Date =                            23rd July 2015

Run Number =            1628                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Standard Bearer

Location=                    Stevenage

Beer =                           Many Guests

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                    12

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =             Hearing the Tales of Kraków!


Due to the number of the regulars who were away to €uroHash over the weekend, & after the success of the last Herts ‘Spoons Thursday Curry Club Trail’, a quick decision was made to move the Monday Trail to Thursday.

There were a few 'eager beavers' arriving that evening, Pebbledash & Ewok ran in to the Bar to find out what had happened in Kraków.  The main culprit was Sludge & part of the tale was told of how, late one night, the RA steered him home like a shopping trolley with a wheel that always goes in a different direction, then after being deposited with Flanders he proceeded to do an impersonation like a Garden Sprinkler!

Sludge, who somehow managed to get a '24 hour pass', [must be a forgery? – Ed] arrived & the conversation continued with him about it being one of the best €uroHash Weekends!  Mark E Mark put in an appearance & after hearing that Ketchup failed to appear at €uroHash, followed by more tales about the carking event in Kraków, he said that he could have gone along in the end.

Anyhow, the Hare was sounding a bit grumbly, his mains & groans were down to, as he put it, having set the Trail only an hour or so before!  Amazingly, even in the absence of our illustrious GM & an extended diatribe, the Pack were not going to get away on time.  Pebbledash then suddenly squeaked "A Rat!" as a large rodent scuttled by behind one half of the Circle!

Sludge stated that there are a few rats in Stevenage, however the RA was more concerned about tics, after the 'Chalk talks' in Poland, but the Hare allayed any fear of being bitten by one.  Custard added that Tics can carry Limes disease

After the bit about "usual markings & Hash Arrows" plus short cuts, the Pack were ushered away over the bus station area & toward Mecca!  At the corner of the bingo hall, the Trail clearly led the way up to the long ramp leading in to the passageway in the top floor of the Gordon Craig Theatre, Ewok led the way up through the tunnel-like passageway.

Mr X noted the number of celebrities & sports stars whose pictures adorn the walls of the first story passageway, he also noted that they all kept quiet at hailing from these parts!  Once out over the Lytton Way footbridge, the Trail took a right turn to the ramp down to the Bus stops & Taxi Rank by Stevenage Railway Station.

Having descended the strange long steps down to the cab rank, Ewok spotted double arrows apparently pointing to a dead end comer of the  drop off area, Mr X arrived & explained that there is a cycleway alongside the railway line with the entrance to it being obscured behind the metal power units.

A CHK was found on the cycleway, from here Ewok thought about the southbound option.  Mr X on the other hand correctly assumed it would head northward, he called out "On! On! To alert Ewok to the right direction, as the cycleway/path gentle turn to the right these to avoided a blind couple out for a stroll.

The Cycleway/footpath now head away from the main line & around to the next CHK in to the roundabout on the junction with Fairlands Way & Lytton Way, it is just one of many that have the underpasses that all the major routes have that are hollowed out to link the lattice work of cycle ways that shadow the main roads in Stevenage.

The RA' success at finding the Trail would now come to an abrupt end!  While Ewok would go wrong on the eastbound cycleway that accompanies Fairlands Valley Way, he decided to head further north on to Lytton way, toward the Old Town.

Sludge too was convinced that the Hare would led us in to the old town, but the Hare wouldn't.  While Sludge carried on in a vain attempt to short cut to the Old Town, Mr X went back to find that the CHK had been marked in a direction almost back on the way the Trail came up to it!  The Trail now dipped under the railway.

Up ahead in the distance he could see Custard & her Daughter with the others ahead of them making their way westward along Fairlands way, in the direction of the A1(M).  The Pack came around by the corner gate of one part of BAE Systems estate in Stevenage & on to the Bowman Industrial Estate.  A CHK was found at the next subway roundabout, luckily for Mr X the rest of the FRBs went wrong there & he finally caught back up.

Mr X was cheered up as the likes of Ewok, Mark E Mark, Paxo & TBT OBE came back from under Fairlands way, the RA then looked back to see if Sludge had realised his mistake & was on his way back?

The simple answer was no!  But the figures of Psycho, Skip & No Eye Deer could be seen on their way to join the Pack.

The Trail briefly headed south, before heading under the A1(M) in a run-down looking area.  There were a few broken bottles & a bit of discarded waste materials as the Trail advanced under the bridge.  On the way the RA stated that the nettles wouldn't sting, My Lil' replied, “Not here they just stab ya!”

On the west side of the rumbling, overhead motorway, another CHK was found.  No Eye Deer was first to this & had started off on the correct route but returned having thought this was to rough a way to be correct.

The Hare then ushered her away from whence she came, with Mr X, Ewok & the now returned Sludge to accompany her through the Travellers site. 

Not far up the old Dyes lane & a "Highways maintenance" truck pulled up to ask what was going on.  No Eye Deer tried to explain it those in the vehicle, but it wasn't sure if it translated?  Anyhow, as the few set off on what was the long Trail loop, the rest took the easy option of following the Hare down the opposite Chadwell lane.

Those running the gauntlet of the long loop would pass by the sad spot where flowers & memorial to one of the Travellers who was murdered there the year before.  There was no calling, to avoid any more attention to the FRBs until they were out of the Travellers site.  On the way out the FRBs had to negotiate the overgrown tarmac of Dyes lane that also had other obstacles to avoid, lots of discarded stuff to trip up on but Sludge, Mr X, Ewok & No Eye Deer all ran this leg to get it behind them as quickly as possible!

Finally the waste was left behind as the loop came on to the Kitching lane footpath running north to south, now there were open crop fields to see, well at least to the west! On the east was a large earthen bank fitted with a few saplings.

On the southbound trot, Mr X noticed a small sign on the bank stating that it belongs to a company called something like, & it warned that this was “Private land" so the RA could not resist a scramble up to see what lay in between the bank & the A1(M), once up there he could see the area had been cleared & levelled as if it had already been earmarked for houses to be built on the west of the motorway!

The slightly south-south-easterly kitching lane path bends around to the right to come out on to the tarmac of Chadwell lane, this is the other part of Dyes lane that heads southward in to Norton Green.

Another white van went back & forth on the lane, so the RA waited on the verge as he was keeping an eye out for No Eye Deer & Ewok who were still behind him on the Trail, he would keep stopping at certain dodgy key points for the almost rest of the Trail.

The next point he would do this was down the lane just before coming in to the heart of Norton Green, this was where the Trail looked like it continued around by where the former Woodman’s Arms used to be before it was turned in to a private residence.  Another lost Pub that the Hash once ran from, & it was a very nice place but obviously wouldn't make the money Greedy King wanted!

Anyhow, the Trail doubled back on the triangle to the disappear through the underpass below the A1(M), here a couple of joggers came by before Ewok & No Eye Deer came in to sight once again.  The pack were now leaving the scenic side of the motorway behind to the bleaker, stark industrial area of Stevenage.

On the east of the motorway the Trail would lead by a part of the 'Horizon Technical Park' on the edge of Six Hills way, a road that is name after the six Tumuli that lay at the other end if the industrial area.

Another series of passing beneath roundabouts took place, Mr X waited at each for those behind to head down Six Hills Way, firstly on the south side & then underneath to take to the north side cycleway/path.  As the Trail passed by the entrance to the Stevenage Leisure Park, a lot more joggers appeared & one of them called out “On! On!” to Mr X who was now standing by the start of the cycleway up away from the next underpass on Six Hills Way with Lytton Way.  Mr X didn’t recognise this chap, perhaps it was just the T-Shirt the guy saw that belayed its owner was a Hasher?

The final trot was up alongside the railway line, firstly behind the new Police Station & then out through the railway car park to find a set of steps on the Lytton Way side of the Station, this led up to the bridge spanning the main arterial route & back in to the first storey passageway in the Gordon Craig Theatre.  There a few of the Harriettes noticed that Sister Act will be staged there sometime in the future & seemed tempted to go.

Down-Downs were put off until the following week, which was due to the fact that the small outside seating area was mostly populated by smokers, plus the Pack were upstairs in order to sit with all together for the Curry, which when it arrived left the RA without any rice, which was soon remedied!