Date =                            14th September 2015

Run Number =            1638                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        Chez TBT OBE

Location=                    Great Amwell

Beer =                           Hobgoblin

Hares =                         Ketchup & Jaron

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          15

Membership =             Old Bangers on Mash!!


            The Hash gathered outside of Phosco Lighting, a factory unit that is worth a visit off of the main road just to see the collection of old cast iron street lighting that adorn the grounds, these must come from around the UK & span a couple of centuries, the site of which no doubts frustrates the local dogs!

            TBT OBE came hobbling around from out of his abode to the starting point that was outside of the lighting firm where he was once gainfully employed.  When he was questioned on whether he had pestered Ketchup to get out & set the penultimate regular Monday run of 2015 for him, TBT OBE replied that he hadn’t had the time as he had been too busy all day peeling spuds!  [Yes we know there are two more Mondays, one being a Joint Run & the other a Mexican Special! – Ed]

            Paxo came to the rescue, as he said that he had badgered Ketchup on telephone several times that day to get out & set the Pig-out Trail, the evidence of which was already on the ground outside of the Lighting company, the markings of an arrow pointed the way westward out of Yearling Close & on to where it joins Lower Road.

Ketchup & Jaron came up from the east of Yearling Close, which meant that the Trail would have to take to the River Lea Navigation at some point toward its termination.  Tent Packer did his bit of the Hash introduction, which due to the chilly wind was kept mercifully short for No Eye Deer & Ewok who were both feeling the cold.  Then Ketchup informed the Pack that it was a Trail of 4 miles & that the whole thing could run in 40m minutes!  [There were some who wondered if this was a true statement? – Ed]

Mr X & Tent Packer led the way out on to Lower road & fro the CHK there they turned right to run on by the large new builds that sit on the east side of the road, one of which still had hoardings up around its grounds, Skip & Psycho drove by the Pack, as is the norm for them they late on parade!  But they would not be seen out on the Trail by the rest of the Pack.

The RA & GM continued to run along nor-north-westward up to where the narrow lane turns westward on the small pack-bridge over the New River.  A CHK was found by the Kissing-gate there & the two set off down the path along the east side of the New River in a direction toward Ware.

At the next kissing gate & having found no Dust that way they correctly assumed that the Trail was not that way, even better for the Hare was the fact that they found that there was no Dust along the roadside on their way back toward where the others were looking at crossing the road.

Back at the CHK & Zing-a-long-a-max had caught up after his late start & was now searching down the uncapped Track that heads eastward over to the edge of the flood plains toward the Railway line & the Navigation.  No Eye Deer was also searching this as well but No Dust was to be found there, which was good for Ewok as she had to go down there to scare the squirrels in the bushes along this route!   

Now it looked like that it was down to Sloppy Seconds across the main Amwell road & off up through the paddocks below Post Wood in the west, but this wasn’t to be!  Nor was it along the road in a southwesterly direction, in the end it was down to Paxo & My Lil’ to pick things up again on the footpath along the edge of the New River.

The waterway was flowing gently southward through to Amwell!  The going was soft under-foot as the Hash made their way along this stretch as it leads in to Amwell, they made it down the first stretch to pass by a pumping station & then the sluice gates to regulate the flow of the drinking water on its way to London.  For the New River was constructed to supply drinking water to the Capital, it was opened in 1613

Once in to the older outskirts of the village a Held CHK as found by the green wrought-iron gated railings by the lane up in to the higher level of Amwell.  The Keenies waited by the kissing gate & once the rest were with the FRBs, the Hare allowed the Keenies to search once again, while Mr X & Ewok tried & failed to read the dirty old Amwell memorial on the small island in the New River, Paxo called out “On!” from up the steps off of the rising lane. 

It was a steep but mercifully short climber up to come out just below the George IV, but there was no Beer Stop as calls of “On! On!” came from within the Churchyard of John the Evangelist.  Mr X & My Lil’ went slightly awry in the church grounds, as they passed by the Stocks on the path to the Church Door, while the Trail actually took the steeper climb up the path along the west side of the Church grounds, this man-made mound was once part of an ancient fort that stood there.

Mr. X & My Lil’ moved on to the path that runs down for the other one that Paxo & Sloppy Seconds were on, Mr X & My Lil’ had stumbled upon dust heading down this path as Mr X pointed out the grave of Harold Abrahams, the 1924 Paris Olympic Gold Medallist in the 100 Metres, to My Lil’.  These two allowed the rest to continue up the hillside before calling “On!”  So, as the others came down from above, the Gravestone of Harold Abrahams was pointed out to the others & how is was shown to No Eye Deer by three local women when the Hash ran from the East Herts Miniature Railway earlier this year.

Having made their way carefully down the narrow steps in the last part of the hillside that lead between the pine trees, this took the Hash down to a footbridge spanning the New River.  On the other side of the New River the Hares were found waiting for the Pack to descend & join them on the footpath above the Amwell road out to St Margaret’s.

Sloppy Seconds & My Lil’ thought at this point that they could outwit the Hares, as these two went down to the lane to just beyond the recently restored War Memorial, to look off on the footpath that leaves the road & heads out over a part of the local nature reserve & over the line to the Navigation.

From the CHK above the War Memorial, Zing-a-long-a-max pulled away from the rest as the Trail was found still up on the top of the wide grass embankment that keeps the New River on the level, but Jaron had other ideas & wanted to mark the CHK backwards toward Amwell again!  Fliptop prevent the little monkey from doing this & thankfully Ketchup had taken the bag of flour off of him as well.

Sloppy & My Lil’ didn’t bother to climb back up the embankment as they saw Zing-a-long-a-max far ahead & he was coming down the steps from the waterway, near to another pumping station where he turn to follow the road southward into St Margaret’s.  There looked like there were a couple of other options along the way to leave this lane & get out over the Railway & the Navigation but none of these were used & the Pack were led on by the homes & all the way out to Station road in St Margaret’s.

A left turn would lead the Pack slightly off of eastward to run over the tracks of the railway level crossing & then on to stop beside the stone bridge over the Navigation, where another Held CHK was found.  The Keenies gathered by the west end of the bridge, some whiled away the time by looking lovingly at the inviting sight of the nice warm bar of the Jolly Fisherman across the road.  They didn’t have to wait too long as the Hares arrived, soon followed on by Fliptop.

There was only really one option to consider, once the Hare allowed the Pack to continue searching, & this was to go down the ramp from the bridge to the towpath along the River Lea Navigation.  The Sun was setting now & the twilight was beginning to give way to the night on the northward trot along the towpath.

Along the way there were plenty of narrow boats to be viewed, some were somewhat more desirable than others but most seemed to have people inhabiting them.  There were also a lot of fisher-folk out, who were getting in the last few minutes of angling, however none of them would be aware of the fact that Izaac Walton once lived nearby in Amwell, he is most famous for being the writer of ‘The Complete Angler’ in 1653.

The Trail would stay faithful with the towpath on its northwest bound route, there were a couple of CHKs that only caught out Zing-a-long-a-max as he crossed the Navigation where the Track from near the War Memorial in Amwell arrives at the Navigation & crosses a bridge for vehicular access to the locks & the Lee Valley Regional Park that lies to the northeast.

The Trail progressed along to the next bridge & another CHK, here it was the RA’s turn to go off the towpath & he searched in the wooded area between the Navigation & the Railway, but nothing was found on the ‘Amwell Walkway’ & it was pretty dark under the tree canopy so the RA cut back to the tow path to catch up with the rest of the FRBs in the last remnants of light.

By now Paxo & Tent Packer were up front, with Paxo using his local knowledge to the best as they were the first to reach Hardmead Lock, from the CHK there they took the path down the ramp to the west & up to the Railway line.  Back on the towpath the RA & My Lil’ looked across as a Train rumbled along toward Ware, suddenly there was a loud sound of the Train’s horn as it approached the level crossing.  My Lil’ almost instantly said “Looks like we’ll need a new GM & JM!” & Mr X added that he tell Sludge that he had his old job back!

With the sound of the Train drowning out any calls from the FRBs, not that there were many coming from Paxo & Tent Packer, Zing-a-long-a-max continued on along the towpath toward Ware, until he realised that there was no more Dust on that route anymore.

The Trail crossed the level crossing & once on the opposite side of the tracks, the On Inn was found.  But for some there would be a bit more to run, for the gap in the tree-line of the rough uncapped track could not be seen in the dark & these unfortunates continued on right to the tracks ends, where the second CHK of the Trail was found on the bend in Lower Road, so they had a walk back along a part of the Out Trail to get Inn!

The Pack finally all got back to change at TBT OBE’s, there Skip & Psycho were found in the front room with Mrs Mallet.  Skip was suffering with a bad back after painting ceilings at their home [Was it the Sistine Chapel? – Ed] they did admit to reaching the second CHK before he had to go back!

The Host had set out several large bowls of Peanuts, salted & dry-roasted, which had a few people commenting that Fliptop should sneak a few handfuls as Sis wasn’t there!  Then it was on to the main course quite early, the Pack were treated to Bangers & Mash, two different sausages for the meat eaters & veggie ones for Zing-a-long-a-max.  Our Host had also done some very nice onions in olive oil, accompanied with warm bread, there was enough for seconds.  As Kylie had missed out on this aprčs Trail treat, there would be loads left for TBT OBE’s breakfast & lunch the following day.

After a round of calorie heavy cakes, the Down-Downs were finally awarded in TBT OBE’s back garden, next to the gushing waterfall that made some want to go for a pee!  The Hares were rewarded for setting a Trail of just under an hour, without the Held CHKs & the later detour after the On Inn it would have been around 40 minutes to Run.

TBT OBE joined the Hares, for being such a good host & cooking all of the Grub, & allowing us to use their finest cutlery!  The only misdemeanours on the Trail were Tent Packer & Paxo, who had the others think that they would have to have an Emergency AGPU to elect a new GM & JM, after they crossed the level crossing as the Train approached!!  The Hashit was not awarded to Ketchup to wear for the number of weeks he has had it & it has been absent from the Hash, we’ll never see it again until next year!  

Mr X mentioned that there will be a Herts Hash Christmas Weekend, 8th - 10th January 2016, please let him know ASAP if you wish to attend - as he is looking at booking the Quayside Bar once again.


The Hash have received an email from the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust concerning the Trail that ran through a part of the Panshanger Estate, seems that there are still people out there who think that the flour we use is some kind of poison.  If we do run through there again, can the Hares please let the Park know, they do have contact numbers.