Date =                           31st July 2017

Run Number =            1747                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Rose & Crown

Location:                     Sandridge

Beer =                           Tring Ridgeway & something that wasn’t from Tring!

Hares =                         Spotted Dick & Custard

Runners =                    12

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          13

Membership =            Checking & Checking & Checking it out!


            A small turn out for this Monday evening Trail, which at one point was threatened by showers but there was no need to panic as the dark clouds would eventually roll away, leaving a nice warm evening for the Trail.  The Hares, who were Poppy-less this evening as her little legs had been around once this day, told those gathered that this Trail would not be the longest Herts have ever done, but there was an attempt to have a Trail with the most number of CHKs for the Pack to negotiate.

            The GM, who’s little legs had been around the Trail yet, finally arrived after Parker Paxo had driven by the turning to the road the Rose & Crowns rear car-park entrance is on, apparently he was distracted by seeing the Green Man across the road.  Ewok had to whisper the Run Number to Paxo, for him to announce as she was suffering from a chest infection.  Then it was over to the Hares, where Spotted Dick reiterated the fact about this not being the longest Trail, then the Pack were pointed the way out of the car park to House Lane.

            Where’s Wally?  & Mr X headed away down House Lane to the Southeast, having Custard in tow gave them a false sense of security in following the Dust on a Falsie, suddenly there were calls of “On!” coming from back on the High Street.  One call came from the High Street to the Northeast & having turned about, those on House Lane could now see the others running back from another false call & heading down to the southwest as the road becomes the St Albans Road.

            Beyond the car dealership & along to the pelican crossing, the Trail led on over this & directly on to the footpath that runs along the edge of the local Spencer Hall Sports Club field, to head northwestward toward Sandridgebury Farm.

My Lil’, Tent Packer & Where’s Wally? all made their way out of the first enclosed paddock & then from the CHK just beyond the Kissing Gate they had headed out on the diagonal path over to the next gate in the middle paddock’s fence but they were stopped by a T & a upside-down On Inn!

Meanwhile a few yards back, Paxo & TBT OBE were arguing the toss about why they had both driven over tonight, seems that Dame Hilda Bracket had thought that Dr Evadne Hinge was away & vice versa, while Dr Evadne added that it was always down to her to phone up Dame Hilda about transport no matter who is driving!

Fortunately the subject was quickly changed to that of the absent Hashit, then it dawned on Paxo that he was awarded it the week before!  “Oh no, I’ll have to wear it for two consecutive weeks then, just for Tradition!” which was aimed a TBT OBE who wasn’t happy to stick with Tradition a month earlier!

            Anyhow, Mr X, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Sludge & Ewok made their way to the Northern corner of the middle paddock & then out in to the top field, where once along the by the hedgerow the Trail came out on to Sandridgebury Lane.  Here the likes of Tent Packer & My Lil’ had run the short way to the elbow in the narrow single lane & shot off on the uncapped northeastern entrance to the new woodland of Heartwood Forest.  Run by the Natural Trust this land that was donated is now being built up to be a part of the National Forest.

            The Trail led on to a CHK that was in the first section of wild grasses, the Keenies ran up the gravel path heading up the hill toward the top of the ridge but Mr X & My Lil’ were stopped in their tracks by a Bar, behind them Fliptop, Ewok, Tent Packer & Where’s Wally? all turned back & took advantage to search the Path off along toward the car parks to the Nature reserve. 

On the way back the RA spotted Paxo getting an information map leaflet out of the box on a nearby Information Board.  [Hope Paxo was educating Prince Garmin & that he wasn’t cheating by looking at the map? – Ed]

            The others would find the Dust on the path to the car park, & just near to this another CHK was discovered, if Ewok, Tent Packer, Fliptop & Where’s Wally thought that they were going to get away from the other FRBs & the likes of Paxo & TBT OBE with Spotted Dick & Custard, then they were wrong!   For they were lured out on to a path in to an area of wispy grass only to end up finding it was a Falsie, but a Falsie with a difference as there were a group of civilians who looked like that they were in an act of prayer kneeling & bowing on an open area of shorter grass.

            Having caught up, it was Mr X & My Lil’s turn to go wrong again, this time on an adjacent path to the one with the nature lovers, also at this point was a wooden carving of a Frog, or a toad!  So, it was back down to the covered area with information boards about the wildlife, displaying the layout of new plantations on what is going to be a ‘wildlife corridor’ of 860 Acres that is expected to take 12 Years in total to finish.  Prince Garmin took notice of these boards, while the Keenies began searching once again.

            The trees changed species as the Trail progressed, from thorny bushes to what looked like Hazel in amongst the wild grasses & wild flowers scattered in between.  Out in one section of brown dry grass TBT OBE was put on Short Cut to the top of the ridge in the northwest, others continued northward & then turned northwestward up by the fenced off Northern edge of newer fenced-off section that is restricted from Public use, with just one fenced in footpath heading through this.

On the way up the hillside Spotted Dick gave the RA a short lesson in the local Fungi, with field mushrooms & a small white puff-ball pointed out, though the puff-ball had a green patch inside which meant it wouldn’t cook well.  At the top of the ridge the Pack regrouped at a Held CHK, here there was a great panorama that took in the drop down toward Nomansland in the north, over to the southeast the dots of the saplings planted for the next area of woodland on the other side of Sandridge could also be seen, that will link up Symonshyde wood to the greater.  Also in view was the Home Office aerial & then beyond that in the far off distance were more transmitters, these being those of Brookman Park.

It was here that the RA quoted an incident on the Isle of Wight, where there are a couple of ancient fertility stones that get worshipped at solstices, the Isle of Wight Hash came across one such part singing at the stones that the Hash circle up around, held hands & then sung the ‘Okey Cokey’ which really annoyed the earth children.

The Trail resumed with the Pack all heading down to the southwest, away from the large home of Hill End Farm, the wide track along the spine of the ridge heading in to the centre that is a 30 metre rise in height from the village.  On the way the Pack would soon be turning northward from the next CHK, in one part of the grass was another carving, this one being a Glis-Glis, or Edible Dormouse, that the Romans brought over to eat, a delicacy for the legionnaires was pickled dormice, which they would eat bones an all!

The northbound trot was soon curtailed at a CHK by an ornate carved wooden arch, with badgers, butterflies, squirrels, birds etc. all adorning it.  While TBT OBE passed through this arch to pass something else off of the track & scare any wildlife on the northwest, My Lil’ headed westward over the long stretch to the last Held CHK of the Trail on the track that runs beside the northeastern edge of Langley Wood, this is an original section of ancient broadleaf woodland.

When the Trail resumed, My Lil’ would go wrong by heading down along the outside of the woodland, it was calls of “On!” from Where’s Wally? & Tent Packer that alerted the Hash to the fact the Trail would weave its way through Langley Wood.  TBT OBE came out with a comment that he likes running through woodland, this was greeted with a “Yes there are lots of tree roots to trip over!”

The noticeable thing about the desire lines through the woodland was that they were roped sides to keep people off of the bluebells carpet this woodland in spring-time.  The Trail turned southward as it run all around the inside edge of the wood, Tent Packer was tempted at the CHK in the southwestern corner of the wood to run out & check the common land but he was stopped by My Lil’s calls of “On!”  Fliptop was up ahead with My Lil’ now that Custard was walking the Pooch he had been pooch sitting earlier.

In the area in the south of the wood is an area where kids are encouraged to build wooden shelters, there were a few of these skeletal like piles of branches around large established trees, leaving these wig-wam structures behind the Pack emerged from the wood to come out on to a green farm track, that leads all the way over to Harpenden road, no chance of going that way as the FRBs who had already seen the On Inn.  So, it was a simple case to run southward down by the paddocks & the stables to come out on to Sandridgebury.

The last leg was just a case of crossing the three paddocks again to come back in by the Spenser Hall Sports fields, on the way back Prince Garmin yearned to get a hold of the football that was abandoned in the fenced-off Kids Play-area, while Ketchup was less keen of him “Getting his dabs” all over the ball.  But when Prince Garmin did get his mits on it & bounced the football it quickly became clear as to why it had been left behind, a recognizable sound said that it was flat!

Some of the returning Pack soon that just because there is a Pelican Crossing in Sandridge, it doesn’t mean all of the locals are prepared to stop unless they really have to, but the stupid girl did pull up just in time to allow some of the FRBs to cross safely

Getting changed the rest were entertained by TBT OBE who decided that he would kick the football around with Prince Garmin, the RA was heard saying that he “Could see an accident happening!” which may have made TBT OBE se sense?  So, he stopped & retrieved two large Easter Eggs from out of his car, these large chocolate treats needed eating, as that very day was date displaying on the packaging as their Sell-by Date! [Far too fresh for Sparky! – Ed]  These were complimented [Not! – Ed] with Tent Packer’s offering of ‘Maynard’s Pork Scratching’!

The Pack decided that after getting an Ale it was more comfortable to sit in the courtyard garden, with Trashes dispensed, book signed, & tales of Isca out of the way, it was time to Circle Up.  Ewok had recovered her voice & did the toast, then it was down to the RA, who awarded the Hares for an excellent Trail, which did have a lot of CHK Points & it was hard to work out who was caught out the most as nearly everyone was stumped by more than three Falsies!

Luckily for the RA there were the Run awards for Fliptop & TBT OBE, thought the latter’s’ hip-flask shrunk in the engravers!  When asked what TBT OBE had chosen as his choice of poison to go with the hip-flask & he had replied that he hadn’t yet, Mr X recommended the Horseradish Vodka that he had acquired in Isca from the Guernsey crew.

After the Circle, Prince Garmin & Ewok got to tell the jokes from his ‘Book of horrid Jokes’ it as now that Paxo, My Lil’ & Mr X put on their Red Isca Hoodies!  When Mr X & My Lil’ set off to leave, there were calls of ‘Kevin & Perry’ which led to them changing their walk to that of an awkward adolescent teenager, then they replied with some of the “I ‘ate yooo!” & “Yoo doan undastan!” catch phrases.