Date =                              2nd January 2017

Run Number =             1712                                                                                                                                     

Venue =                        The Chequers Beerhouse

Location=                     Stevenage

Beer =                            GK Abbott, IPA; Oakham Scarlet Macaw; Ginger Winger Cider!

Hares =                          Mr. X

Runners =                    18

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Apres =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          18

Membership =             Hashing in the New Year!


A bright, slightly crisp morning for the Pack when they arrived at edge of Old Stevenage before it became Silkingrad, a name that was used by protesters at Stevenage's old railway station when news of this once quaint Hertfordshire village had been designated as the England's first New Town.  Perhaps chief architect Mr Lewis Silken & his cohorts decided that a place that resembles a satellite Soviet era town was the way to go?  Did the protesters back in 1946 have need to worry?  Well, just look at the new station & the town centre, it speaks for itself really!

Even the Official Silkingrad Council website says “The new town was not without its teething problems.  Damp in the houses, shortages of materials and plagues of ants and earwigs were just a few.  Local facilities were slower in setting up and new residents had to either make use of mobile shops or walk the mile or so to Old Stevenage often in muddy conditions on un-made roads.”

This week saw Crispy Bush turn out, as well as Louise & Neil coming along again with ARP & Porky Pie.

With no GM on hand, it was down to the JM, Paxo, to do the introductions before handing over to the Hare, who had set up a shot of White Port to toast the first Herts Hash of 2017!

The toast to a “Hashy New Year!” was made & then it was down to the Hare’s spiel, it was normal Herts Hash Markings, then the Pack were told it was pretty slippery out on some on the tarmac paths, especially where the sun hadn't cast its bright rays yet!  The Hare also added that they could expect other slippery hazards included kebab chilies & onions, plus a little "You like chili sauce?" & a few Dog turds. 

There was also mention of square jawed drug-dealer breed of dogs out there & a couple of roads to cross, but more importantly there was a special 'Workout Stop'!  Also amongst the litter there were a few lost gloves that Sparky could make use of.

Then for My Lil's benefit the Trail began from the CHK by the Pub's car park entrance.  Straight across from the Chequer's Beerhouse is the King George V Park, the RA noticed that this seemed to attract a lot of civilians & he wondered if it was a Geocaching stop as many were not kids.  Later on the Landlady explained that it’s actually a Pokémon stop!  Sometimes that Prince Garmin could look at.  But the RA was surprised that the majority of civvies visiting the Pokémon stop were male & over 50, the Landlady added that at weekends it gets really busy out there!

Through the small hedged-in area with a couple of carvings that is now known as the Millennium Gardens to a CHK by the corner where the King George V Recreation Grounds the sports area joins, the Hare was happy to see the likes of Porky Pie & Neil  Comeback from the sports field as "On!" Was called back on an alleyway footpath at the end of which was a T!  Oh, & a lot of Kebab onion on the floor.

Anyhow, the whole of the Pack turned back to the Sports Fields & headed out over the now damp grass, since the frost was melting.  The Pack passed by a couple of mock stone statues & on by the corner of the kids’ centre Building.

By the centre & beside the fenced off council yard behind to take to a nice trot up by the line of established broadleaf trees as the Trail led on to a CHK in the opposite northeast Corner from the last one on King George V Recreation ground.  Porky Pie & Neil were soon off southward, down toward the Fairlands Way arterial route, but it was My Lil' who picked up the Trail just across from the tired & shabby parade of shops on the northern end of Popple Way.

Straight over the T-junction with Sish Lane to head eastward to where an arrow directed the way northward up Greydells Road & My Lil' would led the Keenies up to a Bar CHK.  Back down to where the Hare could be seen marking the way along Langthorne Way to the east.  Porky Pie & Neil continued along beyond , perhaps they were blinded by the glare of the sun & missed the arrow directing them back through an alley at the end of the cul-de-sac on Langthorne Way to Sish lane again & to follow on behind Crispy Bush, Lobby Lobster, Mark E Mark & Paxo as the SCBs.

The Pack made their way on to a CHK by the underpass beside where Sish lane joins Grace Way, all the streets in this area are named after Sports people, none of them apparently lived in Silkingrad.  The Hare was rather perplexed at the sight of the Pack going up the grassy embankment to get to the eastern side of the Grace Way, when it was far safer to take the short subway? 

Crispy Bush was at least put on the correct track of the underpass, one of many rabbit like warrens that are found all over the New Town, as "On!" was called where the dust was found on the cycleway/pedestrian route that was sign-posted Fairlands Valley.

The cycleway ran between the backstreets before dropping down to another underpass & on the eastside was the next CHK.  “On!” was called as the Trail stuck on the old route as it continued on its arcing route came out on to Londsdale Road, there another CHK was found but this time there were less Keenies going off in the wrong direction, not even Sparky!

Sparky enthusiastically blew his horn as "On!" was called in the bottom edge of the green grassy banks behind a school grounds, this tarmac path would come out to another estate & turn southward around Jubilee Court that was masked from view by the tree line, this would lead up to the second Bar CHK of the day!  Coming back to a footpath sign they had passed by a little earlier, My Lil', Porky Pie, Alfa Male, Milf, ARP & Louise found that the Hare had marked the change of direction to run north-eastward along the outside of the perimeter of the School grounds.

It wasn't as slippery as it had been when the Hare had been around the first time setting the Trail that morning, but Ketchup did almost loose his footing at one point.  Perhaps it was the karma after he mentioned how the homes that only populate the east side of the paved way look a little tired?

Out on to Web Rise & there a CHK was discovered on the grass verge.  Porky Pie, Neil, Milf, ARP & Louise had all crossed over the road & gone around to the drive on the western edge of Hampson Park, there they managed to stumble upon the Trail, but they did come back when Ketchup & Prince Garmin found the Trail out to the eastern edge of the enclosed park.  These two picked up Sparky who was running toward them & he hadn’t even noticed that there was flour along this way, nor in which direction it had been thrown!

While the Keenies made their way around the Park’s eastern edge, Crispy Bush, Slug, Port & Starboard were put on the Short Cut through where Porky Pie & Co had been earlier.  The Keenies found a CHK on the tarmac path that divides the Park in to two, this didn’t slow them up for long as they soon found the Trail from the sunken end of the path, a couple of yards away from the nearby underpass, as the Dust was located on the rising westerly route to come up to the level where the club house sits.

Just beyond the Club House & the fenced in kids play area a series of arrows pointed the way in to an area amongst the trees that had lots of outdoor gym furniture.  Here a CHK with a W in it was found, for this was the ‘Workout Stop’ & those who had a go on the various ‘machine’ & burnt of a couple of calories were rewarded with some sweets to replace them rather quickly!  It was noticed that Sparky was now missing, apparently he had to go back on the Trail after he lost his hat!

Having not brought on much of a sweat on the exercise equipment, the Pack were allowed to continue with the Hash, Mark E Mark & a couple of others nearly went the wrong way to the south before realizing the rest were heading around through the trees to the north just a short way to pick up the southbound track again & this would drop down to another subway, this semi spiral down ramp led under Lonsdale Road.

The Cycleway/footpath runs through the Pin Green area & appears to be one of the original old routes before Silkingrad was established, a local couple out walking their pooches wished the passing Hash a Happy New Year which took a few of the Pack by surprise!

The Trail came out to Grace Way once more, a CHK was found on a drain cover on the top of the embankment that overlooks the lower south to north Cycle route that runs along the east side of the main road.  When the Hare approached this spot while setting the Trail, a Jack Russel appeared from out of the tree-line & stopped to take a dump before returning to his nearby home that he had been let out of!  An elderly lady out walking asked the Hare if it was his dog, to which he replied that it was not & he wasn’t going to scoop some lazy local’s pooch’s poop up!

The down ramp to the underpass was not of a gentle spiral but a more acute cut back to lead down on by Almonds Spring & this short trot came around on to Almonds lane by the southwestern corner of Almonds Lane Cemetery.  The Trail headed up form the local allotments on the Lane, for the FRBs the Dust would squeeze through the hedge at the northwestern corner of the Cemetery to lead up between the trees on a green space, the unofficial diagonal route came out on to the more regular rectangular layout of paths, taking to the one where it runs northward between two little estates of Trafford Close to the west & Trent Close to the east.

While the SCBs were offered up a short cut straight up Almonds lane toward the tower of St Nicholas’ Church that sits up on the opposite northern side of the bridge that spans main arterial Martin’s Way below, the Keenies would cut through from the houses & then wind down on to Martins Way to head westward & meet the SCBs after passing beneath the bridge toward the Church.

The Trail would leave the Cycleway/footpath beside Martins way & head up in to the tree-lined embankment along the edge of the school grounds, it was far easier to run on the leaf litter & shiggy than on the tarmac below.  The next CHK was found by the large white edifice of the large spiral ramp up to the cycle/footbridge to the Bury end of Stevenage.  Porky Pie & Neil had already been over to the northern side & found no Dust at all, the RA now laughed as he saw Porky Pie & Neil hanging over the railings to see what the Hare's next move would be.  These two allowed ARP, Louise, My Lil' & Milf pass by them & head off on the footpath toward Sludge's 'umble abode!

Mr X started up the spiral ramp, laughing all the way & as he neared the top he said to Porky Pie "I don't mind coming up this way as I didn't do it this morning!  Which proved that there was no Dust that way at all.

Back down by Martins Way & the path leading away from the main drag was were the Trail would be found, though Sparky had to be called back from looking back out on the roadside cycleway/footpath to join the rest on running over green space of Bury Mead.

The Trail would now run along different school grounds, this time beside the grounds to Sir Thomas Allaynes School, Porky Pie & Neil still had smug looks on their faces as they ran down by the sport field at the southwestern end of the Park to finds Bar CHK!  Mr X couldn't help commenting as he laughed with a "Looks like you've lost your grins!" To these two as they came back with Sparky.

Milf, ARP & Louise were soon back up with the Keenies as the Trail was found on the south bound tarmac footpath that runs between two separate, fenced off playing fields for the two different schools.  A southwestern turn at the bend & the Pack would head southwestward along the old shady lane to a CHK by a footpath before the start of the populated end of Church Lane.  The CHK didn't really slow up Porky Pie as he led the way by the old village homes of old Stevenage.

The Trail crossed over the junction as Church lane changes from old worlde to more modern homes as it runs southward, parallel to the east of the High Street before crossing over & then via a passageway the last leg was to run down the High Street to the On Inn just before the underpass to the cut off end of the southern end of the High Street.

The majority of the Hash were back on the hour, they would find that Sludge was already ensconced within the Bar, having done a couple of CHKs on his way from his house.  He didn't have a lot of time as he was off Down under later that day, but he brought the Hash Book back after compiling some stats for the last year.

The Pack enjoyed the Ales, nearly everyone noticed 'Porky Pie's namesake' Cider, the Ginger Winger!

After the Circle Ketchup would share his Birthday cake, which wasn't much of a likeness, unless it was meant for TC?  All that said & done, it was a nice thick chocolate coating on a light chocolate sponge.

The Down-Downs took place in the rear garden, with the Hare being awarded for an excellent Trail to start the New Year with!

Normal device was Mr X took the Circle.  Porky Pie & Neil were out for being so smug at letting some go awry on Trail, then getting the smiles wiped from their faces by the following Bar CHK!  Porky Pie struggled with his & wasn't even a poor second to Neil's slick dispatching of his hit!

Prince Garmin was out for completing his 100th Herts Run, he should have his celebratory tankard by the time he's 18! [Don't hold your breath! As earlier Sludge said that he was still missing his 600th & 700th Awards! - Ed] Crispy Bush was out for his return, after bit of an absence.  My Lil' was out with Milf, ARP, Louise & My Lil’ for heading away over toward Sludgevillas when Porky Pie & Neil had already been there & found nowt!

Porky Pie was back out to finish the second half of his unfinished first Pint, for having his own ‘Ginger Winger’ Cider at the Bar!  While Sparky had his for getting lost & missing the Workout stop!