Date =                            8th February 2016

Run Number =             1662                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Three Magnets, the Dragon King

Location=                     Letchworth

Beer =                           8 Real Ales & Tsing Toa

Hares =                         No Eye Deer

Runners =                     2

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =             Cheeky Monkeys Celebrating 新年快!


Some of the Pack met up in the three magnets before venturing back out in to the windy evening, in some UK places Irene was causing a lot of trouble with storm force winds but none of this prevented the RA from making his way up from Devon, after watching Saracens beat Exeter Chiefs at the weekend, for tonight’s Trail.  His journey was only delayed by 40 minutes due to speed restriction, this meant he went straight to the venue & didn’t stop off at home.

After the Pack circled up outside of the ‘Spoon Pub, Paxo went through the honours of introducing the Pack to the correct Run Number, then he handed down over to the Hare.  No Eye Deer said that this was going to be a short Trail due to the anticipated weather conditions, which weren’t as bad by the time the hour came around to start the Run. 

As for the Trail, this would not be effected for No Eye Deer had been around setting the Run that evening & arrived back just before the hour.  It was usual markings & then the Pack were ushered away back up the pedestrianized area toward the junction the Station sits beside.

Just before the colourfully lit up fountain in front of the Platform Bar, which only a couple of weeks ago was still called the Colonnade, the Trail headed off down Eastcheap, a back road behind the ‘Broadway’ that has plenty of small shops lining it.  Many of this little retail units appeared to be Charity Shops as the makes its way out toward the car park that is off of the Broadway, it then continued on out to the First CHK just outside of the excellent Art-Deco building of the now listed local Letchworth Cinema.

Sludge crossed over the junction to search further along the Broadway, where the two sections of roads join to make a single carriageway, meanwhile Alfa Male was off down Gernon Road to the east & that was where the Trail was picked up.  Mr X reminisced about the days of the ‘Black Squirrel’ a rough old Pub which the locals had a competition to name when it was built in the late 60’s, & in their wisdom the good Letchworthians decided to name it after the infamous local tree-rat!

Alfa Male led the way to the very end of Gernon Road, he was followed by Mr X & My Lil’ & they too failed to see the Bar CHK halfway down the road.  Retracing their steps they soon found that Sludge, Max Factor & all the others had gone off between the upright wrought-iron bollard to prevent access to Gernon walk.  On the way up Mr X said that Alfa Male ought to eat plenty of carrots if they were available at the Chinese Buffet to improve his might vision.

Anyhow, the Trail went to the short way southward down from the now dead-end Gernon Walk & out on to the junction where it joins Pixmore way, the likes of Sludge, Porky Pie, Max Factor, Paxo & TBT OBE were already ‘On’ Trail as it headed eastward.  This section was fairly easy to run as the wind was coming from behind the Pack.

Alfa Male, Mr X & My Lil’ all caught up with TBT OBE & Paxo, TBT OBE was sporting a ‘natty’ bright yellow fluorescent top that he had created himself, no doubt after being jealous inspired by those jackets of the EWSH3 Hash!

Then Trail soon changed direction as it crossed the road & headed down Lytton Avenue, which has a course that runs slightly west off of due south.  Near to its end there is a further turn to return more toward the west before it comes out on to South view. 

A CHK on the T-junction with South View seemed to confuse the Hare, who wondered where she was - on her own Trail!  Others had already been through the CHK & had picked up the Trail on down to the southeast & at the end of the road arrows pointed the way on to the west bound arm of Sollershot east.  Even the Keenies found this slightly harder than expected as the strong gusts of wind blew head-on in to their faces.

The Pack started off on probably the longest stretch of the Trail as it headed westward, a CHK just over halfway by where Field lane heads northward, this was ignored by the majority of the Pack as the Trail was picked up all the way to the end of the road, where it comes out on to the Sollershot Circus, the UK’s first roundabout.

Interestingly when it was created, there were no indications as to which way around it drivers had to go, resulting in a few prangs!  From the CHK here Mr X took to the almost hairpin choice of the southbound Spring road of the five other options of exits, he was wrong.

“On!” was called from the opposite section of Spring road.  So it was time to avoid the drivers who could have been there in 1901 by the style of their driving!  More tree-line avenue to run north-westward along as the Dust led on toward the local Baptist Church, by this the Trail turned to turn slightly east off of due north to take to Broadwater Avenue but not for far.

The Trail turned again, by enough degrees to make it a northeast direction along West view, at the end of this the lit up Broadway could be seen again.  Soon the Pack were on to south end of the Broadway opposite the Band Stand.  The Trail would now make its way around by the Town Hall on the one way section that leads out beside the local Morrisons’.

No Eye Deer made out that she was going to cut through the entrance to the Morrisons’ store, as it faces the Broadway, Mr X & My Lil’ both went between the columns of the semi-circular entrance & there they bumped in to Kylie who was taking pictures.  Mr X was rather concerned that he would be pictured in a shot that made it look like he was emerging from the Store, he said his reputation could be in tatters!

On the way down the Broadway’s west side, Kylie said that he had done all the Trail so far & that Fliptop was also out on there, & as these four looked over at the central garden between the two roads they could see Fliptop with Paxo & TBT OBE walking down the centre of the Broadway.  With a surprised tone to her voice, the Hare said she didn’t expect to see those three there as they should have been much further back!

The Trail crossed on to the centre of the Broadway on one of its many raised crossing points & then near to the Station end it came on to the O I & an arrow, which must have mean to be the On Inn & not ‘Oi!’ as the RA shouted out!  The Trail was just over the half an hour, but with the gusty parts it seemed slightly longer, however it was long enough to get up a thirst & a hunger!

After a change & quick Ale in the Three Magnets, where the Cheeky Monkeys were joined by Sparky, a lot of time was spent talking to Fliptop on his return to the Hash, My Lil’ had some better news that a Brewery, with a Bar, should be opening up in the Wynd in Letchworth next to his sister-in-law’s junk nick-nack shoppe [What would the founders have thought of that in this former Quaker town? – Ed] & judging by the artist’s impression they are going to have the local Tree-rat as its logo!  Obvoiously the image is wrong as they haven’t got Junior outside in his quest to be the first in to every new pub in Herts!

Before long it was time to go around to the Dragon King, the former short-lived Lytton Tree Pub, for a sit-down Buffet.  TBT OBE showed off that he knew what the Chinese saying 新年快& he wasn’t far wrong as he pronounced ‘shineein kwilow’!  Mr X thought that

The food was very good indeed, Sparky even tucked in to the shelf-fish but must have been disappointed at the fresh squid – since it was not tinned in its own ink & ten years beyond it sell-by date like the stuff he enjoys?  Most went around for thirds before going in for the kill on the Pudding.   Meanwhile Fliptop & Mr X impressed the staff by wearing Chinese Hash Gear, well Mr X’s was Hong Kong one when he got it just before the handover in 1997 & th eSun finally set on the Empire!