Date =                            19th February 2017

Run Number =             1722                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      Chez 3D et Slug

Location:                      Melbourn

Beer =                           Hobgoblin, GK Abbot, Old Speckled Hen, Bass

Hares =                         Slug & Port

Runners =                     25

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                           26

Membership =             Celebrating a half century with Curry & Cake!


A crisp & overcast morn to start with, but it warmed up to be fairly mild by the time the Pack had arrived at Chez 3D et Slug.  Sparky had flagged on a young civilian female jogger, to ask for directions when he just a few hundred yards from the driveway that Mr X was standing outside of & vigorously waving to him from!

            The un-noticed Mr X gave up & went around to the house to prepare for the Trail & meet the rest of the Hash who had turned out to celebrate Slug’s 50th Birthday.  Where’s Wally? & Incider arrived, Where’s Wally? went on to say “That was an experience!” in regard to finding the address in email correspondence with Mr X, where he stated it was the almost the last on the right on the way out of New Road, or almost first on the left on the way in via New Road, which he thought to be Simples!

Anyhow, after a bit of rearranging of cars that saw the Sparky-mobile being parked up around on the next side street, though its backside was hanging out a little!  The Hash were asked to assemble around in the back garden where the patio table had more than enough shots of Port to be use as toast for the Birthday Boy.

Once Ewok had finished with the welcome to the Trail, it was over to Slug & Port who the day’s Hares, there was talk about the Trail having to cross a main road & so there was a Held CHK near this to regroup the Pack to safely cross the road.  Then with a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ toast, the Pack set off out on to New Road & on toward the centre of Melbourn.

My Lil’ had an advantage over most of the FRBs as he knew the first leg of the Trail & he would lead down new Road, which becomes Mortlock Road arrows directed the Pack over to the northeast side of the of the road which leads to the road junction lights on the High Street. 

More arrows & these pointed around on to the High Street to make their way northeastward along the sleepy village that has seen it fair share of uproar in the past at the Cross, with the Peasant’s Revolt & the Ship Taxes causing the locals to come out in strength & protest!  Though it’s hard to believe now on the way to find a CHK by a cut through near the new bus shelter by a car park where an alleyway emerges from Orchard Road in the south, one of the previous routes run before on the Hash but not this week, it was only a Falsie!

The Trail cruelly took the Hash by a former pub, which still has its Pub-sign post outside in the street but no sign in it now as it has been turned in to a Restaurant.  The likes of Milf, Ewok, My Lil’, Fliptop & Sparky were soon away up the High Street & over the crossing to the northwest path

 The FRBs were soon on their way around by the old black & white façade of the of the ‘Corner House’ another former Inn that has a clock set above the coach-house gates, as the High Street turns to the east Sparky, Fliptop & Milf were soon turning back when they ran on to a Bar CHK up on the road to Cambridge.

Ewok was lucky that the Bar CHK was found before she got too far along this, so the Trail would run northward, off of the bend to head up The Moor.  At this point Pebbledash, Paxo, Flanders, TBT OBE, Sis & Lucy were not too far behind the leading pack.

It’s been a while since we’ve Hashed along here & there seemed to be a few more new builds along this road compared to the last time the Hash passed by this way, at least the green spaces were still institute & unspoilt. 

A few of the Keenies like Sloppy Seconds went off on the first grassy area from a CHK near to this, but he was soon back as the Trail was found up beyond the Melbourn College & then the small paddocks & stables to the end of The Moor where the tarmac gives way to an uncapped farm track.

The Trail followed the bend in the trail, leaving the Cambridge Vibration Company behind [Luckily Pebbledash didn’t see this! – Ed] & now it was a trot by the rear of the stables & then head northeastward out in to a field of Brassicas.  My Lil’, Milf, Underfelt, Sludge, Sloppy Seconds, Ewok, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Incider & Fliptop were soon on their way as the Path would left the wide farm track to take to a footpath that heads just a few degrees off of due north to lead over the crop.

Passing over the central ditch by way of a wooden footbridge & then on to the first Held CHK beside the A10 Meldreth by-pass.  The senior Hare now confessed to the RA that the Trail was actually set on Friday, so it had stood up pretty well!  The Hare glanced back to see who was behind, in the distance Psycho, Flanders, Lobby Lobster, TBT OBE, Sis & Lucy could be seen, Pebbledash & Paxo were in the next group up from them, so the Hare decided that he didn’t want the FRBs to lose any enthusiasm, Slug decided the Keenies should carry on with the Trail.

Let loose, like a pack of hounds, the Keenies were soon over the dual carriageway & off over the fields on a wide track toward the Train line to the north, on approaching the level crossing Mr X said to Where’s Wally? that they should be alright in crossing the lines as the Bus Replacement Service to Cambridge was running up until 11:45, then glancing at his watch Mr X then announced “Hurry up!  We’ve only got seven minutes left!”

There was no sign of a Train just yet, but it wouldn’t be long until they were back on the tracks & passing by.  Safely across the Tracks & the Trail finished the longest stretch of the Hash by running out to Bury End Farm to find a CHK on the S bend in the lane leading northeastward out of Meldreth. 

There were only two options from here, but it should have been ‘Simples’ to find the correct way but Underfelt, Sludge, Milf, Ewok, Sparky & My Lil’ had a bit of a hiccup, for Sludge & Underfelt they were running around like head-less chickens as they going back & forth as “On!” was called in both directions, the CHK was broken in both directions & several times on each!  What surprised Mr X was that Sludge had already been up to the footpath at the northern end of the village.

Mr X had already informed Where’s Wally? that he believed that the Trail would head toward the centre of the village & then take to the footpath that follows the bank of the River Mel as it runs through the former orchards.  This just happened to be the case as Sparky called “On!”” instead of blowing his horn!  There were no horses around here, so it was a mystery why Sparky didn’t sound his horn, so he was advised to do so by the RA!

Dust led down toward Holy Trinity Church but before getting that far it turned southward off at a CHK by a footpath next to a picturesque cottage & its immaculate gardens the river Mel runs by.  The Trail emerged from the tree-line to cross over the River Mel at Topcliffe Mill, Mr X pointed out the old oak axle above the mill stream that a waterwheel once turned.  Beyond the mill & the Trail turned to enter an enclosed paddock.

The footpath hugged the tree line along its west edge, with the river Mel running on the other side.  Sloppy Seconds was at the far end of the field when he suddenly stopped & turned around with his arms outstretched as if to signal that this was a False Trail!  Mr X wasn’t going to fall for this but then others around him slowed up, Sloppy Seconds then turned back & left the paddock to continue in to the woodland of the Nature Reserve.

Where’s Wally? was impressed that Mr X had such a knowledge of where the Trail could go, but it’s just through having Hashed for so many years.  On the way through the nature reserve things were brightened up by the sight of the snow drops dotted around in the hedges & verges.

Within Mel Wood there were a couple of CHKs put in to throw off he FRBs, one being on the path in to the woodland to the east & the other by the bridge over the Mel to the British Queen Pub that the Pack had run by before, but neither would have the real Trail on them.

Sticking with the serpentine course of the clear chalk bed river, the Trail wounds its way southward & it was along this a couple of kids out walking with their mums decided that they would run along with Where’s Wally & Mr X & followed them around to the Pile bridge that the railway crosses the Mel on, where the Trail ran underneath, but this was too low for Mr X to crouch down, so just like Fliptop slightly ahead of him he used the level crossing.

Having crossed over, Mr X could see a Cambridge bound Train fast approaching, so he told the two kids to stay on the west side of the tracks, which they did until their mums arrived.  Also on the other side were two Cambridge Students in running T-shirts that reflected this, these two soon sprinted away on their toes & were too fit for Ewok & Milf to catch.

A CHK on the east of the tracks didn’t really slow the Keenies up, while My Lil’, Milf, Ewok, Sludge, Fliptop, Ketchup & Prince Garmin were on the correct choice with the path that again stuck with the river’s edge, there was one exception & that was Underfelt who continued eastward straight over toward the A10 at the other side of the crop field, he was later seen running along the embankment of the A10 back to the riverside path on what turned out to be a ‘Long-Cut’ which made the others chuckle.

The higher A10 road bridge was a lot easier to run under, the Pack were now on the edge of Melbourn again & the locals obviously like to look after their neat & tidy village as even the graffiti under the bridge had been painted over.  On the east side of the bridge was the next Held CHK by corner of an orchard & a split in the path for the newly constructed riverside walk.  While most waited for the senior Hare, there were a few of the usual suspects among the FRBs who were missing, notably My Lil’.

The Keenies waited only for so long, before deciding to carry on to down by the riverside on the nice soft bark trail.  This would led out on to the playing fields of Melbourn Village College where a football match was taking place & the Pack got to see ‘Where’s Wally? United were playing in their distinctive red & white hooped kit, much laughter took place as this was pointed out to Where’s Wall? as he emerged out on to the sports ground.

The Trail left the river Mel & crossed over on to the next section of sporting ground as cross the remaining hedgerow & entered the Recreation Ground, there the final CHK was found.  Sludge wandered away through the centre of the fields, while Mr X pointed out the footpaths near to Holy Trinity Church & then he mentioned the fact that he had seen the On Inn on the end of one of two paths, Milf was curious as to how he knew this, but it was simply that it was seen on the walk up from Meldreth Station.

Like a lost sheep rounded up by a collie, Sludge came around to join the rest as they took to the alleyway southwestward out to Station Road, where the On Inn was found before emerging out on the opposite side of impeccably kept Sheene Mill, apparently this former working water mill was run by a Celebrity Chef! 

Avoiding the bollards at the end of the alleyway then turning left out of the alleyway the Hash ran up opposite the bright red wooden doors on the front of the small brick building that was the Melbourn Fire Engine house, this preserved building was home to a small fire engine.

The last section of the Inn Trail ran by the walled grounds of Holy Trinity Church to the crossroads on the high street the Trail came out on, then it was back along Mortlock Street to Chez 3D et Slug.

It was now warm enough to sit outside on the deck in the back garden.  My Lil’ was found there already changed & sipping a Beer, he was quick to get in the reason for his absence at the Held CHK as being that Port said that they could “Check it out!” when they arrived at the regroup!

The Cheesy Balls got a lot of comments, of course there were a few from Pebbledash.  While Sis’s mentioning of My Lil’s weight loss earlier had Flanders talking about the only time Sludge had gone on a serious diet & that was a competition between his mates that got so serious that some had thoughts of taking laxatives & the like!

Meanwhile the Horrors played on the Trampoline, thankfully TBT OBE didn’t want to join them!

The Down-Downs took place before the Curries & cake.  The Hares were awarded for their Trail which was scenic through the wood & had the most around in a few minutes past the hour. Slug’s Brother & his son were out for their long time absence between Herts Hashes, a few years!  Fliptop had his for littering by dropping his gloves & having to go back up the Trail to fetch them before Sparky could seize them for his own use.  Incider received her Decca Run Herts Bumbag.

Underfelt was out for his extra ‘Long Cutting’ on the Trail

As for the Hashit, well this was something that happened to our Illustrious GM on the previous week’s Run, for as she was doing her ‘Chalk Talk’ her phone went off & it was Paxo deliberately ringing her when he knew she’s be doing this!

The RA announced upcoming Trails, explain that getting people to say if they are attending a Trail by replying to the weekly email is like herding cats!  Though when it came around to his 75th, Sparky seemed concerned about having crisps at his 75th in the Organ Museum, Mr X then received a blank look from Sparky when he said “Surely they must have a vacuum cleaner we can use?” which left Mr X wondering if Sparky still beats his rugs?  [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] Sparky could always have Cheesy Balls instead of crisps!  [There you go Pebbledash, that’ll get you going! – Ed]

After the Hits it was on to the excellent Curries prepared by 3D & Slug’s Mothers.  The Rainbow Birthday Cake that Slug & one of the boys was excellent, it was pointed out to Psycho that the coloured layers of Sponge were in the correct order & the pneumonic of Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain was repeated like classroom ‘parrot-fashion’ learning.