Date =                             23rd April 2017

Run Number =             1732                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Countryman

Location:                      Chipping

Beer =                            Charlie Wells Bombardier, St Austell’s & Adnams Broadside

Hares =                          Fliptop

Runners =                     22

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                           23

Membership =             Flying the Flag for England & St George, as well as Ringing in the new Mismanagement, or not!


            It was slightly overcast for when the Pack circled up on this St George's Day, & if anyone was unsure on what day this was then they'd soon get the message when Milf & Kylie arrived & produced several English Flags, two of which they would wear & one Cross of St George that was large enough for the Hash to stand behind for a photo shot with the Countryman behind them.

Ewok called the Circle together after the pictures had been snapped, having welcomed everyone to the correct Run Number, she also added a Happy St George's Day, then a Happy Birthday to the RA!  The Ewok called the Hare forward, though Sloppy seconds misheard things thought Ewok mentioned another Hashers name.

Fliptop gave the Pack his usual net full of red herrings, sorry, his chalk talk of what the Hash could expect out there on the Trail.  He began saying that "There wasn't anywhere the Pack hasn't Run around these parts before" but as he looked at Sludge squarely in the eye he did say that there were two Held CHKs & the first of these "Must be Held!"  Then Fliptop directed the Hash out in to Ermine Street, where My Lil' picked up the Trail on the way out toward Royston.

Having been lured over the bridge & up beyond the bridleway out to the east beside the river Rib, My Lil', Milf & Mr X led the way up toward the Bar CHK just before the footpath over on the West side of the road, turning back they didn't feel too hard done by as nearly all of the rest of the Pack were following on behind them.

The Hare was now spotted marking the Trail off on the byway as it leads eastward around the S-bend by the solitary home to head further eastward up the long incline along the field’s edge.  A long trot up the hard core track which has old remnants of a former highway making it up, every so often one of Percy Shaw's cats eyes could be. Seen sticking out.

Fliptop ran this section, carrying a back pack & a bag of Trail laying materials, Mr X said to Whatever She Says that Fliptop must have some treats for the Pack in the backpack.  After a such a long section the Keenies were not surprised to find that the first Held CHK was found by the southwestern Corner of Capons’ Wood, here the gathered Pack were informed that this land was once given to The Bishop of Bayeaux, the Hare added that he was stealing Mr X's thunder, not that the RA was bothered by this & in fact likes to pick up.

After the Norman Conquest, Buckland on its tree-clothed hilltop was awarded to the brother of William I, the Bishop of Bayeux.  In the Doomsday Book it is Bochelande, “land granted by charter”.  It formed one manor with a priest, 8 villagers, 6 smallholders, 8 cottages and 4 slaves.  There was extensive woodland to feed pigs, meadow & pasture for livestock.  Only Capon Wood survives to this day.

Anyhow, Fliptop proved the RA right as he went on to produce a bottle of Sherry, which he claimed was the preferred drink of the era!  [Mead may have been more like it? – Ed] Anyhow, the Sherry as passed around, to ease the thought of having to drink this the pack were also offered Chocolate Brownies.  Mr X’s added that he thought that someone was trying to empty his drinks cabinet!

Sherry became very popular in Great Britain, especially after Francis Drake sacked Cadiz in 1587.  At that time Cadiz was one of the most important Spanish seaports, where the King was preparing an armada there to invade England. Among the spoils Drake brought back after destroying the fleet were 2,900 barrels of sherry that had been waiting to be loaded aboard Spanish ships. This helped to popularize Sherry in the British Isles.

The breeze could be felt at the top of the hill, but it wasn’t as cold as it threatened to be, the Sherry would help counteract this feeling.  Kylie was making a claim for the Hash Flash Job a bit further back on the Trail, taking pictures of the Pack at the Held CHK, he made his way up to the stop with TBT OBE, Sis & Lucy catching up.  Psycho asked SI if she made the delicious Brownies?  Which Sis confirmed as Fliptop did his best to make sure he wasn’t taking any home, for the temptation was too strong for him if nay returned home!

When the search resumed, the major consensus was for the Pack to look along the western edge of Capon’s Wood, the only one to buck this trend was Mr X, who was followed by Sloppy Seconds.  It must have been the RA’s Birthday as he picked up the Trail as it headed eastward along the southern edge of the wood before following the turn of a few degrees to the south to run by the wooden bridge over a ditch at the toe of the lower point of the woodland.

An arrow directed the way over the crop field that the footpath was not clearly marked or even kept by the local farmer, so the Hash would cross this hard ground covered in small green plants.  Mr X now began to pull away from the rest, who were making up for their earlier wrong turn along the western edge of the woodland.  By the time Mr X had made it over to the next farm track that runs from Southwest to Northeast, only Sparky getting closer to the RA as he approached the CHK on the wide track.

Mr X didn’t hang around as a woman was out riding a grey horse & had a dog walking beside her, with more than an inkling that the Trail would head off to the Northeast he decided to keep on running as he search & discovered the Trail that way before the Rider could catch him & pass by.  With a Hash Hush being observed, Mr X raised his arms to indicate that he was “On Trail” & even Sparky removed his horn from his lips! [Careful there Pebbledash! – Ed].

The RA would get even further ahead as the trailing Pack had to get by the horse, Ewok warned those running with Flags flying from their shoulders to hide them for the horse’s eye line, for it is sudden movement that can make horses react.  Approaching the horse & rider Milf asked if she could get by, which the rider said was Ok, not everyone gave the horse a wide berth & it didn’t kick out at those who came up behind out of its vision.  But in the end it all passed by without any incident than that little flick.

A CHK was found at the junction with the footpath off from the track, which heads Southeastward in to the valley behind the eastern fenced off gardens of Wyddial Hall, Mr X’s ‘local knowledge’ proved to be very good for him & on the way up the southern side of the valley but he did decide to slow up to allow the rest to catch up, but after a few yards he had no choice but to stop as the Hare had placed the second Held CHK up by where the footpath leaves the farm land by the Wyddial Road, opposite Peartree Field Wood.

The Keenies caught up & waited until a message from the Hare was passed along the line to let them know that they could start checking it out once more, this time the major consensus was to head southwestward into Wyddial, which Sludge pronounced correctly as ‘Wid-ee-al’.  Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, it’s name is derivesd from Willow Nook

On the outset in to the village the pack passed by the slightly neglected iron gates to the Wyddial Hall on the right, nothing that a bit of sandblasting & a spray paint wouldn’t fix.  Then on the left the Pack would pass by a corralled field of Alpacas, that even had their own gazebo tent!  InCider reckoned that these South-American camelids were definitely Alpacas by their faces, as they aren’t as tall as Llamas either this seemed to be pretty much spot on.  InCider also added that she remembered this area from her first Hash

Just beyond the Alpaca’s Home & the Trail led on to a bend in the lane, there were three options from here, with one sticking with the lane through the village, one on a footpath running Southwestward behind the walled off farm buildings & then another heading Southeastward below Peartree Field Wood.  There should have been a CHK point at this location, but it had been rubbed out to such good effect that the FRBs soon began to flounder.

Mr X, My Lil’, Sludge, Max Factor & Alfa Male set off with Milf along through the village, nothing would be found there but as Sludge says “There’s no ‘T’ to stop us!” on the way around beyond the farm & then by St Giles Church, Milf turned back as it sounded like calls of “On!” were coming from Tent Packer behind the farm.

Just as Mr X was about to turn back, the off-track Keenies stumbled upon a hedge that had Happy 21st Birthday Balloons, which Mr X thought the Hare had placed there for him to follow – sadly they were not but some knew that the footpath behind the Farm comes out in to Wyddial at the next bend in the only road through the village.

Arriving at the end of the afore mentioned footpath, the off-Trail Keenies were surprised to see that there was no sign of Trail there at all.  But instead what they could see over in the distance, where Tent Packer, Sparky, Milf Where’s Wally & InCider who were leading the way along the Southeastern bound footpath, while the rest of the Hash just hung around the meeting of the paths until “On!” was called by the FRBs.

With the prospect of adding another mile to the Run in order to catch up with the others, Sludge was happy to follow the RA along by the sympathetic new builds that match the existing cottages to head over to Moles Lane where a CHK was expected to be found, there has always been one there before on the Hash but not this time around.

There was no CHK by the bench next to the village notice board under the old Oak on the small green triangle.  Max Factor & Alfa Male were also content to follow on, once the Trail was picked up beyond Moles Lane at the elbow in the lane down on Brown’s Corner.  Max Factor is no stranger to SCBing with Sludge as we all recall form the Trail for the Boot!

This mean that the ‘break away FRBs’ wouldn’t see the others for the rest of the Trail, for those doing the Full Trail were on a loop around to Moles Farm at the southern end of Moles Lane, then around the top of a Y-Shaped meeting of footpaths in the fields, first by running down the right-hand arm & then up the left-hand arm of Wyddial Bridleway 03 to come out on to the lane that would lead up to the elbow of Brown’s Corner.

From the CHKs on Brown’s Corner the Trail led up the dusty farm track heading Nor-nor-west on Wyddial Bridleway 002 that is the drive up by Wydbury Farm, a trailer was placed in the middle of the track, probably to stop access to the Farm & the new Home up there.  This place that really has come on over the last couple of years as another sympathetic new build house that looks like an Elizabethan style manor house.

Having Run up the crest of the hill-side on a long trot out by Cherry orchard Plantation, the Trail came out on to a small dip before the reaching the peak of the ridge, where the earlier Southwest to Northeast Track joins at a T-Junction.  Slightly off of this is another Farm Track that heads away to the Southwest, but by this point the Hare knew that it would be pointless putting a CHK in as the Track heading over the ridge was one long run back straight back down to Chipping, especially with the Pub easily seen in the bottom of the valley no one would be tempted to go anywhere else but down this route.

After the long downhill run, the breakaway Keenies came to the On Inn & then passed through the dry as a bone ford & out on to Ermine Street.  This week in the news it was stated that Hertfordshire is in the grip of a drought, judging by the dry & dusty paths it is no surprise.

The likes of My Lil', Sludge, Mr. X, Max Factor & Alfa Male were smug, but not too smug when they saw Sis, TBT OBE & Skip already in the car park changing after, as Sis pointed out, their ‘Official Short Cut' but at least the Breakaway group could be satisfied to be first in to the Bar!

Enjoying a nice Pint inside, the Pack would soon turn their attention to electing a new committee, or not!  Max Factor beavered away once the nice green voting slips had been gathered up, seems there had to be some recounting by her on some of the positions! 

Time came around for another splendid feast of sausages, sausage platter, veggie soup, veggie flans, there was enough fare for another trip around!

After the food it would be time to Circle Up & learn that there had been no change in the Mismanagement, so the residing incumbents are called forward to receive the awards. Sparky was given the Resurrected Hash position of 'Hash Horn' [Whoa there Pebbledash! - Ed] 

Back to misdemeanors on the Trail & the Hare was rewarded for a good Trail, while the Unofficial Short Cutting FRBs received their punishment.  Mr X & Milf were out for celebrating Birthdays, the Jamesons' went down a treat & Mr X though he was in Fergus's presence!

Finally the Hashit went to TBT OBE for posting a picture of his bowels on the Herts Farcebook page, which was moving in more ways than one!

Back in the Bar & the RA took notice of the Beer Matts when someone commented on the ‘Sausage Tossing Contest’.  The Landlord then went on to say that it is to be held in the Garden of the Countryman, weather permitting, as a day of live music, Ale, Barbeques & games, including the Tossing of a Sausage some 33 & a turd Yards in to a toilet bowl!  Mr X then announced to the pack of would be ‘Tossers’, who would be up for a bit of fun, the answers were in the positive & so we will be going along to the Countryman to Toss for Charity!