Date =                            1st Aug 2016

Run Number =            1687    

Venue =                        The Greyhound

Location=                    Bengeo

Beer =                           McMullens; Top Dog

Hares =                         Paxo

Runners =                   11

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0         

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          12

Membership =             In Shite Weather


The weather was decidedly awful, dull, dank and had started to rain as Hashers started to arrive at The Greyhound.  The reason no doubt was the fact the RA, along with the Beermaster were delayed by Level Crossing problems on the way back from the Isca Roman Away Day weekend in Devon & wouldn’t make it over to Bengeo, they would be too late arriving for a lift & neither would be able to drive!

The Greyhound was McMullen’s first Pub Purchase way back in 1835, so it was presumed that Sludge would know it well!  Poor weather outside meant that the Hare would need to mark/re-lay the trail well for any late comers.  It was at this point Paxo realised he had forgotten his bag of flour!  Meanwhile No Eye Deer was wandering around in a pair of black ballet-type shoes having forgotten her trainers.

Apparently there was no Hare the week before?.....time to contact ""

The circle was called from the boot of Ewok's van.  A can of oven cleaner was produced to mark the trail but it was decided that "Dogs die from unexplained poisoning in Bengeo area" is not the sort of publicity the Hash needed, also an invite from the landlady to join the knitting circle from 7 - 9pm in the back bar was extended via the GM.

Fliptop and Lucy were keen and off, followed by an unenthusiastic bunch meandering out of the car park to turn right. Maybe the knitting circle would have been a more appropriate option?  Ketchup, Jaron, TP and possibly Sludge (sorry Mr X) were caught out by crossing the road toward Sacombe Woods. [Don’t worry Ewok, Sludge and Short Cutting go hand in hand, you’re probably 99% correct with that statement! – Ed]

The trail took a right down Watersmill Lane instead.  Here Fliptop was caught out by a rather long falsie (ooo-err). Giving a chance for the rest of the Pack to catch up.

The trail went this way a bit, and that way a bit (sorry Mr X) before ending up at the 12th century church of St Leonard’s, were sweeties were produced.  Remembered these - yay!

It was raining quite heavily now, so the majority took the short cut back towards New Road and on to Bengeo Street and home.  The trail carried on along the side of Hartham Common, coming out onto Port Hill, turning right with a long straight run back to the pub.

The Pack settled in the front bar, avoiding the knitting circle.  Mrs Landlady popped over to see us - thankfully she had no crochet hooks to entice us with.  Although it was a dog-friendly pub, it wasn't long before Lucy woofed once too often and was removed to the car.  Jaron was a little miffed as there were no Pokemon in the area (??) Bless...

It was decided to postpone the circle.  No RA, Curate or Beermaster but mainly because the GM was feeling a tad rough and the thought of getting off her very high bar stool to go out in the rain did not appeal!


Highlight from this trail:

Welcoming pub, No Eye Deer's ballet shoes and Paxo trying to mark the trail with bits of the countryside.


On! On! Ewok x


Q: How do you get 5,000 Pikachu on a bus?


A: You Pokemon!