Date =                           3rd January 2016

Run Number =            1656/7/8                                                                                                                                

Venue =                        The Quayside Bar,  Joesf Conrad; Stanford Arms; Mariner’s Rest, Caxton Club, Waveney, Lady of the Lake

Location=                     Lowestoft/Oulton Broad/Beccles

Beer =                           Loads

Hares =                         My Lil’/Mr X/ Pebbledash & Pepé le Pew

Runners =                    23

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          23

Membership =            Laughing so much at the antics in the Park that the tears ran down our legs!


            And so it came to be that the Herts Hash would combine with the EWSH3 members for a joint Christmas Weekend, Mr X said that if there was enough demand that he would organise another weekend at Broadlands, in Oulton Broad, but would this 5th trip to Suffolk prove to be any different?

On the Train up Mr X & My Lil’ were treated by Panda to three different Belgium Beers, ‘breakfast, lunch & Dinner that were all from the Leffe stable, it also came around that these three EWSH3 Members formed the ASLeffe Union, in order to prevent Junior any deluded fool who thinks that they created this Hash becoming carried away!

            A Stop off at Beccles allowed Mr X & My Lil’ to check things out with the Caxton Club, drop off a special Cake the size of small suitcase, then leave Panda in the Kings Arms’ Adult Crèche while they set about laying the Trail before all the daylight had gone.

Arriving at Broadlands & their base was soon established & to make it obvious where to return to Flags were displayed in the window, they consisted of Saracens, Ulster & Côte d' Ivoire, Digger later spotted that Fergus had got the Irish tricolour the wrong way around!

            There seemed to be a lot of civilian women wandering around & catching the eye of the male Singleton Hashers, though Digger was quick to get in some disinformation that S.O.E. would have been proud, of as he spread a rumour that they were all there for a Lesbian Civil marriage!

The traditional Friday Night Pub Crawl began at the Quayside Bar, with the first Train from Oulton Broad South to Lowestoft leaving at 18:35, the first party was made up of Alfa Male, Max Factor, Windsock, Tops, Omo, Tinkerbelle, Panda, Mr X & My Lil’ – this journey would be the first of three EWSH3 Runs that would utilize a Train over the weekend!

The first Lowestoft Pub was the Joseph Conrad.  Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowksi disembarked in Lowestoft, in June 1878, he could not speak a word of English.  A Polish mariner signed as a crew member of the Skimmer of the Sea, a small coaster which sailed out of Lowestoft.

Korzeniowksi received his first English lessons from the ship’s master, he would anglicise his name to Joseph Conrad, becoming one of the leading writers of the 20th century.  Much of Conrad’s highly acclaimed work was inspired by his marine career, including his novel Lord Jim – twice adapted as a film.

Anyhow, the early arrivals settled in & soon appreciated the cheap prices & the range of Ales on offer in the ‘spoons, with only three Pubs on this section of the Pub Crawl meant that there was time for two pints in each one, this also allowed the next Train load to arrive & appreciate a well-deserved pint as well before the Trail moved on through the back-streets to the Stanford Arms.

Panda, My Lil’ & Mr X started a whip between them, but there was a little problem in the fact that Mr X had left the ‘Hello Kitty’ Kitty at home, which meant that the old fashioned plastic coin money bag was search for but not found, the only other bag available was an unused dog-poo bag & so this was topped up with hard-earned drinking vouchers.  Again, like the bright pink ‘Hello Kitty’ Whip, the dog-poo bag Whip was also as unlikely to be lifted by a Tealeaf!

The second Pub is the CAMRA award winning Greenjacks’ Pub, with their Brewery not too far away around the corner, here was the Full range of their Ales, including the Jack the Ripper one that slows everyone down!  They do a great pizza cooked in the own stone pizza oven in the bar.  A couple of these were bought & very much appreciated before the Hash set off once again

The shortest walk of the crawl was the final leg to the Mariner’s Rest, Here the Marnier’s supplied hotdogs & various other snacks to help the Pack keep up their sustenance, which was very kind of them & makes it one of our favourite Pubs, especially with the range of Ales & Ciders.

Pebbledash, Ewok, Paxo & Pepé le Pew were soon on to the oche of the local’s dartboard, this turned out to be a great laugh & Mr X joked that he expected to see the Hash on stage at Alley Pally for the Darts!  Ironically Digger did make it there this year, though it was just in the audience & he was dressed festive Christmas gear.

The RA was feeling it a bit by now & his last pint took him a while to get through, but get through it he did & managed to catch the Taxi back to Site, things didn’t stop there as Fergus & Digger had arrived & being in the same billet with Mr X, My Lil’ & Panda & out came their bottle of Port, for they were leaving after lunch for work & heading off before the Port & Cheese Soirée!

On his return to the Bungalow, Panda discovered that his personal ‘En Suite’ well really just adjacent bathroom had a visitor & he now had to use the other one that everyone else did, asking permission to use the other loo, Mr X questioned Panda why he wasn’t using his own one.  Panda invited Mr X to go & look, there he found that Panda’s toilet seat was firmly stuck down with what appeared to be a whole roll of duct-tape that was wrapped around the u-bend & over the closed lid.  Not only that but Panda’s shaving gear had also fallen victim to the mysterious tape artist & was found to be taped to the bathroom walls, some just out of Panda’s reach!

The laughter at breakfast was soon broken by some commotion happening at the back of the Bungalows, it turned out that the hot-tubs were being removed by about 20 blokes, two working & the rest supervising [Must be Council Management? - Ed] Mr X & Digger couldn't resist clambering in to one of the two, that were now perched on the back of a low-loader & stripping off to enjoy a dip in the tub.  Max Factor was quickly out to capture this on her camera.

The morning’s Trail would have an early start, having to catch the 10:13 Hrs Train from Oulton Broad to Beccles, surprisingly the majority didn’t look to bad, faces with smiles were on show as were a few EWSH3 Jackets, missing this year were the calls of ‘Traitors!’ 

The waiting time was whiled away & there were more smiling faces as My Lil’ got out the Sloe Gin, which was a treat from the EWSH3, then there was a plethora of Hip-flasks that were offered around from Pepé le Pew & others, there were a couple of Scotches on offer with Mr X being the peatiest one, as well as Port & or a Brandy from Kylie’s ‘utility belt’ like flasks clipped to the waist strap of his bum-bag, or to please Pebbledash the Americanism of a ‘Fanny-pack’!

With all those who were running on board the Train, while more shots went around as Mr X informed the guard that he had all the tickets required, the guard kept his distance as he hadn’t time to check them all as he had to release the doors after just 5 minutes as the Train pulled in to Beccles. 

Having disembarked & crossed the old footbridge & then making their way to Gaol Lane, where Digger got his obligatory mug-shot picture taken up against the sign on the brick wall.  Milf was not too impressed by the grammar of the local graffiti on a bin that sits on the way up to the Caxton, it was about local muvers!  Also there were the set of bins that were all padlocked up, perhaps they should re-instate the gaol if pilfering is still an issue?  [Eh, Digger? – Ed] 

Anyhow, the Pack dropped off their change of clothes before circling up inside & toasting the Hash with a shot of Port [Seems this new Tradition is really popular, compared to the old Sherry! – Ed]  With the introductions & Hare’s spiel Windsock pointed out that even without Junior’s presence, there was still a second Trail of a Pub Crawl.

The Trail started with the two Hares walking up the last part of Gaol lane to lead the Pack on to the first part of the Trail, for those who don’t know the single track Gaol lane it has a pedestrian entrance from the nearby Tesco’s, & it was here that a cat was seen running away from Max Factor & Milf, which prompted Pepé le Pew to bellow out a loud “Put your Pussy back in the box!” at the precise moment as a couple walked out from behind the fence, the woman had a large grin on her face, but not as large as those around Pepé le Pew & were now roaring with laughter!

The Trail made its way up through the side street to Newmarket Place & then over to where an alleyway leads through to the front of the Bell Tower of St Michael’s, on the way it as noticed that there was a brass plaque that honoured Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was a pupil at Sir John Leman Grammar School in Beccles, Suffolk between 1921 &1928.  She was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1964 for her work in working out the molecular structure of penicillin & vitamin B12, this was erected in 2015.

Milf mentioned that she too went to Sir John Leman School & she too had discovered penicillin & B12 when she moved in to Kylie’s, but she has since cleaned out the fridge & put the lid back on the jar of Marmite!  The Dust led on by the Bell Tower & then on by the southern side of the Church to a CHK in the walled corner, which had Pepé le Pew & others to question whether they should descend the steep set of stone steps down to Puddingmoor lane.  Waiting at the top, Mr X pointed out the sawn off stubs that remained of the iron railings that were cut off for munitions production During the World Wars.

Pepé le Pew plucked up enough courage, [Another shot from the hip-flask? – Ed] to follow Max Factor Down the flight of steps, where the Trail was picked up to the south on Puddingmoor lane.  The rest of the Pack made their way down & followed on as the Trail headed up to the next CHK opposite the steps leading back up between the houses atop of the steep bank to the edge of the town once again.

Pepé le Pew was the only one to search back up toward town, while the rest found the Dust further along Puddingmoor lane, but Milf, Max Factor, Omo & Ewok would soon get caught out at the next CHK as they turned off in to a small nearby park/play area.  Allowing Pepé le Pew to get back, this ploy kept the Pack together pretty well as the Trail resumed southward toward another green space, this one being St Mary’s Paddock on the left-handside.  Here a local volunteer was clearing up litter & he was impressed that the Hash had come all the way to Beccles to have a Run!

The Trail crossed over the Bungay road to be presented by a steep, but not too long a climb up the wooded embankment near by St Benet’s Minster Catholic Church, there was a gentler alternative of winding your way around the eastern end of the embankment.

A CHK was found at the top of the rampart, from there were really only two options & both were searched, with the one through the wooded top of the ridge proving unsuccessful, instead the Trail was found out on the south bound Ringsfield road as it head along by a local school.

At the end of the residential street the Trail came around the more rural double bend in the lane & on to a CHK at the elbow, both the lane ahead & the footpath heading back down behind the homes on Nelson’s Drive to the north where searched, the latter path was like a cascade with torrents of water flowing down the hillside that had Mr X in stitches of laughter they day before as he tried to set this after several Belgium Beers!

It was a nasty CHK back & so Omo, Max Factor, Alfa Male, Pepé le Pew, Ewok & Milf ….. were all caught out, Fergus, Paxo & Kylie were all shown the Trail leading off eastward along a part of South road [Why is it called that as it runs east to west? – Ed]  Anyway, when Milf reached this bit she went slightly off Track as she stopped to look at an area where she once kept horses but is totally unrecognisable as it is now a housing estate!

The Trail Turned southward once again as it headed down Meadow Gardens, then there was a left turn to head eastward along a cycleway/footpath that runs behind a local Cemetery, Omo disappeared in to the scrubby strip of land behind the Cemetery not to search for Trail but to scare the Squirrels! 

Once out on to the edge of the A145 arrows direct the Hash straight over to a CHK on the footpath along the roadside.  The sight of the approaching Hash was enough make a pooch out being walked bark at them!  Two things were noticed here, one was the rarity of a National Petrol Station with its old sign, the other sign was another of the Town Marker Posts featuring Queen Elizabeth I & a kneeling subject to whom she is presenting a rolled up charter, which in the minds of some (Pebbledash) looked slightly erotic.  [Not a virgin Queen? – Ed] A photo Shoot was in order.

The Trail continued by leaving the main road & weaving its way along Richard Crampton road to another cut-through path, Alfa Male led the way on to the elbow of Kemps lane where the path comes out, this pinch point in the narrow lane is due to the old Railway Bridge for the single track line below.  The Pack were soon given a fright as Pepé le Pew arrived & let out a rather loud “AARGH- AAARGGH!” like the guy impersonating a Train in the ‘I am Train’ advert.  This would become a running theme over the rest of the weekend!

Alfa Male led the way around to head North-eastward on Darby road, a loop that would take them into the northern end of an elongated park between the houses.  No doubt this Recreation Ground survives because it has a stream running through its length.  It was here that the Pack got to see the huge slide that the Hares had mentioned earlier when Milf had a go on a smaller kids one earlier.

 Alfa Male & Mr X up steps on to green but not fast enough as Milf, Max Factor & Ewok all clambered up the grassy green ramp to the top of the slide first!  Seeing the Harriettes at the top, Digger cried out that he was going to be next down the slide & he'd be going down face-first with his tongue out!  Shame Digger was hindered by a knee brace as this allowed Mr X put in an effort to run up & beat ‘Not So Tiny Tim’ Digger before him on the trio of Harriettes before Digger even had a chance to dive down on the slide!

If the slide did not to tickle your fancy, then perhaps the Zip-wire was more of your thing? Pepé le Pew was first on to this & it seemed to be pretty popular with the girls straddling the inverted T-Bar seat, perhaps it is as stimulating as horse riding?

Another bit of playground furniture that proved popular was the torture device of the spinning globe, which was quickly christened 'The Vomit Comet'.  Ewok was game enough to have a go on this, but the funniest turn was Digger's. Unsurprisingly there were a lot of over enthusiastic hands assisting with some relish in spinning Digger with such gusto that the cheeks of his face rippled & it looked like he was pulling a couple of G's.

Roars of laughter again echoed around the park as Digger dismounted the Vomit Comet & proceed to wobble all over the place like he was returning from a very good session at the Traitor’s Gate, just as the Pack were supposed to set off!  Meanwhile My Lil' & Kylie sat at a distance, with the latter taking photos, before joining the Trail. 

Mr X & My Lil' left the park before the rest as Unmentionable had been out on a short cut on her own & would be miles ahead!  Even as they moved back up to the crossroads the CHK was on, that was changed to point southward, there were still loud laughs ringing in the air back in the Park.

The Hares would catch up with Unmentionable at the next CHK, which was some way off, she was just checking out her second falsie as the two Hares arrived to mark the Trail & correct her wrong choice.  On out to the farm land & the Pack were now off of tarmac as the southbound footpath led down by a couple of isolated homes & then through the edge of Brickfields wood, at the end of which was an elbow in the footpath to turn to the east.  A short way along through the thicket to a CHK on the footpath heading further southward, the Hares marked this before it was searched to allow the rest to catch up on the eastbound path toward Cucumber Hall!

It seemed to take an age for the likes of Omo, Milf & other FRBs to make up the lost ground on Unmentionable & the Hares to the point where the path comes out on to the right-angle corner of Cucumber Lane.  The Direction of the Hash now changed to head northward & back toward Beccles, although Omo seemed quite happy to ignore any clues to go that way until “On!” was called.

At the populated end of Cucumber lane, tongue in cheek, quite literally as Milf made out she was poking her cheek out from inside her mouth with an imaginary cucumber in her hand & was performing well you get the idea? [If you don’t Pebbledash will explain! - Ed] strangely although not a Held CHK, the FRBs waited for Pebbledash to arrive & by now even she couldn't lower the tone any further!

The Trail continued, on by a blue Porta-loo to take to an old lane that drops down below the level of the new estates high on either side of the wooded tarmac track that was once Oak Lane.  On each side there were small exits up the fittingly oak lined embankments to the estates above & the small kids' playgrounds.  Max Factor was first to the CHK about halfway down this long old route lined with established broadleaf trees, she pointed at a small slide, which was definitely not even in the same league as the one the Hash went down earlier!

The Dust led to the end of the old lane & there a Held CHK was found opposite a corner shop, which was right on the corner of the road but with the impromptu cucumber CHK earlier, there was no need for hanging around for long as the Pack were pretty much together.

Milf would next point out one of her old Schools, as the Trail took to an eastbound footpath that had been widened & tarmacked since her day.  Out on to the streets & the Trail turned northward again, Pepé le Pew roared with laughter as he watch half the Pack take to running a loop, which went around behind about a dozen houses before rejoining the main road.

The Pack were almost back as they approached a corner Brick-a-brack shop, or Emporium, that had some interesting items in the windows, some of which in Hash eyes [Pebbledashes! – Ed] was slightly erotic!  The Trail was coming to its climax [It’s all that erotic talk! - Ed] as it turned off by the Ingate Pub to head around to a level crossing, which had the red & white barrier’s up. 

Once over the tracks the Trail head down the same road that the Station sits on.  As Milf & Max Factor started to pull away from the two Hares, they all were suddenly stopped in their tracks by a booming 'Aaargh Aaaaarggh!" So loud they thought it was a real Train & not Pepé le Pew’s impersonation.

The On Inn was found busy before the roundabout Beccles Station sits on, so after nipping over the street it was back to Goal lane.

Time for a couple of excellent Ales, Ewok & most of the girls soon found the list of ten ciders on the bar to be to intriguing, a taste of the Number 10, a Scottish Cider matured in Whiskey casks proved to be very more-ish after Mr X & My Lil' had a sample, they too would end up drinking it as well by the end of the time at the Caxton.

The usual great spread was laid out for the Pack, including an EWSH3 cake which was large enough to feed the Five thousand!  Upon its iced top was the image of an EWS Locomotive with the number 66048, probably the only time we'll get to see that number?

Trashes were handed out, then Casey Jones & Blow Dry arrived, soon after them were ARP & Porky Pie, all of whom were looking pretty dapper & not flustered like the rest who had run.  Once Panda had brought the others back from the Crown, & Digger had returned from Tesco's with some props (ham & a cucumber!) the Circle was called together.

Firstly the Hash was toasted again, then it was over to Digger to get the Hares in the Circle for a Down-Down each. The Hits would then be handed out alternatively by Mr X & Digger.  So, Mr X called Pepé le Pew forward & he took his hit for bellowing out "Put your Pussy back in its box!" & startling a civilian but leaving her with a smile on her face!  Digger called Pebbledash forward to get her to perform her joke, where she asked what slices of ham where on her upturned palm? Parma Ham of course! [Cue the tumbleweed! - Ed]

Omo was out for still having his Mudclaw 3,000's, he claimed these had hardly lost any tread from the soles. Milf & Pebbledash were out for the cucumber lane incident!  There was also the usual ‘Lost property’ to return thanks to Digger ‘rescuing it’  There were plenty of other Hits in a very funny Circle, again too many to bore you with Dear Reader!

Porky Pie convinced the Pack that we should all put down £2 for a syndicate on that evenings €uromillions, this meant him going around & signing people up, the RA wondered in the legitimacy of Hash Handles on a syndicate?  Anyhow, everyone put their money down & off he went to the shops to get the tickets.

Time for the cutting of the cake, plenty of photos of individuals & a group of EWSH3 jackets over the cake & menacingly holding the large knife over Junior's 66048 number!  There was a lot of passion in the faces of those about to stab the cake, but in the end the stopped short of the number & decided to stab it elsewhere!  The number was removed for Junior but the piece disappeared by the weekend.

Having got the Train back to base, there was time for the Hash to get changed & they don’t scrub up to bad either!  This year there was a change of dining area with the seating being in the main bar, which seemed to be a lot airier & brighter than the private room of the past, the tables were nicely decorated to for Christmas, Drinks were ordered & then it was time for the Secret Santa.

Again it seemed that Santa had all the time in the world for those of the Hash who had been nice this year, it still amazes what the Hash can find as a pressie for less then £5; also on Hand was Digger to hand out the RA’s special pressies for those who may have not been exactly naughty!  Amongst these were Digger’s one of an Irish Accent Spray, which ‘Bejaazus Really Works!  A Pick N Mix sweet dispensary for Blowdry; An ‘I Like Dogging’ Mug for Paxo, which he proudly uses at home! [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] Talking of Pebbledash she received an ‘I Love Cock’ Mug!  Mugs seemed to be popular as Pepé le Pew received an ICK mug, where the D shaped handle makes up the word DICK! 

Panda received a couple of toy Panda related gifts but the Panda Cushion was soon commandeered by Max Factor after she took a liking to him, & so now ‘Cushtie Bear’ now resides in Harlow!  There were plenty of others but too long to list to bore you with.  It seems that the RA was set up this year by Santa as he received a plastic Christmas Stocking with an enema inside! [I shit you not! – Ed]

The Meal was superb this year, then after this the Hash were soon on the Dancefloor almost as from the first strum of Strutty’s first chord played on his guitar, he had a slightly shocked look on his face as nearly all of the Pack lurched from their seats & were up there shaking their stuff. 

If there was anyone left sitting at the tables, then too were soon on their fancy feet as Strutty playing 500 Miles by the Proclaimers to which the Hash would singing along  to, some would say howling like a wolf at the moon, [Perhaps that was an effect of having a few FUK Full Mooners there? – Ed] it was soon clear that the Pack were there to Party.

With the noise of the Hash singing & dancing away to nearly all for the songs, which were pretty well the type of stuff we like, the Bride came around to see what it was all about & soon joined in for a dance, later she her Groom & a few of their guests came around & also participated, they seemed regular visitors through the night.  Perhaps it was the men in Kilts the Bride liked, she did insist on a photo to be taken of her, Mr X & Twonk. [A Picture to keep any future kids away from the fireplace! - Ed]

Eventually the Happy Couple’s parents came around to drag them back to their Reception, some of the even Happier Hash wondered what their DJ was like [Lonely? - Ed] don't think any Hashers ventured in to find out.

At one point it seemed like a few of the local travelers had popped in, talking nonsense & leaving when they couldn't rile anyone, the Hash were too busy singing & dancing to take any notice of that malarkey!  Perhaps they were looking for Lesbian wedding?  Or was it the turkey that ended up in Pebbledash’s hair, the aroma of which Mr X said smelt really alluring when they were up dancing?

Mr X was showing signs of a long weekend when he had to take a pew for a few minutes respite while the evil parazzi took not so candid pictures of him! 

But, never one to be down for long, he bounced back from may have looked like a slumbering stupor to get back on the dance floor. [At least this year he wasn't bouncing off a sawn off shrub stem jutting out by a sleeping Policeman & landing on a 'Tim of Loveliness! & crashing his arm through a fence!

Strutty did a couple of Encore songs, with a final rendition of the Proclaimer’s 500 Miles, which was enough to see the hardiest off after one last reel around the dancefloor!  Strangely even after the cool air night when waling back, it wasn’t enough to sober most up & so there wasn’t much of a night cap this night back at the Bungalow!  No doubt Milf was trying out her RA’s Secret Pressie of a Sex Slave Eye Mash on Kylie?

Sunday’s Trail was set by Pebbledash & Pepé le Pew, which left a smiling Ewok & Paxo in the unit on their own! 

The Pack Circle up outside of the Quayside Bar, everyone said what a great time they had the night before, which Mr X was over the moon about, since with less numbers & a live guitarist it could have gone really bad, if he had no talent.

The RA said that they would have to go back & fetch three bottles of Wine that weren’t consumed by the Pack!  Then Mr X  introduced the Hash to the Correct Run number, he told the Hash the Hares were out there setting the Trail, he knew that it would be a proper Herts Recovery Run & that the Trail was usual Herts markings as it headed out toward the Waveney River.

Sunday's Hares were Pepé le Pew & Pebbledash, who's absence from the Circle the Pack were soon discover was due to them being out setting the Trail semi-live!  Ewok hinted that this left her with an extra hour of just ‘her & Paxo’ in the unit all to themselves!  [So, you can bet your bottom dollar that Paxo didn’t let the hay grow under his feet & that the washing, dusting & cleaning was all done there then?  Do both have matching pinafores, rubber gloves, dusters & pink fluffy slippers, á la Howard & Hilda in Ever Decreasing Circles - Ed]

There may have been a few sore heads that morning, but this year there were no broken ribs or squashed tins!  Of course some people had to keep mentioning this & Mr X had to keep correcting them that he didn't trip over a 'Sleeping Policeman' instead it was the cut of shrub branch beside it!

Anyhow, the route was described by Ewok as 'Usual Herts Markings & it was A to B!' That was all & the Pack set off along the back of the marina & out in to Nicolas Everitt Park, here there seemed to be some confusion in the small green space & it took a whole before Casey Jones found the Trail leading up to the junction with Bridge Road.

Max Factor & Alfa Male were keen enough to keep up with Casey Jones, & along with Milf this quartet managed to negotiate the junction, find a Falsie & then pick up the Trail over the Bridge before the rest ambled around the corner to follow on.  Digger was again down to walking, his knee still in a brace, that's what happens when you help someone falling down the stairs to prevent them injuring themselves!

Dust would now lead on down by Oulton Broad North Station, which is a bit more than its southern counterpart, this Victorian Red brick building has waiting rooms & things!  This was not the Train journey!

Beyond the Station & the Hash were led on through a part of Normanstone Park, Max Factor, Milf & Mr X jogged along a black hairy mutt decided that it would be fun to join them, he seemed to think the RA was the best to jump up & play with, much to his owner’s disbelief!  The dog had gone a fair way with the Hash, who had to stop & allow the owners to catch up & take the playful pooch back with them.

The Trail led by the woven hazel hedges in a maze, near to the steam running through Leathes Ham area of the park.  The Hares didn't use the opportunity to put in a water crossing & the Dry footed Pack came out by the solitary building of a Diner by the road.

A CHK was found & the Pack had a short suburban run through the terraced streets before coming out at the side of the sports pitches on Barnards’s Meadow playing fields where the kids were playing Sunday Football.  A few picked up their lace to impress the parents watching their sprogs, others were just happy to wander along listening to the abusive language that seems to go part & parcel with the amateur game, including the kids teams by overzealous parents.

The Trail turned southward through North Quay Retail Park & on to the roundabout by a business park, this would lead on to Peto Way & from here it was a straight run along the Victorian road of Denmark Road, Casey Jones got that far ahead that he ran back along the tree lined avenue.

This road came up to the Josef Conrad, & there Pepé le Pew was found sitting at the Alfresco Tables with a Pint!  He apologised that the Trail didn't go to the sea front, but due to the renovation work happening 'Out of season' access to the North Sea had been shut off.

The crushing disappointment of not seeing the briny was soon alleviated by a couple in the Spoons, as the Pack took over one area in the front of the downstairs bar.  Tinkerbelle & Blow Dry seemed to have been abandoned by their spouse, so Mr X got them a well-deserved beverage.

Time to move on as the Sunday service of a Train every two hours was due to depart, Milf & Casey Jones decided as the Trail was a proper recovery Run, that they would run back along the Trail!

Meanwhile the Train journey back gave Kylie the opportunity to see the old gantry signals, while the rest enjoyed looking out a places they had passed over the last few years.

Alighting the Train & there was time to change before heading out to the traditional Sunday lunch at the Waveney & the last Circle of the weekend, which fortunately was before dinner!

Once again the Circle was called out in the rest walled garden & car park. The Hares were awarded for their Trail, which pleased everyone including those who ran it twice!  After this it seems to be a 'free for all' pick on Mr X as he seemed to receive Charge after Charge from the Circle, firstly organising the weekend which he was really humbled by the such positive comments on how good this one was!

Lots of other made up nonsense was bandied about the Circle that culminated in The Hashit going to Mr X for the state he was in the night before!  Ever the Hasher he accepted the baying crowds' demand & put on the Hashit.

After the Circle, Mr X placed the Hashit in a bag & strategically placed it under his chair, so it was a shame when he left & the Hashit remained under the chair!  It was collected up by one of the Bar Staff, who peeked into the bag & saw the Sis's Stoat [Careful now Pebbledash! – Ed], thus she believed it was something to do with a child (like a comfort blanket) & not a shitty old shirt!  Sad as he is, Mr X actually went back there a month later & collected the now dry Hashit!

Again the Wavereny did us proud with another fantastic Sunday Dinner, though there was some issue with an unpaid bill that wasn’t worth arguing the toss about, as it ate in t the Hash’s drinking time, but in the end it turned out that the very end table of civilians had been added to the Hash Bill by mistake!

The Pack moved on, firstly there was a quick visit to the Quayside Bar, a note on the host's French windows informed any early birds.  A sly pint was had as Mr X thanked the staff & collect the three bottles of wine that weren't opened at the meal.  [See, there was more than enough to go around! - Ed]

Fergus & Digger were among those who had to set off that afternoon, [No rest for the wicked! – Ed] leaving the resto to enjoy the Port & Cheese soirée back at the Bungalow, there were plenty of contributions from the likes of Omo, Tinkerbelle, Casey Jones & Blow Dry to create a fantastic spread of snacks & nibbles. 

This Port & Cheese soirée was more popular than ever, the normal wind-down time was a livelier affair, no doubt due to the extra bottles of Port & Cheeses that were brought along.  For those not leaving until Monday, the measures of port were growing in size, may be a few shaking hands while pouring was the reason?

A few of the previous night’s RA’s special pressies were also out on display, which was a laugh.

Casey Jones decided that he would repay the hosts by doing some housekeeping, starting by spending an age scraping off the large section of sticky residue that remained when the Côte d' Iviore Flag was taken down.  There was a collective "Oh, shite!" When the gaffer tape was ripped off, Mr X could see a fine coming his way.  Strangely Panda didn't have the same issue with his toiletries!

At least Omo could relax as the bungalow had been de-spiderized [Yes, I know there is no such word but it does sound good, especially to Omo! – Ed]  Casey Jones then turned his skills to the washing up which shows that Blow Dry has got him pretty well domesticated, well, most of us are compared with the more feral Twonk!

The evening soon came along & the few remaining Hashers settled down with a couple of quiet drinks after the Soirée, it was all rather sedate compared to the last two days of what was probably one of the best Christmas Weekends ever, even though it was never thought it would happen as it did!

Mr X would go home very pleased indeed!