Date =                            6th June 2016

Run Number =             1679                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Bakehouse

Location=                     Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                           mHobgoblin; Breakspere’s Oxford Gold; Boondoggle

Hares =                         Mr X

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          16

Membership =             Running from Junior's new favourite Pub!!


A brand new Pub to run from, though its design being a similar Georgian style as that of the early Welwyn Garden Pubs such as the much lamented Cherry Tree, as well as the Peartree, caught out a few who thought it had been in existence longer than the 6 months it took to build.

The Bakehouse opened a couple of weeks earlier, needless to say only Junior was sad enough to get in there on the day it opened.  His reason was that his Granddad worked at the old Welwyn Bakeries that stood yards away from this site on Bridge Road East.

With it being the hottest day of the Year so far, the turn out wasn't bad.  My Lil' took advantage of the nice evening & nearby locality to cycle to the Bakehouse.  He arrived & found the Hare sitting outside with a Pint.  My Lil' said that Ketchup was cycling as well, Mr X was impressed that Ketchup was going to cycle all the way from Hertford Heath to Welwyn Garden City & back.

The Pack finally Circled up, after the Hare had gone back to fetch the Hashit to wear, after Fliptop dropped a hint about the Hare not wearing it.  Ewok did the welcoming speech, then handed over to the Hare.  Mr X said that it was the normal Herts markings, one sided arrows & flour.  He made a statement that Fliptop would have been proud off, adding that there were roads to cross, there could be dogs, horses, golf balls, low flying aircraft & old people to avoid, as a codicil to his speech he added that the old people were mostly around the Circle!

Then the Pack were directed out of the garden to cross the busy crossroad junction to head westward up Bridge Road.  Mr X added that he spent the day before watching boy-racers pull away at this junction with squealing tyres!  Something that the rest of the Pack would experience when they got back.

As the Pack headed up the long climb of the Bridge that Bridge Road is named after [That took a lot of thought by the Corporation Planners! - Ed] Sloppy Seconds mentioned his gammy hip earlier but seemed to be making good progress up to the summit on the bridge that spans the mainline to Kings Cross.

Ewok, Porky Pie, Fliptop & Tent Packer soon began the downward trot on the west side of the tracks, passing by the Waitrose Store that was once the famous, or as some may say Infamous Cherry Tree Pub.  It still bares the Cherry Tree plaster name upon the white-washed outside wall.

Beyond the former stomping ground for the RA, when it was a biker's Pub, a set of double arrows directed the way through the gate on the wooden picket fence to pass through the car park at the back of the Welwyn Garden Council chambers, which notably don't appear to be in a Georgian Style that is supposed to be adhered to in this preservation area.

Out of the car park & the Trail led over to a CHK behind what was once the local Police Station, now a block of retirement apartments!  Porky Pie picked up the Trail through the car parks behind Waitrose, this would lead around behind the end of the former branch from Welwyn Garden City line to Wheathampstead, now hidden amongst the dense tree-line.

The exit from, the car park was on through the pedestrian cut-through on to Gresley Close, name after Sir Nigel Gresley - designer of the A1 class Flying Scotsman & the A4 Mallard, the later still holds the 126 mph steam speed record.

No Eye Deer now caught up with the FRBs, when questioned she didn't know where she had been?  She was now up with Ewok, Porky, Tent Packer & Ketchup as they came upon a CHK were Gresley Close joins Digswell Rise, they all ignored the footpath sign pointing the way over Lyle's Bridge above the railway, instead they fanned out searching one half of the Crescent shaped Vineyards across from the CHK.

My Lil' had spotted this CHK earlier, while about during his gainful employment that day but had seen no more markings.  He led Sloppy Seconds, Paxo & Skip over Lyle's Bridge & around on to Lyle's lane, now a foot & cyclepath that runs between the east side of the railway & the rear of Shire Park, only to find around the bend there was T!

Tent Packer came back from his fruitless search of Vineyards to join Ketchup, No Eye Deer & then Porky Pie in finding Trail westward along Digswell Rise, then before the bend to go across to the other arm of Vineyards, the Trail passed opposite to Vineyards Hall & rose with the road to lead Tent Packer & his merry band up to a Bar CHK.

The FRBs came back down to see the Hare marking the way off down one of the small groups of homes at the side of Vineyards to pass through the subway under Digswell Road & out on to the cul-de-sac of Little Dell.  Again the Trail rose with the lie of the suburban hillside.  No Eye Deer searched down toward Templewood road, while Ewok, Porky Pie & Ketchup search up the steep climb of Great Dell, it would be No Eye Deer & Tent Packer who found the Trail as it led around on to Pentley Park & to the northeast.

Up around in an anticlockwise direction to the first Held CHK of the Trail by the dead end Pentley Close.  No Eye Deer asked if this was a sweet stop?  The Hare relied “Not yet!”

Here a Short Cut was offered for TBT OBE, Sloppy Seconds, Psycho, Mumblehead, Lobby Lobster, & Kylie, they would all be taken on this by My Lil' who the Hare entrusted to lead the way up from the north-east bend of Pentley Park to follow the desire line that runs just along the eastern edge of Sherrards Wood, behind the homes & Templewood School to come down to the main entrance to this area of SSI (Special Scientific Interest) at the edge of The Reddings.

Meanwhile, Porky Pie, No Eye Deer, Paxo, Fliptop, Tent Packer, Ketchup & Sludge all entered the Templewood section of Sherrards wood, this began along begin the Homes to lead on to a CHK at the junction with a rising path from the north to the south

 Porky Pie was off down the gully to the north & he nearly dragged No Eye Deer down this steep slope as he mistakenly thought the white dots sprayed on the trees for a horse riding trail was the Herts Hash Trail.  A few more times on this run in the woodland would receive careful inspection to distinguish the two different Trails.

The Hare prevented No Eye Deer from an unnecessary trip down in to the dell, the Hare gave a few discreet pointers to Tent Packer as the Trail now progressed westward further in to the centre of the woodland.

The Hare explained the different areas of that make up the greater wood of Sherrards park Wood, the Trail left Templewood & started to head out toward the west & in to the edge of Conduit Field which is no longer a field but another area of Native Broadleaf trees!

The Pack changed to a south western track on the route to Six Ways in the centre of the wood, beyond this to the is Brockswood section of the wood & just outside the western edge if the Red Lion Pub on top of Digswell Hill, No Eye Deer recalled that as the place where Custard held on of the Girls Nights out.

Having left the main path up to Six Ways, the Trail weaved its back through the trees on a narrower desire line, this would drop down in height as it came down in to a darker shaded area near the back of the Reddings Plantation.  Porky Pie went wrong near to the end of the south-eastern corner of the wood, while No Eye Deer & Ewok were on to the Correct Trail out of the tack between two of the homes on another rCrescent shaped road, this one being the Reddings, here the Trail went in the opposite direction than expected, but it was only a short way until it picked up the Short Cut out of Sherrards Wood.

 The Trail headed southward down one part of Roundwood Drive, & guess what shape that was? Yep, a crescent! This led up to the cut-through that was once a level Crossing on the Welwyn Garden to Wheathampstead & Luton Branch line, Ketchup asked Mr X if before the branch lines were axed it was possible to go from Hertford to Luton?  It was, with a change at Welwyn Garden City!  Ketchup added that it’s a shame it still isn't running as it would be easier to get to Luton Airport.  Bet there would be a demand for it now, especially with the Bus Service cuts!

On the track level was the second Held CHK, here My Lil', Psycho, Skip, TBT OBE, Sloppy Seconds & Mark E Mark are all found, the latter was found to be reading an information board on the local Flora & Fauna.  The Hare arrived & declared this a "Beer stop!" Then produced a bag of sweets in the shape of glasses of Beer!  It was noticed that these were a dark-mild Ale colour & not of Skippy Piss lager, hence why Junior wasn't there!

Someone said that these weren't very PC, Mr X said that they were probably incorrect, but back in the day as kids we had licorice Pipes, not to mention sweet cigarettes with red ends that could never be sold these days!

The Trail resumed with a mass consensus that the former railway line was odds on favourite back to town, sure enough it was & the Hash made their way along to the west.  Someone pointed out the difference of the expensive homes on the north of the former line & the flats on the south side, Mr X explained that the flats were actually more Elderly Persons residences, perhaps there was a Freudian influence on this stretch, as to why Psycho & Skip were being asked how they have settled in to their new place?

Anyhow, the Trail would emerge from the shade of the trees & after climbing the steps beside the 'White Bridge' it came out on to Digswell Road, there arrows directed the Hash over to the Campus, but these had been overlooked by My Lil', Sludge, Sloppy Seconds & Tent Packer who had nipped over the junction opposite the side of the library & Hawthorn Theatre, named after Sir Nigel Hawthorn.

The Hare decided not to enforce the last part of the Trail over the Campus & then in front of John Lewis (Formerly Welwyn Department Stores) before dropping down through the subway & the hollow centre of the roundabout, before emerging up from the subway system to the On Inn opposite Waitrose, instead of being able to view some old pictures of Welwyn Garden City on the subway walls, the chalked the way back by the College & then back through the Council Chamber car park.

It was noticed that Sloppy Seconds, who had earlier complained of a bad hip was now running up over the bridge to get back Inn, no doubt the lure of a pint was the cause?  Sludge completed the Trail on 1 hour & 27 seconds!  Another good Trail of an hour form the Hare.

The Pack sat outside, for the evening was so nice, though everyone had to decamp to another table, this time within the fenced off area beside the Pub. This is where they serve food Al Fresco.  The Hash could sit listening to the boy racers pull away like they were on a drag strip, ironically a Police car kept going around, but always about 10 minutes after the burning of rubber on the Tarmac!

The Down-Downs took a while to get arranged as quite a few were eating & the different choices cane out of the Kitchen at different times.  In the end a part Circle was called, leaving those nose-bagging to finish their food.  Ewok was brief with the Toasting of the Hash, then it was a song for the Hare as disposed of his Hit.

With Sloppy Seconds gone, Mr X had to award the other hits, which began with Ketchup's cycling to the Hash.  This only went as far as Mark E Mark's in Hertford, after which he had a lift the rest of the journey to the venue!

Not much was seen on Trail, bit the RA overheard a conversation about Lobby Lobster stopping at the shop around from the corner of home, she walked back from there & at arriving home wondered why her car was missing & Louis wasn't barking at the door?  They were both back where she had parked up outside of the shop!

Finally the Hashit, well there was only one person going to get this & that was the guy who suggested that H4 do a Charity 'Relay Run' to help raise the profile of the Hash.  Shirts were going to be produced to plug ourselves, this character could get a discount entry fee as he was going to be a marshal.  But  over the week a series of willing participants realised that they had other things on that weekend, culminating with TBT OBE himself, when he realised that he's on a Golfing Weekend!  He also said to the Circle that he needed a stand-in Hare as he couldn't be there for next week’s Trail!