Date =                           9th July 2017

Run Number =            1744                                                                                                                                      

Venues =                      EHMR - Van Hage’s

Location:                     Great Amwell

Beer =                           Sawbridgeworth brewery

Hares =                         Max Factor and Alfa a Male

Runners =                   18

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                      0

Après =                         1

Hounds =                     0

Total =                          19

Membership =            Out of Steam!


            With the regular scribe being away at EuroHash in Vienna, My Lil’ has got out his best felt pens & crayons to write this report! [Many thanks to My Lil’, though living locally, TBT OBE could have got his quill & Vellum out? – Ed]

After the Riverside Beerfest and the EHMR Steam Running Day on the Saturday, the Campers were awoken by a bright sunny Sunday morning.  Breakfast out of the way and the Circle was called by the JM (The GM had left to play with her ponies) [Neigh! – Ed]

L/Cpl Jones said that there was would be a raffle after the R*n and gave the correct R*n number, then he introduced the Hares.  Max and Alfa told the Hash “Its usual markings, there would be two Rail crossings and the Run is 6 K’s long [Roughly three and three quarter Miles in Old Money! -  Ed] 

So, it was “On! On!” out the front of the Nursery, only to be greeted by a Check (Groan!)

My Lil’, Milf and Dillon went up the hill to the south, while the rest went down the hill to the North.  “On!” was called downhill past Walnut Tree Walk on the left, then over the road where the Pack had run on beyond Church Path Walk on the right, only to be called back.

Halfway along the southeast bound footpath was a Check, a Bar Check was found by Wanktlers and My Lil’ to the south.  “On!” On!” was called straight up to a Check outside of St John The Baptist Church, from there it was the wrong way again for My Lil’, Milf and Dillon!  They eventually caught up with Mark E Mark down the hillside and over the New River to run along its bank to the Southeast.

By the next Check near the War Memorial, most of the Pack had caught up at the end of the wide track to walk over the first Level Crossing.  Much confusion at the next Check near to the River Lea Navigation, it was here that Sparky caught up with the Hash after earlier running nearly all the way in to Ware!  On right to a footbridge over the river Lea Navigation and a Held Check, where sweets were handed out.

“On!” was called on eastern side of the Navigation, along the shaded northbound path towards the more obvious remains of the disused former branch-line of the “The Bunt” to Buntingford, here most walked including No Eye Deer, Do Whatever She Says, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Valerie, Bob and Kylie, while TBT OBE, Paxo and 2-1-2 Maureen were last seen exchanging Knitting Patterns at the very back.

Over Hollycross road and up the hill to the next Held Check upon Willbury Hill, here there were more munching of sweets.  On again, now down the hill and around the rest of the field to cross over Hollycross Road again, Dust led down a south bound drive parallel with the disused “The Bunt” line back to the first Held CHK!

Across the bridge over the River Lea Navigation and a right turn to head northwestward on a run along the Lea tow-path to Hardmead Lock, a left turn was called by Teebs (TBT OBE) on the track over the second Level Crossing.  This was near to Teebs’ home, but that didn’t mean he knew where he was going!

 Finally it was “On!” over the New River in the west to come back on to Amwell Hill.  Finally a south bound run back up to the On Inn.

Back at the site and the Raffle was held, everyone won a prize.  Good – Bottle of Whisky, Bad – Tin of Hot dogs!  Thanks to Ewok's raffle on Sunday £80.41 was raised added to £108.35 collected over Xmas = £188.76 to go to the Psycho's chosen charity.  If no objections we suggest we make it up to £200 as it is a good cause.

Down-Downs were awarded by Ewok:  TBT OBE for falling off of a Train!;  Then the Hares; Dillon for eating a Maccie-D at the Breakfast Run [Heathen! – Ed]; Milf awarded Ewok a Down-Down for “Having something throbbing between her legs!” (?) [Not Paxo then? – Ed]  Lastly TBT OBE was awarded the Hashit for putting it on before running over himself with his car door!

Finally TBT OBE handed out late, on time and early Run Number Awards!                                       


                                                            Sperm ‘ead