Date =                            8th October 2017

Run Number =             1758                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Mermaid

Location:                      St Albans

Beer =                            JHB Citra; Tumbling Jack; Dark Mild, a few more & a Host of Cider & Perries!”

Hares =                          Mr X

Runners =                     15

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Aprčs =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          15

Membership =             Running the Alleyways & Passageways!


            This morning saw a low turnout, for what was an overcast but warm matin compared to recent days.  A few had managed to park up in the pub’s wee car park, while TBT OBE was under instruction by his passenger, Paxo, to try & park elsewhere as requested in the weekly email to free up some space for the local football team to park there after their match had finished.  The wait was now on!

            Paint dried, weeds tumbled as time didn’t exactly fly by, Des Res arrived & still there was no sign of the JM or our favourite H5 Hasher -TBT OBE, eventually the Hare (also the RA) stepped forward to welcome the Pack to the correct numbered Hash, he also added that he was the Hare & fulfilled that spiel for that as well, before the sight of a lonely bright yellow day-glo safety vest was spotted coming around from Upper Marlborough Street.  The figure inside was none other than TBT OBE, having parked up in somewhere like Hemel Hempstead.

            TBT OBE in his safety-wear was followed by Paxo, Ketchup & Prince Garmin, Paxo began to go through the Welcoming Speech, which the RA had already done, even with his words being drowned out by the crowd calling out “We know!”  & “We’ve been through all of this!” Paxo carried on regardless.

            With the mention of lots of Short Cuts being available on the Trail, directed at Paxo, Kylie & TBT OBE, before getting the Pack to begin the search for the Trail from a CHK right outside of the Pub, one person not moving from this spot was My Lil’ as he has a loathing of Trails that start from a CHK.  [Anyone would have thought this was deliberate on the Hare’s part? – Ed]

            Max Factor was soon off down Hatfield Road toward Clarence Park, but there was no Dust there, nor was there any up to the west where Wanktlers & Des Res were searching, No Eye Deer, Mother & Lemming crossed over to the start of St Peter’s Road, off of the nearby roundabout, there the Trail would be found.

The FRBs were soon away down St Peter Road to the northeast, the progress Alfa Male & the other FRBs was terminated by a Bar CHK.  The Keenies came back to Clifton Street where the SCBs were making their way up to this T shaped road.  My Lil’ was now using his local knowledge run down to the northeastern arm of the T-shaped Clifton Road to take to the footpath that runs westward in to the grounds of St Peter’s Church.

The trot through the graveyard would lead westward in to Churchyard, which contains a garden for the blind as well as being managed as a sanctuary for wildlife.  However, the Pack seemed to have lost the Trail in the centre of this natural oasis, this being due to the fact the CHK under the large Horse Chestnut tree had been covered over with brown fallen leaves!

Things were soon back on track as the Trail was picked up on the tarmac path that cuts across by the extension that had large windows where some alternative ‘Religious Advisors’ could be seen in their cassocks & regalia with a service taking place, it was now that Mr X was glad that Sparky was absent as if he had his old horn out some of the old biddies in the Church annex may have a had a fright!  [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed]

Over to the northern corner of the burial ground when the Trail was picked up again, emerging on to St Peter’s street, turning north-eastward to run on the opposite side of that to the Alms-houses.  The Hare managed to get Paxo & TBT OBE safely beyond the Age Concern building behind the red-brick wall, before the Trail turned south-eastward on to Hall Place Gardens. 

A trot down this suburban street would lead on to a CHK by a red pillar box at the elbow of this dog-leg road, opposite the start of Townsend Avenue.  The Keenies quickly dealt with correct one of the two options.  The Pack were soon on their way up toward The Swim Centre to a point before the sports grounds where arrows directed the way on to an alleyway beside the Spinal Centre, a sign warned of no Public Access but this is for the car park behind the building & not the uncapped footpath through to the tree-line beside the grounds, access by the entrance to the shaded route which turned slightly before coming out on to Ramsey Court.

Arrows pointed the way out of the court & on to a CHK where it joins Hillside Road, with Falsies either way on this road the only alternative was the next alleyway the Trail took to this new path led out on to the corner of the L-shaped dead-end Althorpe Road, again there was only one option from here & that was to run out on to Lemsford Road, where then next CHK was discovered.

The Falsie to the north was found, as was the Bar CHK to the south that No Eye Deer fell for.  The Bar CHK meant that the Trail would be found on an East bound alleyway across from the pedestrian crossing.  A familiar area allowed local knowledge to prevail with My Lil’ finding arrows over the metal sided boxed footbridge spanning the Bed-Pan line below.

Out on to the end of York Road, by the back of the clubhouse to St Albans FC.  Nothing was found on the footpath behind this, nor straight down York Road, where Alfa male went wrong, the sight of him coming Back to the CHK cheered up the Hare no end, for he knew that after a run through the north side of the well-kept park that the Trail would come out by a CHK by an entrance at the opposite end of York Road.

Having passed by the Bowls Green & then the kids playground it was out on to a HCK on Clarence Road, the Like of Wanktlers, Tent Packer & My Lil’ wasted no time in finding the Dust along this northbound road to the point where the Trail turned by another Red Pillar box to take to Gainsborough Road

AA slight uphill trot before the Trail crossed over to take to the short uncapped by-way that links Gainsborough Avenue to Jennings Road, there the Trail turned from the north to the west & up to the dead-end of this residential street, taking to the second metal sided footbridge over the main line to Euston for the second time this day.

            A Held CHK was found at the end of the footpath form the bridge, where it joins Lemsford Road, TBT OBE was second to the Held CHK, after Wanktlers had led the main group of the Hash around to this point, Paxo & Kylie were also just behind TBT OBE after taking the Short cut with him, keeping the SCBs up with the rest.

Here Wanktlers got out a packet of ‘Luxury Sweets’ which he didn’t know how they came about to be in his possession, according to the print on the packet, these where ‘Gluten Free’ & complied with loads of other food allergies.  Most agreed that the Blueberry sweets were really good, most went back for another.

The Trail resumed with Wanktlers & Alfa Male crossing over to head up Avenue Road, on the way the Trail changed from the south side to the north side of the street right in front of Jameson House, which led to a photo opportunity for Mr X & My Lil’ to be captured in front of this infamous’ name on the Full Moon Hash!

            A CHK was found by the few steps up to a cut-through to Sand-pit Lane, Alfa Male & Des Res who had previously gone wrong by carrying straight on, had now came back to head out to Sandpit Lane.  No Eye Deer was hesitant to take to the steps, but calls of “On!” encouraged her to join the rest on the Trail as it turned up Sandpit Lane to head westward.  Meanwhile the Hare marked a short cut straight up Avenue Road for Paxo, TBT OBE, Kylie & now Max Factor!

The SCBs now espied the Keenies run across the front of the western end of Avenue Road, after they had been on a loop around from Sandpit Lane on a narrow path hidden behind the tress & bushes on the south side of the road, then a set of arrows pointed the way around on to Stone Cross, opposite the Jolly Sailor.  The Trail now crossed over the busy triangular junction with the end of St Peter’s Street & the Harpenden Road in front of the Devdav Indian Restaurant which was once the Cricketer’s Pub.

Gingerly [Sorry no offence Pôrgu Pie! – Ed] the Hash made their way over to the triangle & then to the CHK by the delightfully named Snatchup Lane.  Of course there was another photo opportunity, which Max factor said should take place as this was ‘her & Milf’s spot’ for a photo when a Trail ran this way a couple of years ago!  Though it was also familiar to Tent Packer, who was also snapped there so it must have brought back a few memories for him too.

The Trail would now be picked up as it led down Snatchup Alley as it runs behind beside the Dedav (Cricketers) & then out from behind the Jolly Sailor, here Lemming’s ‘Homer Simpson Senses’ were tingled as he picked up on the smell of ‘doughnuts’ drifting through the air, before the Trail came out on to the Sandridge road.  The dust here was carefully hidden from the view of the FRBs at the end of Sandpit Lane buy a series of black metal bollards.

While the Keenies ran on down the Sandridge Road, the SCBs were put on a short cut along the Harpenden Road, but not before a blue transit caused chaos at the Triangular road junction by trying to reverse back in to the wider end of Snatchup Lane, it couldn’t go too far down there as this old lane narrows to becomes a passage way. 

Paxo, TBT OBE, Kylie & Max Factor followed Mr X off of the long sweeping bend to cross over to the start of Townsend Drive.  Care had to be taken as there is a slight blind spot here, but once the Hare was safely across he could tell the others when it was clear to cross over.

Meanwhile the FRBs ran on to find a CHK by the edge of Bernard’s Heath Recreation Ground, it didn’t take too long for them to pick up the Trail as it took to the tarmac path along the southern edge of the open grassy sports ground to lead the Keenies in to the wooded west end, a CHK was located at the end of this path where the dead-end of Heath Farm Lane.  The Pack were now lead around a few of the paths in the managed woodland, taking a looping run around the multitude of small plantations, thickets of trees & bushes before coming out on to the edge of the Harpenden road.

Wanktlers, Des Res, Tent Packer & My Lil’ followed these arrows straight across the busy road & took to a meandering desire line of a path in the western edge of this unmanaged woodland, this path didn’t really stray too far from the back of the homes along its edge, before it came out on to a small green area on Townsend Drive, there the Trail would direct them up toward where the SCBs had already gone off down the connecting side street of Heath Avenue.

After a right turn, then down to a CHK by an alleyway halfway down Palfrey Close, the Hare now suggested that Paxo & TBT OBE did a bit of checking, if they could remember how it works, but Max Factor took up the mantel of running this once the Trail was found around the slight bend in the path as it leads out on to Carlisle Avenue, there the Trail continued on to the next section of alleyway to arrive at a Held CHK on Grange Street.

Max Factor was not so impressed at this sweet stop, it seems that Jelly Babies aren’t her favourite of sweets!  Perhaps she’d like some of My Lil’s ‘A Check outside the Pub!’ Humbugs?  So, once the SCBs had taken their Jelly Babies, the Hare pointed them up the hill & then over to Church Street, where the Trail run along behind St Peter’s Street to avoid any chance of the Inn Trail being picked up on the out Trail.

The Hare waited at the Held CHK for the FRBs to arrive, handing out the lovely Jelly Babies to Wanktlers, Des Res, Tent Packer, Alfa Male, My Lil’, Ketchup & Prince Garmin, with the latter the words of “Watch Prince Garmin doesn’t nick too many sweets” were heeded, but he didn’t have a hand full this time around, instead he came back for seconds once the rest had been through the Held CHK!  

Lemming arrived, letting everyone know that he was feeling it by now - as he had just recovered from having a nasty bout of ‘Man-Flu’!  Finally No Eye Deer & Mother found their way to the second Sweetie Stop, they would join the Hare in walking the last section of the Trail, they weren’t that far behind the rest as Lemming, who was getting no sympathy from Mother could be seen.   

Left out of Church Road & the Trail turned on to Catherine Street to head up toward St Peter’s Street, on the way up to the crossing a pungent smell of dope could be smelt wafting through the air, someone was happy or just plain out of it?  On the way No Eye Deer said that she was going to see her mother in Watford, but was in two minds to go shopping?  No Eye Deer was unimpressed when the Hare parted with the information that there was a Pound Shop & even a 99p Shop just around the corner on St Peter’s Street!

The last few yards of the Trail took the Pack over to the traffic island by the Blacksmith’s Arms Roundabout [I was going to call it the ‘Cock Roundabout’ but Pebbledash may pop her staples laughing out loud at reading this! – Ed] Passing by the Cock Inn to head down Hatfield Road, there the On Inn was found before crossing Upper Marlborough Street to the Pub.

The weather was warm enough for the Pack to sit in the Garden, though Kylie wasn’t very comfortable with his first choice of garden furniture he sat on, like a restless dog he kept choosing his spot before finally settling on one of the single chairs outside of the overhead canopy.

Panic almost set in at the thought of pies that were ordered would get in the way of the Down-Downs, but the RA wasn’t rushed, & after a discussion over old round pound coins going into Hash-funds to find their way behind the Bar, the Beer Master went in to get the Hits ordered.  Paxo now called those present to be upstanding as the Hash was toasted, he then asked what the Pack thought of the Trail?  Everyone agreed that they enjoyed it, as the whole of the Pack were around in the Hour!  Mr X accepted his Down-Down of Citra, then after quaffing this, he took the Circle to award the other Down-Downs. 

Alfa Male & Ketchup were out for Short Cutting in front to St Peter’s Church; Des Res was out for being as he put it “A regular in turning out with H4 12 times in as many years!” He was joined by Wanktlers for the supply of Luxury Sweets!