Date =                             9th May 2016

Run Number =            1675                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Load of Hay

Location=                    Oxhey

Beer =                          Tring Side Pocket, Blonde & another that had gone.

Hares =                         Zing-a-long-a-max

Runners =                    9

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                           9

Membership =             It’s wet T-shirt time!


The weather forecast didn’t look too clever, plus a few were suffering from the lurgy that was going around in Edinburgh – it must have been bad as My Lil’ didn’t make it over to the other side of Watford!  The late arriving TBT OBE, Paxo, Ewok & Mr X were happy to see that Underfelt, Mother, Limbs-Sprouting & Lemming were all having trouble in finding the start of the Trail, this bought the later comers enough time to get parked up, change shoes & catch up with the Pack as they headed over the nearby green space surrounded by the Watford Heath lane.

Off of this to the southwest is the local Bowls club, on the approach a local dog took a fancy to the stoat hanging from the back of the Hashit that Mother was wearing, the dog owner pointed out the green cut-through above the tennis courts to lead out on to the footpath off from the dead-end of Eley Place that leads along beside the railway line as it heads almost due south to its destination at Euston. 

The Hare took time to explain to the later arrivals what he had said at the opening Circle, there were exactly 17 CHKs, one being a Held CHK, the Trail would be about 4 miles in length & that was after he had cut it short following a reconnoitre!  There were no Falsies, if you found Dust then you were “On!” Trail.

They followed on by the footbridge over the railway line in the cutting below, as the Trail ran on beyond this footpath & headed along the west side of Sherwood wood by the railway.  The early precipitation had taken its toll on the Dust but Tonto Lemming managed to find the Dust on the first long stretch of the Trail, there was a slight hold up for some as the proper path seemed to be blocked by the felled trees that the railway worker had been busy clearing & leaving in piles as the side of the woodland. 

The scent of the bluebells could drifted in the air as the Trail continued on by the hold-up until the path came out to the elbow of the corner of Alva Way, there a CHK was found (16 to go) & was quickly picked up under the railway, Lemming had to be called back from a Falsie down the street.  Care was taken making their way through the gloom of the tunnel, before coming out on to the edge of a green space along the east edge of Prestwick Road.

Underfelt, Mr X, Limbs Sprouting, Mother & Ewok were soon over this busy road to find Dust on the edge of the Oxhey Park Golf Club, TBT OBE & Paxo were busy at this point trying to wheedle a short cut out of the Hare.  Mr X advised the Hare to err on the side of caution & not to send TBT OBE in to the deep hollow of a dell on the edge of the fairway!   

The Diagonal path cut over to the path running westward behind the homes on Hayling Road, it was around this point that the light drizzle became rain!  TBT OBE & Paxo continued with them, so no tumbles as yet!

The next CHK was found out on the southeast corner of South Oxhey Playing Fields, where a few kids in the fenced in play ground where taking shelter from the rain under the Wooden Tree House at the top of a slide, amongst the bits of playground equipment. 

While Mr X & Lemming went astray in the Park, others found the Dust up the alleyway between a couple of the homes & out on to Hayling Road, the softer wet grass now gave way to hard pavement & tarmac.  The Pack now headed westward before finding their way up on to Gosforth lane & on to a CHK by the local School.  From there the likes of Underfelt & limbs Sprouting continued along the road, while Mother led the way on the footpath heading a few degrees west off of due south & in to the woodland of Oxhey Wood.

The Pack made their way on a few desire lines off of the straight, main path up to Oxhey Drive, this would lead on to the one & only Held CHK of the Trail.  So, with the Keenies all present, Zing-a-long-a-max allowed the others to search for the Dust, Mr X & Mother had the route up to the Oxhey Lane as their favourite, so it was a bit disappointing when Ewok & Underfelt called “On!” back in the main woodland.

While catching up, Mr X met up with the Hare, who told him that he used to Orienteer around this area, but due to a slightly sordid incident involving the Secretary in Big Wood, it no longer appears on the Orienteering calendar!  Which seems as shame as, as many said “There’s actually a nice bit of Watford!”

The Trail now headed over toward the west side of the wood, another CHK was found & only Ewok chose the correct Trail to start with, without any calling from the rest, Mr X decided to head down the path that was pot-hole with hoof prints behind Ewok & the Trail was found again. 

The Shiggy was pretty firm, even at the points were there were wooden duck-boards over the currently dried up streams the path crossed, but as the path came down the gentle slope there were a couple of softer, deeper bits!  Zing-a-long-a-max had stated earlier that he had managed to get around this without getting too much Shiggy on his boots, Mr X pointed out that his body weight was about a third of most of the Pack!

This north bound route would lead between the two section of the greater wood, with Little Hangings [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] on the right & Old Hangings [Oh Pebbledash I give up! – Ed] on the left until it almost came out on to the elbow in Gosforth Lane, from the CHK there Ewok was again correct but she would go wrong at the last CHK in what was now the Furzefield Wood part of the large plantation.

Mr X now picked up the Trail as he chose to search out on through a narrow path leading in to the short dead-end Hands Way, it was back to Street Running for a short way as the Trail weaved its way down to Ashburnham Drive, Mr X would run on by the place where the Dust changed road sides & it was down to Underfelt & Limbs Sprouting to spot this.

On a short rough path of broken tarmac bits, then through a metal gate the Hash were back on softer wet grass as the moved in to South Oxhey Playing Fields, the Trail left its short northbound direction to lead eastward along the bottom of the grassy hillside. 

After a quick count up of CHKs, now totalling 12, Underfelt & Limbs Sprouting spotted an arrow that kind of pointed the way over to Big Wood up in the north, meanwhile Mr X, Mother & Lemming went wrong as they continued eastward & then a few degrees to the north without any luck.  The lack of calling didn’t help the strays out in the open fields!

Underfelt would join Mr X, Lemming & Mother around the eastside of Big Wood, then from within the wood “On!” was eventually heard as Ewok sounded that she had picked up the Trail, so having made their way around on side of the block of woodland they stumbled back on the Trail as it emerged from the tip of the wood, now it to headed over in to the edge of the long strip of Ox Pasture Spring wood

The Keenies now entered the lengthy stretch of woodland & Mr X said that the sound of Trains in the distance at the end of the long avenue of trees to the east had to be the correct route, but after going a fair way down there no Dust was seen.  He turned back, only to find that Lemming, Mother & Underfelt had fared no better, so Mr X had another go at the direction toward the sound of the Trains.

A slight stain of flour was spotted by the RA in a gap out of the long avenue of trees & on to run along the outside of the Ox Pasture Spring wood, the smell of wet grass now replaced any of the bluebells.  The Dust would head back in amongst the trees until it finally came out by the ‘mock-Tudor’ Pavilion Tennis Club.  It took a while to pick up again & there may have been a CHK there, but the Trail was found up beside the side of one of the tennis courts & then over to the drive way out on to Green Lane.

On the way down the driveway like Green Lane from the Pavilion, the Hash would pass by a lot of new retirement Homes.  Mr X wondered if Paxo & TBT OBE had managed to get beyond these or had already been incarcerated in the Maximum Security Twilight Home? 

Later on they would find that Paxo & TBT OBE had not taken up residence in the Secure Accommodation.  By now the Hare had by now scuttled on by the FRBs to ‘refresh’ the Trail as it crossed the Prestwick Road & headed northward on the continuation of Green Lane at the cross roads. Zing-a-long-a-max placed a CHK by the footpath running along by the stream, but no one seemed interested in this, it may have been because there was a sewery wiff in the air through this wood strip along the water course.

The Trail was found a short way up & around on Anthony Close & the Pack headed eastward, on the way they passed by some local ‘yoofs’ sitting in a car & practising their gangsta hand moves, then by a small crescent on the north side of the road the Pack found a footpath leading back up to the Railway line & the brick footbridge the Hash had passed by on the way out!

Mother asked Mr X if he like the last UK Nash Hash T-Shirt, which Lemming was wearing?  Mr X replied “Yes, but not on him, as it was now transparent with the rain it had soaked up!”  Ewok was also suffering with her top, but it wasn’t as translucent as Lemmings in the damp!  Mr X reminded Lemming of the Pub’s reputation [Its also known as the Load of Gay!- Ed], & the way Lemming was dressed with his almost see-though top!

The Hare pointed out the blank brick base where the On In was place, but had long since been washed away!  Zing-a-long-a-max pointed the way straight over the filed to run a short way back by the Bowls & Tennis court on the start of the Out Trail!

Some of the Pack had already settled in, the rest would join them in a Pub that has a reputation of once being a ‘gay-bar’ though it appeared to have a mixed clientele.  There were some innuendos flying back & forth over the table, Ewok’s wet bra now stood out from under her dry shirt, to make it look like she was seriously lactating! [I only though not having dry socks was a nuisance! – Ed] the banter about the Pub’s reputation culminated in the fact that Paxo was wearing the only Shirt with ‘Pride’ written on it!

A quiz was about to take place & with the main body of the Pack not getting back until 20:30 the Hash would sit this out.  Zing-along-a-max wasn’t driving & so he wanted a Down-Down but then disaster of disasters they ran out of Real Ale, the Bar tried to out a third one on but without the Landlady being there he couldn’t change it.  Which was a shame as the Ale was pretty good & the locals seemed to be a friendly a bunch of a cross-section of normal life.

Mr X left early, still feeling the effects of Edinburgh Lurgy!  Which was lucky as he probably would have had received the Hashit for leading TBT OBE to the wrong Pub, near to the Red Lion Zing-a-long-a-max did a Trail from a few years Back.  The RA would have accepted this as he was wearing the Hashit Pants after his lift from TBT OBE & getting a little close to a Tail of a Truck for the passengers liming while on the M1, fortunately he found a pair of clean pants in the back of TBT OBE’s car to remedy the situation.