Date =                            15th August 2016

Run Number =             1689                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Red Lion

Location=                     Preston

Beer =                           Church End Cuthbert; Bay Sail Ale; London Pride; JHB Citra

Hares =                         Tent Packer

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =          0

Newies =                        0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                           15

Membership =              Kicked-out in parts!


With just a few Hashers present to start with, Mr X said that this week’s Trail could do with a few Front Runners to check things out as he was on the Ashford Loco Hash the day before & it sounded like he was going to walk the Trail, No Eye Deer said ‘Speak for yourself!’ as she put herself forward as an FRB!  Then Colin’s Friend Tim arrived for his second Herts Hash, as did Skip & Psycho, but there was no sign of the GM!

The weather was extremely good for the evening’s Hash, it was bright, sunny & there was a slight breeze to keep things cool on the Trail & as the Pack gathered the only thing missing was the GM to call the Circle together.  The GM’s temporary absence was explained by the fact Paxo was driving her toward The Red Lion at Pirton & not Preston!!

Tent Packer stood in for the GM, getting the number correct as he recalled his Trail the week before & added one to that number.  Soon the Hare was in the Circle explaining what the Pack could expect to encounter, after the bits about Short Cuts, a Sweet Stop & it being mostly “On the level!” there was the last bit about getting around in an hour. [Bold Promises there! – Ed]

Without further ado, as the time had gone 5 past the hour, the Hash made their way across the green in front to the Red Lion, passing by the well with its ornate, black cast iron pumping mechanism, to Pick up the Trail down Church Lane as it lead away to the west.  On his way, Mr X slowed up slightly to peer up in to the Churchyard of St Martins, but then continued on beyond front of the Churchyard to run down on to a Bar CHK!

Back at the Church’s Fitch-gate Mr X saw the rest making their way through this tile wooden structure into the Churchyard, when he caught up again it was with Skip & Kylie who were commenting on the Pebble-dashed Church, all of which led on to the conversation turning to the absence of our own Pebbledash.

Tent Packer, No Eye Deer, Psycho & Alfa Male checked things out from the CHK in the small play-area beside the Church, meanwhile ARP was more concerned with having a go on the play equipment as the RA pointed out the sign that read “Play Equipment is for Under 6 Only!”  ARP said that this was “Unfair!”

A family walking through this playground saw the Pack follow Tent Packer & Co away on the eastern option of the footpath choices, then they witnessed them all run back as this was found to be a Falsie & then head off on the path’s west bound option, there the Trail was found out on to Butcher’s Lane.

My Lil’ was soon on to the tarmac & he headed down back toward the Village for just a short way, he knew that there was a footpath off through a gap in the hedgerow, sure enough the Trail took to this footpath heading out northwesterly in an area of enclosed fallow looking land, passing by an open barn on the way before the path change direction to the southwest, now the Hash would have to have a longer trot out to the curiously named ‘Dead Woman’s Lane’.  Apparently local legend says that it is named after the Plague Victims that were buried at Wayley Close.

From the CHK on ‘Dead Woman’s Lane’ My Lil’ & Tent Packer were on to the Trail up to the North, Ketchup & Jaron were soon after them, meanwhile Mr X followed on behind Alfa Male as he headed southward on the Falsie!  The ground the latter two believed that they had lost was nullified as those FRBs up to the north ran on to a Bar CHK!  Porky Pie was happy to see them all caught out.

Through a gate in the hedgerow the Trail left ‘Dead Woman’s Lane’ to head Northwestward, but things would slow up as the Hash soon spotted a very large, young Bull, then another one a little further on.  Alfa Male, Tent Packer, My Lil’, Mr X & those in tow all slowed up to obey a ‘Hash Hush’ as they walked on by the Bull.  On the way Ketchup made a comment about the ‘Cow’ to which Mr X said that he wouldn’t want to try milking that beast.

With no Cows in the field for the Bull to protect, the Hash passed safely by & came out through another gate on to the farm track up from Cox Green [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] in the southwest, here Max Factor was soon off down the farm track in that direction & called “On!” as Mr X & Tent Packer came back from the opposite Northeast direction.

It was on this part of the Trail that it was noticed that some numpty had been kicking out the Trail, firstly the CHK had gone but the scrapes gave away its round nature.  Then odd scrape mark with a dusting of powder along the edge of the sandy track could be seen until it reached a gap in the hedgerow, there at the staggered exit in the hedge was an arrow that the numpties had missed.

Now on a northwest direction through a field of dead beans the pace dropped as the black skeletal like plants were bone dry & very scratchy to say the least.  Out of the field of dead beans & on to a CHK by the top dead-end of the lane at Austage End, it didn’t take too much to find the Trail around to the eastbound track sitting just up beyond the solitary house there.

Again it was noticed that parts of the Trail had been interfered with a Alfa Male led the way down the now sheltered Track, the shady tree-lined route would lead all the way back to the Track up from Cox Green [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed].  Mr X was now stretching his legs & Ketchup was up with him, on the way Ketchup spilt the beans on why 1-2-1 wasn’t present that evening.  1-2-1 is in the Country, al the way from Saaann-deeeee-aaagooooooo, & had been away with Ketchup up in Liverpool for Ketchup’s Brother’s ‘Stag Weekend’, it seems that 1-2-1 is too fit & takes his diet & life style very seriously, the drinking & eating of ‘Dirty Burgers’ over a long weekend took its toll!

Anyhow, back to the Trail & when the Trail came out on to the Y junction back on to the Cox Green Lane, an arrow showed to take the east bound option, it appeared that the arrows were very fresh.  As the RA followed the Dust he would soon stop in his tracks as he saw the Hare running toward him!  It turned out that he was relaying this part of the Trail after it had been rubbed out by the Numpties, Mr X was encouraged to keep running to the east until it reached the T junction on to ‘Dead Woman’s Lane’, while the Hare check on any SCBS that hadn’t been up this route with him earlier.

Another arrow pointed the way northward up ‘Dead Woman’s Lane’, which was now marked with fresh flour.  On the way the dust passed by another isolated property, eventually it came out on to the Charlton Road lane at Sootfield Green, there Max Factor, Psycho & ARP were found at the Held CHK.  No less than three bags of sweets were opened & these were enjoyed by those gathered there.

One packet of sour snakes had Mr X saying that these weren’t the absent Fliptop’s ‘Lucky Arsenil’ Sweets, after the weekend’s result.  Psycho was getting worried about Skip’s whereabouts, after most of the Hash had made it to the regroup.  Others were more concerned about Kylie, for he too was yet to make it to the Held CHK & it was unlike him to miss out on a food stop!! 

A few of the sweets were saved for Skip while the Hare went back to look for him, once Porky Pie had spotted Skip & Kylie on their way, the rest were allowed to carry on.  The Hare also mentioned a Short Cut coming up!

The Trail resumed in a northbound direction, away from the village to the south of Sootfield Green but some knew that the Tatmore Hills Track would have another path leading back from it to Preston.  The footpath turned a couple of times as it snaked its way around to the northeast, Mr X impressed Ketchup that he knew his way around this area.

Ketchup stopped to wait for Jaron & admire the work of a combine out busying itself in bringing in the wheat & creating clouds of dust.  The Short cut off of the Tatmore Hills Track took the SCBs & Hay-fever suffers out over a crop field north of Preston, this would cut directly eastward over to the Warren End of Wain Wood. 

Meanwhile the Keenies were heading further over to the northeast before hitting a hairpin turn off of the Tatmore Hills Path, this would take them southward along the tree line & then in to the northern point Warren End of Wain Wood, a short way into the darkness of the Warren & Max Factor said that this bit of Trail was a little ‘spooky’ like the ‘Tale of Sleepy Hollow’!

This is hardly surprising as in medieval times a small community of around 60 people lived around & worked the woodland & surrounding fields along the area of the Preston Hills Lane, which was known as the Wayley Green Road, in an area that was called Welei, but by the 14th Century harsh winters & then the plague decimated the area, the remaining locals abandoned their homes to move to Hitchin & other large places.  The remains of the foundations of some of the homes can be found in the woodland, as well being the final resting place for some of those who perished!

The FRBs would now meet up with the SCBs, Mr X arrived at this point just after My Lil’ & Tent Packer came in from the Short Cut, the joint Trail now gently weaved its way along through the dusky inside edge of Wain Wood until it came out on to the east side the fields just to the north of the village.

Mr X caught up with the Hare & said that he was just about to be on time for his prediction of making it around in an hour, given that it was a minute overdue those up front no one wouldn’t argue.  The Path became a tarmac one as it came out along the southern edge of the field & then out on to Chequers lane, where the On Inn as found.  It was now just a matter of yards to come out on to the Green, with the Pub sitting behind it.


In 1982, after the death of the Landlord, Whitbread wanted to sell off the Pub.  In a groundbreaking plan, the Red Lion was the First Pub in the UK to be bought by the Villagers, A Board of Directors was created, villagers came forward with many skills & talents that were needed to carry out the substantial alterations, repairs& refurbishments that were necessary.  Materials were sourced from all over the country, the bar itself was an old church pew from Yorkshire.  On the 19th March 1983 after a great deal of hard work, the Red Lion opened again for business.

Mr X went straight in to the Pub to get a well-deserved Ale, there in the smaller side room he spotted the GM, Paxo & Colin, all of whom had got lost en-route, but did get as far as the First CHK before getting lost out there On Trail! 

Ketchup was none to impressed that the Red Lion still keeps to the pre ‘all Day Drinking’ laws, closing at 15:30 each day before opening again in the evening, as requested by the Villagers

After a couple of pints it was time for the Circle to be called. The Hare was rewarded for a splendid Trail; Ketchup was out for ruining 1-2-1 & making him a broken man!  Paxo was out for the trip to the Red Lion at Pirton, he was joined by Colin who also went slightly awry on his way & then lost the Trail after he did arrive & set off on it!  There was no Hashit, again & it looks like most of us will be safe until at least Christmas!