Date =                             9th April 2017

Run Number =             1730                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      Ware to Eat, The Bull’s Head

Location:                      Ware

Beer =                           Theakston’s Best & Old Peculier

Hares =                         Paxo

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          16

Membership =             Enjoying the breakfast & a drink in the Pub Garden!


Even though there was an extra email sent out, the webshite had been updated & the Herts Hash Farcebook Page had a posting added to show that the Hash would meet in the car park off of the roundabout at the end of Ware High Street, after the absent Where’s Wally? asked earlier in the week where the meeting point was, there were still those who managed to end up at the opposite end of the High Street by the Riverside Inn!  So, Lemming called the RA to find out where they should be, then with directions to where they should be, Mother & Lemming set off to meet up with the Pack, closely followed by Sparky who also had parked up at the wrong end of town.

Alfa Male was there this morning, as he missed last week for one of his Stag events & Max Factor was now one Run ahead, clearly he could level things up as she was away on one of her Hen weekends – this one up at Aintree for the Grand National. [Wonder if she backed the winner? - Ed]  TBT OBE arrived, but his time with the Hash would be a fleeting one with him having to go to attend Wedding later that day.

Ewok claimed that after a couple of week’s absence she had forgotten her duties as GM, but then managed to welcome the Pack to the correct Run Number, before calling Paxo forward to explain what the Pack could expect out on this sunny trot around Ware.  Paxo went on to say that the Hash would obviously have roads to cross, care was needed & he added that here would be short cuts available on a Trail that could be walked in an hour!

Then without further ado the Pack were pointed out of the car park by the short curvy path through the shrubs & by a bench, to head on to the northern end of the High Street, there were a few of the Hash who had arrived early & had already seen the first leg of the Trail.  My Lil & Mr X had spotted part of it as they had walked down from the Railway Station & on their journey to the Circling up point they espied No Eye Deer & Whatever She Says, My Lil’ was quick to mention that these to wandering about could be checking out the Trail!

Anyhow, those ‘in the know’ followed the arrows on by the front of ‘Ware to Eat’ & then on to a double set of arrows pointing through the archway of what was probably once a Coaching entrance, through the courtyard Sparky & Lemming ran with the rest in tow.  Then, where the Courtyard became the Mews of a spur road of Church Street joins the main Church Street, Sparky stopped & indicate a Hash Hush, surely there couldn’t be horses on this town road?

While Alfa Male checked it out up Church Street away from the centre of Town the Hash Hush was observed, not one of preventing the scaring of any animals but as a mark of reverence as the FRBs of Mr X, Fliptop & Sludge made their way on around the crowd of Worshipers who were gathered outside of St Mary’s Church.

The Congregation were filling out the pavement that the Trail would cross over to, the Keenies made their way up by the statue of the Maltster & his cat to the crossing, Ware once made its fortune from the Malting Process & this statue is in honour of this lost art in these parts.

Just beyond which the Hash were directed over to the southwestern side of the street.  Once over the busy thoroughfare Mr X, Fliptop & Sludge were caught out by heading through the Priory car park toward the River Lea Navigation, an area that has been run many times in the past, but it wasn’t to be on this Trail!  Eventually Mr X realized that the Trail must be back out on the High Street & so it was, so the Pack followed him as he made his way around on to Priory Street as the Trail began to head out westward.

A CHK was found by one of the entrances to play area & park that are part of the Priory grounds, only Sparky was lured out in to this area, while Lemming continued further along the road & picked up the Trail once again beyond the local Lido.

The Keenies believed that they were now heading away toward the weirs on the navigation, it was along here that Backpack rode by on his bike & he looked like a bandit with a bandana over his mouth & nose, but then the FRBs were suddenly stopped by a Bar CHK & that was probably why he was there to see them get caught out.  

Ewok was up with the Keenies at this point & was more than slightly happy with herself at catching them out, letting them know that they had fallen for the only bit of the Trail that she had set!  She was just as amused as the worker outside of SKB who watched the Keenies go back & forth.

The FRBs made their way back to meet Kylie, Pebbledash, Flanders & My Lil’ out on to the alleyway footpath that starts by the black & white timbered building on the corner that was once the Mill Stream Pub, a nice small Pub that McMullens sadly sold of many years ago, Ewok wasn’t surprised that this was a Bar as it still has the exterior features. 

The footpath passed through Buryfield Terrace & came out on to Park Road where the Trail crossed over to run along by the Local Asda Store, along here Kylie was intrigued as to what the end part of this complex was, for it was an old yellow brick building that had a lot of iron tensioners on the top story, it looked very much like a storage facility from at least the 19th Century.  [Sparky may know what it is? – Ed]

This west bound run crossed over the start of Fanshawe Crescent & continued on by the local Chauncy School, were there seemed to be a lot of sporting activity taking place as there were a few cars coming & going from the car park.  The Trail would now continue back in to the Glaxo SKB part of Town on to a CHK point by Wengeo Lane & the footpath down toward the Navigation. 

Alfa Male checked it out up Wengeo Lane, while Sludge was looking further along Park Road, it was the RA who picked up the Trail through the gate & on to the reclaimed park land that has a meandering desire line of a path up on the dry stony ground above the car park for Glaxo SKB.

The Trot through the trees came as a welcome relief to Lemming, for he was in need of scaring some squirrels.  As the Trail came out on to the straight fenced-in footpath it would take up to where it passes through a gate & back out on to Park Road again.  Mr X began to pull away from the rest as the road narrowed & led up to a bridge over the A10, but just before this arrows pointed the way in to the woodland that runs up the east side of the A10 by-pass below.

The way along this route needed care in places as it clearly wasn’t an official path, roots, branches & rabbit holes were all avoided as it made its way down in to a wooded dell where a CHK was found near the litter strewn den like area, Mr X would now go wrong as he searched off on the path that headed eastward but this would just be a loop around & back to the kids den area. 

Sludge, Mother, Alfa Male, Sparky, Fliptop all caught up with the RA as he indicated that they should take the only other option to continue northward through the woodland.  Mr X wondered how Paxo knew about this new area for Herts to run & the Path that even Fliptop didn’t know of & he used to reside around these parts, Ewok said that it turns out that it was Backpack told the about it!

The Trail left the path behind the Hyde & took to a proper footpath over to a CHK at the southwest corner of the Hyde estate, those who 'pooh-poohed' Sparky in continuing along by the A10 were soon eating their words, however some were grateful for this as they hadn't eaten too much that morning & were happy to consume anything, even a bit of humble pie!

Sparky led the way on a loop around from behind the homes of the Hyde coming around out of the myriad of small side roads that name up this area.  A short climb up the S-bend of Quincy Road would have the Pack emerging on to the Westmill Road.

Double arrows pointed the way down to the southeast, a bit of busy roadside running would take the Pack on by the Ware Cemetery, with its small Church like stone Chappell on the west, & just beyond this the Trail split in to two, with a Short Cut marked straight down the Westmill Road to where it becomes the Watton Road as it join the roundabout by the starting point.

For those who embarked upon the longer option, double arrows pointed straight over the road to a footpath that runs down beside the larger eastern side of the Cemetery, care was needed to dash across the busy road before the nice downhill trot could begin, though there was a slight slowing up to get by the large shrubby bushes that encroached through the railings on to the path from the Cemetery side. 

A squeeze by the invasive plants as they almost touched the wooden fencing on the right-hand side & then it really was a nice trot down out to the Ware Town Cemetery entrance on Wulfrath Way, there the Keenies were sent straight over the bend in the road & beyond the bottom of the protruding embankment of the grassy playing field, there the Trail took to the footpath running in the tree-lined gap a small brook runs through, at the end of this eastbound run the Keenies came out in to the west end of a larger green space.

The Trail led up to the eastern edge of the park, by Lower Bourne Gardens, then at the end of the enclosed play area the final CHK was found.  The Trail would come out on to the A1170 Wadesmill Road to head due south, passing by the homes under construction on what was the former Roebuck Hotel, venue for the Herts 1500th Weekend, this looks like it could be become an OAP's residential home, so not much change from when H4 where there for their weekend!  Just beyond this was the On Inn.

The RA wasn't surprised to see that Alfa Male, Sparky, Ewok, Lemming, Fliptop & Backpack on his bike were back before him, however he didn't expect to see "Short Cutting Sludge" [As he called him! - Ed] already at the car park.  Mr X said that if Sludge had taken Flanders on the Short Cut with him then he wouldn't be milling around awaiting for her arrival with the car keys!

Sparky was wandering the car park with a slightly out of shape bottle of water, he asked Mr X why this would have these dents in it as it hadn’t been opened, the simple answer is that as its 'Sell by date' was 2009 some of the liquid would absorb some of the air over those years!

By the time the Hash had returned TBT OBE had gone off to the Wedding, while Pebbledash wasn't hanging around either, for the ‘Taxi of Mum & Dad' needed a driver at the start of the afternoon.  Anyhow, Mr X handed out the Trashes once he had retrieved his bag from the back of Sludge's motor. 

It took a wile to cool down after the Trot of only 45 minutes, but it was almost continuous running from some of the FRBs, Mr X for one needed this to sweat out & burn off the day before’s excess at the Saracens v Quins Game at Wembley, which saw Sarries soundly beat Quins.

All changed & a bit fresher on this hot day, it was a walk around to Ware to Eat, the Pack had to just grab a seat where they could in this busy establishment, but it was worth the wait for an excellent treat of a cooked breakfast.

It's a busy little place, & on the way in one civilian leaving had the RA thinking that she must enjoy her food, as he pointed out that she had a Chinese menu tattooed on her arm.  [The characters were for Dish No.69 of Pork Balls & Fried Rice! - Ed] all of which amused Ewok.

It was noticed that the Hare went for the Belly Buster breakfast, while Kyle ordered his favourite (in this café) of the specialty ham, egg & chips, with some of that delicious ham being secreted in to a doggie bag for his Monday sarnies at work!

After eating the book was signed by Sludge & Flanders, as they weren't hanging around to go into the Bull's Head.  Unlike Lemming & Mother who were first to the Pub, which wasn't open by then, so they received some stick about being like Junior desperate old soaks waiting for the door bolts to slide back!  The Chef sitting outside for a smoke, found this amusing & went inside to get one of the Barmaids to open up.

Lemming baulked at the idea of drinking Old Peculier & went for the less heavy Best Bitter, then it was back outside & there the Hash soon broke in to two groups, those like Paxo who wanted to bake in the sun to the point you could have fried an egg on his head, & the others without hair or a hat who sheltered under the shade of a huge parasol near to the Bar. 

Some of those in the shade then went through the difference between a Woman & a Beer [Lemming Started it! - Ed] for Mother's benefit.  Mother had the last laugh as she was the only one there to have bet on One for Arthur at 12 to 1 odds in the Grand National, suddenly our National Wining Harriette had become My Lil's favourite Hasher - this paid off as she bought him an Old Peculiar later on!

After a couple more of the Old Peculiers the Circle was called, with the splinter group under the shade of a large umbrella by the Bar moving up into the open garden to stand in the hot sun.  The Hare was rewarded for a Trail that took the FRBs 45 minutes to run & just under an hour for the SCBs.  He was joined by Ewok for her contribution to this Trail, which she was very smug about, it was also an impending birthday for her in a couple of days’ time.

Mother was out for making the GM's upper arm taught to show of her old tattoo, but also for having a winning Betting slip from the previous day's Grand National.  Sparky was out for the fact that he has actually given people Windsurfing lessons!  Though the less said about his naked sailing in the Middle East the better!

My Lil' was out for walking the entire Trail, after the previous week's running on a broken toe had taken its toll! Kylie was out for taking his ham home, she how he struggles without Milf! Whatever She Says was out for breaking Sludge's garden chair the week before!  It was also noticed that the one he was lounging in this day had a cracked slat on its back, which was enough for No Eye Deer to give him some cautionary words of advice.