Date =                            4th July 2015

Run Number =            1625                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Land of Liberty, Peace & Plenty

Location=                     Heronsgate

Beer =                           8 Real Ales On!

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                     6-4

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      F.U.K Full Moon H3             

Aprčs Hashers =         7

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          13

Membership =             Celebrating the 4th July!


On the way to the venue, Mr X & My Lil’ managed to get another EWSH3 Trail completed from the Station to the Pub, Smartarse used the Chorleywood Station sign with these two either side to be the first Photo shot for Full Moon photo gallery!  Unfortunately there were other EWS Members who were about that Saturday & were without their Hi-Vis Jackets, Panda was one but he didn’t travel by Train that day, unlike Junior who did & again let the side down.  [Say no more! – Ed]

What can you say about the Land of Liberty, Peace & Plenty as a venue?  Well, if you’re Windsock then you call it the Land of Milk & Honey!  Which isn’t far off the Truth as to start with it is a regular winner of many of the local CAMRA Awards over the years in Hertfordshire, it offers Real Ales, pasties & pies, but doesn’t sell Guinness or anything like Skippy Piss!  So, that would rule out any chance of Junior putting in an appearance that day! [And it wasn’t even 19th Hole’s Birthday! – Ed] 

With this being a Full Moon Trail as well, the Hare arrived just minutes before the advertised 11:00Hrs start – which is a whole hour before the Pub’s normally advertised opening time, but somehow Mr Sock had got in the side door & convinced the Landlord to open up & allow the Pack in for a Drink before the Trail.  Well it was a blazing hot day & there may have been others on their way up following the P-Arrows from the Station.

Showman was surprised to find that there was no Guinness, however this didn’t stop him from mentioning that he didn’t get an invite to Mr X’s 50th Party weekend, even though two of his Ex’s were invited!  Like a scratched record he would make sure Mr X would be reminded of this fact at every opportunity.

The Land of Liberty Peace & Plenty even have signs up inside the bar asking People not to use Mobile Phones in there, of course some people get away with it if they do it quietly & discreetly, neither of those two words could describe Sperm Whale as he hollered at Rotting Stump on the other end of his mobile phone call.  No wonder he has Black & White Striped Football shirt with Loud to be a Geordie on the back of it!

Anyhow, after a pint the Circle was called outside under the almost midday Sun, Tops went through the Full Moon welcome, though Rotting Stump had still not made it from the Station.  The Hare was then called forward & in amongst the words of what the Pack could expect out on Trail, a very important one was picked up on & this was when the Hare said that it took him an hour & a half to set it.  With it being so hot there was a sudden visible recoil from the majority of the Pack.

While most took to going back in to the shade of the Bar, Basher, Smartarse, Mr X & Banana Bender started off down the road from the Pub which is named after the Charterist Cooperative Society Pledge when they sold the Plots of land by Fergus O’Conner - for the resettlement of Industrial workers to their own small holding to work themselves, when it was first set up as ‘O’Connerville’ at the area previously known as Herringsgate.

The Trail heading south-eastward down the narrow country lane where the Heronsgate road becomes Long Lane, as the lane descended to the first CHK by the Stockport Road off to the right, the figure of Rotting Stump could be seen milling about with his Map & Compass trying to work his way to the Pub from Chorelywood Station.

Rotting Stump informed the small, but perfectly formed Pack, that he had been walking from the Station since 10:30, which meant he had missed the P-Arrow Trail & to add insult to injury Mr X pointed out that by the School he should have just continued along until reaching Heronsgate lane.  Rotting Stump had overshot the road the Pub was on.

Rotting Stump was shown the way straight up the lane to the Pub, Banana Bender didn’t take much persuading to accompany Rotting Stump back.  So, this left just three Hashers & the Hare to continue out almost northward on to the footpath through the grassy paddocks, the flattened tall stalks of grass a testament to the fact that Rotting Stump had already trod down on his way from the Station.

As Basher headed out toward the two rectangles of woodland below Penn Farm, the Hare showed the other two a short cut out through the next enclosure of wild grass, again it was clear that Rotting Stump had been this way!  Basher was soon back to join them to come out beside Hill farm on the edge of Stag Lane in the north.

A CHK was found by the five bar gate to the lane, here the Hare marked the Trail straight ahead on a footpath further northward beside a covered reservoir, then he put in another Short Cut in heading north-eastward along the lane.  With the heat being quite overbearing, the trio all followed the Hare up the lane to the junction with Berry Lane &b Sheppard’s lane, here Mr X stopped to point out the home named ‘Ladyacre’ & asked if this is a euphemism for something [There you go Pebbledash! – Ed] This was another Photo opportunity of Mr X next to the Ladyacre sign.

The Trail continued along the very pleasant Berry Lane on the edge of the picturesque Chorleywood Bottom, the Trail led on by the desirable village homes & up to the point where a footpath joins the lane from the left, this was where the trio re-joined the Trail as it headed away to the right, up the driveway to Hall Farm.

Mr X nearly went wrong as he headed up toward the private part of the drive, but he was brought back down to the not so well marked footpath & was soon heading away with the others to one side of the walled grounds to the large house of The Hall.  The shade of the trees lining the way out by the wall was most welcome, then there was the contrast of the brightness on the long dry & dusty gravel drive out from behind the walled garden, all of which had no shade at all.

The Trail came out to the gate at the end of the drive, while Basher tried to un-chain the five bar gate, the other three just walked around it at the end, as it was designed for pedestrians at the side.  The Trail turned south-eastward along Sheppard’s lane, ahead of the Pack, down in distance Rickmansworth could be seen beyond the M25.  Another photo stop took place as the Pack came across the entrance to ‘Catlips’ Farm!  [There you go again Pebbledash! – Ed]

Dust would led away down the narrow lane, at times the Pack had to step aside to allow passing vehicles to clear them.  Mr X looked at the possibilities of a short cut to the southwest, but the Hare warned him that he would only end up on Long lane & it’s not called Long Lane for nothing!   So, it was down beneath the M25 bridge & on to the Mill End part of Rickmansworth.  Nearer to where Showman had alighted the Train, on Windsock’s advice of Station, but Showman soon realised that Chorleywood would have been a nearer station & in the end he got a cab to the Land of Liberty, Peace & Plenty!

Mr X & Basher pulled away from the other two, as Mr X knew that the Trail had to rise up the embankment on the south-eastern side of the M25 Bridge.  Once up between the scrubby trees, the footpath would take to running alongside the M25 in a clockwise direction, it was noticeable that the traffic was traveling at a ‘snail’s pace’ in all of the lanes.  There was some pity for those stuck in their cars on such a hot day.

To the left of the footpath were open fields of wheat, which were dotted with the crimson red of the poppies all over the crop.  The footpath would drop down from the level of the motorway & descend to a CHK by the A412 beside roundabout Junction 17 on the M25, of the two options both Mr X & Basher chose the correct one on the concrete driveway leading under the A412 to head southward & then out on to a junction with another path back up beside the M25 but this time in an anti-clockwise direction.

Mr X fell foul at this point as the Dust was found by Basher in to the east edge of Ladyswood to now head south, while Basher took a turn to the right to run north-westward & crossed over the footbridge spanning the M25, Mr X was lured further southward only to find a Bar CHK, which thankfully was not affected by the overnight rain.  This allowed My Lil’ & Smartarse to regain the ground the others had made on these two.

Mr X was soon back with Basher & over the M25, now the Herts RA knew the way back should be via the Private road that runs parallel to Long Lane.  Sure enough the tarmac lane to the Northeast was the correct route, not too far along this Mr X knew that there was an old wooden gate with its ‘Private Drive’ signs that leads on to the dead-end of Nottingham Road, sure enough the Dust was found on this north-westerly rustic lane that is parallel to Long Lane.

It was a quiet trot back up the narrow lane, Mr X said that he knew the Trail would turn off to the right at the far end, as the road the small Church sits on is none other than Stockport Road, where Rotting Stump was found at the very start!

The Trail eventually turned, passed by the small Church of St John’s, then back on to Long Lane, so all that was needed was left turn & back to the Pub.  There the Runners found Kebab had joined the likes of Windsock, Tops, Showman, Sperm Whale

Back at the Pub & the runners found that Kebab had now put in an appearance after arriving late & not knowing how far out Chorleywood is!  The Runners grabbed a pint & then had to sit outside on the sheltered decking to cool down.

Considering the lack of Runners out on the Trail, there were a lot of Down-Downs handed out when the final Circle was called.  The Hare was called out for the first Down-Down for setting the Day’s Trail, then it seemed that everyone there had a Hit for various trumped up charges.  Showman couldn’t wait for Smartarse to ask if he had any Down-Downs to give out?  Yes, it was back to Showman [Perhaps you haven’t heard him mention that he wasn’t invented to Mr X’s Birthday, but his Ex’s were? – Ed]

Mr X downed the Hit & then when it was his turn to hand out a few Down-Downs, Mr X explained that somehow Showman was missing the point that it was a joint 50th Birthday weekend with My Lil’ & while on the subject of not being invite to Parties Showman was reminded that My Lil’ was not invited to Showman’s last Wedding the year before.

Sperm Whale was out for shouting down his Mobile Phone in the Pub, while Rotting Stump was out for walking a fair part of the Trail while walking a good mile further than the P-Arrow Trail he failed to look out for.