Date =                          12th September 2016

Run Number =           1695    

Venue =                        Bridge House & Indian

Location=                     Ware

Beer =                           Doombar; a few other but the Scribe wasn't drinking!

Hares =                         Mark E Mark (Ketchup’s Batman)

Runners =                    19

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0         

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          19

Membership =             With a Clueless Hare!


The advertised Hare didn't have a ‘Scooby-do’ as to where his Trail would go, for he had shanghaied Mark E Mark in to setting it for him, Ketchup hadn't even noticed the large blob of flour on the wall by the walk through in the flower bed that runs behind the bus stop opposite the Level Crossing bedside Ware Station.

Ketchup may have reconnoitered the car park, but he had failed to read the 'Free Parking' info that required drivers to still display a ticket even after 16:30!  When TBT OBE arrived he argued the toss on this issue with the RA, but he had the luxury of not having a car to get a ticket!  TBT OBE had walked to the Hash, the RA thought he may have come along on his electric bike, but it doesn't come with cruise control or an autopilot, so it stayed at Chez TBT OBE!

The GM was happy as My Lil' found an abandoned Pikachu in the car park, Ewok was overjoyed to be given a little yellow Pokémon without even having an app on her phone & throwing a Pokéball!  Prince Garmin (Jaron) would have loved to have found it, but being a school night he was at home, or possibly in a Pub Garden with a packet of crisps?

A decent Pack had gathered for the final regular Monday evening Trail of 2016, it was obvious that there was food after the Run as Kylie turned up. 

The GM delayed the Circle, as Paxo panicked that Psycho had gone wrong trying to find the car park, a surprise as Colin had been busy with his new Hash Handle of Where's Wally, he certainly had lived up to his name & was decked out in the comic-book hero’s famous red & white striped top, the outfit was complete with the bobble hat. 

Where’s Wally could be seen a mile away, especially next to Mr X who was wearing a Brussels Day-Glo yellow Security T-shirt, so it was a wonder that Psycho had missed the car park behind them.  Suddenly there was the sound of sirens & white noise from a Fire Engine that came across the level crossing with blue lights flashing as it made its way up Amwell End Mr X said "Hope the Indian isn't on fire!"

Excitement over, then with Skip & Psycho arriving it was back to the car park.  The advertised Hare took the circle, after Ewok had loosely called the Pack to order, he spoke sheepishly, like a guilty man at confession as Ketchup admitted he didn't know where the Trail went, though he may have a slight inkling.

Just as the Pack set off, the distinctive sound of the claxons for the level crossing could be heard as the barriers came down between the flashing lights!  Dust indicated the way was over the temporarily inaccessible tracks, so My Lil', Mr X & Where’s Wally all headed up the concrete steps to take the long steep climb above the overhead power cables & down to the opposite side.  The majority of the Pack remained on the east side & waited for the trains to pass then for the barriers to rise.

Paxo was off to a flying start, as was Where's Wally, Mr X & Ewok when they picked up the Trail through the wrought iron gate through to the footpath that run along the New River on its western direction out toward Chadwell Springs.

Where's Wally seemed concerned the RA would be attacked by mossies as he had the bright Day-glo top on?  Mr X said he wasn't fussed, especially as he was bitten by a horse-fly in the car park & had to change his watch to his other wrist.

The Trail came out to a CHK on the driveway over the New River to the old Pump-House, Mr X continued along the New River’s edge, having found one blob to the west but he wouldn't find any more on what was a Falsie.

Mr X was called back as the Trail was found over the Hertford Road, he wasn't too annoyed as he saw Ewok & Where's Wally coming back from up toward the climb up the hill after they too were caught out!  [Surely they weren’t heading up to the Nag’s Head?  Oh sorry Fliptop it was shut the day after you went to set a Trail from there, many moons ago! - Ed]

My Lil' was 'On!' Trail as he went through the gap in the hedgerow that offers a bit of a noise break from the road to the homes lining the south side of Chadwell road.  Dust led north-eastward & then eastward as the road arced slowly.

The side streets of Chadwell & Hillside were investigated for any possibility of an alleyway, but the Dust still remained along Chadwell Road until it reached Middleton Road, there it headed up the steep hill & the Pace dropped, with the exception of Zing-a-long-a-max & Ewok who kept trotting along until reaching the summit.

It’s been a while since H4 has Hashed around here, it used to be a regular hill-climb when Fliptop used to live up in this neck of the woods.  A few, like Where’s Wally & Zing-a-long-a-max went wrong as they searched over toward one of the entrances to Hertford Rugby Club behind the homes on the hilltop.

Ewok was quickly on to the Trail as it now headed back down the hillside, via Scotts Hill & on the left side the Pack passed by Scotts Grotto, which sits behind the fenced off gates.  At the bottom of the Scotts Hill there were a lot of hoardings, these were hiding a lot of the construction work happening on the edge of the Regional College grounds as the Hash came back to the level & turned eastward on the Ware Road.

Running by the college, on the opposite side of the level crossing junction was going to prove to be too tempting for the likes of Skip, Psycho, Lobby Lobster & Mumblehead but more of that later!  Fortunately Puddles, who like Zing-a-long-a-max, was back on the scene, was up with My Lil', Where's Wally, Ewok, Mr X, Sloppy Seconds & Ketchup followed on as the Trail turned up Walton road.  Ahead lay another rising semi-residential road, oh joy!

The car park behind the College had changed beyond all recognition, Ketchup remarked that at least they had kept the old Garage in the redevelopment, as the small rectangular building sits out on its own.  Up ahead of this & the Trail came up to a CHK by where a footpath runs between the homes & up to the Rugby Club.  My Lil' & Puddles searched this right-hand fork, while Ewok went left.

Mr X knew that there was a connecting alleyway between the two & so continued on behind Ewok, he also told Ketchup he would call 'On!' if he found Trail to alert the 'Hare' in order for him to mark his Trail.  As Mr X rounded the corner he saw My Lil' & Puddles run cross the road ahead of him, "On!" was bellowed out as the Trail resumed on to Walton Road.

At the end of the quiet backstreet on the hilltop was a CHK, the option of continuing along to the south bound section of Walton road had a search underway as it becomes Hoe Lane, but this all finished as My Lil' called out "On! On!" from within the dark sheltered footpath that runs down through the tree lined edge of Presdales School.

Where's Wally lived up to his name as he almost embarked on some trespassing in to the school grounds on through an open gate that is behind the old gatehouse, the RA called him back!

The Trail was now on a nice downhill trot, though care had to be taken as the gloomy path beside Hoe Lane was not lit by any street lights until the very bottom, mainly due to a flight of steps there.  Where's Wally, Ewok & Mr X would miss where the Trail turned off of its way to the London Road, they emerged on to the main road.  Puddles, who was behind them did pick up on this change of Trail & followed on behind My Lil' as the Trail looped around Presdales & on to Gilpin Road road to reach London Road.

The FRBs who were off Trail turned right to head up by the now cordoned off John Gilpin Pub, sadly a decent Pub now being demolished for new homes!  TBT OBE was found making his way back toward them & stated that he had bumped in to the Hare.  Taking Mr X’s car keys with him to get changed.  TBT OBE said Mark E Mark explained the Trail took a wavy route up through the homes up to the south, he then showed TBT OBE to turn back & return to the car park.

Unaware that My Lil' was still On Trail, & believing that there was a possibility that Puddles could be out on her own, Ewok, Where's Wally & Mr X decided to take the Trail backward up the narrow Gilpin Road, before getting that far Paxo shouted back to Mr X that he with others were going back to the car park.

Up Gilpin Road from the CHK on the junction with London Road, the wayward FRBs then found My Lil' & Puddles running down between the two rows of small terraced houses, the FRBs called "On!" which brought a couple of locals out to see what was being shouted about.

Back on to London Road & not having seen any Dust up from the Royal Oak, the options were narrowed down to taking to Viaduct Road, sure enough Dust was that way & the final leg was under way as the Keenies ran over the bridge for the railway & then around on to Station Road, at the start of which was the largest ‘On Inn & Curry’ ever seen, Mr X said that the Hares could have gone on TV's Great British Bake-Off & baked a cake with the amount of flour used!

The On Inn could probably be seen from the ISS?

The Keenies came back around by the station entrance & on to Amwell End, where the SCBs could be seen all changed & already setting off to the Bridge House for a quick Pint, or two, before the Curry.  Where's Wally couldn't join the Pack for après Trail frivolities, but unlike Sloppy Seconds he was first to pay his subs, to the RA to hand on to Deputy Hash Cash before departing.  Down-Downs were carried out on the cool decking beside the river Lea Navigation flowing beside the Bridgehouse.

The Hare was rewarded for a great Trail, well it was pretty humid & those who tackled the steep heights had a good workout. The clueless Ketchup was out for not knowing where 'his Trail' went. Puddles welcomed back, as was Zing-a-long-a-max.  Then it was over to the Indian, which was good food, but with Down-Downs

Time dragged for some in the Indian, as the staff wanted to serve everyone in one sitting, which meant those who had starters could like TBT OBE could laugh at those waiting with hunger pangs.  Instead, to take their minds off of the rumbling tummies, they looked out of the window, looking at the trio of girls sitting & drinking on a bench under a tree on the other side of Amwell End.  Must be the ‘in place’ to be Ware?

Ewok amused those around her with her analogy of being the only girl in a household of men, which led on to the amount of shed male pubic hair in the bathroom!  Mr X added that he watched a Medical Detectives Program that had a case where they had a formula that CSI’s used to work out the time it takes for pubic hair to migrate from a bathroom!

Paxo messed up as he said to the first four there should have a separate bill, but it never happened.  By the end people were arguing about how to divide the bill up, as some didn't have starters nor did they have any beer or wine, all of which was a shame as the food was pretty good, with a menu that had regional dishes slightly different from the norm, though with different dishes some found I hard to understand the waiter when he brought the orders out & recall what they had plumped for!  Kylie for one enjoyed it, even from the starters as he asked if there was any more chopped onion for him to polish off after it remained from the round of poppadums had been devoured.