Date =                            27th July 2015

Run Number =             1629                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The White Horse

Location=                     Hertford

Beer =                           Seafarers, Buttcome, Adnams , Harvest Pale

Hares =                         Alfa Male

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          16

Membership =             Figuring out the 8!


Starting from St Andrews street car park, nearly all the drivers parked up & then walked over to look at the tariff board by the pay-meter.   Yep, much to the relief of Sloppy Seconds it was free after 18:30 hrs which mean they wouldn’t have to get the miser’s purse out until the Pub.

Tent Packer called the Circle together on the hour & got the Run Number correct, then he called Alfa Male to explain, in his capacity as Hare, what the Pack could expect to discover out on Trail.  Alfa Male claimed that the trail took him an hour & a quarter to set just a few hours earlier, the previous day’s seemingly all-day downpour would have been washed away anything set 24 hours before.

A warning of busy roads to cross was born in mind, as was the mention of a Held CHK, especially when it was made clear that there were no Jelly Babies or sweets at this!  As the Pack were about to leave, the RA pointed out the blue Tardis in the back garden of Rigby’s Piano Bar, where the Pack in an Doctor Who episode?

The start was a gentle amble out on to St Andrews Street & after the right turn, some crossed over up by Old Cross Tavern (The old H4 HQ!) & those salty old stalwarts managed to get by this temptation.  The Trail now led around in to Old Cross road, a photo opportunity of catching Sloppy Seconds in front of Sloppy's Bar was missed, since the old Slopster had been passed this & was at the front of the Pack!

On toward Cowgate & the Hash passed by Biggles House, former residence for Ketchup, well a flat above what is now a Chip Shop.  The Trail seemed to slow up as the FRBs found a CHK on the bend in the lane.  Straight on north-westward on to the start of Port Vale & the Trail was picked up by Sloppy Seconds & Max Factor.

The Pack now made their way opposite the Two Brewers to head on by the local School to a point just beyond, where an arrow directed the Hash off between the newish homes then through by a playground & a shaped green area before the river Beane.

Here Sloppy Seconds went wrong on the inner of three paths, the second of them was found to be false by Max Factor.  Eventually the third one, nearest the Beane, was found to be correct by Sloppy Seconds on his second attempt at picking up the correct Trail.  Mr X was convinced that this was going to be a loop back around to Port Vale to rejoin just far enough away from the Mill Stream Pub.

 Mr X was proved correct as Max Factor, Sloppy & he made their way down Beane Road to Port Vale again, there an arrow was discovered on Port Vale, pointing the way up to the northwest between the orderly line of small terraced homes, then on by the building works for the few new builds before reaching the junction with Moleswood lane where the next CHK was found

The RA was reluctant to go up the steps at the start of Little Moles wood, too many times in the past has he been caught out up the steep flight of stairs to Horns Close [luckily Pebbledash wasn’t there! - Ed], he let the likes of Tent Packer, Sloppy Seconds lead the way up these & find that route to be false. 

Leaving the others to work-out on their thighs on the steep Falsie, Mr X continued along searching on Moleswood Lane, he was soon proved to be right as Dust was fund down the rough pot-holed uncapped lane, for those who had to stand aside to allow the odd car to pass by, they found the going at the sides was soft & damp underfoot due to the weekend rain. 

The Next CHK was discovered just beyond the functional old red-brick buildings built in1888 for Hertford Water Works, the older arch section over the river Beane was constructed 1801, behind it gurgling water seemed to appear out of the hillside & under the building.  All of this was once a water supply to the County Town. 

The RA’s good fortune would now run out as he began to climb up the steep footpath from Woodville Place which climbs the wooded embankment toward the Avenue at the top of Bengeo Hill, but there was no sign of Dust up there.  A call of “On! On!” echoed back up from the floor of the valley, this had the RA scuttling back down as Tent Packer & Max Factor picked up the Trail further along Moleswood Lane.  Having finished the steep descent, Mr X would bump in to No Eye Deer & he steered her in the correct direction.

  The Dust would lead up to the next CHK by the Railway Bridge, here Tent Packer was seen coming back from track off to the meadow on the south-west, but there was no path there.  So, it was back to run under the bridge for the Railway above that makes up the Hertford Loop line in to Hertford North Station.  On the right of the track the river Beane gently flowed by.

The Held CHK was found just beyond the gate where Moleswood Lane comes out on to the edge of North Road, here the Pack gathered in the pull-in to the lane.  Once Psycho, Fliptop & Sundae Girl had made it to the Held CHK, the Hare allowed the Pack to start searching once again.

The RA followed on behind Fliptop, who was checking out the main road back in toward Hertford, as the RA started to get out of sight & earshot, Sloppy Seconds stood on the opposite side of the bend to relay if “On!” was called in the opposite northbound direction.  Eventually a call of “On!” did come from that northerly direction & Fliptop was called back.

A short way along North road toward Stapleford to find an arrow pointing over toward the footpath beside the entrance to Goldings, here the Pack were led over the ornate bridge spanning the river Beane near to the fancy wrought-iron gates in their stone pillars.  An expensive Range rover passed by as the majority of the Pack made their way along the drive toward the large house up in the grounds.

No Eye Deer was impressed by the old country home, Paxo explained to her where they were.  Then it was noticed that Tent Packer & Max Factor were all the way around on driveway as it bends around behind the Goldings Canal, the Pack wondered how they got there ahead of the rest?  The Pack would soon feel better about the distance separating the m form the two FRBs, when they were seen to stop & then turn back around to head back to a footpath marker post beside the eastern meadow area.

The rest now searched the cropped field to the east, My Lil’ looked at the elongated stepping stones in the river Beane, while Mr X was egged on by Paxo as he headed over toward the wooded area over by North Road but he didn’t find any dust either.  None of the paths seemed to be very well marked & eventually Ewok, No Eye Deer, Sloppy & Skip found the Trail heading northward up along the inside edge of the field, near to the estates driveways.

Suddenly the FRBs were stopped min their tracks as a call of “On!” came from behind them, they all turned around to see that the Hare was with Psycho, Sloppy, Fliptop & Sundae Girl as they headed over the grassland to the wooded area the RA was almost upon just minutes before!

Out of another kissing gate & the Pack took care in crossing North Road, only to find arrows pointing back down to where the Held CHK was, the Trail passed by one Footpath option that leads away over to Waterford Marsh but this was ignored as it had been correctly assumed that the Hare had set a figure of eight Trail, this was confirmed when they passed by the crossed out arrow over in to the Goldings estate.

Sure enough the Hash found themselves running back to the Held CHK, but now the markings had all been alteedr & the way was marked back in toward Hertford, where earlier Fliptop must have been only a few feet from finding the Trail on the homeward stretch. 

The RA had to stop along this part of the Trail as he found that an old rusty nail had passed through his Trainer & was annoying his heel, luckily he had his ‘barman’s friend’ on him to remove the said nail with Paxo & No Eye Deer’s help.  Fortuitously Paxo said that he would shut his eyes & turn his head, just as he did so the nail flew out & whizzed by his face!

A long stretch lay head as the Trail headed on down to where the Welwyn Road joins North Road, passing under the railway bridge before Hertford North Station.  Psycho, No Eye Deer & Sundae Girl all slowed on the way as thy told of finding a fancy butterfly on the outbound section of Trail.  The RA passed by Skip & Little Hole as the Trail passed by the pull-in bus stop before Beane Road, across this to follow the arrows on the opposite side of the road from the Station, as well as to pass by the front of the sadly closed Bridge House (The Former Sele Arms).

Having passed by the new builds on the site of the former paper mills in Hertford, these were the first to produced paper in the UK, the Trail led opposite the entrance to Hertford County Hospital.  Straight over at the roundabout to the A414 by-pass, then around by the old Waters Garage & on to St Andrews Street to find the On Inn to the Car Park.  There Ketchup was discovered to be waiting for the Pack’s return.  Had he done a part of the Trail, or was he going to use the Tardis to get to the opening Circle on time??  [He bloody well needs to get a Tardis & je ,ay arrive on time! – Ed]

Once changed, the Hare said that the Pack would retire to the White Horse in Castle Street, a Pub the Hash haven’t been back to for over 10 years after Ketchup was stung for the cost of aprčs Trail food the White Horse had laid on.  The RA said that he had only been there twice since after Fullers didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to his letter of complaint about the exorbitant cost. 

No doubt there have been several Managers in the White Horse since, & the new chap seemed very amicable, but they have missed out on Hash’s custom & the Black Horse has benefitted since.

The Circle was called out in the small fenced in patio garden.  The GM toasted the Hash & then the RA took the Circle, he had to fight to be heard over the noise of the traffic & that of the alternative circle of Psycho, Sloppy Seconds & Skip were holding over by the Door.

This week’s Hare, Alfa Male, was joined by the previous weeks Hare of My Lil’ for two pretty good Trails, though there was a bit of a contrast in the street running & the countryside parts of the respective Trails.  Psycho was out for completing 500 Herts Trails & she was joined by Sloppy Seconds, who had paid his dues, so he received his Down-Down for completing 200 Herts Trails!  Neither of their respective awards were available to be handed out!

 Ketchup was out for registering & paying for €uroHash in Kraków but failed to make it there!  Fliptop was out for abandoning Sundae Girl (she went home with Sis), then Sloppy was out again for continuing to speak while the RA was holding court [Bet Sloppy wouldn’t like that in his Circle if he was holding Court? – Ed]

Unfortunately for Ewok, Alfa Male was not going strip off to adorn the Hashit, this went to the GM instead for not booking the Krakow accommodation of the correct number of days & fa failing to get the Taxi sorted to pick up from Stanstead Airport!  As Tent Packer took his top off, the RA asked what the equivalent to a Milf would be?  Ketchup blurted out a Filf, so Tent Packer was the Filf in a filfy Hashit!