Date =                            15th October 2017

Run Number =             1759                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Angels (Reply)

Location:                      Hitchin

Beer =                           Mc Mullens AK, Angel's Ale IPA

Hares =                         Pôrgu Pie & Neil

Runners =                    15

Virgins =                       1

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                         6

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          22

Membership =            Wondering why, Mac’s?


            The early arrivals found the RA & Beer Master sitting in the rear car park having a sly bottle of The Ale, TBT OBE question this & was answered with a reply from Mr X of “We had planned to go & see Boggers, after his request for anyone passing by to pop in for a Tea, but sadly he passed away before that could happen!” so it was a toast to Bogger’s life.

This week Where’s Wally? had brought along a Virgin, Sarah, which boosted the numbers since there were a lack of usual Gooners present. The GM introduced Sarah once she had completed the welcoming speech, then she turned her attention to the return of Pebbledash, who’s comments & smutty inputs have been missed over the last few weeks.

Then Ewok moved on to the Hares [As I write this, I can’t help but hear Steven Sondheim’s words & music to ‘Send in the Clowns’! – Ed] as Pôrgu Pie started off by saying “I don’t know how long this Trail is, as we set off marking it & then we got a bit lost & had to come back!  It could be an hour, or we could be back in half an hour!” 

Not one to shift the blame, Pôrgu Pie then went on to explain that the markings were the usual Herts Markings “And some that Neil made up!” as he threw a handful of flour on the car park tarmac & then rubbed it around with his foot, explain that this splatter was one of Neil’s Checks!”  All of which must have confused Sarah as much as it bewildered the regular Hashers!

Before letting the Keenies loose, Pôrgu Pie said that those who wished to take short cuts should stick with him at the beginning, so Pebbledash with her crutches, Paxo, TBT OBE & 3D [No the Hashers weren’t her crutches! – Ed] all hung around while the FRBs headed straight across from the Pub, over the north end of the roundabout in the Bedford Road by the Bearton Pond, Sparky blew his loud horn - right in Whatever She Says’ ear, which resulted in a justified curse remark as the blast from the horn was piercing.  Not that Sparky would hear these!

Moving away in an easterly direction along Bearton Road to find the first CHK by the southern entrance to the crescent of Bearton Grove, down the clockwise westerly arm of which the First Bar CHK was found by Mr X.  Some of the locals were, by now looking out of their doors & windows to investigate what the blasts on the horn were about, the RA suggested that everyone kept running in case any disgruntled Hitchinites were upset about being awoken from their Sunday Lay-in!

The other option around Bearton Grove was searched & the Trail was found to head anti-clockwise on the eastern arm to find a gap out on to the King George V playing fields, another of the 471 of these green memorials in the UK to the late King, here there were soccer games taking place on the western side of the dividing hedge separating the Park in two, the Trail ran over to pass through the gap & on to the CHK on the eastern side of the hedge.  Here was a slight contrast between the western side with its screaming soccer teams & the eastern side with its Rugby players cheering the opposition & officials off the pitch.

Max Factor, Alfa Male, Mr X, Whatever She Says, No Eye Deer & Sparky all headed southward on the tarmac path as it pulls around toward the Hitchin Rugby Club, sadly for them it was a Falsie, but it didn’t stop Mr X telling the rest about the time during the 2003 World Cup when My Lil’ & Mr X went over there to the Beer-festival that was on, & watched one of the England Games.  As the Rugby Teams were out playing when the game in Australia started, the two Hashers bagged the best of the front seats for the big screen showing, then ‘to add salt in to the wounds’ of the players these two one a Litre of spirits each in the raffle!

Back on Trail & now the Hash were moving northward on a path which would turn westward before a local school to come out of the park & back on to the Bedford Road, where the SCBs were met up with.  Ewok, Alfa Male, Port & Where’s Wally all headed northward up toward Ickleford, but before reaching the outskirts of the village a CHK was found by the south-side of the Burford Ray Bridge on the opposite side of the road from a footpath sign pointing the way westward out by the woodland running by the River Outghton. 

A few who were on their way up to Ickleford but they all came back when Sparky indicated that he was “On!” Trail along by the River Oughton, but this turned out to be a Falsie & the FRBs were sent back up toward Ickleford in the North.   Pôrgu Pie then pointed the SCBs, & our Virgin Sarah, off down by the rivers course, giving instructions to TBT OBE to lead the merry band away once the rest were on their way Northward.

Not for the first time Sparky called out “Are you on?” to which a reply of “Checking!” came back, but again he shouted “Are you On!” for a second time, some thought that he should use his should shove the horn in his ear & use it to listen with! Or as some others would like he should shove it up his r-ear!

Up at the roundabout just on the outer edge of Ickleford saw Whatever She Says search off down Westmill Lane, My Lil’ & Mr X were heading down there too, while Ewok was going to search Turnpike Lane in the opposite northeasterly route, but both were wrong.  The Trail continued up along the Bedford Road. 

While My Lil’ went back to join Max Factor, No Eye Deer, Alfa Male, Sparky on the way out of Ickleford, Mr X spotted some horse riders coming down the lane.  Concerned about Sparky’s ignorance over having a ‘Hash Hush’ & scaring civilians & animals alike with his horn, or just shouting at the top of his voice.

So, Mr X took it upon himself to go up to the point the others would join the lane from the long footpath out over the fields west of the Bedford Road, on the right-angled route that would join the by the Hambridge Way footpath, as it seems that Sparky doesn’t understand the use of raising an arm to indicate a Hash Hush, the second best thing for the RA to do was to warn the Horse Riders that some runners were out there.

Mr X then joined Whatever She Says on to where the Trail was picked up beyond the T on Westmill Lane, further along this narrow rustic way another two horses & rider were encountered, these two being large cob like animals.   Again the Riders were warned of potential runners coming toward them, but fortunately it was My Lil’, Alfa Male & Where’s Wally at the front of the Keenies & not Sparky!

A CHK was found by the junction in the lane, where there is a farm house track, the continuation where the lane becomes the Icknield Way track or the third option down to the River Oughton, passing through the olde world buildings & the sympathetically altered barns for accommodation of the old Mill, then it was over the old bridge spanning the river Ougthon to where a scuffed arrow pointed the way down the river bank path toward the Oughton Head in the southwest.

Around this point in the Trail the Pack would encounter ramblers, walkers, bike riders & dog walkers, so the Keenies decided to hold this Check-point, as they weren’t sure if this was Neil’s splat of a CHK, but when Porky Pie & Neil arrived they pointed the Keenies off down toward the Oughton Head as the river cuts its way through the common that bares its name. 

It was noticed that the river’s edge had some work done in cleaning it up.  At a split where the Oughton has two arms the Held CHK was found, already there were TBT OBE, Paxo 3D & Sarah, they had only just arrived & before long the ‘Senior Hare’ was there with the eagerly awaited Jelly Babies & Fruit Pastilles.  When Alfa Male & Max Factor around came in to view they started to run toward the sweetie stop, with Max Factor being keen to get to the Fruit Pastilles, not those boring Jelly Babies!

Finally No Eye Deer & Ewok came around the corner to get their sweeties before the Pack could set off once again.  Just before leaving the Held CHK, the Hare advised the Pack to stick with the riverside path “It may seem like you’re going the wrong way but it isn’t that far!” Pôrgu Pie added.  Of the Hash went, passing a family out on their bikes for the third time, & seeing the smallest of the two boys falling off his bike & sitting on to the floor for just as many times!  Mr X wondered if he was related to TBT OBE?

The Hash would now make their way down to a point where the Trail would turn from the southwest to sou-sou-east passing through one of the gates to access the marshy common land, in these fenced off areas of nature reserve, there were plenty of desire-lines through the variety of grasses & wild plants, as well as livestock that are rotated around to manage this land. 

The RA disappeared at this point, to go scare the squirrels, but to avoid the general Public he had to go further than he had expected to get some privacy, after which he decided to take a short cut over an area he knew fairly well enough to pick up the Trail again.

Mr X would take to the main path that had a floor of a softer under foot surface that has been deliberately laid to make it an easier route from the river’s edge to Oughton Head Lane, the wide farm track back up to Hitchin.  Those who have run this area before had more than an inkling this was the way back Inn, but the Hares had used an old ploy that Mr X had used years ago by setting a Falsie up the start of the rising section tree-lined of the lane.

The real Trail was on the other side of the trees lining the edge of the field to the south that would take the Pack up to the top of the hill, the RA obviously knew of this rouse & ended up getting well ahead of the others after his earlier short cut.

Having nipped through the hedgerow & on to the next section of the lane, the Trail continued on to where it runs behind the homes at the southern end of the Westmill Area of Hitchin, passing beside the unseen playing fields to the east, before coming out on to the uncapped road of Lucas Lane, there the Trail would take a left to head along this back passage of an old lane with its old cottages only along one side, none of which have any parking since they were built in the days of horse & cart. 

Passing by the temptation of Maxwell’s Alley, the Trail continued as Lucus road passed by the mobile home site, while turning slightly on its descent down to Redhills road, where the On Inn was found on the right hand option at the crossroads.  Then it was a couple of hundred yards to run on by the local shops, complete with local yoofs milling about opposite, then to reach the Pub.  There Kylie was found with Pebbledash, who managed a couple of Checks before she returned to the On Inn.

The Angel’s Reply is sadly now primarily an eating house, with a kid’s zone, for parties which explained why one family were all dressed as Super Heroes, Mr X replied to one of the older women’s claimed to be Super Granny that he would later turn in to Ciderman!

With Pizzas & Birthday Cakes top of the agenda, it meant that the choice of Ales was as limited as the amount of staff serving any thirsty drinkers, one!  Slug & Starboard arrived after his soccer match, & had to wait as the paint dried!  Starboard was pretty unassuming when latter 3D asked if he scored a goal, turns out he bagged a hat-trick!

The weather was warm enough for the Pack to sit outside.  Flanders joined the fray, letting the Pack no about Sludge having to have a scan with a chest infection.  So, to allow Sludge  not to worry about the Hareline a few of the gaps were filled, TBT OBE told the Hash that he had been to see Sloppy Seconds & gave us an update on his progress after his bout of chemo.

Paxo informed the Hash that he had been in contact with Bus Stop, who will turn out if we set a Trail near to her place. Then the star of the show, little baby Aoife, arrived with mum ARP & Jane, of course all the Harriettes swarmed around the baby to fuss & cluck over her, like Paxo organizing a Barbeque or Hash Food,. 

When it came to the circle the Hares were awarded for a good Trail, of just over an hour for everyone!  Pôrgu Pie even gave it a go at downing pint with an effort to beat Neil, needless to say it was ever going to happen, he failed!

Where’s Wally? was called forth by the RA for confessing to him earlier that he had fallen for one False Trail not once, but twice!  Our virgin Sarah, joined him & she said she enjoyed “Surviving her first Trail!” in fact it was “Easy-peasy!” as was her display at dispatching her Hit, which impressed our GM greatly. [Go Girl! – Ed]

The last hits went to our video stars from the excellent Friday 13th Hash in Hertford in which, while dressed as knights, TBT OBE does some narrating about the Knights Templars, as Paxo’s inflatable sword sadly goes all limp on him.  Something that made Ewok laugh!  Mr X was also surprised that TBT OBE hadn’t spotted the error in the printed Hare-line, but with a dig he said but the Hare & Hounds don’t have a printed Trash anymore.

The GM went on to present a card & collection for Aoife as well as the tiny Herts Hash top, which was more than her dad was sporting that day, indeed there was a lack of Hash Gear, the RA will be watching out in the future, as even an old Hash Shirt with paint splashes all over it is better than no Hash Shirt at all!