VENUE: THE GARDEN CITY BREWERY                        RUNNERS:18                              NEWBIES:0

BEER: WAS DRUNK - ALSO SOME COFFEES!!!!!     VIRGINS: 0                                   HOUNDS: 0

LOCATION: AS ABOVE                                                     AFTERS:5                                    TOTAL:23

HARE: NO EYE DEER                                                        MEMBERSHIP: REBELLIOUS


The Event


Most turned up by 11:00am parking in the small car park by the Brewery.  Unfortunately the Female Hare (Heiress) had failed to observe on the Saturday that the rain was expected overnight.  Hence whilst No Eye Deer had revisited parts of the washed out trail prior to the run and also sent He Who Must Obey [Whatever she says! – Ed] off in his car to check on the more remote parts of the Trail, she did warn the Pack that some blobs of flour might be missing!  Looking at her adornment in the now morning sun, it would appear that most of the missing flour was indeed on her coat.

The Pack set off at a pace toward the pedestrianized thoroughfare before turning right and right again in the direction of Baldock.  Beyond this point, the Curate having staged his own heavily beer laden trails since in the intervening weekends (being unable to make St Albans and Tallinn, the latter on account of moving house or rather apartment to bungalow), he cannot remember where the Trail went.

Hence set out below is a map of the area, upon which you are invited to mark where you think the Trail went (clue -  I’ve just remembered going through a park).  Your submission will then be compared with the Hare’s GP watch or whatever it is she uses to record a trail on ‘Mapmywalk’….. and a prize for the nearest Trail.  That is if we manage to download the actual route - a work in progress.  In the meantime I can tell you that the Trail was 4.64 Miles in length at a time of 1hr 29 minutes and 50 seconds (that is at the Hares or Tortoise pace) being 3.10 mph.




Anyway the main purpose of the day was to partake of the excellent though pricey [Only if you’re tight as a gnat’s chuff! – Ed] Cornish Pasties provided by the Brewery ((Editor’s note: are you aware the scalloped edge to the pasty is to enable the coal or more likely tin miners of Cornwall (and Devon) to eat their lunch underground in the mines without going to the surface to wash their hands (they didn’t think of sanitizers back in the day) the miners could then eat the main portion of the pasty and discard the edge with which they’d held the pasty)).  English language students please advise on multiple use of brackets.

Curate unfortunately had to leave fairly sharply but understands no down-downs took place.  Had he been in charge no down-downs would have taken place due to ‘medical’ he was at the back of the pack on the forgotten where it went and was therefore unaware of any misdemeanors.


Please note that having moved, Curate has no broadband or email (other than the office one) for a couple of months whilst waiting to be connected.  Once connected he will have available 1k mbps enabling him to catch up on anything not mentioned here very quickly.

Please also note I’ve only printed hash names in bold to make it easier for those of you who just look for your hash name and read only those paragraphs.  You know who you are!  That is why this is a ‘Limited edition’ – it only has 2 names in it.  For a list of runners please touch base with No Eye Deer who will have made a note of their names when taking their £1.50, oops sorry Spermhead - £2.00 [Shouldn’t Sperm ‘ead’s name be in Bold too? – Ed]


Post Script:  The Pasties were had in celebration this being St Piran’s Day, the Patron Saint of Cornwall, hence the fact that both My Lil’ & the late arriving Mr X wear wearing the same Truro Hash Shirts.


Most of the Pack stayed on to take part in the Quiz for the Therfield Animal Rescue Centre, with this many the Pack split in to two teams, neither having the brain power to come up with a name more original than H3!  Only at the end of th e quiz was this realized & thankfully Mr X’s team had used a Red Pen so we could tell the difference between the team that was never mentioned in the final scores & the H3 team that came second!