Date =                             21st May 2017

Run Number =             1736                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Jolly Waggoner

Location:                      Ardeley (Any Effort!)

Beer =                            No Idea, but normally something local!

Hares =                         Fliptop

Runners =                    12

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                         1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          13

Membership =             Running on Chips


The Paxo mobile, laden with TBT, myself & Milf, arrived at The Jolly Waggoners with a rousing chorus of John Denver's 'Country Road'. Having Paxo and Teebs navigating, the trip seemed to have taken us down many a country road en route! Those two get more like Hinge and Bracket every day... Luckily Milf had technology.

The pack were already loitering across the road from the pub as Paxo (faffed) maneuvered into a parking space on the road. The Circle was called and the Hare, Fliptop, was introduced. The Pack then set off on the most glorious of sunny evenings.  Spermhead and myself were both caught out on the first check (first of many) but surrounded by such beautiful countryside that really didn't matter much.

Tentpacker and Milf were up the front and keen as mustard as we ran through wall to wall greenery. First Held Check saw a photo opportunity with a horse field as back drop (ahhhhh - horses) but also saw Milf really struggling with a pain in her side. But Kylie was still at work we mused?!!

We ran through yet more gorgeous countryside, farmers’ fields, woods, leafy tracks, bridleways, even bits of shiggy!  Skip definitely had a spring in his step... and a twinkle in his eye according to Psycho - wink wink!

The Hare suggested that a shortcut be taken straight back to the pub while he checked back for the now missing Milf who ended up needing a lift back courtesy of good old Paxo. The 3 remaining Harriettes of Psycho, NED and me put the boys to shame by completing the full trail. Well it had been laid...!

Back in the pub we sat outside enjoying chips, chips and more chips.  (Sis - Fliptop had soup) [Not the old hard, rectangular potato soup? – Ed]  Hash Cash declared the Hash would fund said chips but she nearly had a coronary after finding out they cost £4 a bowl! The GM decided to defer Down-Downs ‘til the following week with the absence of both RA and Curate.  But in hindsight a few misdemeanours should have been honoured - you know who you are TBT, and why! I won't forget!

I haven't the knowledge of place names as Mr X has to quote where exactly we ran but all I can say is well done Fliptop for a fantastic, well-timed trail with a little bit of everything. And we were still sitting outside at 10pm - yay, summertime is here!

Highlights from this trail:

Kylie wearing the bottom half of his uniform having come Après.

TBT selling Paxo a faded secondhand T-shirt as new - and Paxo buying it!

NED nearly choking on an expensive chip.

The Hertfordshire countryside.

On On Ewok