Date =                            24th August 2015

Run Number =            1633                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        Cole Green Picnic Site

Location=                    Cole Green

Beer =                           Guinness, Carlsberg & Skippy Piss

Hares =                         Paxo

Runners =                    17

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          18

Membership =             Under-cover & on the line!


            The Weather didn’t look good & the prospects of more rain on the horizon that evening was enough to put a few of the Pack off of turning out, plus with the holidays still to end that would have detracted from the numbers.  However, the School holidays didn’t stop 3D, Slug to turn out with Port & Starboard.

            Mark E Mark had moseying on up like a cowboy or was he Crocodile Dunnee Dundee, as he was sporting a leather Stetson like hat of the style that Paul Hogan had in the films or that the late Steve Erwin used to wear.

Tent Packer called the Circle together outside of the two gazebos that Fliptop had erected for shelter of the après Hash & the picnic food.  With the absence of Pebbledash this week, it was down to Milf to get in the joke about erections on the Hash & she did Pebbledash proud [Oooer, Pebbledash! -  Ed]

            The RA commented on Kylie & Milf turning out today, & that was that it was a dead cert that Kylie would be there as there was après Trail food & the Trail was on part of an old railway line.  As Milf said later on, after moving in with him & after searching his gaff for any porn - she was surprised that all she would uncover were old Railway Magazines & videos!

With the prospect of the possibility of a few late comers, Tent Packer did his best to stretch things out & hold up the proceedings with a rambling opening speech that Ronnie Corbett would have been proud of!  [Perhaps we’ll have to get him an extra-large chair to sit on? – Ed]

            Finally it came around to the Hare, who was Paxo this week & he explained that he had just run around the Trail earlier & setting the Trail as it looked like it was going to be washed out, but the RA had done his duty & the Pack only had overcast conditions for their trot around Trail. 

            After Paxo had given the Hash the low-down on what to expect, a Trail that could be walked in half an hour & if that wasn’t enough for the FRBs, then the Keenies could run the Trail twice!  Looking at the state of the Pack that seemed very unlikely this evening!  Then without further ado, the Hash were directed in to the small wooded area on the north side of the old Hertford to Welwyn Garden Railway line.

Milf & Mr X led the way down through the trees in the undulating wooded land that has been opened up with footpaths, they were on the one in a direction to come out beside the back corner of the Cowper Arms, this would stop with Bar CHK.  Back in to the wooded area to find a CHK right in the centre of the small reserve, from here everyone but Mr X choose to look back southward on the Cole Green Way. 

After Tent Packer had assisted Mrs Mallet up a mound in the wood, & finding a T back by the Cole Green way, Mrs Mallet though that this would be enough & she went back to help Fliptop with the picnic.

Mr X took to the northerly route out of the reserve & down through the fields that had been harvested in the valley, he followed the Dust up to a CHK in the bottom of the valley.  There seemed to be only two options marked on the footpath signpost at the junction of footpaths, one straight on up the opposite side of the valley & the other was to head westward back in to Cole Green. 

The RA chose to search up the hill & there was Dust this way, except once up on the top of the plateau he would find a Bar CHK beside Kits Stocking.  Now out of sight of the rest of the Pack, Mr X decided that he would not be the only one to fall for this ruse, so he hid in amongst the trees beside the car breakers yard at the back of the Garage on the old Hertford road, now known as the Old Coach Road.

            Milf, Kylie, Slug, Port & Starboard all made their way up the fairly steep hill to be disappointed to discover that they had been conned by the RA, Milf decided to search around the field behind the breaker’s yard but there was no footpath on this top bit of land, instead it was a trot back down the hill & on the way they bumped in to Mark E Mark on his way up.

On the descent the FRBs could to see the Hare, Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, 3D & TBT OBE were all heading away eastward along the grassy track by the ditch separating the fields on either side of the valley, this bit wasn’t marked on the footpath post, though it is an official path.

  Even with the day’s earlier heavy rain, the tall wispy grass wasn’t damp enough to wet Hash legs.  Somewhere along the way Port, or was it Starboard picked up a lost ‘Minion’ helium balloon, which he would carry around until the end of the Trail.

The Trail began to turn south-eastward before reaching the point where it runs on to another footpath running from southwest to northeast, there an arrow pointed the way North-eastward up the hill but the ‘doubting Thomas’ of My Lil’ needed some encouragement from Paxo to head up in to Birch Green. 

Meanwhile the Hare looked back from upon the hillside & shouted back to the hobbling TBT OBE below, Paxo pointed out the short cut in the opposite southerly direction back over to the tree-line sheltering the former railway line.

The Trail left the cropped crop fields by coming into Birch Green though the garages at the back of homes on Birch Green, as Milf passed through the passageway she saw an on-coming Range Rover & so she shouted out “Petrol!” to warn those behind.  The driver stopped, wound down his window & enquired if Milf was calling a lost dog?  She then had to explain that she was calling out to the rest of the Hash.  The driver seemed to be bemused at this answer.

A CHK was found in the village, & it didn’t take long for the Trail to be picked up once again Southward through the sedate village of Birch Green, My Lil’ wondered why the Hare hadn’t taken the FRBs around a loop around the sheep fields to the east of the village to wear them out?

Instead of a loop, the Pack were led down on to a fairly new footpath at the end of the village, just before the road dips down to pass beneath the old railway bridge on the Cole Green Way.  This South-easterly path weaved its way through the fairly new small nature reserve, trees there were planted by the locals around about ten years ago.

Down to a hairpin footpath that cuts back down through the wooded embankment to the old Railway line below, the Trail now started to head westward, passing over the bridge spanning Birch Green Lane that runs beneath.  The Hash now started on the final stretch as the line runs around the slight bend.  There were no other lures off of this way Inn, no loops out to Chapel Lane to occupy the FRBs & taking in Letty Green.

Before reaching the On Inn further on the Cole Green way, a strange well-dressed elderly gent came down from the footpath southward to Letty Green, as the Pack closed in on this mystery figure, who the RA thought was out wondering what the calling from the Pack was about, only turned out not to be none other than Sloppy Seconds in his finery.  He had come straight from work but was late on Parade after getting stuck in a traffic jam.

There were no Down-Downs this week, instead the Pack concreted on eating & there was plenty of food.  There were hot pizzas amongst the Pork Pies, Sausages & usual party food.  Kylie spotted a small slice of pizza, he commented on this, as he moved it aside to grab a larger slice!

Mumblehead had another rescue pooch with her this week, & this dog was clever as it leapt up to knock her pizza slice off of the plate she was holding & this flopped on to the ground, the pooch was straight in there to eat the Pizza.  There was plenty left to take away, Kylie rolled up a Pizza to make it in to a ‘Stromboli’ for the following days’ work, while Fliptop was going home with plenty of sarnies to see him through the week!