Date =                            31st January 2016

Run Number =             1661                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Angel Vaults Inn

Location=                     Hitchin

Beer =                           Jack Black IPA; GK IPA, Abbott; & a few more!

Hares =                         ARP & Porky Pie

Runners =                    13

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          14

Membership =             Circling Three Moorhens!



The conditions this morning were pretty miserable, with a drizzly start to the day that meant the RA & Hare Raiser would take shelter in the ‘Spoons after getting an early train up to Hitchin, instead of their usual stop at the Hitchin Kitchen when they arrive early in the town, a nice warming Breakfast was what the RA wanted, so it was more than a little disappointing when he got his ‘Spoons Brekkie & found that the bacon & the egg were cold! 

The RA sent his back, but it returned with what he was told to be “fresh rashers of bacon”, this left him perplexed as Wetherspoons’ must have a policy to give you the new rashers with the exact same amount cut off of the original rasher & hope that you don’t notice this if it is hidden underneath the other rasher.  Both egg & bacon were still cold, but at least it was cooked.  Looks like the RA will be back in the ‘Hitchin Kitchen’ where it is always hot!

            Sloppy Seconds, Alfa Male & Max Factor arrived & took shelter in the Bar, the Hares were next to arrive & their damp demeanour looked like they had been out setting the Trail that morning.  The hour to Circle up was soon on hand & those inside made their way out to the archway for the coaching entrance.  The polite sign asking people not to ‘smoke or congregate’ there was spotted, but the Pack weren’t going out in to the drizzle until they had to.

            Paxo did the honours & got the Run Number correct, then the Hares were called forward to explain what was out there.  For some it was De ja vu with one Hare saying that the whole Trail was the idea of the other, just like last week!

For those with bags they would have to carry them around a few hundred yards on the first leg of the Trail, for Alfa Male had parked up near to the Half Moon, on Park street, where he & Max Factor had spotted Dust.  The Hares then said that the Trail would start that way, My Lil’ sounded quite disdainful when Porky Pie told the Pack that it wasn’t going to be a long run.

There was a mention of Short Cuts & the chance of the Flour being a bit scarce in places as apparently a dog was going around licking up the Dust after the Hares had put it down!  [Brace yourself for Social Media stories of Dog poisoners! – Ed]  So, the Pack were shown the way around on to Tilehouse street to the southeast crossing the river Hiz as the road becomes Bridge Street to the Junction with Queens Street & Park Street.

Having ditched their bags, the FRBs were now free to run & they soon found a CHK point on Park Street which had No Eye Deer continuing southward up the road to a T on the way to the Three Moorhens roundabout, so Mr X & My Lil’ both crossed over to take to the alleyway footpath up Stand Hill & the Dust was found leading south-eastward on beyond the northbound alleyway between the back to back rear gardens, these two FRBs had a good look down the alleyway before continuing on up Stand Hill. 

The Dust now led down the slowly arcing Stand Hill road to arrive back down on to Park Street, the Hash soon realised that they had been taken on a loop by the crafty Hares.  An Arrow directed the way up the next footpath that is St John’s Path, leading up from the railings to climb steeply up the hillside & on to where the alleyway becomes the access way to the front of the old terraced cottages that have no parking spaces on St John’s Path.

No Eye Deer somehow missed the first loop [Short Cutted? - Ed] & was now well out ahead to get on to the CHK on St John’s road, from there she headed over to run around off of the Three Moorhens roundabout to search down the Stevenage Road, she would be back after finding a T that way.

 Meanwhile, Mr X & My Lil’ considered crossing over to the Three Moorhens but before they could play with the traffic on this busy junction, a call of “On! On!” came from Alfa Male who had picked up the Trail down St John’s road toward the northeast & on toward the local Cemetery.

A CHK was found near to the green space of the recreation ground & the St John’s Community Centre that sits in one corner, Alfa Male, Max Factor, Mr X, My Lil’, Sparky & Sloppy Seconds all set off down the path beside this to head to the southeast & at the corner of the field the path became an alleyway leading on down the Folly Path to Folly Court, again the Hash passed by a row of old terraced houses that had no car access to the front of the properties.

Out of Folly Close then  on to the Stevenage road as the Trail turned to the east & weaved its way around by the bottom of the school playing field then back out to the roads edge to a crossing point, right on the bend by the properties that were once the Wishing Well Pub.  Arrows pointed the way over the busy road out of Hitchin & on to Blackhorse road, here Sparky lead the way along the residential road with Alfa Male keeping up with him.  Sparky then crossed the road & began heading off down Foster Drive but he was soon stopped by the sight of an arrow pointing back toward Blackhorse road.

The Trail stuck with Blackhorse road as it narrowed & the properties became older, Max Factor pointed out a limp Scottish Saltire hanging from the tall white flag pole in the front garden of one property on the way out to the St Ippolyts road.  At the edge of the busy London road as comes down from the Three Moorhens roundabout to go through to Codicote.  Again it took a while to get over this main artery in to the edge of Hitchin, but once over the road the Trail would head down Newlands road as the old suburban road moves further away to the southwest & on to the top end of the Gosmore area.

A Held CHK was found on the small green space on the opposite side of the T Junction where the road joins the Gosmore road.  The FRBs all held this point in the Trail, with the Porky Pie getting out a packet of Jelly Babies & a packet of Wine Gums to keep them happy.  By now the fine drizzle was dying out, which was good for the Pack not being soaked by the end of the Trail.

The Keenies were quietly munching on the sweets, & there were some left for the arrival of Lofty & Henry, Paxo & Pebbledash who all caught up with the rest of the Pack.  The RA asked if anyone has seen Colin? In reference to TBT OBE’s mate who was lost the week before.  He assured the Pack that Colin is keen to return to the Hash, hopefully TTB OBE will be there to guide him around?

It was here that a runner stopped & chatted to the FRBs, with Sparky trying to encourage him to do a Hash, & Mr X getting out a Hash Card but the guy said that he was going to go & climb a ‘Rock wall’ after his run [Sounds far too professional to me! – Ed] So, who knows?

When the Pack were allowed to start searching once again Alfa Male began running away up toward the Three Moorhens Roundabout.  Running toward him was a figure of an ‘elder gent’ that some thought was Sloppy Seconds in the distance, but as he came nearer the opinion changed to being that it was Sparky approaching the Pack!  Neither were correct as both Sloppy & Sparky were looking down the dead end of Brick-kiln lane.

The short part of the lane that has houses on either side soon came to an end, after a set of bollards it became the narrow track of Brick-kiln lane path.  Sparky’s Doppelganger now approached the FRBs & was soon up with them as the path changed from one of tarmac to a Shiggy path, Sparky’s double said that he used to run through the puddles but these days he tries to avoid them, the Hash just ploughed on through.

A CHK was found on the lane (path) where another path cuts through from the short alleyway that comes off of the bottom of the u-shaped Priory way, Sparky chose to search up on the suburban loop of Priory way while his ‘stunt double’ headed away in the opposite direction to the southwest. 

Mr X said that he preferred the option of sticking with Brick-kiln lane, as it heads further north-westward between the fields on the top of the hillside, this route arcs around to the west before dropping down into the charming hamlet of Charlton.

Dust was found further along the Brick-kiln path but it was not going to go all the way down in to Charlton, for three quarters of the way there an arrow directed the Pack out in to the field to the north of the lane, somehow Alfa Male had gone by the arrow & carried on down the hedgerow lined lane in to Charlton. 

All the other FRBs spotted the slightly faded arrow, with Mr X leading the way on the descent in to the valley of the harrowed field, the wide ledges of the seeded field were almost like large steps on a long trot toward the A602 from the Three Moorhens roundabout.

The Dust was a bit battered in places along this part of the Trail, but enough remained for Mr X to find the way up the path on the inside of the fence before the embankment down to the A602.  The Trail turned eastward to climb up the field’s edge to the main road below & into the area of pine trees that run along the old Priory End lane, it was here that ARP, Lofty with Henry joined from the short cut out of the Gosmore Road.

A turn to the north had the Hash crossing the high narrow white footbridge spanning the gap below that the A602 runs through, once on the other side the Trail was now only a narrow drive away from the backside of the Three Moorhens!  The Dust led in to the next section of pine trees & then came out to a diagonal path in the small enclosed field to the west of the pine trees. 

Mr X thought that the bit in the enclosed field would be just one last loop & it would come back to the pine trees, then down the steps to descend Hitchin Hill to Park Street, but it wouldn’t!  My Lil’ would later admit that he too thought that the Trail would go the same way that Mr X had thought it would, but in the end he followed the footpath away from where the cars were parked.

Sparky blew his horn to alert the others that the Trail was now taking to the footpath that runs along the back end of the Hitchin Priory Grounds, though the litter strewn hedgerow belies the ornate gardens of the priory grounds lie just a few yards to the north.

On the descent down this the RA looked out over the A602 to see Paxo & No Eye Deer still on the opposite side Charlton side of Hitchin Hill, they looked both ways on the path but soon realised that there was no short cut for them & they had to go up the hill, then across & down the parallel path.

The Trail came out near to the edge of the busy A602, crossing the river Hiz by the road bridge & then just beyond that taking to an alleyway that leads on just a short way to the dead end of the Old Charlton Road East, this was the last section for the Hash as this road came out on to Tilehouse Street, on the way the RA noticed that the high Red Brick Wall by the Priory Grounds had a corner in it & a quarter circle of wrought iron bars set in the brickwork, probably to prevent anyone from scaling the corner.

The On Inn was found just before the junction with Tilehouse Street & its older buildings, Sparky was confused here as he asked the RA which street the Angels Vaults Inn was on, after mistaking Bucklersbury Street for Sun Street, he was put on the right track by Mr X.

The Pack grabbed their change of clothes before heading around to the Angel Vaults Inn, on the way back over Bridge Street, Porky Pie was ahead of Mr X, who crossed over the road to be behind the Lady & her two young girls, all of whom had fantastic bright red hair, who were following on behind Porky Pie to make it four ginger-nuts in a row!

Some of the Pack were on to their second pint when 2-1-2 Maureen arrived, she was applauded having been around the whole Trail after her late start, since she couldn’t find the Pub.

With the threat of losing our seats, plus the Hash seemed far too busy laughing & joking about the last Christmas Weekend, then more important things with ideas for future Hen & Stag weekend, Telly Tubbies & Oompah Lumpahs was mentioned for a Guernsey Wedding, or the Shite Shirts & Kilts of Hoggy’s Stag Weekend.  Then there was Soapy's Cadbury Chocolate wrapper Dress at their themed Wedding in Devon.  Your suggestions please!

The Tables were not going to be abandoned when several bowls of Chips being ordered, not to mention a foot-long chilli dog that brought a lot of innuendo, & not only from Pebbledash, when it arrived & Max Factor bit in to this massive dog!

Paxo was now hungry after seeing this food, since he was on his own as Ewok was taking part in the ‘Mud Bath’ down in Bath, & the day before she had text Mr X about watching the Sarries v Bath game on the TV in the Bath Club house, it was a double-edged sword for her in which team to support as Sarries came back from 0-13 down at half time & win the match 19-13.

Other subjects were different things for the Hash to do & spice the Hareline up a little – including the Corrs at Newmarket & a possible weekend in Burwell for that Concert is at the Horse Race Meeting on Friday, 17 June 2016, 17:00, plus the Saracens V Quins Match 16th April

Also the joint run with London to join them up at  Boat Race Run, Hash Trail & then watch The Cancer Research Varsity Boat Races Sunday 27th March 2016 - Women's’ Race @ 15.10 Hrs & Men's’ Race 16.10 Hrs, best to get into groups & Train it up (If we work on it Ticket Prices for GroupSave are £9 WGC -  £10.50 Stevenage - £12.30 Letchworth £9 Hertford East)  It’s the Easter Weekend, Clocks go forward so we lose an hour but it is Easter so we have the Monday Off!

Don’t forget we are also looking at teams to be entered into the Braughing Wheelbarrow Race on 9th of July.


Please let us know if you are interested in any of the above events!