Date =                            27th June 2016

Run Number =            1682                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Three Hammers

Location=                     Chiswell Green

Beer =                           Bombardier; Breakespere’s; 6X; Ember Inns Gold

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                   14

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          14

Membership =            Cheap Beer Day!



This week’s numbers always looked like it could be hit by the Football, but for those who did turn out it was a fine evening & in hindsight there were probably quite a few who weren’t present who wished they had gone on the Hash rather than sit in front of the TV watching paint dry sorry watching Iceland soundly & deservedly beat England!

While nearly all of the Pack were raring to go, but Kylie was faffing about at the back of his car & holding proceedings up.  The RA said that there ought to be a “Faff-off” between Kylie & Paxo, then Sparky’s name was put forward to be added to the mix!  Finally Kylie came around from the back of the Pub to join the Circle, which Ewok had just called together & welcomed everyone to the correct Run Number, before the Hare was called forward to mention the cheap price of the Ales again.  My Lil’ was in wonderland at the Monday prices, plus a CAMRA discount. 

My Lil’ said that the Trail was the usual Herts Markings, there were a couple of busy roads to be crossed, there were short cuts & that there was a Held CHK for something special!  Then the Pack were shown the way around on to Green Lane beside the Pub. 

The RA was convinced that the start of the Trail would take a route that he once laid from this Pub, when he had led the Hash down an alleyway & then out of the Hammers Gate cul-de-sac to get back to the main Watford Road & then over that.   It wasn’t to be, as He & Max Factor were called back to join the rest in continuing along Green Lane.

Ketchup was wearing the Hashit this evening & as he made his way westward he was interfered with, as Paxo came up behind him & started squeezing & squeaking the Stoat [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] it seems that Paxo can’t help himself when it comes to grabbing a good 12 inches when he can, apparently he’s not used to that feeling!

As the houses diminished in number, Ewok looked over at the Horse in a paddock to the south.  Others, who had a rushed bite to eat before setting off for the Trail were distracted by the homely smell of Pizza wafting through on the air!  Beside this last home on the north side of the lane was a footpath.  Many thought that the Trail found on this was picked up too early, but it turned out to be the correct path that leads on by the stables & paddocks to the west.

The Pack looked at the poster about a lost female ‘Harris Hawk’ before making their way on through the shrubby lined path to come out on to the dead end spur of the Croft, where some new builds were under construction.  A car passed by the FRBs & Mr X pointed out its number plate was ‘A7 AFC’ to the Herts Gooners behind him, also adding that the guy could park it up knowing any kids out kicking a football about in the street would probably miss by a mile!

Alfa Male & Max Factor were soon on to the CHK located by the corner of the fenced off playing field.  They quickly found Dust on the footpath over to the west that runs down through the area of wild grass & woodland further west behind the play area, they would soon be back as they found a T down there.  Fliptop took a fancy to the cherries hanging from the trees along this footpath, he was soon spitting & cringing as these were really bitter & not ready to pick!

Poor old Ketchup was not getting around this Trail without a lot more interference, for Kylie now grabbed the Stoat as the Trail was now found on the footpath enclosed by trees & then fences as it runs off behind the homes on Hawthorn Way, this had a kink in its route before it came out on to Ragged Hall Lane.

Out on to the narrow rustic lane & the Trail was indicated as being straight across on the footpath to the north, over the fields by Cuckmans Farm, this footpath headed northeastward & the FRBs ran on by a permissive path through the fallow wild grassy fields to Park Wood over in the west, those who were caught out by running on beyond this point were stopped by a Bar CHK.

Having made it over to Park Wood, a CHK was found on the official south to north footpath track along the inside of the wood’s eastern edge.  Things resumed with the Falsie down to the South being found & nearly all of the Pack were caught out by this, the exception being Alfa Male who would now get really far ahead of the rest!

Mr X was soon back on to the Path he reckoned the Trail would be on in the first place, along with Sludge, Ewok & Max Factor to run out by the Aerial at the northeast corner & then over the footbridge spanning the A414 section high above the dual carriage way that leads on to join the M1.  It was noticed that the traffic was far less than it normally would be on a day without England playing, some may have wished not to have rushed driving home after the result.

On the north side of the A414 & the Trail led down through a wheat field, heading northeastward to the edge of the suburban St Stephen’s area of St Albans, when Mr X arrived at the opposite edge of the field he was tempted to take to the permissive footpath on the bottom edge of the field but there was no CHK the, plus Dust could be seen prominently positioned on the trees leading out over the wide green verge to the dead-end of Meautys to an alleyway footpath heading northward.

Meautys derives its name from an English Civil Servant & MP who lived in the St Albans area in the 1600’s.  Anyhow, the northeastward Trail passed over the parallel road of Jerome Drive & then the next alleyway up to Westfields, far up this alleyway was Alfa Male, who hadn’t been in sight for ages.

Alfa Male was soon following an arrow which pointed southeastward along the suburban street along the longer Westfields.  There were a few civilian joggers about & they were nearly all women, wonder why that was?  Sludge & Alfa Male ran on down Midway, the shorter road that connects some of the back streets to the Watford Road, but they would fail to spot the Bar CHK laid down to stop them.  So, with Sludge not being in the mood to go back he continued on his way down the Watford Road back toward Chiswell Green

Meanwhile a little further back, Paxo was rather eagle-eyed & he had spotted the Dust on the alleyway from Midway down through to Allendayle, Fliptop came back from almost Short Cutting & joined Mr X with Paxo to find the Hare lurking down the alleyway & the Dust was picked up out on Netherway Green space. 

The Trail was pretty clearly marked on its way to take to the winding track out that leads by the local Scout Hut, it was on this stretch that they caught up with Ewok, Max Factor & Kylie.  Those on the proper Trail passed by a bloke parked up in his car by the Scout Camp, was he a solo dogger? [Urgh! – Ed] but Paxo didn’t seem to know about this area, so perhaps not!  As the RA emerged out on to the main road he saw the Unofficial SCBs making their way over the A414, even by this short time the traffic was even less on the road below!

Only a few yards over the bridge & Ketchup almost ran on by the arrows pointing in to the small new Park area to the east of the road, once in to the park Paxo was caught out when the Hare said he could take either of the two options that lay ahead, which was in reality was just to equal paths around a lozenge shaped grassy patch.  The Hare was laughing as Paxo made his way back to the path that heads up beyond the fenced off allotments & up to the Held CHK near to the side of the School grounds, which was hidden behind a large hedge.

Lobby Lobster, Mark E Mark & TBT OBE weren’t up with the rest by the time the Hare had drawn out a line across the path, was this a Falsie?  Nope, the Hare now got out some strips of material that he had carefully stitched together on his Treadle Singer sowing machine, he then handed these around for the Pack to pair up & have a three-legged race, in honour of running from the Three Hammers!  Well, the RA had no one to partner up with, so he took pictures of those who did hobble away.

The winners, who reached the other line a hundred yards up the track, were Paxo & Kylie, [Never seen these tow run as fast as tis on the Hash! – Ed] the winners received a free cup of coffee voucher, while for coming last a wooden spoon was presented to Max Factor & Alpha Male.  There was plenty of laughing during the ‘race’ & Alfa Male & Max Factor were more than slightly hindered by Max Factor’s laughing, which was sounded like an over-excited donkey after inhaling helium!  This also had the other pairs of Ewok & Ketchup, Sludge & Fliptop slowing up as they were laughing at the laughing behind them!

Max Factor was suitably impressed with winning the Wooden Spoon, Mr X said that the Aussies had one after the three nil white-wash in the Rugby Union test match at the weekend.  He also add that the leg-bindings should be taken out to Tallinn for the Shag-Do.

TBT OBE, Lobby Lobster & Mark E Mark arrived just in time to grab their share of the Jelly Beans at the Held CHK before the Pack were ushered away toward St Julian’s Wood, there was a bit of clock watching now, as wristwatches were glanced at & the time was now just five to the kick off! 

While Mr X thought that the Dust would be picked up on the track leading along the west edge of the wood & around by the local School, he was called back to join the rest under the tree canopy of the wood, the going was softer in amongst the trees as the Trail changed from eastward to southward & on out at the southern end the FRBs ran out in to the open playing fields to find the Falsie from the CHK on the southern end of the wood.

Having stopped earlier to remove a stone from his Hash Boot, Mr X now had the advantage to head back toward the School grounds & then on to the footpath that runs along by this & then changes from a westward direction to the southwest, this comes around to a CHK by a gap in the hedge that leads in to the main playing field of Greenwood Park, Mr X stuck with the enclosed stony path as it runs along behind more allotments & then out in to the corner of the deserted open fields of the sports park by the edge of the Tippendell Road.

Mr X, knowing the local area didn’t hang around as he headed westward up the suburban street to head back up to the Watford Road in Chiswell Green, the On Inn was found just before the road comes out by the shops on the main road.  Mr X was back in the Bar to buy a pint as the Football got under way, by the time he had ordered England were One Nil up, then as his change was handed over Iceland had equalized!  Not many could believe that.

The Pack sat outside the Pub, enjoying the good Ales on offer, Alfa Male had the game on his mobile as the Pub TV wasn’t the largest of screens, & it was soon discovered that there is a lag of around a minute from the TV in the Bar & his streaming services!

Zing-along-a-max arrived, after he ran all the way around the Trail, but Ewok was more concerned about getting a picture of the  Hare with his backside on show as he tried to change discreetly in the Car Park!

            TBT OBE ordered a pasta meal, the Barmaid laughed when Mr X said that she had forgotten to bring out nine other forks!  After TBT OBE had finished & the half time whistle had blown, the Circle was called for the Down-Downs.  This week’s Hare & Zing-a-long-a-max, from his Haring from the Load of Hay (he didn’t get a Down-Down then as they had run out of Beer!) both had their rewards for setting equally good Trails.

            Max Factor was out for her overly excited laugh, & her pride in winning the wooden spoon!

Mark E Mark not mentioning the two Penalties missed by two different Arsenil Players in the European Cup matches