dung the Trail turned southwest & came out to the small cottages at the delightfully named Hogsnorton.  Here the Held CHK was found.

The Hare was happy to let the Keenies ignore the obvious fenced in footpath away between the paddocks in a nor’-nor’-westerly direction, the Hash all seemed to go on either to the slightly off of a westerly direction or to the east on the bend in the lane, but eventually they were all called back to find the Trail marked up the bridleway between the paddocks & stables, where Fliptop had been sent away.

After the farm area, the Trail changed tack to take the Hash through the small industrial estate at Nup End.  A another bit of road work was needed for a short trot down the lane to the west, this wasn’t a very long before the Pack reached an arrow pointing up the embankment & on to a Kissing gate in the corner of the tree-lined field.

Milf waited at the Kissing gate below ‘The Bothy’ for Kylie to arrive, but before he got there she got a snog from the first Hashers through, including Sloppy Seconds, Tent Packer, Mr X, My Lil’ & Paxo.  The Trail was now on a Down-hill section, through a field of very long wild grass.  This descent allowed a good vista out over the unspoilt farm land, including the sight of a Carousel & other fair-ground equipment up on the opposite hill, before coming out on to the narrow rustic Nup End lane once again.

The Trail advanced further south-westward & on to a CHK point by the footpath off to the North, Alfa Male checked this out while those with greater local knowledge continued along the stone washed lane to the bend where the driveway of Mansell’s lane rises away up to Mansell’s Farm.  Ewok, in the Hashit, picked up the Trail on this shaded route under the canopy of trees, she was with Tent Packer when they stopped near to the farm house to admire a couple of traction engines.  Ewok didn’t get the RA’s comments about having any Scousers on the Hash, who could sing-a-long?  He explained that “You’ll never walk alone” is from Rogers & Hammerstein’s musical Carousel.

 Mr X & My Lil’ continued on to the next CHK where the land levelled out & used their local knowledge to take to the long straight as a die footpath marked off though the fallow field that is home to the Carousel & other Fair Ground Equipment, it was also home to a long line of various shaped tents & campervans parked up there along by the footpath.  Mr X led the way between the two lines of upright poles with no wire connecting between them, he knew that the Trail would come out to the edge of Codicote, near to the small green space between the Sport Centre & St Giles’ Church.

Across Bury lane leading out of Codicote, the RA spotted Dust by one of the gates in to the Church grounds, here the RA followed the Trail of dust through the gate & around the graveyard, which is home to some sheep & goats with their lambs & kids who are penned in amongst the gravestones.  To continue following the Dust the RA had to step over the chicken wire fence & then again to get out on the opposite side to the drive way back out on to the Bury lane.

The rest of the Pack avoided this section of Trail & kept to Bury lane to the point where a footpath peels off down by the local stables to the east & into the valley to the east of Codicote.  The Trot down saw the Hash having to pass by a couple of dogs being out walked, one of which was being held back as she wanted to jump up those passing by.

Out through the gate & down in the bottom of the valley on the lowest point of the Trail, there were three options from here, so Tent Packer took the path running just off of due south in the bottom of the valley, while Mr X started up the easterly route up the steeper climb of the hillside, then My Lil’ was left with the option cutting diagonally through the crop of broad-beans.  Tent Packer was the first to call “On!” & so the others turned back to join him running through the valley floor…………….to find a T!

Back to the junction of paths & by this point Alfa Male was on his way up the option that Mr X had been up once, & he ran far enough to find the Dust near to the summit!  The rest of the Pack were not far behind now as they all climbed the steep grassy farm track to reach the plateau.

At the top of the hill there was yet another great panorama of Hertfordshire countryside, by now the sun was shining on the Pack, even looking back over the farm land toward Codicote it was pretty scenic & moody by the dark clouds that were passing away from the On Inn, all of which impressed No Eye Deer.

A long trot in a nor’-nor’ easterly direction over a long farm track lay ahead, Alfa Male showed his youth as he soon took up the FRBing mantle to where the Trail comes out through the hedgerow on to the narrow Sally Deard’s lane.  The Pack were nearly home on reaching this stretch. 

A southerly turn on to the serpentine lane, snaked around to a footpath over the fields to Slip lane, the misleading Dust leading further along Sally Deard’s lane was ignored by those with local knowledge in preference of the correct route over softer grassy paddocks to Slip lane, once out on the tarmac the On Inn was found, only yards from where the RA had almost stumbled upon at the very start of the Trail.

A short trot along the lane & the Pack returned to the Pub, it was noted that for some time Milf was no longer with the FRBs, nor was Kylie in sight [She was probably sorting his back out! – Ed] so some took advantage of this when back in the Pub car park thjey wrote the names of the two missing Hashers in the dirt on the back of Kylie’s car, adding a couple of little faces to represent them, then finally a comedy cartoon cock was added!

One all were in the Pub, there was one late arrival, as Zing-a-long-a-max appeared after having been around the Trail after his late arrival.  Kylie & Milf arrived back, comments of the pictures drawn in the dirt on his car soon surfaced, there were a few who commented on Mr X having to wash his hands on entering the Pub.

Talk turned to the Braughing Wheelbarrow race, then a bomb was dropped about the fact that Mark E Mark would probably not be taking part in this after a nasty water-skiing accident, which involved his legs going in opposite directions at speed, it sounded like a very painful case of the splits.

It was still nice & Sunny as the Circle took place outside, again the GM was brief!  The Down-Downs saw the Hare rewarded for a great, scenic Trail of just over an hour.  Skip was out for ‘Never having to put his hand in his pocket once!’ in Ireland & he was joined by Psycho who showed the Circle her empty purse!

The Hashit went to Mr X as the GM took control, Sludge & Paxo were also very vocal in wanting the RA to get the Hashit & the fervour could not be stopped!  Mr X took it on the chin as he was awarded it for actually following the Trail as it was laid through the Churchyard, if he shouldn’t have been on the consecrated ground - then the Hare should not have marked it so! [The RA will not forget that for anyone caught going in the wrong direction in the future! – Ed]