Date =                            6th June 2016

Run Number =             1680                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Prince of Wails

Location=                     Green Tye

Beer =                           Henrys (Not much else!)

Hares =                         TBT OBE

Runners =                    12

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =             No Morris Dancing today!!


There was a little bit of a drama before the Trail as the GM's van was spotted with the bonnet up, Sloppy Seconds was soon on to the problem when he said that he bet that the new bulb Ewok was fumbling about with & failing to fit was an H & not an I.  Sure enough this was the case & the letter was seen printed on the replacement bulb box that a young Granville, or counter sprog had served Ewok with.

Today’s Hare came a hobbling out of the Pub, on what was a very overcast evening.  Once the GM had called the Circle together then welcomed one & all to the Hash, TBT OBE got his chance to explain what the Pack could expect out there.  The first thing that was noticed was the aerosol can in his hand that looked like it was a permanent spray paint, had TBT OBE been leaving his ‘tag’ around the Herts Countryside?

The Circle was left in some trepidation after hearing the Hare was out for FIVE hours setting the Trail on Saturday.  He then added that after that, he had then thought it was too long, so went back to cut off a part of his original Trail!  TBT OBE went on to say that, due to his knee, he had a "Mystery Hare" to take his place out on the Trail, while he would meet the Pack at the Held CHK.

The Pack were told that the Trail began down the road, in a direction toward Perry Green in the southwest.  Passing by Tumbledown Dicks [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] on the left of the village street, this is named after Richard Cromwell, son of Oliver the Lord protector of the Commonwealth, who took over the running of England after his father’s death but was soon deposed when Charles II was restored to the throne.

As the Pack made headway through the bunting lined village, some spotted a sign at the tall glass-houses of the local nursery that stated that the tomatoes they grow there are all fed on recycled waste. [I shit you not! - Ed]

The Trail would leave the tarmac after negotiating a bend, it headed off Northwesterly, through a tree-lined track leading out of the slight wood to a CHK.  Ewok, Sloppy Seconds & Tent Packer continued down toward Much Hadham, while Ketchup went wrong heading northeastward. 

Down in the northwest corner of the field was a gate in the surrounding tree-line, the Trail was picked up on the other side of this in the open field beyond & on to another CHK, from there Ewok, My Lil', Paxo & Ketchup all went wrong,

Out on to the narrow lane dead end lane of Danesbridge lane & on to a CHK on its edge.  Danesbridge gets its name from the days when the Vikings had invaded & their defeat at the battle of the River Lea.  There were several more wooden gates here & directly across the drive was another which had an H & an arrow chalked upon one of the upright posts.

Fliptop, Lucy & Mr X all went through to the meadow but were stopped by a T!  This was the part the Hare had cut off, Mr X had seen Trail all the way out on the Danesbridge Road on his way in Ewok, Paxo, Ketchup, Tent Packer, My Lil’ & Sloppy Seconds came back from the Falsie to get ahead of the other when they picked up the Trail heading northwestward through another meadow & to gate on its northern edge & on to a CHK, where some of them would go wrong again!

The obvious choice was the footpath that was slightly staggered across from the one they had run down, so Sloppy Seconds, Mr X, Fliptop & Lucy headed off on the westbound path that crosses the edge of a fallow field of wild grass below Little Hill, to a section of the path that gave an enclosed feeling being between the robust security fencing for large house at Hill Farm on the south & the dusky shelter of the dense overhanging tree canopy on the north

Sloppy Seconds remarked on how he & Carol had walked this bit of the Trail not that long ago!  Then the Trail came out on to another footpath to change direction & head down a dog-leg kink in it that ended up with the Pack heading southward through a paddock with stables at its southern end.  Hash-hush was observed even though no horses could be seen!

At the corner of the field the Hash passed through a gate & immediately stepped down in to the gushing flow of running water in the ford which feeds the river Ash, none of this overflowing water had not been there when the Trail was set on Saturday! Just shows how much rain had fallen!

Talking of rain, it was around this point in the Trail that it had started to fall, the lack of a breeze didn't help as the darker clouds hung overhead to deliver the large, heavy drops, but having waded through the long ford it wasn't going to make much difference to soaking Hash boots!

A turn at the junction & a bend in the road had the FRBs going from east, to south & then southeast in a few yards to find the SCBs of Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, Mark E Mark & Paul all sheltering at the Held CHK on the Stansted Hill Road, all were safely just within the tree canopy's shelter of Hillside Wood.

There was a slight wait for Fliptop to arrive with Lucy before the FRBs could set off once again.  However, there was no sign of the Hare & that was due to the fact that he had got Ewok to park up in front of him, with her taking her keys there was now no way he could get out & drive down to the Held CHK!

Mr X was on to the lower footpath through the bottom western edge of the wooded ridge, Paxo, Sludge, My Lil & Sloppy Seconds all searched up the ridge on an unofficial meandering path worn in to the leaf littered floor, there was no Trail up there. They would not give up this height as they made their way up on a parallel route to the FRBs of Ewok, Ketchup & Tent Packet who are following on behind the RA.

It was a nice trot along in the shelter of the woods’ edge by the paddocks to the right.  The path came up to a gap in the start of the hedgerow just out of the south-western corner of the wood.  By a bench just within the field to the left, that Mr X said the Hare would have sat upon while getting his bearings & looking at his map, the FRBs discovered the words of SC & an arrow pointing up the edge of the grassy hillside, or the "V Long Trail" & an arrow pointing further southward on the continuation of the Mill lane track all the way down to Bourne lane. 

Ewok, Ketchup & Tent Packer were up for the Long Trail, while the rest seemed happy with the Shorter option, especially as the time was approaching 10 minutes to the hour!  Fliptop had received a call from the Hare to advise him & others to SCB at this point, Fliptop took this call while out in the open field & not under any shelter of the trees. 

Up at the top of the wooded section up on of the ridge, the unofficial SCBs were spotted emerging on to the path the proper short cut was on.  Sludge, My Lil' & Sloppy Seconds all made excuses as to how they got there, a running theme soon emerged when all three blamed following Paxo!

Paxo was now handed Ewok's keys, she had passed to the RA a little earlier, which were the very ones that TBT OBE needed to shift her van out of his car’s way!  Anyhow, the smell of the SCB’s Bullsh*t was left behind, as was the rain, as the SCBs picked up the Trail heading over the farmland to Perry Green

After arriving on the edge of Perry Green it was a simple case of going a few yards to the southeast & then northeastward on to the road in to Green Tye, which wasn't far to the Village’s name sign, but it is quite a long village & so it was a good 5 minutes to get back Inn, but at least it was a cheery sight of all the homes & village Hall decorated with Union flags & bunting still hanging up from the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations over the weekend made the place look quaint.

Mark E Mark, Paul, Lobby Lobster & Mumblehead were all in the Pub with the Hare, they had taken an even shorter short cut due to the downpour earlier

The Hare was surprised to hear that three of the Hash had gone on to do the rest of the Trail from the Very Long Trail markings, this took them down through Mill Wood to Bourne Lane then back up through the Henry Moore Foundation grounds, taking in some of the Artworks that are scattered about the late artist’s home of Hoglands.  They were taken up to a path that joined the SCBs route by The Chase Farm.

Alarmingly the Hare was talking about marking "Round things" on the Estate Mr X hoped that these weren't works of art?  The Hare assured those gathered this was not the case!

Ketchup surprised the Pub survived the loss of Mark E Mark's patronage after his move to Hertford, others tried to convince the RA that it was Sludge was handed a sealed envelope!  Then once the FRBs were back & had sampled the Chili Pork Snatchings the Circle was called outside the front of the Pub, across the road from Village Pump, & tree for the local "I've got one in!" on the plaque in memory of one of the local imbibers within the Prince.  Iut was also the scene for a bit of Morris Dancing for H4 a few moons ago now!

Down-Downs saw the Hare rewarded for a Trail that suited both the SCBs of an hour & the FRBs of an hour & 20!  Also out were the three SCBs & their leader Paxo, who was awarded the Hashit!