Date =                           18th September 2017

Run Number =            1755                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Chieftain (or the Woodman if you are local & of a certain age!)

Location:                      Welwyn Garden City

Beer =                            Riverside IPA (Mac’s under a different badge) AK, IPA, Country

Hares =                         My Lil’ (& Ketchup)

Runners =                    18

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          2

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          20

Membership =             A Tale of Two Hares!


            The weekend’s weather was pretty duff & it looked as if it would be a wet Trail for the second week running?  But the RA managed to weave some magic this final Monday of this season & the rain stayed off long enough for the Trail to take place.  Perhaps it was the fact that the RA arrived early enough to relax with a beer, before the Circle was called, that led to this drier spell.

            The Hare arrived & he joined the RA in the bar, before long Sludge, Wanktlers & Emma were also in the Pub, the Landlord asked if he could help the gathering of Hasher, this led to tent Packer explaining to him that we were going to run & come back to eat!  One of the waitresses then added that there had been cancellation by the girl who took Mr X’s booking on Friday, this was then reinstated after it was discovered that there was a 9 instead of a 0 in his mobile number.

            No harm was done with the meal booking, but then Kylie said that he had seen Ketchup running off down toward Woodhall Shopping Parade to set the Trail!  Of course Kylie already knew that My Lil’ had set one the day before, a rapid calling by Kylie to alert Ketchup to the fact that a Trail already existed & he should quit & come back to join the rest of the Pack!

            Paxo carried out the honors with calling the circle together, minus Ketchup & the GM, the latter would be turning up later.  The JM got the Run Number correct after he was questioned on this by the RA, while in the background there were still murmurings about how the Hare & the Hare Raiser could end up with two Hares for this night.  “Mr. X was going to set it, then I took over!” said My Lil’, Sludge then added “Well, I asked Ketchup last week if he was alright to set the Trail, to which he said Yes!” & there was also “Ketchup hasn’t set the last couple anyway!”

            Anyhow, My Lil’ remarked the start of Ketchup’s Trail, making sure any later comers, like our esteemed GM, would cross over Cole Green Lane & follow his Trail over on to Homestead Lane.  On a southwestern course passing by the Homestead Court Hotel, which is famous for being the place the West German Squad stayed in the buildup to the 1966 World Cup, however the nearby King George V playing fields.  The West Germans were reported by the ‘Welwyn Times & Hatfield Herald’ as being confident in winning the World Cup, but England Team would have other plans on that!

            The First CHK was found by the End of Hyde Valley, which Mr X went searching along but nothing was found, Wanktlers, Where’s Wally? & Tent Packer fared just as bad as they headed further along Homestead Lane, for “On!” was called on the path leading through the gates, with their heraldic motif relating to the King George V & the fact that these playing fields are a permanent green memorial to the King who saw Britain & its Empire through World War One.

            Lobby Lobster, Paxo & Mumblehead were with the Hare & already in to the northern tip of the playing field, the FRBs passed by them to run on by the plethora of pooches in this area of the Park, some of the hounds caught the attention of the passing Pack as if a couple of them got a bit over excited in their playing & it sounded like a dog-fight was going to happen, fortunately this was just a rough play-fighting.

            The FRBs reached the raised round flower bed, Wanktlers, Sludge, Emma & Tent Packer headed out to the north on a path that leads to an alleyway back out to Cole Green Lane but this would terminate with a T, so Mr X & the returning Where’s Wally? decided to look on the grassy strip behind the Bowls Club, but no Dust was found there either.  Instead the Hare & the SCBs were already making their way around the front of the Bowls Club & in to the car park.

            Mrs Mallet & Kylie made it up to the car park as the rest of the Hash headed over the tarmac & out of the driveway on to Beehive lane, near to what was the Beehive Pub, but now is called ‘Coopers Grill House at the Beehive’, but the stubborn locals will still just call it the Beehive, just like the Woodman is still the Chieftain.  The Trail was picked up straight over the junction where Moorlands leads away eastward from Beehive lane.

            With a Trail from My Lil’s local abode only a month or so ago, some like Where’s Wally were lured off on to the footpath through to Howlands that was used on that particular Barbeque Trail, this would be a mistake on their part as the Hare would use this rouse a couple of time on the early stages of the Hash.  Mr X was nearly caught out further up as he thought that the Trail would take to the False Trail he found the previous Month, no Trail would be there this time around.

            The Trail ran northeastwards up Moorlands, before taking a turn eastward on to Archers Ride, Tent Packer, Wanktlers, Emma, Sludge all passed by the RA, who had stopped halfway along its length to remove a stone from his shoe, which turned out to be a fortunate bit of luck as was in the Hare’s presence as he marked double arrows over toward the other side of the road, these pointed to a footpath alleyway.  Those ahead of Mr X were about to find a Bar CHK out on the edge of Howlands, so Mr X would finally take up the lead as he ran the north bound alleyway as it passed behind the homes to the left & garages to the right.

            Out by the edge of the shops on Hall Grove, the Trail crossed immediately straight over & on to Autumn Grove, where in the right hand corner of this little cul-de-sac was another cut-through, this would emerge out on to the Roundabout at the end of Howlands.  This part of the Trail had taken a bit of a battering by the elements & was hard to find, but eventually after some searching the FRBs resume with the R*n just a slight way down & across Howlands to take to Caponsfield as it heads away to the east.

While Sludge, Wanktlers, Emma, Tent Packer & the Hare all made their way down Caponsfield, Mr X came back from his wayward searching on Cole Green lane, he now met up with Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, Paxo & Ketchup, who had given up with his Trail & joined the rest!  Ketchup was none the wiser as to how the mistake of having two sets of Hares came about?

Mr X began running again in a vain attempt to catch the other Keenies, the CHK on the edge of the west side of Thistle Grove was already marked, which saved him some time, but even more time was gained back when a Short Cut was found marked up the eastbound footpath which cuts off the tip of the lozenge shaped Thistle Grove.

The footpath continued straight over the western side of Thistle Grove & on out to the darker Holywell Hyde Lane.  Mr X caught up with the Keenies here as they had been caught out by the CHK, the only lighting was that coming fomr the back of the houses along the west side of the lane.

The Trail would resume by heading northward in the gloom of the overcast night, the unlit lane would come out on to almost the end of Cole Green Lane, with a CHK being found on the footpath lining its northern edge.  Where’s Wally & Tent Packer had gone wrong here, while Sludge ambled over the green toward the wood by the remote dead-end Holywell Hyde Lane, none found Dust.

 After a little hinting from the Hare, the Trail was found leading around the end of the cut off section of Rolls Wood, with the larger part being over Black Fan road that this footpath/cycleway would go around to head northwestward.

The Pack would make their way along this route, passing by Cypress Avenue, which had a couple of the Pack searching this before realizing that there was no way out of this side street, & the Trail would continue up to the small park on the west of Black Fan road. 

In to the darkness of the poorly lit park as the Dust was found on the tarmac path that cuts almost diagonally through the small open space, in the middle of the park the Pack encountered a group of local yoofs sitting out on a bench & glued to their mobile, which were lighting up their faces like something from an old school horror film.

Again some of the Keenies were caught out with the option of heading westward through one alley, but in the end the Trail would head over through the small Bushey Leys wood at the parks’ northern end, this led out on to the Ridgeway & then straight over to pass through yet another alleyway on to the bend in Knella road, the Keenies were led along this suburban street to the north until they found a Bar CHK!

By this point in the Trail Where’s Wally & Tent Packer were not to be seen, seems that Where’s Wally? actually knew where he was, he was running back to the Pub with Tent Packer in tow & there was no stopping him, which meant Tent Packer had to run this last bit to keep up with Where’s Wally? & Tent Packer was feeling it.

Meanwhile Wanktlers & Co came back from the Bar CHK to find that the Trail would lead up the end section of Salisbury road to the southwest, & then to the crossroads with Heronswood Road, here the Trail would head away from Cole Green Lane & the obvious route back, instead Mr X used his local knowledge, ignoring the main part of Salisbury Road & instead concentrating on the almost hidden unlit alleyway that was slightly obscured by some roadwork's panels, here the Trail was picked up as it led on down Greenvale by Briars Wood School.

The end of the Trail was nigh as the FRBs made their way around through Wheatley Road, where the On Inn  was found, at the end of this was an alleyway footpath that led out on to Cole Green Lane, just few yards to the right was the Pub was found.  The Keenies were back just before the hour, while the rest were Inn within another 10 minutes. 

Once back the Hare saw that Tent Packer had already changed, which led My Lil’ to say “See the short Cutters are back!”  In the Pub the Pack were joined by Zing-a-long-a-max, who was doing a very good impersonation of Old Man Steptoe, had a late start.  Then Ewok came in & she was looking slightly exhilarated [May be a little scared? – Ed] after running a lot of it on her own in the dark!  Also joining the as Pares Hashers were Daniel & his friend.

The Pack settled down at the row of tables for food, with the kitchens shutting at 21:00Hrs meant that there wasn’t time for Down-Downs, luckily most had read the 2-4-1 menu beforehand so the ordering was fairly easy as the Pack teamed up in pairs to get the meal deal. 

The food was very nice, the ‘All Day Breakfast’ looked massive, but especially appealing were the Puddings, of which the sticky toffee pudding that comforted Ewok as she admired her Dog Rescue Charity prizes of a specialty Gin, which she will need as the other prize is a Bungee Jump, the latter would bring a lot of jokes about loose, bouncing puppies & urine trickling down your face! [Shame Pebbledash wasn’t there! – Ed]

Mr X also recalled a few stories about the Old Woodman, how it once had the longest Bar in the UK, as well as a reputation for being quiet lively place at times, especially during a power cut!  Then after a good chat, being bloated it was time for some to go & sleep it off!