Date =                            12th July 2015

Run Number =            1627                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        EHMR

Location=                    Great Amwell, Ware

Beer =                          Sawbridgeworth Gold

Hares =                        Max Factor & Alfa Male

Runners =                   12

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         2

Newies =                       1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          14

Membership =             Chuffed!


            After the previous afternoon’s day playing with the Trains, it was fairly obvious whom amongst the Pack had been in attendance on Saturday, the Hares, Mr X, My Lil’, Kylie, TBT OBE & Milf all looked slightly jaded compared to No Eye Deer, 2-1-2 Maureen, Fliptop, Sparky & Sloppy Seconds on this overcast & slightly muggy morning.

            Some of the Pack had parked up at the far end, where the regulars normally camp out.  Sloppy Seconds was there & someone noticed he had some Golfing Sticks in the boot of his hairdressers’ car.  He said that he already had these out & managed to lose a ball by hitting it straight in to the lake just beyond the earthen bank.  If that wasn’t enough for Sloppy, he was very vocal about having the Hashit to wear around for the second week!  Mr X calmed the waters by assuring him he wouldn’t have it in the Circle at the end of this Trail.

With no GM or JM present when the Circle was kind of called together outside of the EHMR gates, the RA stepped up to welcome the Pack to the correct Run number.  Then it was over to the ‘Virgin Hares’, Max Factor & Alfa Male would tell of normal Herts Marking, there were roads to cross, there was a large short cut & that there would be a Sweet stop (which got the most interest from the Circle).  Rupert a member of the EHMR, arrived just before the Pack were about to set off, he was quickly introduced as a Newie this week, as Kylie had talked him in to it.

            It was after the Hour as the Pack made their out of the expansive car park for the Garden Centre, on the way the Pack passed by the rather splendid artworks that were rusty iron dinosaur skeletons, Mr X pointed to the teeth on a pterodactyl & said “Look at this for a bottle opener!” which could be said the same of the T-Rex & other meat-eating Dinosaurs there.

Eventually the Pack came out by the front of the busy Garden Centre, there a CHK was found, far enough for My Lil’ not to be upset with his ‘pet hate’ of having a CHK outside of a Pub!  It was noted that the circle of the CHK was pretty round & had My Lil’ wondering if the Hares had drawn it around a dinner plate?  Mr X mentioned that Giotto was famed for being able to draw a perfect circle free-hand.

A few turned up Pepper Hill to the South East & they soon found two T’s stopping any further progress toward what was the Coach & Horses.  Instead it was TBT OBE, in his bright orange top, who picked up the Trail leading Northward down the hill toward Ware, some thought that he may have seen the Trail on his way up from his home?

The Pack had to cross over the busy road, to pick up the Dust on the footpath running beside the dead end of Church Walk.  The Calling of “On!” from the FRBs brought out a concerned local from his rear garden that backs on to the Church Walk path, the RA said we were alright when the guy asked if anything was wrong?

The Trail came out on to Cautherly lane in to the centre of Great Amwell, a CHK was found at the small triangle opposite the George IV.  Sparky, Mr X, No Eye Deer & Milf were soon in to the grounds of the local St John’s Church.  There are several paths that lead out of the back of the Churchyard, one of which TBT OBE lost his footing on a few years ago & this led to him slipping down the steep bank of nettles & brambles that the RA had warned him to avoid only seconds earlier!  It was also TBT OBE’s own Trail that he was lost on for the Qatar Reunion weekend!  [No surprise there then! – Ed]

The Paths were searched but no Dust could be found, then a call of “On!” came echoing up from down by the New River below the village.  On the way down to the steps out of the side of the Churchyard, three ladies tending to a grave enquired what this splinter of the Hash were up to? 

No Eye Deer explained that we were running, which led to the women saying that a runner is buried in the graveyard, as they pointed to the nearby gravestone of Harold Abrahams, Olympic Gold Medallist in Paris 1924 & immortalised in the Oscar wining Film ‘Chariots of Fire’.  They added that when the 2012 Olympic Games were taking place, they placed a special garland of flowers on his grave.

After a quick short cut down the steps, which were covered with silt & other debris that had been washed out of the undergrowth on to them.  The short flight led on to the end of the lane & there the Trail was picked up over the narrow bridge that crosses the New River, there a CHK was found.

Off along the raised bank for the New River the Pack now went, as the Trail leaded on a long, slow arc around to the South, the Trail passed above the recently restored bright limestone War Memorial.  The long Stretch would now sort out the Pack, as Milf & Sparky pulled away from the rest, with Mr X passing Fliptop & Sloppy Seconds to run on & join them up at the first held CHK, right by the kissing gate were the path comes out on to Station road on the outskirts of the St Margaret’s end of Stanstead Abbotts.

Mr X looked at the clear flowing water as he explained that the New River was created to supply fresh drinking water to London at the start of the 1600’s.  Once the Hares had arrived, the Keenies were allowed to continue the search after discovering that this was not the sweet stop!  But first they had to pass through the Kissing gate & Milf stood on the other side of the green wrought iron, waiting for Kylie to get there from the end of the queue of men passing through it!  T

Out on the main road & the RA would go wrong as he headed down in to St Margaret’s & along the Hoddesdon road.  “On!” was called from the west as Station road heads out of Stanstead St Margaret’s in the direction of the Amwell Roundabout.  Having passed over the end of Hillside lane, as set of double arrows sent the Hash over the main road & on to the wide farm track of a bridleway to the southwest. 

The ground under foot was pretty hard & you’d never have guessed that there had been any overnight rain.  On the way the RA had to get by TBT OBE & Fliptop as they were discussing life insurance policies & funerals! [Cheery subject there then! – Ed]

This long stretch through the crop fields would pass over the A414 below, there was another crop field to come before running out on to the edge of the Ware road into Hoddesdon, there an old van sits with an advert on it for old cars for scrap.  Mr X wondered if Sloppy Seconds was noting the number?

 Another set of arrows pointed the Hash directly over to the footpath over the rising great hill to the west.  It was noticed that there was a red sign that warned “Beware of the Bull” as the Pack clambered over the stile, with a few nettles growing around it, the RA calmed any fears by telling Sloppy Seconds that they don’t sting this time of year!

The Cattle field seemed to be lacking any Bulls, but there were cows in it & Hash Hush was obeyed as the bovines were spotted as the Pack followed the Trail up the hard, rutted grassy paddock.  The ground became far rougher around the top where the cattle congregate near to the building & the gateways to the other fields at the top of the hill. 

A CHK was found there on the summit, Sparky went off to the south, but Milf soon had him coming back as she found the Trail further westward, she gave a shrill whistle to get Sparky’s attention & break the Hash Hush!

 Disappearing in to the hedgerow, the Trail then turned to run northward in the wooded area parallel to the A10. The sheltered path would lead down to the roundabout below for the A10, a dash over the slip road to the south to pass under the wide bridge supporting the A10, then across the next Slip road to take to a footpath up the wooded embankment, as the path ran up through the trees it turned slightly to find the next Held CHK up on the northeast corner of Hailey wood. 

Milf disappeared at this point & was not seen again until the Pack returned to base.  So, she missed out at the sweet stop when the Hares arrived, the Pack were spoilt with such a selection of Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans, Fruit Pastels & Wine Gums!  They were quite literally like “kids in a sweet shop”.

Sparky too looked like he was going off from the held CHK, but he was just exploring the large rectangular mound & asked if there was a Golf course around here, but there’s never been one & the grassing block is not a golf tee.  Fliptop went on to explain that there was once a firing range in the grounds of Haileybury college for their resident Cadet Force.

Kylie & Rupert arrived to enjoy the sweets, then Kylie had to call Milf to find out where she was & he claimed could hear a train whistle in the background of the conversation!  Kylie informed those gathered that Milf was now back at the EHMR.  The Pack held the CHK for quite a while in waiting for 2-1-2 Maureen & No Eye Deer to arrive, but they must have been a way back & Max Factor allowed the FRBs to resume searching, while they would mark the Trail through.

The Trail resumed just slightly south off of due west, in the direction toward centre of Haileybury College, meanwhile Fliptop & Mr X went a bit wrong as Fliptop tried to second guess the Hares, they wandered off over the sports field, marked out with running lanes of a circuit & an all-weather hundred yard track, then came up to the tree-lined bank that they knew a footpath ran behind.  Sparky joined them as they made their way back on to the Trail at the north end of the trees.

There were calls of “Short Cutters!” from Sloppy Seconds as the trio came out in front of the rest of the Pack, following the Trail as it led in to Goldings wood, the largest of the wood on the Haileybury grounds.  The Trail made its way around the eastern edge of the woodland & back to the side of the A10, where a CHK was found.

The Trail would be picked up through the series of wooden gates & obstacles fenced in, in a line by the noisy motorway.  Out of the woodland & a nice gentle descent along the edge of a fallow field led on to a set of steps that took the Hash down to the Stanstead road at the southern end of Great Amwell, there the Dust was found under the A10 bridge & then on over to a footpath on its eastern side.

This was the last leg of the Trail as the Dust weaved its way through a small pine plantation, out on to a long pine tree lined footpath over to the northeast, this route would come Inn by a fenced off area by the grounds of a large house to the right & then the fenced panels disguising the industrial units to the left.  This path would come out to the top of Pepper Hill, where the On Inn was found before the turn to the left & back into Van Hages.

On the way around, Kylie had said that there was no Ale left from the night before, which for a Hash Beer was poor & some wondered if he should have gone & got some bottles or cans in?  Anyhow there was Old Rosie Cider, which is 7.5%, this left only a handful who could drink this neat & not heavily diluted with lemonade!

Paxo & Ewok arrived, Ewok having just completed a 10K Run that morning!  Fliptop found that he could purchase bottles of Ale in the garden centre, he also came back with a large packet of Scotch Bonnet Crisp & one of Haggis & Cracked Pepper, very nice they were too, quite addictive in fact.  There was a wait for the rest of the Pack to get back & when No Eye Deer came in, the Hares asked if she had come in with 2-1-2 Maureen?  No Eye Deer put on her best ‘poker-face’ as she said “No, she wasn’t with me!”

After a long, silent pause that had the Hares sweating, No Eye Deer finally admitted 2-1-2 Maureen was with her!  No Eye Deer then had to collect the weekly subs, which meant trying to get Blood out of a Stone Fees out of Sloppy Seconds!  If he didn’t already have a Hash Handle he would be christened ‘Awkwright’!

The Circle had to wait for the Pack to have something off of the barbeque, then after half of the Pack went around on the Trains again!

Kylie was keen that this was held up at the area we normally camp in, away from any kids’ ears!  The Hares were rewarded for a good First setting of a Trail; Sloppy stepped in as he produced some ‘Lost property’, stolen more like as an EWS top that had Mr X name on it appeared & the RA had to take a Down-Down off of the table!  Perhaps this was Sloppy believing that he had a ‘Get out of Jail’ card from the RA?

Kylie was out for being the weekend’s Host, plus he needed punishment for not getting any extra Ale in!  Sloppy did got rid of the Hashit, this was now awarded to Max Factor for managing to fall off of a Train the night before, and the large graze on her knee bore testimony to this!