Date =                            3rd August 2015

Run Number =             1630                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Admiral Byng

Location=                     Potters Bar

Beer =                           Around 10 different Ales!

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          15

Membership =            Relief at a short one!!


            There were a few survivors of the fantastic Full Moon Nash Hash Weekend, they all looked slightly jaded, especially the RA who tried to take an afternoon nap to aid his beauty sleep recovery from a lack of sleep.  Unfortunately this was disturbed by TBT OBE calling him up to get Sparky’s phone number, a number he used to have until he messed his phone up.  If TBT OBE had backed-up his contacts then he wouldn’t have to call anyone. [That’s a lesson for you all! – Ed]

            Due to the lack of sleep, the Scribe had failed to amend the ‘cut & paste’ from the previous week’s Trash data section before printing it out, but no one seemed to pick up on this! [If they did they’d be put forward to write this one up! – Ed]

Tent Packer waited for Kylie, Paxo & TBT OBE to come around from the near-by car park after they arrived a fraction after the hour.  Tent Packer introduced the Pack to the correct Run Number, then it was over to My Lil’.  This week’s Hare was also suffering from the long weekend, especially after being on the Committee for the event, so it was no surprise to the others who had been in Essex over the weekend when the Hare mentioned during the ‘Chalk Talk’ that the Trail was not a long one!

With the words of short-cuts & busy roads to cross still ringing in their ears, the Pack were ushered away down Darkes lane toward the Railway Station.  Halfway along the parade of shops a set of arrows directed the Hash over the crossing to the east side of the street, then more arrows would lead the FRBs of Alfa Male, Max Factor, Sludge, Tent Packer & Vigorous Screwballs down to the metal railway bridge, a carefully set arrow had them run underneath the steel structure & up to a Bar CHK on the opposite, south side of the tracks.

With the FRBs being caught out, this allowed Fliptop, Paxo & Mr X to take to the footpath running along the Railway lines northern edge, starting down by the local MacDognuts drive-thru.  This alleyway path was littered at the start with a hell of a lot of broken glass, once beyond the broken beer bottles the Pack then had to endure the bunches of nettles that were encroaching over the path, fortunately as we all know “Nettles don’t sting at this time of the year!”

The slow, steady rise up to the southeast would rise higher above the railway & Kylie was ecstatic to look down on the railway lines & passing trains.  The Path emerged out on to the bridge were Mutton Lane crosses the main-line.  A CHK was found on the short T-section leading in to the long arcing Stafford Gate road.

From here Fliptop & Paxo took to going over the bridge & down Mutton lane, all while Mr X chose the other direction but all three were called back as the Hare emerged from the alleyway & with the rest of the Pack took to Strafford Gate & off around on the east bound section of the road.

The Pack made their way by the street feature of a decorative roundabout that does no more than acts as a device to slow the traffic, the Keenies soon made their way up to the T junction with Albermarle Avenue where the next CHK was found.  Tent Packer, Sludge, Vigorous Screwballs, Alfa Male & Max Factor turned to the left on the northbound part of the road, but they were soon running back to head southward section & back out on to Mutton Lane.

The Hare put in a Short Cut diagonally across from the Junction with Albermarle Avenue to the footpath running northward behind the homes along Abingdon Place.  On the way up to the top of the hill, a nasty stink could be smelt in the air, it was pretty vile to say the least!

Soon the Keenies, being led by Alfa Male, were coming back from the loop out on to Mutton Lane & back to meet the SCBs on the footpath as it passed between the rear of the homes on Abingdon Place & the sports centre on the east, through the chain-link fencing the Hash could see the women out playing doubles tennis, then after that distraction for the Hashers it was on by the Cricket Club.

The Trail continued on the path over road of old tarmac ‘The Walk’ that leads out on to the High Street to the east.  Alfa Male was quickly on to the green area of Parkfield Open Space & off on one of the paths on the grassy land to head in to the wooded area to the east, a trip around this would lead him back on a loop to come back out on to the open green.  At least the stench had dissipated.

Mr X would inform Vigorous Screwballs about the little pond & stones that are hidden amongst the woodland to the east, he completely forgot that she was brought up in Potters Bar & knew this well!  [Doh! – Ed] With the Keenies being led around another loop on the parkland, this allowed the likes of Skip, TBT OBE, Psycho, Paxo, Fliptop & Little Hole to keep up with the FRBs.

The Trail would take the Hash over to the north end of Parkfield where it is penned in by Billy Lows Lane.  Arrows would direct the Pack out to the east end of this road where it joins the A1000 Hatfield road as it heads north-bound out of Potters Bar.  Once on this main road the Pack had to cross over to follow the Trail on the opposite side, heading away northward on this leg of this differently named part of the old Great North Road.

The Keenies were directed in though a Kissing gate located a few yards along in the wild hedgerow that was sprouting out over the pathway, this led in to the cattle field that seemed not to have any bovines within but there was plenty of evidence that some had been residing there as there were plenty of fresh cow-pats to avoid as it heads over toward the Northaw Place. 

The footpath headed slightly off of Northward & the Hare was surprised to see Sludge, Tent Packer & Alfa Male all head away beyond the next Kissing gate on the west edge of the field.  It was down to Max Factor & Vigorous Screwballs to find the Trail through the Kissing gate, not the experience of ‘The elder statesmen of the Hash’ as the Dust led firstly on down by the garages at the dead end of the narrow Norman Court, then around the slight kink in the road where the terraced homes were before it comes out on to the A1000 again.

More arrows pointed the way back over the main road, already across this & ahead of the Keenies were Skip, Psycho, Fliptop, Little Hole & Paxo as they made their way up to Church Road, as it runs off of the A 1000 Hatfield Road & away to the west, the Trail was picked up again as it ran below the Little Heath end of town.  The Dust followed the elbow like bend in the road as it turns southwest & becomes Darkes Lane once again.

It was not a straight run back in, as the Trail took to a footpath beside the Church & School to come out on to Mount Pleasant, straight over this residential road & on to the next alleyway footpath to come out on Billy Lowes Lane, where the On Inn was found after a westerly turn to come back out on to the roundabout beside the ‘Spoons pub.

A lot of the Pack enjoyed the Mexican Monday with a bit of Texmex food, this left Tent Packer wanting to get the show on the road as this branch of ‘Spoons doesn’t allow drinking out where the majority of the Hash were sitting under unattractive but functional grey plastic & the scaffolding it was covering.  So, with the time ticking down quicker then the Full Moon Nash Hash Countdown clock’ the GM got through the toasting of the Hash in record time, this led the RA with 5 minutes to get through the Down-Downs!!

So, with multiple Down-Downs the Hare was rewarded for a good Trail, that was 45 minutes in length, he was joined by Mr X who completed his 1,111th Herts Trail.  TBT OBE was out for disturbing the RA’s sleep, Sludge & Alfa Male for doing more Falsies than the rest put together!

The Hashit went to Ketchup for getting in a state at the Full Moon Nash Hash, where the RA found him wandering the corridor of the accommodation block, after looking himself out of his room & not being able to communicate with Mr X.