Date =                            26th September 2015

Run Number =             1640                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                         Chez My Lil’

Location=                     Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                            Double Stout &

Hares =                         My Lil’ & Lola

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          17

Membership =             Enjoying the Braai!


            Grease Lightning & Foxy were both back for this week’s Run, for Grease Lightning wanted to stage a fund raising Braai for her Charity of ‘Hope for Children’.  The RA had done a sterling job, as the weather this day was one of the Best of the Year.  We were enjoying the 48 hours of the promised ‘Indian Summer’.

            Anyhow, the RA arrived to find that Lemming & Mother were knocking on the door of a house two up from the correct number of My Lil’s Home, Lemming blamed the RA for emailing him the wrong house number, the RA just chuckled at Lemmings complaints!

            Sloppy Seconds was present & he was sporting a traditional African women’s head-dress, that was made of beads & had two strands of these come around over either side of this face.  It was more authentic that his usual yellow African Cap that he wears.  He did wear an African T-shirt as well & brought along a book on the continent of Africa.

The GM was on hand to carry out his ‘Duties’ & he welcomed everyone to this special Trail with a Braai afterwards.  After finishing his oratory, the Hare was called forward & his ‘Chalk-talk’ was extremely brief, with it being mentioned that it was a “Short Trail, with Short-Cuts!  And there were a couple of potentially busy road crossings!”  Lemming asked how you could have Short-cuts on a Short Trail?  Lemming was at it already!  How does Mother put up with him?

            The Trail began by heading the short way slightly north of due west to the end of Howlands, a CHK was found just before the footpath joins the Cycle route, as the wide path drops down to the lower level of the subways that link the exits of the hollow centred roundabout. 

Mr X was straight down in to the centre of the roundabout & there he picked up the Trail of one-sided arrows which pointed the way out to Chequers Field, there the arrows led into the start of the fairly new estate, then on over the entrance road & in to the wooded strip along the edge of the fallow common area that sits at the southern end of Chequers.

On the way through the northbound desire line between the trees, Lemming questioned the RA with a “Is this the new Mr X?” as the RA was leading the way.  Mr X defended his position with “I don’t know why the Herts Away Team Members get cast as never running!” 

A CHK was found inside the wood & the RA decided that he would check things out to the west, on the rough unused waste land area.  Lemming now asked Mr X about how well he knew the area?  Having been brought up in Welwyn Garden City, Mr X said that he knows it very well, yet his ‘Local Knowledge’ didn’t help him as they ran on to a T in the fallow land where Hospital waste was buried.  The Likes of Sludge, Foxy & Tent Packer were all emerging from the wood when they spotted the RA coming back with his arms out-stretched to indicate it was a Falsie. 

Back in to the wood & the Trail continued northward to emerge from the wood & cross a grassy area then on to the footpath running along by the long line of homes that are only on the west side of Chequers, these are on a side road separated by a wide green from the main busy road of Chequers. 

The RA passed by his Uncle & Aunt’s home on the way down to the next CHK by the entrance that crosses the two ends of the Chequers’ side roads, this entrance road runs in to the Burrowfields Industrial estate to the west that sits behind the homes on Chequers.

Mr X knew that there was no way out of the industrial estate & along with Lemming they continued northward by the second line of homes on Chequers, it was a pleasant trot along by the wide green space separating the homes & the main A1000 road from Hatfield in to Welwyn Garden City.

At the end of the homes the Trail would turn to the west & lead the Hash around the green space that, like most of Chequers green space has been landscaped with water-filled ditches & trees to keep the Travelling Community off, this was after years of this area being blighted by arrivals of caravans & the local authorities getting fed up with the bill for clearing up the mess, which is kind of ironic as most of the green space by the Twentieth Mile Bridge is an old Victorian dump.

As the Trail made is way over the narrow wooden bridges over the water features, Mr X explained to Lemming that there are signs about the Prohibitions of Digging for Bottles on this former dumping ground.  The Dust came out to the Twentieth Mile Bridge & now headed westward.  The Reason that the new & old bridges, that sit side by side, are named so is the fact that they sit exactly on the 20th Mile on the main line out of Kings Cross!

The Trail now passed over the railway & then on down Stanborough road, once over the entrance to the Stanborough Beefeater & Premier Inn, the arrows pointed the way down the old Stanborough lane which runs parallel to its wider replacement of Stanborough road.  The sheltered tree-lined lane is now a footpath & cycle route leading down to the southwest, the first break in this lane is where the entrance to the Gosling Sports Park crosses this, the Sports Park occupies a lot of the land which is mostly hidden on the left of the lane.

Sparky, Tent Packer, Sludge & Sloppy Seconds were all lured away in to the Sports Park car park, the RA wasn’t going to fall for this & continued on down the next section of the old lane, he soon picked up the Trail again.  The next deviation from the route down to Stanborough lakes, it would be found down near the pedestrian crossing just after the junction for Lemsford lane to Join Stanborough road.  A very large arrow pointed south-eastward up the steep tree covered embankment that the local School kids scramble up & down.

Mr X stopped to get his breath after leading the way, or so it seemed, but since he was once a local School kid around these parts he jolly well knew that the all that was up there was a desire line through the wooded area along by the Golf Driving range & then it would come out to the path from the extra Sports Pitches of Stanborough School, since the sports fields are penned in by the Railway line & the Herts Police Headquarters property.

With Lemming & Mother in tow, Mr X walked down the few yards to the concrete steps coming down to the lane, just a Sparky began his descent & join them on the run down to the entrance to Police HQ.  Crossing through the line of orange cones set up on the Police HQ entrance, the Trail continued down the last surviving part of the old Stanborough lane as it drops down to north end of the South lake.

The Dust continued along by the first entrance to the south side of Stanborough Park, Sparky, Tent Packer & Sludge followed the Dust around a loop that circumnavigated the Italian Restaurant, while Mr X choose to go off through the gap beside the metal five bar gate where he, Lemming & Mother found arrows of Dust pointing the way south-eastward on the Sailing Lake section of the Park.

The RA admitted that to Mother that he knew that this was the right way after his sister had told him that very morning that she had seen the Trail while out walking her dogs, & he knew that this was her preferred route to walk over to his place.  Sure enough the others soon caught up as the Trail climbed the gentle slope up a long green grassy ridge.  Paul, No Eye Deer & Foxy followed the Hare as he marked a short cut out this way, they followed on behind the RA, Mother & Lemming just as Sparky & Sludge re-joined the Trail from the loop around by Terranova restaurant.

There was a great view of the lakes from up on the ridge, Lemming asked what was there before it was a lake, the answer to which was that the clay was extracted for the making of local bricks for some of the earlier homes in Welwyn Garden City, each brick has WGC stamped inside its frog.   The rest was marshy areas & springs beside the river Lea.

The Trail slowly descended to the level of the of the lakes, turning slightly over the green space before it came up to ‘Tramps Bridge’ & Mother said “You can’t have tramps in Welwyn Garden City?” but Mr X explained that it was just a local name for the bridge under the Main line. 

Having crossed the wooden boards that are some kind of way for the horses to go through to the bridge, there was some graffiti on the walls & in the opposite arch plenty of discarded bottles & cans that had been abandoned.  [Probably by the tramps that Welwyn Garden City doesn’t have! -  Ed]

Once through the Arch of the dark brick bridge, the stony path continued south-westward out on the farm drive which passes by Woodhall Farm, Lemming & Sparky were well away up this section as the RA arrived from under the bridge, Mr X was surprised to see that there was no CHK point there & seriously couldn’t believe that Lemming’s calls of “On!” were for real, he said that these were only being shouted to lure the rest up a Falsie, the lack of movement up ahead from Sparky & Lemming made the other’s think twice!

So, Sloppy Seconds, Mr X & Mother now set off up the nor-north-east bound path running below the railway embankment along the edge of the farm field.  Lemming & Sparky were spotted cutting across the short cellulous stalks of wheat, Sludge too was spotted cutting across this, but just not as far up as the other two.  The RA shouted out “I hope you get some stubble through your old Hash Shoes!” to the ‘Cropping’ FRBS!

The Trail would reach the corner of the newish Builds on Chequers Field, there a CHK was found & the Trail was quickly picked up to run down the south side of the homes & to the bottom left corner of the Creswick Plantation.  Sparky, Sludge, Tent Packer, Lemming & Mother were led on by the footpath off through the edge of the woodland, but they were soon stopped by a Bar CHK!

It was now an easy run in, though Mother thought that she was attacked by a bug as she tried to negotiate the brambles & nettles encroaching over the path, she, like Sparky had picked up a couple of teasels on their legs.  The On Inn was found just before the Trail emerged out by the ‘Chequers roundabout’ & once under this it was back to Chez My Lil’.

Having arrived back, the Pack discovered that Milf, Paxo, TBT OBE, Ewok & Pebbledash were already sitting out in the back garden & enjoying the Sunny afternoon.  Milf, who like Grease lightning was wearing a South African Rugby Top, since she lived there for some time, went around with peanuts, crisps & nibbles, while the RA handed out the Hash Trash Sheets.  Other & Lemming were wearing their Milton Kenya Tops, pointing out the bit at the bottom of the front that says “Keeping Flies off my Fanny!”

The Hare had rigged up a TV Aerial outside, so the Hash could watch the Rugby World Cup matches while enjoying the Braai.  Grease Lightening did an authentic Braai, which mean being treated to Pap (mielie meal which is a staple of most African Diets) with a Tomato, pepper chutney to go with it.  Sloppy Seconds said Carol does this for him at Home!

The food just kept coming, with a veggie shish-kebabs, Chicken, excellent Pork steaks, Sausages, Garlic Breads, it seemed never ending but it was really good stuff, Strangely enough this was all happening just after National Heritage Day, which is a South African Holiday & is also unofficially known as National Braai Day!

Fliptop arrived & did enough of the Trail to get his name in the book, he was also in time to help out with the Peanuts that needed eating.  He wasn’t staying too long for he was playing a gig that evening & would move on a little later.

When it came to watching the South Africa v Samoa, Grease Lightning was busy sorting out the Braai & couldn’t, keep watching the TV, so Lemming decided that he would relay the scores to her, most of which were done to wind her up!  He would continue to try & wind Grease Lightning up for the rest of the night, now she could see why the RA didn’t believe Lemming when he went wrong up a Falsie & tried to lure the rest up there!

Eventually she got to watch the second half as South Africa got their game together & won, which left her ecstatic.

The Down-Downs were put off until the following week, for the Pack were stuffed with food!  The Host now lit a brazier & the warmth of the burning logs was enough to take the chill away from the chill at dusk of the evening, as the sun went down the moon could be seen & it was starting to look bigger than normal in the sky.

With the glow of the brazier in the centre with the Pack sitting around it, the host then produced a packet of large wooden skewers & a packet of Marshmallows for the Hash to toast.  Sparky admitted that he had never eaten toast marshmallows before in his life!

The conversation mentioned Peanuts cartoons & Marshmallow toasting around a camp fire, how it’s an American thing that Scouts, Guides, Cubs & Beavers do, the mention of Beavers had a few laughing but fortunately Pebbledash had gone home by this time!

TBT OBE had to make tracks, as he was over two hours later than he had told his wife that he would be back by, so he went to get the bus & to the surprise of the rest he actually managed to get on the 724 home!!

When it came to the England Wales game, tings stated off Ok, with Lemming betting Grease Lightning that she couldn’t cheer on her Welsh roots, she had to keep quiet for the entire game to extract more Charity money out of him, but he relinquished these demands after about 20 minutes in to the Match & handed her the money!  Unfortunately for Lemming, he would have to listen to Grease Lightning cheer on her ‘Second Team’ to a win that night!

The England Fans were soon over their depressing result as Sparky decided to entertain the others by hopping around the brazier, at first it was thought to be some kind of African Tribal Dance, but by the way he was screaming & squatting forward & grabbing the back of his thighs it was more like the scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective, when he does the Ass talking to embarrass his Police Detective friend.  It turned out that this bizarre spectacle was all down to him getting cramp.

All in all it was a great Day, which raised a couple of hundred pounds for the Charity, we will be selling raffle tickets over the next couple of months & the draw will take place at the Christmas Dinner at the Orange Tree, the money will also go to the Hope for Children Charity.  There are some good prizes to be on offer!