Date =                           28th February 2016

Run Number =           1665                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                       Toad Hall (The Attimore Hall)

Location=                    Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                           London Pride; Doombar; & three better ones!

Hares =                         Mr X

Runners =                   12

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =            Welcome Back to TBT OBE’s long lost old Friend!




On his way back in from setting the Trail that morning, the Hare spotted the figure of 2-1-2 Maureen wandering down toward the local Morrisons, when they met she claimed she was walking around after getting there early!  [More like checking out the Trail like Sludge does & Windmill used to! – Ed]

After a couple of week’s absence the RA was back, but not in his usual capacity as he was also this day’s Hare.  The RA’s duties would be taken up by the Curate, who was one of the last to have rolled up in to the Pub’s car park.  Sloppy Seconds like the rest was happy to see that there was a return to the Herts Hash of TBT OBE’s long lost old friend, & we are not talking about Colin either, for the RA was wearing the Herts Hashit after an absence of a few weeks [I think you’ll find that Alfa Male worked it out to be seven weeks exactly! – Ed].  Pebbledash offered to unpick the [Rightful! – Ed] name of TBT OBE on the back of the Hashit & replace it with Mr X!

As the Pack gathered in the Car Park My Lil’ suddenly burs in to life & moved the fastest he’d be seen at all day, a shout of “Ooh! Five Pence!” signal his quick dash & ducking down to snatch up a nice shiny silver 5 pence piece on the car park floor.  [It’s the little things in life! – Ed]

            Time came around for the Circle & Paxo carried out the honours, getting the Run Number correct.  Fliptop said that with the next Run Number being 1666, the Hash should celebrate something?  The RA said that it as the date of the Great Fire of London but it isn’t barbeque weather, while My Lil’ said that it was also a French Lager!  [Please, French Lager that was founded by Cornelius Hatt’s family in 1666! – Ed]

Anyhow, the Hare was called forward & showed off the Hashit, which slightly earlier had been tugged by a couple of the Harriette’s to straighten the dirty old shirt out [Some say that they could do the same with the Hasher wearing it that morning! – Ed]  Back to the Circle & the Hare explained that the Trail was laid in one sided arrows & flour, he warned that not all of the False Trails were marked, so if in doubt - the lost sheep should go back to the Check which would be marked.   He also apologised for the lack of Jelly Babies, for the Shiggy on his Hash-shoes prevented him for going in to the local Morrisons!

Having warned of lots dog walkers & canines, Mr X mentioned about Short Cuts, then added a bit the Pack to keep their eyes’ open for a handbag in a tree, though that there was no baby inside it as in the ‘Importance of being earnest’!  Then without further ado, the Pack were ushered out to the Ridgeway where the first CHK was found, Mr X put this down outside the Pub for My Lil’s benefit, for he doesn’t like starting a Trail from a CHK!

It seemed like all of the Pack would check out the options north & south on the Ridgeway, everyone being slow on the uptake of the Footpath sign just over the road & pointing away down the alleyway away to the southwest, after a hint from the Hare Pebbledash took the first tentative footsteps over the Ridgeway to find the Trail down the alleyway to head off between two of the local Industrial & warehousing units in this part of Town.

The Trail reached a CHK at the end of the alleyway & the FRBs came out to the new homes that sit on an old area that were garages by a green space behind (Not on your) Knella Road.  Alfa Male, Max Factor, Chris & Sloppy Seconds all fanned out over the green space, meanwhile  My Lil' had the advantage of 'local knowledge' as he made his way out through the access road to Knella road.

My Lil’ found an arrow on Knella road & followed the direction it indicated, he was leading the way to the southeast & to the next CHK by a cut-through on a bend before the end of Knella road.  Back at the previous CHK the Hare had to call Max Factor & Sloppy Seconds back from heading away in the opposite & totally wrong direction.  He made sure that he pointed out the arrows to these two as he passed by it.

The Trail was picked up on the other side of the cut-through from Knella road to emerge on to the Ridgeway once again, more arrows were found there, these indicating the way over the traffic island & on to the east side of the road to enter Bushey Leys wood.  A straight forward trot through this small bit of woodland, passing a severely scorched tree where some rubbish had been set alight by the local arsonists!

A tarmac path led on out from among the trees to a green space park, a CHK was found by the cut-through to Beauchamps a residential cul-de-sac which sits behind the local Morrisons, but most ignored this to continue over to where the fenced off kids play area is, beside the railings the next CHK was discover on the passageway out to street of Bushey Leys, Alfa Male went wrong at this point as he searched out by the houses where there was no Dust.

Alfa Male was soon back in joining Max Factor, Ewok, My Lil', Chris & Sloppy Seconds to follow the Trail out of the northeast corner exit through the hedgerow & out on to Black Fan Road.  It was more tarmac of the combined cycle/footpath route for the Pack as they made their way up to the roundabout where Sylvian way joins this main drag out to the far off A414 Hertford road.

Alfa Male, Sloppy Seconds, Ewok, My Lil' & Pebbledash would all you wrong at the roundabout, no doubt expecting My Lil' to be correct, they had to be corrected as Colin found the Trail further up Black Fan road to a point where an arrow pointed the way in to Rolls wood, at the end on the more recent builds on Cypress avenue, down which was also a Falsie.

The majority of Keenies had to cross back to the Cycleway/footpath to follow on behind Colin in to the cut off section of Rolls wood cut off by Black Fan road, as the Dust weaved its way between the trees & up toward the large & seemingly permanent flooded area that is now a pond within the wood.  The route was a real desire line that clambered over fallen branches & looped off the beaten track before it came out to a CHK on the edge of the dead-end of the north section of Holywell Hyde lane, located on the small wood's southern side.

The Trail was picked up out of the Holywell Hyde road to where it joins Cole Green lane, there it led on to a CHK on the crossing point over toward the southern & longer section of the old Holywell Hyde lane to the local fishing lakes to the west, or the path leading all the way out to the A414 toward the Cole Green House-hold refuse tip, but these options terminated with a T!

It was here that the Hare collected the brand new, unused hand-bag out of the trees, Ewok thought it was funny to see him in the Hashit with a handbag slung over his shoulder!  Pebbledash was hoping that it would end up in the Christmas Secret Santa?  [What with Mother’s Day the following weekend, nah! – Ed]

Sloppy Seconds was soon on to the Trail at the end of the triangular area at the junction of Cole Green lane with Black Fan Road, where it becomes Birchhall lane.  This led straight over the busy Road to A414 & on to an old overgrown tarmac remnant of a footpath back down toward Welwyn Garden City, where the Hare was spotted after marking the Short Cut from off of the cycleway/footpath & over in to the larger part of Rolls Wood on the northeast side of the road, Fliptop with Lucy & Buster, Lofty with Henry, 2-1-2 Maureen & Paxo all took advantage of this.

A CHK was found on the other side of the gate, on the start of the rough, hard capped main track of Green lane, which separated Rolls Wood on the west & Blackthorn wood on the east.  My Lil' used his local knowledge to take to the main route, ignoring two, yes two T's to avoid a loop out on half of the circular route in the south-eastern half of the woodland.

Apart from Fliptop & a sneaky My Lil’, the rest of the Pack chose to do the Shiggy route up to the small pond it the toe of the south-eastern tip of the wood, before the route headed northward & then back over to the main Green Lane Path.  The Trail came out by one of the old war-time structures that are still dotted about this area, for it was once an RAF training airstrip & a decoy for the not so far away Hatfield Aerodrome to lure Luftwaffe bombers away.

Having blatantly gone through the two T's, My Lil' must have had an angst of guilt as he came back from the Falsie straight on at the next CHK on Green lane, he pointed this out to Mr X, no doubt in an attempt to avoid a Down-Down later on.  The Trail passed through a gap in the wide thicket of a tree-lined hedgerow to take to a permissive path along the edge of the crop field of brassicas, it was a north-easterly route parallel to the Green lane & came to a Held CHK where a south-easterly path to Birchall wood crosses its route. It was pointed out that the H in the centre of the CHK was place over a couple of large dog turds, as this Hare explained it is a good way of preventing anyone from kicking out the Trail, they'd only do it once!

Once the FRBs were together, the Hare allowed the Keenies to search again, only My Lil’ went back to the old Green lane Track, the rest chose to look over the path out through the centre of the crop fields, this would be the correct choice.  This footpath was littered at its edges with plenty of dogs' eggs, a few of which were used to host the Trail's Dust.

A couple of old established oaks, like a couple of small islands, broke up the monotony of a fairly long straight over to the southern tip of Birchall Wood, at least it was a fair day for a run.  The Hare marked a short cut along the north-western edge of the crop field for My Lil', who had come back from the Falsie, as well as the likes of 2-1-2 Maureen & Paxo who were getting a little behind after the loop out to the pond.

The Trail was picked up just within the south-western edge of the Birchall wood & kept to a nice woodland track, which by the looks of the sprouting plants, in a few weeks will have Bluebells out.  The Trail came up to a CHK that was placed on top of the shut lid to a closed bright red, stubby metal vent, more remains of yesteryear.

Chris & Alfa Male were soon on to the Dust once again, no hanging about from these two as they made their way further north-westward just within the wooded edges that surround Money Hole park, where several football teams were playing away.  Even Mr X had no idea as to why it is called Money Hole park, since it isn’t in a hole & there’s no money lying about there!

After  the long north-western trot the Trail turned to the southwest after a CHK in the northern corner, at the end of the tree lined edges the Dust led out by the main entrance to Panshanger FC, not to be confused with Welwyn FC which is in another part of the Panshanger side of WGC, the Trail began to make its way down Sylvian way, toward the small park The Hash had passed through on the out Trail, but the Hash never got that far as the Dust would cross over pass between the two metal poles to prevent cyclist from riding off at the start of this route, one of the numerous alleyways & Cycle routes that cross-cross this section of the Garden City.

The pathway led out to the second Held CHK of the Trail, where My Lil' took another wrong turn, he was not alone in going down the next Cycleway/footpath on an almost hairpin turn from the CHK.  Instead it was down to Ewok & Max Factor to find the Trail over on the green to start down Panshanger drive to the west, this would be the final leg of the Trail for this route would come up to the roundabout for the local Morrisons’ Supermarket.

The Trail turned back on to Black Fan Road to head up to the north west, crossing over by way of a traffic island to the west side of the road & then on up past the On Inn before the local Vets, then around on to the Ridgeway.  Colin told Mr X that he had been to parts of Welwyn Garden that he had never seen before!

Back in the Pub after an hour & five minutes, a typical length of a Mr X Trail.  The Pack settled in, with talk about the return of the Hashit amongst other things, including the inaugural Bull Moon Hash run that kept the RA away for a week.  The Hash were surprised to hear that the RA got the Train to Oulton Broad the day before, just to retrieve the Hashit, the Pack have to thank Chantelle for saving it for them.  In all honesty it wouldn’t have been a surprise with the state of it, if it had gone straight in the Waveney’s bin!

Alfa Male was quick to work out that the Hashit was absent for SEVEN Weeks, as Hash Tradition would normally require the last awardee to wear of it for the equivalent weeks it is absent!  The Talk was changed to the names of the Hash Hierarchy, & how in the US Universities are getting rid of the name ‘Master’ in the colleges as it is deem ‘Racist’ , luckily on Herts we have been using the name of ‘Monkey’ in its place for ages!!

Sloppy Seconds was required to step up as the Curate, for the RA was the Hare & with his name on two hits, he thought it best for the Curate to do the honours.  Sloppy Seconds seemed a little lacklustre, when he finally lifted his head off of the table to get up & sort out the Down-Downs!

Fliptop left early, for he was going to watch the Arsenil play, but the rest stayed on with a few eating what looked to be a splendid Sunday lunch, My Lil’ was the one who got the most attention when his roast arrived, seems it was fun for the rest to remind him he had been abandoned by his folks!

When it came to the Circle, Sloppy Seconds pre-empted the JM (Joint Monkey) in Toasting the Hash!  He then went on to ask “What did you think of the day’s Trail?” to the Circle, the answer was good, which surprised Mr X as it was a pretty basic Trail.  Mr X took his first hit & was careful not to spill any on the Hashit.  Ewok & Max Factor were out for something that Sloppy had conjured up.

As for the Hashit, well, Mr X could have spilt as much as he wanted on it, as Sloppy Seconds said “I like to surprise the Hash with my Hits!” as he called up Alfa Male to be awarded the Hashit, for the precise time it had been missing.  Not only was Mr X glad that Alfa Male was getting the Hashit, so were Ewok & Pebbledash as he had to strip off his top to adorn himself with the Hashit!

After the Circle Mr X noticed that there was a loo in the Pub that has Easy Access’s name on it, picture taken & posted on Farcebook - for those who don’t know her she’s a Canadian who Hashes with Yorkshire!