Date =                            16th May 2016

Run Number =            1676                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Boar’s Head

Location=                     Royston

Beer =                           The Cornish Rock, something Red & Saffron (non) Honey

Hares =                         Fliptop

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        1

Newies =                      0

Hounds =                     2

Total =                          19

Membership =            Not running all the Hills of Rome Royston!


What a great evening for a Hash, the weather was warm, the sun was not close to setting & those who came along to the Boars Head were in for a treat, well "Lucky Arsenal Sweets" as they were described by the Hare.  [Technically they should be ‘Lucky Newcastle Sweets! – Ed]

The Pack gathered on the end of the Pub, by its single table &b three chairs, on the tip of the island the two Pubs sit on that is surrounded by traffic on the one way system.  Ewok welcomed the Hash to the correct run Number, she was proud of the fact that it was not written on her hand!  As she held her hand up to prove this, Skip chipped in with “I used to write on my hand!”

There was a sense of Ewok enjoying the power of being GM. With the introductions.  Then she moved on to introducing the Hare, the said Hare was Fliptop, so there were more red herrings in his speech than in the nets of a North Sea trawlers nets’! [Yes, I know there is no such thing as a Red Herring! - Ed]

Anyhow, the Pack were finally ushered over to the shady side of the street, having finished playing with the traffic the Trail began with a CHK opposite the Pub, if this was for My Lil’s benefit it didn’t work as he was not there this evening & it was already marked. 

The trail made good use of the old back passages [Are you sure you aren't talking of last week's Trail? - Ed] to weave the Pack on a series of loops, Mr X already knew that there was a CHK on the end of the old High Street as he had passed it on the way up walking along with Fliptop.

So, it was a wonder why Mr X crossed over the small green area to head up Sun Hill road & not head back down the High Street where the Trail was?  Seems he didn’t see it!  The Trail would only down as far as half along the High Street, to the next CHK where Max Factor, Alfa Male, No Eye Deer, Skip, Sludge & Tent Packer were among the Keenies who were straight on through the back passage way to the adjacent Upper Kings Street, these two old streets are only separated by the narrow row of olde worlde shops & homes running from North to South.

The Trail continued with the Pack weaving through a series of short alleyways to come out on to a CHK on Briary Lane, the options of heading southward up the hill was found to be False, as did the option off to the west, which left the north bound way to the end of the road the only viable option & so it proved to the way the Trail would go when Max Factor & Alfa Male found the Arrows!

On to the end of the main part of town, as the Arrows led the way eastward where the Briary Lane joins the Baldock Road, a short way to the west edge of Royston before the Trail swapped sides to go over the road at a crossing point.  It then led on to turn northward, just beyond the Fire Station it now ran the length of Tannery Drift.  The next CHK was found on Green Drift, No Eye Deer, Tent Packer, Max Factor, Alfa Male & Sludge all headed along this route that runs just a few degrees south from due west.

Mr X said that be thought that the FRBs were on another loop, which would take a "Left, right, left! & back to the Baldock Road again" Max Factor said that it sounded like a command in the Army, well these orders have been drilled in to this Hare's brain over the years.  The alternative option would head northward on a footpath out to cross the railway line.  Of course the Trail would be on a loop & Mr X follow his hunch & picked up the Trail down Mackerel Hall Lane, all after the others had passed the CHK over at the junction with Green Drift.

The RA led the way northward up to the dead-end of the Lane & through the short cut-through at the restricted dead-end that was not suitable for traffic, here the Held CHK was found, as was the Hare & the Lucky Arsenal Sweets.  With the Hare were Lobby Lobster & Mumblehead with Meg.  Fliptop was really insistent that the Pack devour the two bags of sweets that he had brought along, he didn’t want to take them home for the fear of temptation!

The arriving Pack didn’t take long to pick up on the fact that Mark E Mark was at the Held CHK, with Louis, & soon the topic of Spurs falling away on the last game to let the Gooners get second place in the Premiership.  Mr X pointed out that at least there was one European Trophy in North London, as he talked about his trip to Lyon to watch Saracens beat Racing Metro 92 in the European Rugby Cup Challenge Final!  He added that the Racing Metro 92 Fans were such good sports & were still singing on the way back after they had been defeated, even the Tram Driver joined in, singing over the Public Information System!

Anyhow, Psycho arrived & even though TBT OBE & Flanders had yet to arrive, that was the cue for the FRBs to start off searching again, the Hare was confident that TBT OBE would be kept in touching distance of the Pack.

Paxo & Mr X thought that the Trail would stick with the north side of the Baldock road, but their belief that the Trail went down toward the Heath Club proved wrong, for the Trail was found over on the Heath not far away from the Victoria Memorial.

Alfa Male was amongst those Keenies who began the long climb up the hillside of wild grasses, a CHK was found three-quarters of the way up & this had Alfa going wrong over toward Heath Farm & then Wicker Hall up the hillside behind Golf Club house.  Meanwhile Colin was heading on the right way to start with as he picked up the Dust leading the way southward up the steep climb. 

Colin was on top of the fallow grass land & then took the turn in the Icknield way from southeast to southwest, a slight kink in this ancient Britons route to Grimes Graves in Norfolk.  Believe it or not the main trade along this route was the trading of Flint by the Ancient Britons, this was of a high quality mined in Norfolk & used all over the UK for tools & arrow heads.

Colin veered off of the Trail after he had run through the wooded ridge & headed out further southward above where the old Rifle-range used to sit.  It could have been a feasible reason for this, & that was that Colin was mistaking the odd patch chalk flour on the base peeking through the concrete hard clay cap that make up these hills.  The ground would be pretty dry up here as the chalk base would drain the rain away pretty quickly.

While Colin went AWOL, Tent Packer & Ewok were taking to the route through the gate & on to the edge of the fields to the south of the tree-line, neither of them spotted the short stump near the gate, just one of the many left of the remains where the saplings that were growing over the path had been removed, both of them came a cropper & the RA was just within sight of this & he shouted out “Mind that!” toward them!

While Ewok dusted herself off, Tent Packer found the Trail heading eastward along the path that is hedged-in by the wood on the ridge on one side & the open field’s hawthorn hedge on the other.  There weren’t just stumps to avoid on this bit, but also a couple of deep holes in the path, so these were pointed out by the FRBs to those behind.

A CHK was found at the T-junction where the path joins the track of the North-South bound Briary Lane that leads down in to the open field’s corner, Mr X & Sludge both agreed that their favoured option would be to head northward on the Briary Lane path to another track that leads off down to the east & comers out by the Royston Hospital.  Sure enough this was the way it would go.

Tent Packer was lured on by the long trot down beside the reservoir hidden undercover up on the hill, he was heading back toward Wicker Hall & Heath Farm.  Tent Packer was called back by Sludge & Mr X as they took to the downhill on the longest single stretch of the Trail, another by-way that was hedged on either side with hawthorns & other shrubs.  This long way had these two getting ahead of the majority of the Hash as they followed on behind Ewok

Out on to the edge of the A10 on the same side as the Hospital, as there was only a footpath on the opposite side arrows directed the way over to this footpath, then more arrows showed the way back down the hill & in to Royston.  The road back in is of Roman origin, so it was straighter than the Icknield Way, in fact it was straight enough for the Hash to see the Chequers Pub which is only yards from the Boar’s Head & the Green man.

The On Inn was found just before the green space above the car park & once there the RA found the GM sitting in the car park, no doubt awaiting Paxo to arrive.  Mr X said “You won’t make much money there Dear!” as he passed by to head straight in to the Pub & get a well-deserved Beer after an excellent Trail that took 50 Minutes to Run.

As Sludge & Mr X sat outside enjoying a Pint, Mark E Mark passed by & gave them a barbed comment about not deserving the drinks, hinting that they must have short-cutted on the Trail!  Mr X pointed out the effect that mass & gravity have on the final two downhill sections of the Trail.  It seems that no one took a Short Cut as TBT OBE came in after the rest & wasn’t at the Pub before the Keenies.

The Pack soon found themselves enjoying one end of the Bar, the end with the bowed floor which has an effect to make some think that they are drunk before they even began supping, it also makes the tables slope down toward the middle of the floor!  The pack were joined by Sis, who was quick to pick up the Hare on his comments on not needing any heat in their ‘bedroom’!

The Pub Landlord was generous enough to put on a few free bowls of chips & some arancini [Italian rice balls! – Ed] the audible difference was quite stark as silence fell when the Pack began to eat!  It was all very enjoyable.

Ewok then called the Circle together inside the bar, since they don’t have a garden at the Pub.  The GM is really relishing this job & was getting carried away with her speech, fortunately before comparisons between her & Tent Packer’s speeches could be conducted she realised this, toasted the Hash & handed over to the RA!

Ewok had covered most of what Mr X was going to say.  He began with the Hare, who deserved his reward for a good Trail, Ewok for falling at the gate, Tent Packer too was out for a tumble.  Colin had his hit for being the Spurs Fan who’s kids took him to watch Arsenal Play at the weekend & finish second in the League!  Also for thinking chalk was flour, Mark E Mark joined Colin for the Spurs result! Finally the RA took a hit for forgetting the Hashit, he blamed the Friday 13th & his trip out to Lyon to watch the European Final for that!