Date =                            28th September 2015

Run Number =            1641                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Chequers

Location=                     Stevenage

Beer =                           Greedy King IPA/Mild/Abbott & lots of Rugby World Cup themed Ales

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          15

Membership =            Joint Full Moon!


            This was the second Trail in almost as many days for the Hare, which meant My Lil’ had been around the two Trails twice.  Having a second Trail so quickly after the first meant that a few of H4 were not there & were probably convalescing with their aching joints?  What was a surprise to see was Ketchup arrive at the Pub after putting off his yearly hibernation for another week!

            Some of the Full Moon Hash, Tops, Windsock & Spermwhale were already ensconced within the Pub, they were chatting with Fliptop & enjoying an Ale.  However, there was one noticeable Full Moon absentee so far this evening & it was no one other than Smartarse.  Some wondered if Mr A was away & missing the Full Moon Run?  Mr X said that last txt or email he had from Mr A said that he was turning out.

            Mr X was just about to ask Tops & Paxo when they wanted get the show on the road to start the Trail, when his phone rang!  It was Smartarse & he was wondering where everyone else was?  Mr X replied that he was in the Chequers, Smartarse then said that he was in the Chequers, just not the same one!  Smartarse, Basher, Femidom & Banana Bender were at the Chequers in Bragbury End, which is exactly 4 miles down the A602 to the Southeast.

            Smartarse & Co drank up before they made their way to the other Chequers (at the end of the south end of Stevenage High Street) Meanwhile Paxo & Tops started the opening Circle outside on the Pub’s smart decking of a rear garden.  Ketchup tried lifting the end of one of the barrels smartly racked up after a Beer Festival & soon discovered that it was empty.  As Lil’ pointed out the spiles were still in the top of the barrel to prove these were not full.

            After the correct Run numbers were introduced, the Hare came forward to make his ‘Chalk-talk’ & just like the previous Trail it was a brief ‘briefing’!  It had the same similarities of “Being a short Trail, with Short-cuts!”  Then without further ado My Lil’ pointed the Hash away down the end of this southern cut off part of the Old Town High Street, which Sludge insisted should be called Ditchmore Lane.

Some leaned toward searching over on the small green area opposite the Pub, the Hare soon called them back & drew a one-sided arrow indicating it was southward as the End of the High Street has Gates Way turn off of it & the High Street becomes Ditchmore Lane for real.  Once the Pack had moved on, the Hare marked a Short Cut straight over the green space!

The Pack were heading toward the dead-end of the fairly quiet residential road, at this far end in the dusk a white structure could be seen, this was the footbridge spanning the Main artery of Fairlands Way, as it takes pedestrians over to Tescos at the end of the New Town, Mr X put No Eye Deer right on what this was.

The Keenies were not going to head over to the New Town, as arrows had them turning off of the southbound route to take to an east bound footpath that runs beside the Stevenage Cricket Club, at the end of the driveway section of this path a CHK was found.  Mr X waited on the CHK as he had been told to mark the CHK in the direction the Trail would take, as the Hare was taking the short cuts because his legs were aching after setting two Trails.

Ketchup went off further eastward, he was soon out of sight in the darkness of the unlit end of the sports fields, while No Eye Deer & Manjeeta were about to head over to an under-pass into the north-end of the New Town but the Herts RA hinted at these two following Sludge, who was using his local knowledge as he ran off by the Lads out ‘shooting hoops’ [A Basket Ball parlance! – Ed] to head northward through the Park on a tarmac path that would run behind the small park opposite the Chequers.

Fliptop was soon up to the CHK, Tops was following on as she had left Windsock & Spermwhale in the Pub, but she wouldn’t go too much further than cutting back to the Pub.  Fliptop followed on but Ketchup was not to be seen, perhaps he couldn’t hear the calling of “On back!” over the noise of the Basket Ball guys? 

Ketchup would finally realise his mistake & eventually caught up with the FRBs after they had passed through a narrow north bound passageway out on to the bend in the road where Trinity Road turns in to Letchmore Road.  The next CHK was found a short way up Letchmore Road after it heads north-eastward.  Along this first part of Letchmore Road Mr X said “It’s too soon for a bungalow!” to No Eye Deer as she looked at a small group of these buildings to the left of the road, No Eye Deer replied with a “Oh, I don’t know!”

From the CHK there where two footpaths heading off of it, with one going through to the High Street in the Old Town, the other path leading away in amongst the homes of an estate to the east.  Ketchup made good the ground he had lost & followed Sludge on the Falsie off to the east, while no one looked toward the Old Town Centre.  The RA didn’t get too far up the path behind Sludge & Ketchup, which he was grateful for!

Back out to the CHK & the Hare had moved on further up the road, with No Eye Deer & Manjeeta leading the way, further back down the Trail some figures could be seen running toward the FRBs, it was Femidom, Basher & Smartarse on their way up after their late start.

The Trail would soon take the Hash on to another of the myriad of footpath alleyways that join various backstreets of St Evenage, this was the first part where there would be darker areas along the pathway.  The Hash left the north-eastbound Letchmore road to a north-westerly footpath, calls of “Mind the lumps!” came from the RA as he warned those behind of trip hazards of many small bumps in the tarmac.

A CHK was found right near the end of the alleyway, where another one dark passage heads off south-westward but this was a Falsie as the Trail was picked up across the Walkern Road & on to a small estate of bungalows.  The RA spotted Sludge was now wandering aimlessly on the other side of the picket fence to keep the public off the Bungalow’s land, Sludge soon discovered that there was no way out of this without retracing his steps.

Femidom, Basher, Smartarse & Mr X all found the Trail now lead northward out on to the footpath that leads from the end of Church End of the Old Town & out between the two areas of School grounds it separates, for Sludge this was a trip down ‘Memory Lane’ as he went to the Sir Thomas Ayllene School.

From the CHK on the T junction of paths, the correct route was the southwest one & this long path runs to the corner of the School grounds, on the way the path was slightly being encroached upon by nettles growing through the fence on the north side where the playing fields sit, but as we all know “Nettles Don’t sting this time of the year!”

Back out on to the streets & the Hare was found already there as the Pack were led under the small ring road of the A602 that cuts off the northern end of the Old Town High Street.  A CHK was found by a street light on the second part of the underpasses, this soon became a voluntary Held CHK & a chance for a Full Moon Photo Shoot.  [Photoshop is a great for this! – Ed]

The orange glow of the Sodium Street-lamp made a very good substitute for the Red Moon that only a handful had got up early for that morning!  Mr X decided that this respite would make this an impromptu Beer Stop, well it would have been if the ‘Beers’ weren’t sweets in the shape of a glass of Beer, complete with brown body & a white head on top [Head? Who said Head? – Ed]

The Trail resumed with Mr X searching the short way around to the small green that sits to the west of the main A602 Lytton Road, Sludge said that if he had set the Trail that he would go up the steps through this Park!  Sludge found the Trail while the Herts RA had continued on down the lane beside the Lytton Way.

 Mr X could hear Sludge calling “On!” from the cut-through that links the old lane & the other various sections of Orchard Road.  Mr X went wrong as he carried on to the underpass below Lytton Way & he was called back before reaching the Old Town High Street.

Up where Sludge was, the Trail took to a footpath cutting through to the back arm of Orchard Road, then it was straight over the commuter belt road to take to the next part of the footpath.  Yes, the Pack were going up more back passages than Oscar Wilde on this Trail. 

This footpath was not a tarmac one like the rest, as it progresses it got darker as it headed westward to the edge of the Railway line, at the steel fencing the Trail turned left to head southward between the rear of the back gardens of Orchard Road & the fenced-off main line to Kings Cross.  Now there was very little light to see by, except for that of the bit of light pollution from distant street lighting & the Full Moon that was now rising in the clearing night sky.

The Trail came out on to Bridge road, arrows directed the way over the railway bridge & on toward Fairview Road, which runs parallel to the line’s west side.  A CHK was found on the junction of the two roads, from there Smartarse went wrong, & it was down to Sludge & Basher to pick the Trail up southward down Fairview Road.

A more gentle pace was now taking place as the Pack progressed down pavement to the next CHK, as the Hare stated at the time “The name Chequers Bridge Road should give them a clue?” when the Trail was picked up on this narrow, older lane to head eastward back over the railway, this bridge was obviously a lot older than its contemporaries as it is notably a lot narrower, so narrow in fact that it has a set of Traffic lights to regulate the bi-directional traffic using the single lane. 

Mr X said that he will always remember this place for being where he took his ‘Emergency Braking’ in his driving test!  Anyhow, the Trail crossed the bridge & turned northward on the 45° elbow of a blind bend, Chequers Bridge lane began to drop down northward for a short way until it came up by a local Petrol Station, there the Dust took the Pack under Lytton Way via the underpass running from out front of the station.

A southbound trot along the cycleway/pedestrian route below the main Lytton Way road would lead under the bridge in to the south end of the High Street, there was no cutting across the green beside this as it was far safer & probably just as quick to continue down to the point where a path leads through a final subway & on to Gates Way.

Back in the Pub & the Hash got to hear about the Herts & Full Moon RA’s time at the UK Nash Hash, you couldn’t make it up with the disorganisation that happen to them on the Trail they were Hares for & the second one they were asked to RA on!  This included the local Hare on the Pub crawl Trail he was oblivious to the fact the first three Pubs he had chosen for it didn’t open until Noon, a delay which would affect the whole day to the pint that the Circle didn’t take place.

Then they were on the Sunday Trail out through a woodland, at a Village some miles from base was supposed to be a Beer Stop at a Village Hall, more importantly there was also a Bus Pickup point.  Arriving at this point in the Trail, the Pack soon found that there was no Beer or Bus there, so the village Pub was visited.

After a quick Ale with some of the Glasgow Hash & others, it was time to go back to the Village Hall, but then the bus went by passing out of the village, having been told it was supposed to be there until 14:30 Hours, another round was ordered.  After 30 minutes it soon became clear that the Bus wasn’t coming back & no one from Oxford bothered to enquire of the whereabouts of 7 of the Pack!

Hughie Blaaarrgghh order a Taxi for the lost sheep, but this would be 25 minutes so another round was ordered!  Then as these pints were being supped-up, the Taxi rang back to say that he wasn’t going to be able to get there for another 25 minutes as he had lost his Keys!  By the time Smartarse & Mr X had got back to the UK Nash Hash site the Circle for their Trail had finished!

Back at this days Circle & it was called outside on the decking, there the Hare was rewarded for his second Trail in three days, both of which came in around 45 minutes!  Sludge & My Lil’ (Again) were out for ‘Lost Property’ to be returned, Sludge for his Krakow top he left behind at the Braai [The RA even washed it! – Ed] & My Lil’ for his foot key-ring bottle-opener.  The Spirit of Digger was definitely at this Full moon, even if he wasn’t there himself, as Sludge’s newly returned Krakow top went missing while he had his Down-Down

Smartarse & Mr X had a Down-Down each after their lack of being at a Circle during Nash Hash!  Femidom & Basher were out for actually getting up at 03:00 Hrs to watch the Moon turn red in the Eclipse [Known as a ‘Blood Moon’], Mr X got away with this one as he was up answering the call of nature & the moon was shining directly in to his bathroom window, so he too got to see it.  Finally the Hashit went to Paxo for not wear it the week before, even though he was at this Hash!