Date =                            6th July 2015

Run Number =             1624                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Robin Hood & Little John

Location=                     Tonwell

Beer =                            6X, Another Cornish Ale

Hares =                         TBT OBE

Runners =                    10

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         1

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          11

Membership =            Piggin’ out on Pizza!


At last the hot weather had arrived this year, unfortunately there hasn’t been a build-up so it would take its toll on a few of the small, but well-formed Pack.  By this I mean those who had been to 19th Hole’s 60th Birthday Party up in T’Yorkshire over the weekend.  Some, like Skip & Psycho, were noticeable by their absence, rather like Junior’s not turning out for 19th Hole’s evening Party!  [It is believed that he did survive the rest of the weekend! – Ed]

            The Hare was late arriving at the venue as he picked up Paxo & Ewok on the way, they arrive in his new car which he parked up in the road outside as the Pub’s car park was already full of car, the reason being that there would be a Petanque match on that evening.  TBT OBE wondered who’s red car was already parked up in the road, Paxo pointed out the number plate to reveal it is none other than that of our RA!

The Landlady was concerned if there were Hash cars to near the gravel area as the small stones of the Petanque do fly about & can chip paintwork, Sloppy Seconds’ Fanny Magnet was the only one in any danger of that.  No one showed any concern about this.

The GM called the Circle together just after the hour, he kept things fairly short before the Hare stepped forward to explain the Trail.  The gathered Pack had to listen to more Red Herrings than you’d get on a Fliptop Trail [Who remembers him eh? – Ed]  Talk of the Pack having to take money for a Bus or a Taxi back to the Robin Hood & Little John wasn’t taken too seriously, nor was the mention of being careful crossing Train-lines.

The Pack had already had a quick look for the start of the Trail before the Hare arrived, as he wasn’t present at ten to the hour.  All attempts had failed to find it, not even Sludge’s bloodhound like nose could sniff any Dust out.  The Hare marked the way out on the (old) Ware road toward the west.  Fresh arrows laid by the Hare directed the Hash over to the north side of the village road, then on in to the farm track-like entrance of the local playing field.

The Hash fanned out over the rough grassy sports pitches of the play area, Mr X went to the north-eastern corner & checked out the grassy passage behind the homes, he found nothing there & this fitted in with the others as there was no further Dust to be found in the enclosed area.  Looking back they could see the Hare still at the entrance, except he was now beckon with both arms for the entire Pack to come back.

TBT OBE wondered why the Pack hadn’t found the T in the field, perhaps it was been kicked out but with this Hash Marking missing Ewok & Mr X began to think that it was going to be a ‘TBT OBE Special’!  Thoughts of how many would now get lost on the Trail, & would one be the Hare soon sprang to mind.

The Trail would continue westward to leave the village, care was taken crossing the busy by-pass road that heads northward toward Stevenage, one directly over the busy road the Trail took to a footpath that drops down through the hedgerow & then over the bone dry edge of the crop fields to the west, most of these seemed to have Broad beans in.

As the Hash undertook the first long stretch of the Trail, Tent Packer gave up his FRBing & turned back to tell Mrs Mallet to go back, as the parched earthen track was ankle turning, plus the markings of flour were very faint, as well as far & few between that resulted in a lot of bending over for closer inspection of the smatterings of old Dust. 

The initial effort in running from the Pack was pretty subdued, so any chance of turning an ankle was pretty remote at this stage.  There was a slight kink in the footpath’s route, a hand written sign made sure that there was no trespassing on through a corner of wheat, after this Mark E Mark & Sludge began to pull away from the others on the way out toward the lane that passes by Dimmings. 

Before reaching the lane, the Pack passed by a couple who were picnicking outside of their hippie-style camper-van that would have fitted in at Galstonbury.  They were cheerful enough as they asked the RA where the Hash were running to?  The answer from Mr X was “That Pub to that Pub!” as he pointed behind toward the Robin Hood & Little John, then over toward Chapman Green, home to the Woodman.

It was on the Tarmac lane near Dimmings that the next CHK was found, it didn’t take long for Mark E Mark, Sludge, Ewok & Sloppy to find the Trail from the obvious sign-posted route a short way down toward Stoney Hills, the Trail took to that footpath off in to the crop field to the south of the lane.  It here that Mr X, Paxo, My Lil’ & Tent Packer started to Run, not wanting to get left behind by the others.

Any fear of being at the back were soon belayed as the FRBs at this stage of the Trail were all seen coming back from the south to the CHK on the northeast corner of Upper Stoneyhills Wood, this kept the Pack together as they followed a fit civilian out jogging to the west a very short way before realising the Trail was not following her, but instead it went through the small gap in the dense hedgerow in to the wood.

A nice shaded Trail on a slightly meandering desire line amongst the trees, it look to be an unofficial path & to get out of the opposite end the Pack had to squeeze through the smallest of gaps in the hedgerow.  The Trail came back out to another field of broad beans where a CHK was found.  Most of these crop fields in this area seem to have permissive paths around them, albeit not the widest.

Mark E Mark, Ewok & Sludge were all soon off to the south-west corner of the field & again, like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland they appeared to disappear down a hole, this one being in the hawthorn hedge separating the fields.  On the other side was another CHK, the three Keenies continued southward but would find a T to stop them, this allowed Mr X & Tent Packer to prosper in going eastward along the hedgerow of the bean field’s top edge.

In the opposite corner their good fortune would cease at the CHK there, for they turned south & found Dust but as they progressed down toward the parked up white 4x4, calls of “On Back!” haunted them.  The rest were soon on their way on a brief northward trot, back toward Dimmings.  Along here the Hare was heard to say “I could have put a short cut in there!” as he looked up the track from the corner of Upper Stoneyhills Wood, straight ahead they could see the colourful camper van still parked about a hundred yards or so in front of them!

The Trail now turned to follow the seemingly diagonal path on a south-easterly direction would lead out through a the end of the path shaded by fig trees to emerge in to Chapmore End, a hamlet (as it has no Church) who’s single Pub is the Woodman.

Mrs TBT OBE was spotted outside of the Pub as the thirsty Pack went in to order their drinks, she had dropped off a load of pizza’s that TBT OBE set up on a table at the far end of the back-garden, now it made sense why TBT OBE didn’t want the Hash to sit outside of the front of the Pub, the Landlady knew that the Pack were eating these as TBT OBE had asked for some grub to be laid on, but they weren’t cooking on Monday so that was the compromise.

Even having eaten before setting off on the Hash, the gannets of the Pack devoured a fair portion of the Pizza, so fast at times that were they that there were plenty of audible “Ouch! That’s Hot!”  While not burning his mouth, Mr X said that he heard the Pub had just been taken over by a new couple & is now free of the tie to Greedy King.  The selection of Ales was testimony to this, with a rather nice 700 on Tap.

It was all very pleasant sitting in the garden, with the clink of Petanque balls clanging together, it seems to be a very popular game in these parts.  TBT OBE would have stayed there for the rest of the night if he had the chance.  It was suggested that he should have sussed the Pubs out earlier & then things could have been changed on the Hare-line!

The Pack moved on back out of the Pubs front garden, with its large fig tree offering shelter from the sun’s rays.  The Trail resumed by heading out northward to pass by the Duck pond, complete white Cote & with lots of waterfowl on & around this little watery haven.

As the Trail turned on the lane to the east, just after the duck pond, a few yapping pooches in the grounds of a large house opposite the pond could be heard heading over toward the side the Pack were calling “On!” from, while the others hounds stopped short of the hedge & gate, stupid white wee Scottish pooch came out & faced the north bound lane at the Y junction to stand his ground & yap where there was no one at all.

Having made their way a hundred yards or so from the Pub a footpath sign was found directing the way all of the 750 yards to Tonwell, here the Pack were now taken on to an almost ‘as straight as a die’ footpath back Inn, it just gently rose & fell with the contours of the field. 

Mark E Mark, Tent Packer, Mr X, Sludge, My Lil’, Ewok, Sloppy & Paxo all took this in their stride to come back out by the Stevenage road, just a few feet from the Out Tail.  The On Inn was found just before the Hash passed through the hedge & back out over the main road.

The returning Pack found The Petanque game at the Robin Hood & Little John was in full flow here, with the players tossing a cochonnetso down in the on to the gravel [Calm down Pebbledash!  A cochonnetso is the small wooden ball used as the Jack, it means ‘Piglet’ in French! – Ed]

The Pack elected to sit up in the enclosed courtyard-like patio garden, there they found Kylie & he was mopping up the last of his evening meal, everyone took advantage to let him know that he had missed out on the splendid pizzas! 

Kylie sounded a wee bit down when he realised that he had missed out on the pizza!  So, Mark E Mark & Mr X cheered him up after he said “I thought that Skip & Psycho would have been here tonight?” This had the rest chuckling as well with the telling of two separate occasions involving Skip, the first being at the one in the Woodman, at Chapmore End, where he picked up the previous landlord’s pint & was only found out when the Landlord came back from the Cellar & enquired as to where his Pint had gone from the Bar!

This was followed up by the last time we were in the Robin Hood & Little John, when Skip was sitting at a table in the bar & he went on to do a bit of juggling with his full pint, it would all end in tears, well the lights going out & the Pack sitting in the dark as he miss-handled the glass & the contents went in to the plug socket in the wall.  Eventually the Landlord of the day found a torch & managed to get the electricity back on.  Perhaps Skip was keeping a low profile?

Anyhow, Sloppy had to leave early – the thought of paying double his Run fees after missing last week must have hurt, plus an extra £1 for the Pizza!  TBT OBE made sure that everyone knew that Sloppy Seconds claimed that he didn’t have any money on him as it was back in his car after playing Golf with the Hackers.  Kylie was leaving early too, so the Down-Downs were put off until the next time.